What are the Correct Dimensions of a PowerPoint Slide? Do the measurements of your PowerPoint slides matter? Yes, since presenting your presentation is not convenient, it appears cropped at the edges. Your presentation should fit on the screen correctly to present the information you want to your audience. Today, this tool is part of any marketing strategy, and companies in the United States have understood it very well. Therefore, if you want to use PowerPoint presentations as a business owner, in this post, we will explain how to set the dimensions of a PowerPoint slide to create a successful presentation.


What is the Size of the Slides in a Presentation?


Blucactus Korea - Correct Dimensions for Slides in PowerPoint - work meetingWhen choosing a PowerPoint slide’s dimensions, you should consider certain factors. Where will you show it, and how will the presentation be? These are questions you must answer before making a final decision.


Additionally, there are several screens that you can use for your PowerPoint presentations. These screens maintain a different shape that determines their height. Also, the PPT file may appear different on each device because its aspect ratio may vary.


Let’s see what they are:


  • Conference Room Projector
  • Widescreen
  • Laptop Screen
  • iPad or Tablet
  • Large Format Screen


How to Change the Format of Your Presentation in PowerPoint?


If you have recently had to make PowerPoint presentations, we will explain the step-by-step steps to resize PowerPoint slides successfully:


  • Resizing PowerPoint Slides


Blucactus Korea - Correct Dimensions for Slides in PowerPoint - work meetingWhen defining the screen size to deliver your presentation, the first step is to change your PowerPoint file so that it can match. You must click on the design tab that appears on the PowerPoint ribbon. After that, look for a customized option on the same ribbon, then click on the icon that refers to the slide size.


The icon will open a dropdown menu with different options. You must click on the custom slide size option to open the slide size option in the menu and make changes to the dimensions of your presentation. In the slide size menu, you will find drop-down options to easily make format changes, although you may not always be able to choose the size you want for your presentation.


For example, if you share your presentation, you cannot take control of the device where the audience will have access to your presentation. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot optimize your production to appeal to viewers.


  • Most Common Sizes for PowerPoint Presentations


Blucactus Korea - Correct Dimensions for Slides in PowerPoint - laptopIf you want to change the size of your PowerPoint presentation, you need to click on the dropdown box below the slide size option. Additionally, the selected configuration must position on the screen where it will be displayed.


In this drop-down menu, you will find several options. Also, among the most common options, we can find: (4:3), (16:9), and (16.10). These are often frequently used settings, as they relate to the most common devices used to display PPT presentations.


As we said at the beginning of this post, the specific settings for your PPT presentation will depend on the device, you intend to use. To do this, we will explain some general rules that will serve as a guide to knowing which size suits you:




Most projectors maintain an aspect ratio of (4:3). Others simulate widescreen (16:9) laptop screens.




Blucactus Korea - Correct Dimensions for Slides in PowerPoint - work meetingLaptop screens typically come in an aspect ratio of (16:9). Except for the MacBook computer, which has an aspect ratio of (16:10).


Big Screens


Most modern meeting rooms often have large LCD screens, as the cost of televisions has decreased and they have replaced projectors. In most cases, its aspect ratio is (16:9).


These are some options, as there are many more. Ideally, you should be able to select an aspect ratio that fits your document printed on Letter or Ledger paper or has functionality for your audience.


  • Prepare the Slides Before Your Presentation


Blucactus Korea - presentation design . work meetingA presentation without good preparation will not be successful. You must focus on offering your audience a captivating and quality representation. To do this, you can do a test to avoid any surprises when making the actual production of your presentation.


Also, for preparing your presentation, you must test the file on the device where you will make your presentation. If you can check out the conference room where your audience will meet, feel free to do so.


For the presentation test, we will give you two essential tips:


  1. Make sure you have all the cables and connections you will need when you give your presentation.
  2. Compare the dimensions of your file on the screen you will use. This way, you can work with the necessary measurements in your slides.


Tips for Changing the Format of Your PowerPoint Presentation


Having additional tips will help you a lot when changing the dimensions of PowerPoint slides:


Do an Edit of PowerPoint Formats


Blucactus Korea - laptopThe first step is to go to the slide design and size option. Once you set the size of your presentation when you open it, there is no need to crop or stretch your slides. This way, you won’t have to work twice as hard when adjusting the size of your slides.


Use PowerPoint Rulers


Some use PowerPoint for printing products. If this is the case for printing, your slide size should fit on a printed page. To do this, go to the View > Ruler option. However, it is permissible to scale the PowerPoint slide size during printing.


Make an Edit on the Master Slides


Blucactus Korea - laptopMaster slides have one advantage, which is that they can control the layout of multiple slides at the same time. So instead of setting PowerPoint dimensions on each slide, you can do an edit in View > Master Slides.


Simulate a Preview


You must check the size of your PowerPoint slide on the screen where you will present. You will not be able to rehearse at the place of the presentation. But if you can preview it on your computer screen. In Slideshow > From the beginning option.



Do You Need a Perfect PowerPoint Presentation?


Blucactus Korea - laptopYou must remember that the dimensions of a PowerPoint slide depend on how and where you will make your presentation. There are also many free and paid templates online for creating correctly formatted presentations. However, if you need more professional help at BluCactus, we can help you.


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PowerPoint 101: Best Tricks to Use the 5×5 PowerPoint rule. When creating a PowerPoint presentation, there are many elements that we can use to optimize our slides. Some rules can help us structure and organize our production better. If you find creating a PowerPoint presentation challenging, use the rules! Rules are the easiest way to create a compelling presentation with accurate information, such as the 5/5/5 rule, which is one of the simplest, and in this post, we will give you the best tips for its use. But first, we must tell you what the 5×5 PowerPoint rule is.


