What is Lacoste’s marketing strategy in Korea? Lacoste’s marketing strategy is tailored with a meticulously crafted marketing mix. The brand’s business strategies are focused on price, product innovation, and quality.


In Korea, competition is fierce within the fashion industry as numerous clothing brands strive to position themselves at the top of the industry. But can Lacoste’s marketing strategy work for your business? Let’s explore Lacoste’s marketing strategies to determine if you can use them to your own advantage. 


What is the history of Lacoste?


Lacoste was established in 1933 by tennis player René Lacoste from France. But who is René Lacoste?


This French tennis legend is known for revolutionizing the everyday wardrobe by drawing inspiration from his beloved game, tennis. This led him to produce original designs, ranging from clothing to accessories.


René proudly wore Lacoste on the tennis courts, showcasing the brand’s emblematic crocodile logo. By 1951, the company began expanding into new horizons, adding shirts and striped polos in various colors to new collections. Soon enough, Lacoste even crafted a collection specifically designed for boys.



Now, Lacoste is a luxury brand that carries a diverse line of products for men, women, and children, including polo shirts, T-shirts, footwear, sunglasses, bags, and many other items. Its logo is characterized by a green crocodile and has been the same since its inception. This is a crucial element that makes the brand recognizable across the globe. Lacoste is now a household name, just like Adidas or Nike.


 What is Lacoste’s target audience?BluCactus - What is Lacoste's Marketing Strategy?


Lacoste’s target audience consists of young people and adults aged between 20 and 30 years old, looking for quality clothing and accessories to convey a good image while prioritizing daily comfort.


Lacoste’s marketing strategy


The brand Lacoste’s marketing strategy has enabled the company to achieve its goals in a competitive market. So, let us take a look at how Lacoste’s marketing mix can work across your product, pricing, advertising, and distribution strategies:


Lacoste’s Product Strategy


It is crucical to note the fact that Lacoste products are of fine quality. Therefore, the brand’s focus is on the upper class of society.  Moreover, they have a vast product range, starting from their iconic tennis shirts recognized by the crocodile logo to leather goods such as handbags and wallets, shoes, perfumes, sunglasses, and much more.


Apart from their usual must-have collections, Lacoste often releases interesting collaborations, partnering with renowned entertainment platforms. A prime example of this is the Lacoste x Minecraft and Lacoste x Netflix collaborations.



Lacoste x Netflix


A powerful collaboration that blends the worlds of fashion and entertainment together, Lacoste x Netflix aims to connect cultures and audiences. This genderless collection showcases 8 different Netflix shows including Stranger Things, Lupin, Elite, The Witcher, Sex Education, Shadow and Bone, Money Heist, and a fan-favorite, Bridgerton. Moreover, the collection flaunts the distinguished crocodile logo in polos, caps, sweatshirts, and tracksuits, allowing you to transport it into a Netflix universe. Netflix states this is the new ”Netflix and Chill” uniform. Take a look at the video down below to see how powerful Lacoste’s product and marketing strategies are:


Apart from these interesting collaborations, Lacoste recently announced its brand new Lacoste SPORT golf collection, including  fine quality polo shirts, skirts, T-shirts, trousers, and shorts, aligning with Lacoste’s signature: Fashion Sport. Currently, Lacoste presents three different SPORT collections, including tennis, pickleball, and tournament collections, all approved by champions. Take a look at Lacoste SPORT – Golf Collection down below.



Lacoste’s Pricing Strategy


As mentioned earlier, the brand targets the upper middle class and upper class of society. Their customer demographic possesses a distinctive characteristic: they are comfortable with paying a high price for luxury items. This is all because wearing a signature item of clothing or accessory is considered a status symbol.


Therefore, this aligns with a premium pricing strategy in the marketing mix. 


Lacoste price range varies depending on the type of clothing and accessory. However, their premium pricing enables them to maintain their status and pristine image.


Lacoste’s Distribution Strategy



Lacoste is an international brand with stores in more than 120 countries, including China, India, and the United States. The brand made its first appearance in the US market in 1952, and by the 1970s, it had already established a loyal customer base, solidifying its position.


The company’s distribution is highly organized, with its own stores in shopping centers. However, its strategy extends beyond this. The brand aims to ensure that individuals comfortable with paying for a premium product visit these shopping centers frequently.