What is the 5/5/5 Rule?


As its name suggests, the 5/5/5 PowerPoint rule follows the following aspects:


Blucactus Korea - tricks to use the 5x5 PowerPoint rule - person using laptop

  • Five lines of text per slide.
  • Five words on one line.
  • Only five presentation slides should contain the two rules in a row.


For a better understanding, let’s see in detail what each rule consists of:


Five Lines of Text per Slide


When designing a PowerPoint presentation for your business, you must have one idea per slide. Why? People typically view a slide as a single unit of content, which tells the brain to keep those ideas together by creating bits of information that will consolidate in our minds. Going by neuroscience, we all have limits in information processing capacity. For this reason, by limiting a text to 5 lines and helping your presentation have better results, your audience can internalize the information you plan to share.


Five Words on One Line


Blucactus Korea - tricks to use the 5x5 PowerPoint rule - laptop with slidesBusinesses consider Powerpoint presentations to be two-dimensional. This assumption is because they combine written words, visual narration, and spoken language to provide the information you want to convey. The objective is that all the information is there, but in an attractive way and without losing value.


When you apply this rule, you can ensure that you will include clear writing and the audience will focus more on you and not on the screen.


Remember that a presentation with much content leads to less retention of information, which is ultimately very counterproductive for your company.


Only Five Slides Should Contain the Two Rules in a Row


Blucactus Korea - tricks to use the 5x5 PowerPoint rule - woman smilingOnce you follow the two rules we have already explained for your PPT slides, you will likely have too much content, and your presentation is not effective enough.


Therefore, you can revise to vary your content even if you have used the previous rules.


What do we mean by this? You can trim the information on some slides to reduce the written content and add more images, charts, and infographics.


In some cases, you can also remove some slides if they are not needed.


What are the Benefits of the 5/5/5 Rule?


Blucactus Korea - tricks to use the 5x5 PowerPoint rule - person using laptopAdditionally, the 5×5 PowerPoint rule not only establishes a limit for the words and slides of your presentation but also offers you other benefits that we will mention below:


Highlight your message


As a rule, the essential information gets highlighted to convey the main message.


It also helps make this information the center of attention so that the audience actively listens and understands the message.


Reduce Your Workload


Blucactus Korea - person using laptopMaking a lot of slides is exhausting, and it will take a lot of time, time that you may not have. Now, when you know what the rules are and understand how to reduce your content, you will not have to make a lot of effort to make a quality presentation adjusted to your company’s needs.


Avoid Making Your Presentation Sound like “Reading Aloud.”


You will always rely on PowerPoint slides when you add many words to your presentation. You will likely read all the text that appears, while the 5/5/5 rule will keep it short by cutting down as many words as possible. This way, you will not look like a student reading a presentation in the classroom. Much less, the audience will only see your back while you turn to see everything your slides say.


What are the Cons of the 5/5/5 Rule?


Blucactus Korea - person using laptopIn addition to the 5/5/5 rule, there are other similar ones, such as 6×6 or 7×7. But they all focus on reducing as much text as possible in presentations. In the case of the 5/5/5 rule, it is straightforward to apply to make great slides with exciting content.


In effect, this rule tells us that we should add a maximum of five bullet points, which means that we should add five ideas on a slide. Many prefer to believe that one idea per slide is better. The reason is that the audience may be reading the other ideas while you are just presenting the first one. Also, if you follow this rule to the letter, you can end up with five text slides in a row, including an image slide and then other text slides, and repeat. Usually, this is not the most attractive thing for your audience.


In many cases, the 5/5/5 rule can go against what should be good practice in presentations. For example, include photos, graphics, or other elements. Even have visual communication with your audience.


How About the 5/5/5 Rule for PowerPoint Presentations?


blucactus - woman smiling - powerpoint 5x5 ruleCan you make good use of the PowerPoint 5×5 rule? Of course, knowing its benefits and cons is essential before applying it. However, some prefer to make their PPT presentations differently without looking too much at the rules.


If you need a PowerPoint presentation to tell the story or show the products or services of your company, at BluCactus, we can help you. PowerPoint presentations have many benefits, and we can create a design that fits your goals and personalized information. Contact us right now to tell you more about this service that works within any marketing strategy and for any business model.


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PowerPoint Presentations for Cosmetics. The cosmetics industry is prevalent, and many companies dedicate themselves to this sector. Nowadays, brands guide themselves through a marketing strategy to promote a makeup product, reinforced through PowerPoint presentations. If this idea had not occurred, there is time to present your cosmetics business professionally. The good news is that many updated versions of Microsoft PowerPoint are now available. Thus, you can count on different elements to design slides that fit your goals as a business owner. If you have no idea what we are talking about, continue reading this post to get started with developing excellent cosmetic PPT presentations.


How to use PowerPoint presentations for cosmetics?


Blucactus Korea PowerPoint Presentations for Cosmetics - laptop showing a ppt presentationYou do not have to be a design expert using PowerPoint presentations for cosmetics. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to enlist the help of professionals for optimized presentations. However, on the internet, you can find a wide variety of templates for your cosmetic business, and you can take advantage of them quickly.


You can design slides with attractive visual elements through these templates to give the audience the information you want to make known. Cosmetic templates are for a target audience. So, they are very effective in making a presentation and including it as a marketing strategy. You can create personalized slides by modifying the templates in terms of their colors, font design, and many other elements.


But this is not the only exciting thing about cosmetics PowerPoint presentation templates, as they can also use them in your e-commerce store. In case you did not know, for many years, beauty brands have been using presentations for many reasons. They are functional for promoting your company’s products and attracting potential customers’ attention. Furthermore, if your brand belongs to the cosmetics industry, you must strengthen your online presence. And for this, nothing will be better than a good marketing strategy. PowerPoint presentations can help you attract new customers and gain the trust of current ones.