Therefore, the points of sale are meticulously organized, reflecting the elegance that distinguishes the brand while maintaining simplicity. Additionally, Lacoste conducts sales in well-known stores such as Halls and Nordstrom.


Do you need an effective marketing strategy like Lacoste?


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What do you think of Lacoste’s marketing strategy? 


If you have a luxury brand or aspire to enter this industry, we can help you. At BluCactus Korea, we collaborate with marketing specialists to create effective marketing strategies, allowing you to tailor your brand specifically for your target audience.


Do you need a marketing mix tailored to your brand? Contact us right now, let us help you succeed in this competitive market.


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How to Generate Consumer Loyalty and Engagement Through Social Media in Korea. Those who have a company or business in Korea long for those who purchase, get hooked on the brand and become their customers for life. Achieving this connection implies loyalty on the part of the customer, who has been satisfied with the service and the product and is comfortable with the idea of ​​continuing to buy in the same place.


This type of relationship is built to be long-term. And is the ideal and desired formula that every brand or company wants to cultivate for its success.


Social media plays an essential role in this matter of loyalty since a brand can achieve this loyalty through these platforms. Although it is not easy, it is not impossible either.


So, keep reading to find out how to achieve loyalty and commitment from users and customers on social media. That way, your brand or company enjoys good commercial health.


What is Customer Loyalty?


First, you must clarify what it implies and what it means to retain customers.


Customer loyalty is a commercial strategy based on good service, product quality, and attractive costs that cause a person to purchase or acquire a product in a certain place and be consistent. It is the goal of becoming a fixed customer, assiduous, constant, or faithful.


To maintain this type of customer, many companies are inclined to create marketing strategies called loyalty programs, through which they offer these fixed customers benefits for time or loyalty to the brand or business. Among tish type of program’s most common options are frequent flyer miles in the case of airlines, membership cards for VIP clients, gift cards, discounts, and exchange of points for operations, etc.


Likewise, to maintain that loyalty, impeccable customer service, the quality of the product offered, and competitive prices are essential.


What is Loyalty in Social Media?


To clarify what customer loyalty means, let us go on to define what loyalty is in social media.


The connection and retention of users or clients is achieved through social media, thanks to their effective communication.


Emphasis is placed on communication since it is the beginning of everything. Additionally, an accurate and quick response to a question or requirement from a potential client is the first connection made with the person and the opportunity to establish a bond with them. Furthermore, since this feedback is effective, friendly, and cordial, it encourages user confidence in the brand.


Another fundamental aspect of engaging is having a clear and established content plan and how it will be published (images, videos, stories, audios, etc.). Additionally, it is important to show how this content is valuable, providing relevant information, clarifying doubts, helping solve problems, and entertaining as much as possible. Above all, it is original and attractive to the public.


To the extent that interest in a person is aroused, they will probably collaborate by spreading the account or brand. Likewise, this will increase the circle and consequently increase loyalty.


Importance of Keeping Potential Customers


In social media, a person becomes a follower because, in one way or another, they are interested in the product or service that a brand or company offers or markets. Therefore, when they decide to be one more follower, they also become potential, future, or possible clients.


Through the content offered, the followers are kept hooked in the hope that they become consummate customers. That is, they finally make a purchase, and they also become a bridge for other users to arrive.


Advantages of Loyalty in Social Media


BluCactus - How to Generate Consumer Loyalty and Engagement Social MediaThe client portfolio on social media is not stable.


In the same way, it can rise, it can decrease in cases of moving from country to country, death, loss of telephones, etc.


Therefore, maintaining an active account with engaging and interesting content is key to the permanence of the usual users and the arrival of new people who, as we already mentioned, may become potential clients due to their interest in the area in which it is offered.


Moreover, good audience segmentation is important because good content increases and maintains the existing audience.


Segmentation and Loyalty in Social Media


At this point, it is vital to understand that segmentation will not be adequate because the number of public or users counted does not meet the brand or company’s target requirements. But what does this mean? Well, we can count on 15,000 followers. However, this large number does not imply that everyone corresponds to the target required to achieve sales and increase income.


Therefore, the importance of segmentation, through which it is possible to reach the same 15,000 followers and ensure that everyone is in tune with the brand, its values, aligned with the content, and, above all, potential customers.