Features of a Cosmetics PowerPoint Presentation


Blucactus Korea PowerPoint Presentations for Cosmetics - laptop showing a ppt presentationDo you want to make a PowerPoint presentation for your cosmetics business? These are elements that cannot be missing when designing your slides:


  • Add object placeholders to drag and drop.
  • The size of your slides should be 16:9. It is meant for most screens and prints.
  • Take advantage of the best fonts to make your content look fantastic.
  • If you want, you can resize vector elements without losing their quality.
  • Include concise documentation based on your project in your presentation.
  • Do not forget to use mobile and desktop mockups to conclude with a more persuasive presentation.


How to Create a Successful Cosmetics PowerPoint Presentation?


Blucactus Korea PowerPoint Presentations for Cosmetics - laptop showing a ppt presentationA good PowerPoint presentation for cosmetics can be effective if your slides contain quality information and look visually appealing. Here are some tips that can help you create professional PPT presentations:


  • Avoid falling into monotony with the use of transitions.
  • Focus on knowing your audience to understand their expectations and offer the information they need to know in your presentations.
  • Add images, infographics, videos, and other elements that attract the audience.
  • Be sure to choose the appropriate colors, style, and fonts to make your slides stand out.
  • Before making your presentation, test your slides to ensure your audience can see all the information quickly.


Do You Have More Doubts Regarding PowerPoint Presentations for Cosmetics?


Blucactus Korea - laptop showing a ppt presentation - PowerPoint Presentations for CosmeticsYou do not have to worry. If you have never made a PPT presentation for your cosmetics company, it is logical that you have doubts.


Therefore, we will give ourselves the task of clarifying some of them:


Do I Need a Designer’s Help to Customize a PowerPoint Presentation for Cosmetics?


Although you don’t need the help of a designer to create a quality PowerPoint presentation, using a professional content creator never hurts.


Can I get Cosmetic PPT Templates With Technical Support?


Blucactus Korea - laptop showing a ppt presentationSome platforms can provide you with technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In fact, through technical assistance, you can receive instructions to use the templates and solve any errors you may find.


Which Cosmetics Are PPT Presentation Templates Best for Me, Paid or Free?


You can find many free templates for PowerPoint presentations for your cosmetics company on the internet. However, they are often limited and do not have as many elements as Premium templates.


Do you need a PowerPoint presentation for your cosmetics business?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510Cosmetics PowerPoint Presentations bring many benefits to your business model. That is why, like other brands, you can also design quality slides for a quality presentation and to surprise your audience when promoting a product or showing your brand story.


Likewise, if you don’t have the time or the experience to create your PowerPoint presentation, we at BluCactus can help you. Our design and content creation professionals can take care of choosing the colors or fonts that best fit your presentation. Moreover, we can easily create a personalized design to surprise your target audience through this tool that cannot be missing from your marketing strategy. You can contact us right now and tell us about your project to offer you individual advice tailored to your goals as a business owner.


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How to embed YouTube videos in PowerPoint. Microsoft Office is a very popular set of applications because it allows us to display any information. Companies in the United States can use PowerPoint to create amazing presentations, even adding YouTube videos. Now, the question would be: “How do I embed YouTube videos in PowerPoint?” In this post, we will explain the steps to follow to add YouTube videos in PowerPoint. In this way, you will be able to get the most out of your presentations by adjusting them to the needs of your business model. The truth is that, by doing this task, you can start, pause, or use other options to display videos on your slides with outstanding professionalism.


How to add YouTube videos in PowerPoint


By following the steps below, you will know how to insert YouTube videos into PowerPoint in a very easy way:


  • Open PowerPoint 


Blucactus Korea - embed youtube videos in powerpoint - ppt presentationsFirst, we must open the Office program where we want to add the video.


In this case, it will be PowerPoint. Once the tool is open, we must go where the video will be inserted.


Then, we click to place the cursor and select the “insert” option that appears in the main menu of PPT.


This way, we can choose the video option in the multimedia section.


  • Select the Online Video Option


Blucactus Korea - person using laptopAfter clicking on the tab below the video option, we find two sub-options. The first is an online video, and the second is a video on your PC. In this case, we must opt ​​for the online video option because it is the one that interests us.


After clicking on the online video, a small window will appear where we must write the online URL. Therefore, we must go to YouTube to choose the video we want to add. To comply with this step, we can copy the URL or link.


However, those who have Microsoft 365 or PowerPoint 2019 can upload a video directly from YouTube, and it is much easier to speed up the work. This is because you only have to choose this option and use the magnifying glass to search for the video’s title.


Following this, we must paste the URL into the PowerPoint window and click on the “impulse” option. This way, we will see how a selected control automatically appears with the video. Thus, we have the opportunity to resize to the size we want. Also, we can add the video in a specific place to appear in the presentation. Once we have completed this step, when playing the presentation, click on the video so it can be played within the same presentation.


  • In Case of Adding a Video Without an Internet Connection


Blucactus Korea - person using laptopThere may also be the case where we prefer to put a YouTube video to PowerPoint without an internet connection for playback. To do this, we must download the video we want for our presentation previously from YouTube. In this way, once it is saved on our computer, we can add it to PPT.


Notably, to comply with this step, it is crucial to know how we can download a video from YouTube. The good news is that many reliable pages or apps do this type of download.


In this way, once we have downloaded the video to our hard drive, the steps to follow are similar to those already mentioned:


Blucactus Korea - embed youtube videos in powerpoint - ppt presentations

  1. We open the presentation where we want to add a YouTube video.
  2. We are located in the exact part where we want to place our video.
  3. We select the menu option Insert> Multimedia> Video, and then the option of Video on my PC.
  4. Then, we select the video from the folder where it has been saved, and we will see how it is added automatically.


Likewise, we can follow these steps to add more videos on different slides in case we need to add more multimedia content. However, it is essential not to abuse it to guarantee the quality of our presentation. Remember that less is more, and there is no need to clutter our slides with lots of videos.


Embedding YouTube videos in PowerPoint is Very Easy


Blucactus Korea - person using computersAs you can see, adding YouTube videos to your PPT presentations is very easy. Just add it in the location and size you want.


Additionally, you can add the video of your choice and play it without needing an internet connection. Keeping the video in the corresponding path is essential to avoid any inconvenience when playing it.


However, the same YouTube company clarifies that Internet Explorer 11 must be installed to play YouTube videos in PowerPoint. It is not necessary to carry out an Internet search, but it is a function that must be on the computer to do it—the functions above. Therefore, you can do it online if you still have not downloaded it.


Do You Need to Embed Videos in Your PPT Presentations?


Blucactus Korea - embed youtube videos in powerpoint - ppt presentationsEvery day more companies use PowerPoint. It is one of the most effective tools for creating easy and simple presentations to reinforce your company’s marketing strategy. With the steps we have given you, you can embed YouTube videos in PowerPoint to give accurate information to your audience. In addition, it is a way to expose content that is easier to understand.


If you do not have time to make this type of presentation for your company, at BluCactus, we can help you. Our marketing specialists and content creators are at your disposal to design the presentations you need as a business owner.


Did you know that PowerPoint presentations provide many benefits for your company? It does not matter what your industry is, as there are different materials you can use to display ideas and accurate information. Contact us now to discuss your project and give you the advice you need.


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PowerPoint 101: Learn the Best Tricks to Apply the 7×7 Rule. PowerPoint is an excellent tool for our marketing strategy. It is versatile, so you can create quality content to communicate with your audience. Also, a PowerPoint presentation consists of slides where you can add different elements, such as text, graphics, infographics, etc. Are you a beginner at handling PowerPoint? There are many ways to learn to make PPT presentations. You can seek the help of professionals to create a successful presentation. Also, you can use different rules, like the 7×7 rule.


What is the 7×7 Rule?


blucactus - work meeting - people using laptopsYou must apply the 7×7 rule to each slide correctly. This rule tells us that you should not use more than seven lines or bullet points on each slide or seven or fewer words per line.


Does it seem easy to you? If there is a rule of this type, it must be for something.


The fact is that it has an obvious purpose, and that is to make better PowerPoint presentations.


The truth is that many people make many mistakes when designing a slide. And one of the most common is to clutter a single slide with a lot of information.


How to Put the 7×7 Rule on a Slide?


blucactus - work meetingThe best practice to start putting the 7×7 rule of PowerPoint is to use each slide for a specific topic and use a minimum number of words to develop each point.


If you do not have much experience with PowerPoint, you may think leaving information out will be a significant disadvantage for your company.


But no, believe it or not, including a lot of information makes it more challenging to retain the audience’s attention.


Therefore, this rule will serve as a method for making the information added to your slides as accurate as possible.


When to Use the 7×7 Rule?


blucactus - work meeting - people using laptopThere is no doubt that the 7×7 rule works very well, but it works even better when you edit that amount of information instead of wanting to fill in seven lines and seven words at any cost.


Additionally, there is a very effective way that we will explain below. Ideally, you should write down all the information you want to provide through your presentation. Then, break down each of those points and start choosing a key message for each slide. This way, you will realize how easy it is to edit a lot of information to comply with the 7×7 format.


To put this rule into practice, remember that 7×7 is the maximum amount of content you can include on a slide. It is not a goal but a rule you must meet to end up with a quality PPT presentation. You must consider this without losing its value.


Tricks for Reasonable Use of the 7×7 Rule


blucactus - work meetingNow that you have an idea of ​​what the 7×7 rule of a PowerPoint presentation is, the time has come to give you some tricks so that you can make a more effective design on your slides:


Take into account the essential elements of your presentation.


The first factor of the 7×7 rule limits the number of lines of text to a maximum of seven. In effect, these seven lines do not include the title and should only focus on the essential elements of your presentation. It is the best way to give your audience a preview of the information they will obtain.


Blucactus Korea - Tricks to Apply the 7x7 Rule on PowerPoint - work meetingIt is not necessary to use complete sentences.


Each of the seven lines should not contain more than seven words. For this, using complete sentences is unnecessary since using connectors, pronouns, and prepositions can get minimized.


The audience is the focus of the presentation.


The 7×7 rule allows you to capture the attention of your audience. When you use your presentations to replicate your content, the public notice it and will likely assume what they will present before they say it. In this way, the audience will lose interest and will not have the incentive to listen to you. Therefore, analyze the information and summarize vital concepts for a better presentation.


Generate a positive perception of your presentation.


Blucactus Korea - Tricks to Apply the 7x7 Rule on PowerPoint - work meetingA speaker who goes word for word about what appears in a presentation quickly discourages the public by not feeling involved and considering that they are wasting their time.


On the other hand, if you use the 7×7 rule, the audience will have a more transparent and optimistic perspective of your presentation.


It will also make it easier for you to retain the information you’re providing. Also, if you speak actively, they will remember what you say and note the points they consider most important.


How about the 7×7 rule for PowerPoint presentations?


Blucactus Korea - Tricks to Apply the 7x7 Rule on PowerPoint - work meetingIt is also essential to consider the text’s limitations to make good use of the 7×7 rule in PowerPoint. When you include a lot of text on your slides, you have to use a tiny font, which makes it difficult for the audience to read comfortably. Therefore, it is a trick you must practice just like the others mentioned.