The content certainly attracts and hooks. However, correct segmentation influences the success of the digital marketing strategies that will be implemented. Additionally, since they will be oriented to reach the right people and achieve the desired objectives without neglecting the theme of the Ads, you can reach a wider audience.  Thus, you will increase the number of followers.


Improve Customer Loyalty Through These Actions


To improve this invaluable relationship with the community of followers, it is important to consider aspects that together make customers feel cared for, meaningful, and safe in the brand.


BluCactus - How to Generate Consumer Loyalty and Engagement Social MediaKnow Your Target and Their Needs


As we already mentioned, segmenting and having a suitable customer target is vital to recognizing their needs, doubts, and desires. From this, we are able to generate helpful and valuable content that helps customers in what is necessary, in addition to having a greater reach and engagement.


Avoid the Total Robotization of the Account


There are many tools to manage social media accounts that, although they make life easier and allow you to use your time better, will not give the desired results. When you ask a question about a product, you do not want to start a conversation with a robot that will not be able to face all the doubts.


For this reason, effective service channels that are personalized provide both the necessary information promptly and generate trust, in addition to promoting interaction.


Humanize the Brand


This does not imply showing the face of the company or brand owner or that a video should be made of the people behind the attention talking, even though this generates trust. By humanizing, we refer to the personality given to the brand through the content and the language used for communications.


BluCactus - How to Generate Consumer Loyalty and Engagement Social MediaEncourage Interaction


Through stories and fan pages, you can get an excellent opportunity to interact by asking questions and quick surveys. Always encouraging them to participate and thus increasing traffic.


Do Not Miss the Holidays


Holidays are an excellent opportunity to create content and thus connect emotionally with the public.


Take Current Issues into Account


There are critical and relevant topics or themes that should not be overlooked. So, keep this type of information in mind to include it as much as possible and whenever they can be related to the item in the regular content.


Include Humor in the Content


In a brilliant way and without falling into disrespect and touching sensitivities, the inclusion of humor in the content is very effective. It is also very popular with the public, who also live on social media as a means of entertainment and recreation.


Give Timely Response to Users


Interaction with the public is essential, but attending to their requests, comments, questions, and doubts is vital—especially if a sale depends on it. Additionally, you have an excellent opportunity to create a bond with them and build trust.


Thank Everyone


Any time is a good time to thank a publication for loyalty, growth, and goals achieved, among other things.


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510Do Not Just Focus on Sales


We know sales are vital for maintaining the brand and all it implies. However, 90% of the content is about products. Since there is a risk of saturating the public and even losing some followers. Therefore, engaging with good content and building loyalty to sell is essential.


To improve your sales through digital marketing, contact our expert team in Korea.


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Telemarketing: How to Sell Over the Phone? If you have a company in Korea and want to learn how to sell by phone, you need to know some strategies to get successful campaigns. However, it is essential to consider that it is not an easy task. Because there are different types of users, and not all of them want to hear what you have to say about your products.


Additionally, many customers every day prefer to answer questions by phone. Many people are willing to communicate like this, and it is an action you should take advantage of to benefit your brand. Do you want to sell your products or services over the phone? In this post, we give you the best suggestions.


How to Sell Over the Phone?


Many companies use this direct marketing technique to reach their potential customers. However, to obtain good results, the following factors must be taken into account:


Focus on Connecting From the Start


This point is essential since you need to capture the attention of each of your customers. For this, a good presentation will be critical, that is, take care of making a simple but friendly introduction. Likewise, said presentation must include your name, the name of the company, and of course, the client’s name.


When you use a person’s name, a bond is created, generating a feeling of proximity. However, to get the customer’s name when selling over the phone, you can ask for it once you have introduced yourself. You can also use a contact center platform to get this information. Indeed, knowing the user’s name is more important than you can imagine, creating a greater connection.


Make an Adjustment Based on the Client’s Schedule


There’s a very common reason you don’t get the customer’s attention, and you usually call them just when they do not have time to talk. That barrier must be overcome, but how? Ask them when you can talk to them to present a product so you can adapt to their time.


After knowing your clients’ times, you can contact them to talk to them when they are willing to listen to you. Thus, customers will be more receptive when talking about a product, and selling by phone will achieve better results.