Do you need PowerPoint presentations for your marketing strategy? At BluCactus, we have what you need. Our design and content creation experts are ready to create quality PPT presentations that fit your goals and business model. The help of an expert is always vital so that your slides contain accurate information and you can reach your target audience. You can contact us right now. We will have a personalized service for you.


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How to Create a Company Profile in PowerPoint. Every company has characteristics that differentiate it from the rest. It has your products through a company profile PowerPoint template. Yes, you can start telling your company’s story through a presentation. However, you must know the appropriate PowerPoint format for your company profile and the slide design. Furthermore, it does not matter if you are a beginner. As a business owner in the United States, you can include this tool in your marketing strategy for better results. We will tell you everything you need to know to create your company profile in PowerPoint easily.


Continue reading.


What is a PowerPoint Presentation for a Company Profile?


BluCactus Korea - woman using a laptopIn case you still do not know, nowadays, every company must have a company profile, and creating it through a PowerPoint presentation brings you many benefits.


Therefore, if you want to see the importance of telling the story of your organization through slides, we will advise you on some reasons to do it:


  • Fundraising


If the request for funds is necessary for your company’s growth, you must tell your story attractively and elegantly. For this, you can use a company profile PowerPoint format that attracts the attention of investors.


  • HiringBluCactus Korea - woman using a laptop


When you show your company profile PowerPoint template to potential employees, you can help generate sales under their vision.


  • Sales


Generally, most Company Profile PowerPoint Format layouts help you clearly explain your products and services. Thus, you can know its advantages to close more sales.


What Are the Best PowerPoint Template Designs to Create a Company Profile?


BluCactus Korea - woman using a laptopDo you want to create your company profile in PowerPoint? Two options will be of great help in achieving this goal. First, you can start making a design from scratch, although you will need to understand how to create a company profile in PowerPoint for a quality design. Second, you can use PowerPoint templates to design your company profile. The templates bring everything you need for your presentation. You just have to choose the predefined slide of your choice and fill in your content.


Finally, if you want to save time, you can use a PowerPoint presentation format to create your company profile. These templates help you achieve better results, and on the internet, you can find a wide variety of options to choose the most convenient option.


These are some of the features that you can find in the PowerPoint templates to create a company profile:


  • Free Fonts
  • Pre-Made Designs
  • Icons for Text Replacement
  • Easy to Change the Color Scheme
  • Drag and Drop Image Placeholders
  • Minimalist Designs


How to Create a PowerPoint Presentation With Your Company Profile?


BluCactus Korea - woman using a laptopIf you are interested in creating a company profile PowerPoint, in this part of the post, we will explain the step by step:


  • Choose the Correct Slides


Before creating a Company Profile in PowerPoint, you must define your goals. You will present your business to potential clients, investors, or employees—design readable and attractive slides. Use necessary details to keep your presentation concise.


So, you must choose suitable slides for your company profile creation. You can use the slide sorter or tab view to create a consistent sequence in your presentation. You can also add or remove information you don’t want to use.


BluCactus Korea - woman using a laptop

  • Personalize the Text


Text is essential for your company to profile PowerPoints. To add your own, click on any text boxes on the slides. You only have to select the inside content and write on it.


You can repeat this step as many times as necessary throughout your presentation.


However, take into account the fact that a company profile requires short things to provide transparent information. Therefore, you can opt for critical ideas instead of adding a lot of text.


  • Add Images Related to Your Company


BluCactus Korea - woman using a laptop - Create a Company Profile in PowerPointA PowerPoint presentation with your company profile needs good illustrations in photographic format. The good news is that they are effortless to add, especially if you have chosen to work with a PowerPoint template. You must search for an image marker and drag and drop an image on it. This way, PowerPoint will import the picture size, size, and scale so it can fit perfectly in your presentation.


As a result, you will capture the audience’s attention, and your presentation will look compelling.


  • Change the Colors of the Shapes


You will have a color palette to design your company profile in PowerPoint. If you choose a template that includes its color palette, you can change the shape’s color. To do it, select the form you want, and find the menu format on the ribbon.


You will notice that a color selector will appear inside, and you can choose between preset options, such as solid or color gradients. You can click on your favorite alternative to apply it in your selected way. The advantage is combining your brand for a creative company profile.


  • Customize Infographics


BluCactus Korea - woman using a laptop - create a company Profile in PowerPointInfographics have become an essential part of company profile PowerPoint presentations. They are illustrations that allow you to organize your data or ideas better.


Best of all, you don’t have to be a designer to create them.


To take advantage of the infographics, you can change the existing text with your own words.


Thanks to this, your company profile will look more exciting and help you interact better with the audience.


Do You Need to Create a Company Profile in PowerPoint?


BluCactus Korea - create a company Profile in PowerPoint - woman using a laptopThe templates will significantly help create a company profile in PowerPoint. However, you have the option of reviewing tutorials to learn how to design your slides more effectively.


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How to make a corporate presentation for your skin care brand? Nowadays, people are much more concerned about skin care. In fact, skin care brands have become part of society, generating a large amount of annual revenue. That’s why, if you have a skin care brand, now is the time to reinforce your marketing strategies with creative corporate presentations. If you still don’t know how to make a corporate presentation, don’t worry. This article will give you the steps you should apply to show your clients a quality document.


What are the best corporate presentations for your skin care brand? 


A corporate presentation is a document that allows you to make your brand identity known. You can us it to attract the attention of customers by making important points about your company. Today, buyers are interested in skin care products that are manufactured by responsible companies. Therefore, you should focus on that aspect and develop a strong message for your brand.


What sections should you include in the corporate presentation of your skin care brand?


BluCactus Korea - skin care brand corporate presentation on computerIt’s important to include several sections in a corporate skin care presentation. However, this will always depend on the kind of company and its needs. In the case of a skin care brand, these are the sections you can use to create an effective document:


  • About us: In this section, you should explain who you are. For example, to add value, you can explain where the brand was born, and what inspired you to design your products. The idea is that, from the beginning, the customer feels that your brand cares about producing high quality products to provide proper skin care.
  • Mission, vision, and values: Provide information on your corporate pillars. Highlight how important taking part of people’s beauty and hygiene routine is to your brand. Let your clients know how committed you are to provide them with the best advice.  

BluCactus Korea - skin care brand corporate presentation on computer

  • History or timeline: Customers want to know the history of your company. Because of this, you can share the evolution of your skin care brand. Talk about how you have been able to bring innovative products to the market to stand out in this business.
  • The team: Here you can include information about the founders of the brand and what has been their commitment since then. In addition, you can mention the work team that accompanies you in the production and elaboration of the products. This way, the client can appreciate the experience you have in the beauty sector.
  • Added value: This section is the perfect opportunity to highlight the added value of your brand and your company. Share with your customers if you have created a new line of skin care products. Also, you can mention if your company uses sustainable packaging to help the environment.
  • Social responsibility: Explain what are the challenges of the company and the actions taken to project itself in the long term. Talk about the efforts you have made to develop quality products, and if there are any actions oriented to the use of ingredients that minimize environmental impact.

BluCactus Korea - woman doing her skincare routine applying beauty products

  • Products or services: This is your opportunity to present your products or services in style. For example, if you are a company that produces sunscreens for sensitive skin, highlight this benefit. The goal is that, for each of your products, you focus on their benefits to evoke emotion.
  • Customers and testimonials: Testimonials have become a powerful tool, as most online shoppers rely on reviews for their purchase decision. Therefore, this is a section that you shouldn’t ignore.
  • Quality certifications: If you have certifications granted by animal cruelty prevention or environmental organizations, do not forget to include them to generate greater confidence in suppliers and future investors.
  • Contact: To market to your target audience, include your company’s contact information. You can also include email and social networks.


What should a corporate presentation of a skin care company contain?


BluCactus Korea - skin care brand corporate presentation on computerNow we will explain you step by step how to make a corporate presentation for your skin care company:


Step 1: What is the purpose of the corporate presentation?


The first step for the elaboration of a quality skin care corporate presentation is to have a clear purpose. Keep in mind what you want to say, what you want to achieve and to whom it will be presented. Add relevant information for your clients. For example, you can add content that explains your company’s commitment to offer quality beauty products


Step 2: What is the structure of the corporate presentation?


This step consists in building the structure of the corporate presentation. Here, you must choose how many pages and which sections are necessary to showcase a good image of your skin care products. In general, a presentation like this should not exceed 20 or 30 pages. Here, the objective is to have a short, but clear and concise document to achieve a good presentation of the brand.


BluCactus Korea - happy woman giving a thumbs upStep 3: What does the corporate presentation design look like? 


Once the structure of your corporate presentation is ready, filled with good content and images of your products, it’s time to pick the right platform to create it.


The good news is that there are many options to make a corporate presentation.


For example, Canva, PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Adobe Illustrator. You can pick the platform that you consider easier to use and more functional in the long run.


Step 4: How to perform the final tests? 


BluCactus Korea - woman doing her skincare routine applying beauty productsAs soon as the design of the corporate presentation is finalized, it is essential to get feedback from your team members. They can help you detect if any mistakes have occurred or if relevant information is missing. Also, you can make a test with the corporate presentation by showing it to some people. This way, before its final use, you will determine if the order of the content is congruent and if the demonstration of the products will have the desired impact.


Step 5: What is the distribution and end use of the corporate presentation? 


The last step to make a corporate presentation of your skin care brand is to send this document to your marketing team. They will be in charge of sending or presenting the corporate presentation to prospective clients. Therefore, it must be a quality and light file.


Do you need a corporate presentation for your skin care brand?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510Corporate presentations are a must in your marketing strategy. They are effective for all skin care brands that want to grow. Because they help you reach important investors and your target audience.


We at BluCactus are a digital marketing agency that can help you create the corporate presentation that fits your brand the best for its success. Contact us right now to provide you with a service that will differentiate you from other skincare brands.


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Benefits of corporate presentations for skin care brands. When you have a skin care brand, it is important to know how to tell your story and describe your identity, and to achieve this, you can create a corporate presentation. This corporate and marketing document has many benefits for the consolidation of your business. Also, it has endless features and options so that, in one place, you can add all the information you want to show about your brand. Nowadays, many skin care companies invest in the creation of corporate presentations, and it is due to the benefits they bring to brands. Do you want to know the benefits of corporate presentations? Continue reading…


What should you take into account when creating corporate presentations for your skin care brand?


BluCactus Korea - Benefits of corporate presentationsCorporate presentations have many benefits, and to enjoy them, you should take into account the following steps when creating them:


  • Texts as short as possible: The text you add to a corporate presentation should be short. Investors, suppliers and the public are not interested in paying attention to a presentation that contains a lot of information. The important thing is that the information added is remembered. To do so, add relevant words, as well as the values that define your skin care company.
  • Corporate colors: its corporate colors represent a company. For this reason, in your presentation, you should add the colors that represent your skin care brand. By including this feature in your presentation, you will make your target users remember your identity easily. Add color throughout the presentation to reach the public’s mind.