BluCactus - Telemarketing: How to Sell Over the Phone?Remember That the Customer Comes First


Telephone sales have one main objective, and that is the customer. This whole process revolves around them. Therefore, we must stay focused on the customer and not the product.


Additionally, when making a sale over the phone, you have to allow them to speak and give their point of view since it is a way of building trust. Likewise, knowing their expressions will enable you to understand their needs and determine which product may be more effective for each of them. This way, you will know what product to discuss with the ideal buyer.


Do Not Give So Much Information at the Beginning of the Conversation


Salespeople typically provide a great deal of information to their customers from the start of a conversation. However, in most cases, not giving complete information generates better results. We mean that it is good to leave the customer with some uncertainty during a sale by phone because it can create more interest. This way, the client will take the initiative and ask for the information he needs.


In short, it is best not to tell the client everything. Share some information to make the customer curious and more engaged by asking the questions they really want to know.


Take Success Stories as a Reference


Attracting the attention of customers for telephone sales can often be tricky. However, this task can be made more attractive by presenting success stories. In this case, take the initiative to tell your potential customers how your products or services have worked positively for some buyers.


Similarly, it is essential to know that this step can work with products that have been on the market for some time. If it is a new product, no successful situation can likely be presented. Likewise, remember that you should not invent this type of information because the client can verify on their own. Moreover, determining that it is false will immediately create a negative image of the brand or business.


Present Solutions


When users buy a product, it is with the hope that it can solve a need for them or provide them with some added value. Therefore, when looking for a benefit, you must mention the most relevant thing your product or service can have for the client. There is no need to put so much emphasis on its characteristics. It is enough to list them to inform the client.


BluCactus - Telemarketing: How to Sell Over the Phone?Be Grateful to Your Customers


If there is one thing you should keep in mind, it is that customers give you some of their time when they could be doing something else. That is why you should always start and end during a telephone sale with a thank you to the user. Show them that you care, they take the time to talk with you.


The client will always be encouraged to feel valued, so it is important to generate a feeling of appreciation. Once the user gains confidence, they will be more willing to purchase the product you are selling.


How to Make a Sales Strategy by Phone?


We have already explained how you can capture users’ attention to convert them into potential customers. Now, after learning to sell by phone, the next step is to implement the strategies that we will mention below to sell by phone successfully:


BluCactus - Telemarketing: How to Sell Over the Phone?Plan the Calls


Preparing calls is an action that works very well in telemarketing. Collect as much information as possible from the client so as not to ask as many questions and achieve better fluency in the conversation. As we have already mentioned, there are now contact center platforms that you can use to obtain important user data.


Prepare for any Scenario


A telephone sales call can lead to any scenario, and you must be prepared for any circumstance. Remember that there are all kinds of customers, and while some are friendly, others can be very rude or just hard to understand. In this case, mentalize yourself and try to be patient. Patience will ensure that you never lack kindness with any of your users when speaking.


Use a Good Tone of Voice


When contacting your customers through telemarketing, the way you communicate with them is of great importance. The best thing you can do is use a pleasant and enthusiastic tone of voice. Likewise, do not lose the coherence of what you want to communicate and speak with your clients clearly.


BluCactus - Telemarketing: How to Sell Over the Phone?Try Short Speeches


Sellers who know the products very well can simply explain their features. In the same way, this helps to use a concise speech so that the user stays animated and does not get bored with so much information. As a recommendation, omit details that are not relevant or do not add interest to the products.


Identify What the Customer’s Needs are


This is one of the best telemarketing strategies you can use. By identifying your customers’ needs, you can offer your products as a solution to that lack, which is very attractive to users.


Make a Compilation of the Most Frequently Asked Questions


While it is true, customers will always have questions related to your products or services, and some of them will be constantly repeated. Take advantage of this as a strategy and identify those questions to give them a standard answer and improve communication.


Invest Your Time in Interested Customers


Some users will not be interested in your products, and even so, they will continue with the conversation because they are nice or have enough time to listen to you. In this case, you must learn to identify which customers are really interested and not waste your time.


Would You Like to Include Telemarketing in Your Company?