BluCactus Korea - Benefits of corporate presentations

  • Essential information: All the information you decide to add in a corporate presentation must be well-structured to be relevant. First, give a brief description of your company and explain what it does. In this case, describe that it is a skin care brand, including the company’s mission and vision. Also, give importance to the goals you want to achieve and add success stories you have had. As you are in the beauty industry, if you have a well-known customer who buys your skin care products frequently, do not forget to mention it, as it gives a good image to the brand.
  • Corporate videos: To make them remember your skin care brand, it is a good idea to include a video presentation. Remember that nowadays, people like audiovisual content. In fact, on the Internet, we can see how videos and images are the most viral content. Therefore, you cannot miss an audiovisual piece in your presentation.
  • Short corporate presentation: This would be the last step for your skin care corporate presentation. It should be a short document, since, by saturating potential clients with a lot of information, they are likely to forget more than half of the content. It is best if it is a presentation with few slides, so that its duration is as short as possible. The intention of a corporate presentation is that the client can keep the relevant information.


What are the benefits of corporate presentations for skin care brands?


BluCactus Korea - happy woman holding a cellphoneNow that you have more clarity on the most important steps of a corporate presentation, we tell you the benefits of making this document for your skin care brand:


Simplicity to make your brand known


Corporate PowerPoint presentations work as a blank canvas, which can be filled with your ideas and important information about your business. They also serve as support material if you or your team must make a presentation to investors or organizations to present the brand’s identity, values, services offered and much more.


Multimedia interaction 


To tell the story of your brand, you can use many resources. Take advantage of elements such as images and videos, as they help to stimulate the minds of the listeners and your presentation will be more participatory.


They transmit information 


BluCactus Korea - happy woman hol corporate presentation of brand in computer

The images or video are capable of producing emotions in the people who are watching the material. These emotions are fixed in the customer’s mind, which allows them to expand the information they are receiving.


Regardless of the option chosen to create a corporate presentation, you should make sure that the content occupies 30% of the user’s attention.


While, 70% of the attention should be given to the way in which the information of your skin care brand has been presented.


Positioning in search engines


A digital corporate presentation gives you the possibility to position the name of your skin care brand. Sharing your presentation with investors or other internet users allows you to reach future suppliers or organizations. In addition, you can let people know what your work is like and the reality of your business.


BluCactus Korea - happy woman hol corporate presentation of brand in computerAdd personalization to the document 


Corporate presentations are great business allies for personal care. They are documents in which you can reflect the image of your brand. So you can customize all the content you want to show to investors, future suppliers and customers.


Inclusion of calls to action 


You can make a difference through a corporate presentation. How? If your goal is to find new partners or attract customers, you can include calls to action at the end of your document.


How can you leverage the benefits of corporate presentations for your skin care brand?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510Corporate presentations are beneficial, first, because they help you capture the attention of the client and future investors. To do this, the most important thing is to create a quality document, and at BluCactus we can help you. We have specialists in digital marketing, who can take care of transmitting the personal brand of your company. Contact us now, and we will help you create a beneficial and successful corporate presentation for your skin care brand.


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How to create presentations for the construction industry? The construction industry is responsible for producing a range of projects of different scales. By raising buildings that generate jobs and create spaces for human development, it generates excellent demand and profitability. That is why, to enhance the name of your construction company, it is important to opt for the use of presentations. Likewise, contractors need supporting documentation to publicize projects, so structuring presentations would be ideal. Don’t know how to make them? In this article, we will teach you how to use this persuasive tool.


How can you make a presentation for the construction sector?


BluCactus Korea - website of a construction companyPresentations have become a crucial resource in sales processes. In the construction sector, architects, project managers, and civil engineers must present their ideas and projects to future clients straightforwardly to generate new business and a more significant number of contracts.


To create construction company presentations, there are essential points that must be carried out, and we break them down below. The most important thing is to provide the most effective and persuasive presentation possible. To do this, a clear structure must be created, where visual elements can be added. Also, you must have the ability to know how to answer customer questions.


Currently, many construction companies strive to create presentations to offer their services in an attractive way to the client and obtain profitability as a business. But are they making quality presentations? We do not know. But what we do know is that by considering strategic points, the presentations for your construction company can be successful.


What is the structure of a presentation for the construction sector?


BluCactus Korea - website of a construction companyCompany presentations for the construction sector work as a fundamental tool to close deals. Therefore, this proposal must be structured effectively to convey necessary information to our current and future clients. When developing content to create a presentation for your construction company, you should consider the following steps:


    1. Presentation: In this first point, it is essential to add the name of the project and the construction company. Of course, it is important that you introduce yourself as the owner, then the designer, the builder of the work, and the rest of the team.
    2. Introduction: In the introduction, you should present your company, highlighting its strengths and the experience you have gained in the construction industry. In addition, you can incorporate details regarding the project you are about to present. As well as information relevant to your proposal.
    3. Development: In this section, it is important to detail the entire project, including each of its phases. For example, if the project is about the construction of a building, it is important to provide information on its planning, location, size, design, execution, monitoring, and completion. Also, it is convenient to include details about the materials and technology used to carry out the project.
    4. Budget: Including a budget for the works in the presentation is essential, detailing projections and delivery deadlines.


Conclusions: The conclusion of a presentation is the perfect opportunity to summarize the key points. Also, to emphasize that your construction company is the best choice for the project. Finally, you can add a recommendations section to suggest alternatives for the construction project.


What are the visual resources in a presentation for the construction sector?


BluCactus Korea - woman presenting a construction companyHow to create presentations for the construction industry in the Korea? Visual elements in a presentation are important to capture customers’ attention and convey information effectively. However, we must select visual elements that match the type of information we want to provide.


To show a construction company’s project flow charts can be used to explain construction procedures or project planning. The striking thing about these graphics is that they can separate each process in detail. This is to obtain a better workflow visualization and a better client understanding.