BluCactus - Contact us - Ken Schreck - +1 469 206 5510Each of the telemarketing strategies we have mentioned is effective for learning to sell over the phone, capture customers’ attention, and generate more sales. Selling over the phone is possible as long as you gain the trust of your customers to achieve efficient communication.


Do you want to sell over the phone successfully? At BluCactus Korea, we have marketing specialists. We can advise you to capture your customers’ attention and streamline the sales process. Contact us right now to discuss your project and tell you what telemarketing strategies suit your brand.


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The Masterful Marketing Strategy of Maison Margiela in Korea. Maison Margiela is a high-end luxury brand celebrated for its avant-garde and unorthodox designs, which transformed the brand into the pinnacle of mystery and deconstruction in the fashion realm. 


The chief marketing officer, Tanja Ruhnke, who was appointed to the office back in 2020, collaborates with the skilled creative director, John Galliano, to craft a marketing strategy that reflects the brand’s design ethos. In this way, the brand’s unique marketing strategy focuses on a plot of intrigue rather than over-promotion. 


With this strategy, Maison Margiela undoubtedly solidified its well-deserved place in fashion.


What Is Maison Margiela’s Trademark Identity?


BluCactus - fashion business marketing strategies creation usaMaison Margiela is dedicated to a progressive method, where the designs express its creative value of deconstruction and reinvention. This approach challenges traditional fashion norms by exposing the behind-the-scenes process of unfinished structures in luxury clothing. Furthermore, this distinctive design style conveys the brand’s never-ending quest for innovation, rich storytelling, and artistic depth.


  • Challenging the Norms Through Deconstruction: Margiela crafts designs by utilizing deconstruction to emphasize the beauty in the unfinished. 
  • Challenging Traditions: Instead of embracing the traditional standpoint of luxury, beauty, and art, the brand prefers building its pieces through expert innovation and artistic expression.  


How Does Maison Margiela Succeed in the Fashion World with Its Identity?


BluCactus - Maison Margiela - fashion brand and marketing strategies for businessIn a market jam-packed with brands competing for attention, Maison Margiela maintains a unique presence through its commitment to mystery and artisanal minimalism, all while refraining from traditional advertising. This adds an element of exclusivity to its presence, deepening the intrigue surrounding it. Below are the two key points that summarize the scope of the brand’s identity: 


  • Mystery: The brand creates a sense of mystery and exclusivity by letting its designs speak for itself, initiating a deep curiosity in the fashion realm and its consumers.
  • Experimental Connection: Through cryptic editorials and understated branding, Margiela manages to foster a unique connection with its audience, feeding the souls of high-art devotees.


Who Is Maison Margiela’s Target Audience?


BluCactus - Maison Margiela - fashion brand and marketing strategies for businessMaison Margiela appeals to a fashion-suave audience that values creativity and intellectual engagement with design.


This group includes individuals who are not only interested in luxury fashion but also in avant-garde and unconventional designs that provoke thought and deep conversation.


So, it is presumed that there are two main consumer targets, including:


  • Creative Devotees: Individuals drawn to the brand’s artistic and unique designs.
  • Luxury Fashion Insiders: Consumers looking for unique craftsmanship.


How Is Maison Margiela Positioned in the Luxury Fashion Market?

BluCactus - fashion business marketing strategies creation usaMaison Margiela holds a unique position, excelling in the luxury fashion market as a provider of artisanal design. Each of its collections is a true testament to its dedication to artistic expression and luxury executed with meticulous craftsmanship. This positioning aids Maison Margiela in appealing to a niche audience that pursues artistry over vain-name luxury design. Below are two points on how the brand is positioned as a master provider of artistic fashion and design.


  • Artisanal Craftsmanship: With its artisanal collections and innovative designs, Margiela occupies a unique positioning in the high-end fashion market. This is particularly important as this mastery is reflected in its promotional and advertising tactics.
  • Luxury Symbol of Fine-Art Fashion: The brand appeals to those who are in pursuit of creativity crafted with craftsmanship over traditional luxury. 


How Does Maison Margiela Leverage the Power of Digital Marketing?


BluCactus - Maison Margiela - fashion brand and marketing strategies for businessSimilar to the other aspects of its identity, Maison Margiela adopts a strategic approach to digital marketing, focusing on a subtle yet captivating online presence.


This unique approach ensures that each digital interaction is influential, reinforcing the brand’s status quo.


  • Understated Digital Presence: The brand utilizes artisanal yet minimalistic online campaigns that provoke curiosity and engage the audience.
  • Innovative Showcases: Furthermore, it embraces digital platforms to craft immersive showcases and artistic presentations.


What Role Do Collaborations Play in Maison Margiela’s Strategy?


BluCactus - fashion business marketing strategies creation usaCollaborations are a cornerstone of Maison Margiela’s successful strategy, allowing the brand to utilize varied artistic standpoints. These often limited-edition partnerships expand across different creative realms, bringing fresh ideas and exclusive items to the luxury market. These strategic alliances not only amplify Maison Margiela’s innovative edge but also broaden its audience reach.


  • Diverse Partnerships: The brand collaborates with artists, designers, and other luxury brands to merge different creative worlds. Most recently, Maison Margiela partnered with the world-renowned brand Supreme and South Korean eyewear brand Gentle Monster for its hot-off atelier 2024 spring collection.


How Does Maison Margiela Yield Exclusivity in Its Marketing?


Exclusivity and intrigue are key elements of Maison Margiela’s successful marketing strategy, incorporated through limited edition collections and collaboration releases along with discreet identity tactics, which allows the brand to effectively initiate anticipation and desire. Thus, stimulating consumer interest and loyalty.


How Does Maison Margiela Engage with the Media?


BluCactus - Maison Margiela - fashion brand and marketing strategies for businessMaison Margiela adopts a selective approach to media engagement, often opting for impactful yet sporadic interactions to maintain its allure. By employing remarkable advertising campaigns that align with its image, the brand successfully sparks curiosity among the media.


For instance, Maison Margiela’s 2024 Artisanal Collection was recently featured on Vogue’s YouTube channel.


The acclaimed fashion magazine dubbed the brand’s latest collection viral as it took the fashion realm by storm.




How Are Sustainability and Innovation Integrated Into Maison Margiela’s Marketing?


Maison Margiela continuously emphasizes its commitment to eco-friendly practices and the adoption of new technologies. The brand seals sustainability as an integral part of its core value and identity, incorporating recycled materials and adopting sustainable methods. This commitment is effectively conveyed through marketing that emphasizes the brand’s dedication to positive change through innovation and future-forward thinking.




Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510Maison Margiela is the pinnacle of thought-provoking, exclusive, and avant-garde design in the luxury fashion market. The brand is committed to its philosophy, identity, and creative vision. By leveraging the power of digital marketing through strategic collaborations, a subtle social media presence, and clever advertising, Maison Margiela continues to amass a strong influence on the world of high fashion.


Advance your luxury brand with BluCactus’s expert marketing services in Korea; we unite innovative marketing strategies with bespoke solutions. Contact BluCactus Korea today to transform your brand’s vision into reality. 

Why Does User-Generated Content Improve Your Brand’s Visibility in Korea? User-generated content is one of the marketing trends in 2024, and it is expected to continue in 2025. It has become an excellent opportunity to motivate your audience to participate in creating content for your company. Many companies now have an online presence in Korea, and it can be challenging to stand out. However, as long as you have the help of marketing experts to create good UGC strategies, success is guaranteed. But first, let us see why user-generated content advertising brings greater visibility to your brand.

What is User-Generated Content?


User-generated content advertising (UGC) refers to any publication that third parties create on the Internet. The good news is that a wide variety of UGC can be implemented as a content marketing strategy.


For example, public comments you receive on a corporate blog post or your social media posts are part of your user-generated content. As well as:


  • User ratings or recommendations.
  • The reviews related to your products or services are received in the Google My Business file.
  • Testimonials from customers who are satisfied with your products or services.
  • Guest articles are published on the corporate blog, or what is known as Guest blogging.
  • The content is generated by influencers or ambassadors of your brand.
  • Videos or images created by followers in response to a contest launched by your brand.

Why Does User-Created Content Help Improve Your Brand Awareness?