Infographics can also be our allies for presenting complex information. They bring clarity and attractiveness to the content that you want to expose. In this way, they help improve future customers’ retention of information.


How to answer a question in a presentation for the construction sector?


BluCactus Korea - woman presenting a construction companyBefore the presentation, you should prepare adequately to answer the questions effectively. To do this, you must familiarize yourself with the technical information related to the project to be presented. Also, clearly summarize the solutions you offer and anticipate likely customer questions to prepare accurate answers.


There is nothing better than practicing your presentation beforehand to build confidence. By feeling prepared and confident, you will be able to clarify doubts more efficiently during the project presentation.


Likewise, instead of focusing on the problems that may exist, offer viable solutions that can satisfy the client’s needs. So, if you still do not have clear answers, analyze the information you will provide in order to offer fair solutions.


What to do if a customer asks you a question and you don’t have an answer?


BluCactus Korea - woman presenting a companyIf this happens, it is essential to be honest and express that you do not know the answer at the moment.


The best thing you can do is promise the customer that you will investigate and their question will be answered later.


Take note of the question so you don’t forget it, and keep the promise since, with this action, you will show interest and professionalism.




Do you want an effective presentation for your construction company?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510These tips cannot go unnoticed when creating construction company presentations. These are techniques that will help you offer an honest and effective project proposal to close successful sales.


Don’t have the time to create presentations? We do. We are a digital marketing agency in Mexico, and our team can take care of creating clear and concise presentations for your construction company. Contact us right now for personalized attention.


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Benefits of a corporate presentation for health insurance. Corporate presentations have many benefits, and can be created for a health insurance company. Through this type of document, you make known the identity of the insurer and the services you offer. In this way, investors or companies that want to hire health insurance for their employees will be able to see you as the best option. If you still don’t know all the benefits of corporate presentations for health insurers, here we will talk about it.


Importance of corporate presentations for health insurers


BluCactus Korea - PowerPoint presentation of health insurers in laptopBefore starting to mention the benefits of this document for corporate, commercial and marketing use, it is important to talk about its importance. The truth is that, technology forces us to be aware of the news to make health insurance companies known. Nowadays, it is essential for any company to have a website, a Facebook page or an Instagram account. However, there are elements that, even if time goes by, will always be useful, as is the case of corporate presentations.


This document, in addition to being presented in person to future investors, can be presented digitally so that it can be seen by all potential clients. It is the company’s letter of introduction, so it must reflect its identity perfectly. Now, we must clarify that you cannot make a corporate presentation with old company information. Ideally, the presentation should be permanently updated to achieve the established objectives and enjoy its benefits.


What are the benefits of a corporate presentation for health insurance? 


BluCactus Korea - PowerPoint presentation of health insurers in laptopThe insurance industry is very competitive. So it is not enough to show available health services or coverage to close a successful sale.


Currently, those interested in contracting or investing in health insurance, first want to discover the company’s history and values.


The best option is to make the company’s identity known through a corporate presentation, since it is a document that provides many benefits:


Allow to explain the company’s identity and services with simplicity


You can fill corporate presentations with your own ideas and concisely. To present the identity of the insurance company or the services available, you can make use of bullet points for the central ideas, so you will not forget any important information. You can also add images or graphics to avoid cluttering the presentation with written content.


BluCactus Korea - PowerPoint presentation of health insurers in laptopThey help the information provided to remain in the subconscious mind. 


Presenting a health insurance company through images or videos helps to generate emotions within the audience that is watching. These emotions are fixed in people’s minds, and they will be more receptive to the content they are receiving.


Add personalization to content 


Corporate presentations are closely linked to the creating companies. Therefore, you can use this document in a personalized way to talk about the health insurer. But that’s not all, as they also give you the possibility to change colors, fonts, images, and videos so that they work as a personalized reflection of what you want to convey.


BluCactus Korea - PowerPoint presentation of health insurers in laptopProvide multimedia interaction to entertain the audience 


Telling the company’s story may seem boring to the audience by not adding elements such as videos and images. This type of content helps to stimulate the mind and imagination of the listeners. As a result, there will be more interaction and engagement


You can include corporate colors


Corporate colors are representative of each health insurance company. When creating a corporate presentation for an insurance company, it may contain the colors that identify it so that the audience you are addressing can remember its identity more easily.


BluCactus Korea - Benefits of a corporate presentation - PowerPoint presentation of health insurers in laptopThey offer the possibility of positioning in search engines. 


A digital corporate presentation brings many benefits. Generally, they are of great help to position the name of the company you want to make known.


If you share the presentation of the health insurance company with internet users, you can make your company known to a larger group.


Enabling the use of calls to action 


Although this is not a commercial presentation, you can make a difference by means of calls to action at the end of the corporate document. For the audience to take a specific action, this is the opportunity to do it.


They help you convince the potential customer


BluCactus Korea - health insurers in laptop

Health insurance services are intangible, what do we mean by this?


That the client cannot enter the company, try the service, and decide whether to make a purchase or not.


So, the objective is to convince the potential client by showing the advantages of contracting or financing the company.


Remember that the insurance industry requires a large investment, so the customer will want to know every detail before making his final decision.


How to take advantage of the benefits of a corporate presentation for health insurance? 


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510Corporate presentations are the best communication tool for health insurers and for any business that wants to make itself known. They help you to tell, in a precise and concise way, the history of the company and the advantages of contracting the services. They also help you to show the content in an interactive way to attract the attention of potential clients.


As the owner of a health insurance company, it is understandable that you want to get the most out of a corporate presentation. To take advantage of its benefits, the most important thing is to create a quality document, and at BluCactus we can help you. We are specialists in digital marketing, so we have the necessary tools to design the presentation that fits your company’s needs. Contact us right now for more information.


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