BluCactus - ¿Por qué el contenido generado por el usuario mejora visibilidad?Does a user-generated content strategy catch your eye? Let us tell you why this type of content brings visibility to your brand:


  • Helps Gain Visibility in Communication channels Through user-generated content, you can gain visibility through social media. As a result, you will be able to differentiate yourself from the competition while enhancing your brand identity.
  • Allows Us to use a new Source of Content Creation Currently, many brands use CGU to add value to their audience. A comment on social media or a positive opinion is enough to create posts that attract the audience’s interest. Specifically, this all translates to better interaction.
  • Generates Engagement This type of content has a great advantage: The user becomes the protagonist. This generates a gain of commitment to the brand, which we know as engagement.
  • This leads to a Positive Impact on SEO. Search engines like Google perceive trustworthy content as valuable. Therefore, if your customers or followers generate content for your brand, it is likely that you can appear in the first results. Additionally, user-generated content and social media also improve your branding by increasing the number of searches related to your brand. Consequently, your organic search ranking will improve considerably.
  • Connect With Your Target Audience Generally, users do not feel empathy for such strong advertising. They do not like to be addressed strictly in a commercial tone. Therefore, today, there is nothing better to attract them than the CGU.
  • Increase Trust in the Brand It is a great advantage when you manage to generate content of interest to your company without investing in paid media. This is due to the great influence that third-party opinions have when a user is deciding to make a purchase. Do you want to get more conversions? You can achieve this goal by having user-generated content campaigns on social media.

Tips for Carrying out this Content Marketing Practice


Unquestionably, user-generated content marketing helps reinforce your brand. That is why we will give you some tips that will help you put it into practice:


Choose the Most Effective Channels


The study of social media carried out by the IAB allows you to know the profile of the users who make life on each social platform. It is an excellent way to determine if they are related to your target, and by knowing which platforms are of interest to them, you can carry out other actions.


For example, you can create your own hashtag and then encourage your followers to use it to share content that is related to your brand. Thus, you will keep track of user-generated content.


There is another way to know when a user refers to your company: Google alerts for terms related to your brand. They can be activated by the keywords (keywords) you want to receive as email alerts. Thus, you will keep informed of the CGU that interests you.


BluCactus - Why Does User-Generated Content Improve Brand's Visibility?Encourage Your Audience to Create Content


If you want to encourage your customers’ opinions, show them your appreciation through exclusive offers, special discounts, etc.


Also, contests on social media are a great option to encourage the creation of user-generated content.


You just have to be creative to encourage your followers to upload videos or photos of your product and mention your brand with the hashtag they have chosen for monitoring.


BluCactus - Why Does User-Generated Content Improve Brand's Visibility?Request Reviews Directly From Your Customers


Surely you want your customers to leave a review related to your brand or product.


The best thing you can do is speak up and ask for them, as most satisfied customers will have no problem leaving a positive review on your social media, Google My Business, or website.


Many will not take the time to leave a review unless you ask them directly. If you have a physical store, you can do it personally. Likewise, you can do it via email or by putting links to your Google file or social media.


Do You Need a CGU Strategy for Your Brand?


BluCactus - Contact us - Ken Schreck - +1 469 206 5510As you can see, advertising user-generated content makes your brand visibility significant.


This is because consumers trust third parties’ opinions more than businesses’ claims. In this case, you need the help of marketing experts to create an effective CGU strategy.


At BluCactus Korea, we have the marketers you need for this mission. We also work with you to help you understand your audience’s needs and encourage them to be part of your action plan. Contact us right now to create a successful project.


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Learn About the Most Visited and Used Shopping Websites in the World. Online shopping is trendy in Korea and the rest of the world. Despite having its origin in the United States, it has now spread to practically the entire planet, being a common practice from day to day.


Previously, online shopping was limited to a specific type of merchandise. However, today, buying a pack of napkins from industrial equipment is possible. Businesses, brands, and stores have realized the advantages of having a presence on the web to sell and thus expand their business and increase sales.


It is no longer possible to imagine the shopping market without referring to the online modality, which has become as common as buying bread in our usual bakery. The world of face-to-face shopping certainly still has many followers. But online shopping has reached another level of demand, especially in the wake of the pandemic.


For this reason, we want to make, on this occasion, a list in which we will talk about which are the most visited and used websites in the world to buy in 2024.


Meet the 11 Most Popular Shopping Websites in 2024:




One of the online shopping giant’s advantages is that it offers a portal for each country where it has a presence, thus covering a large market.


This sector of website purchases is considered the strongest competition. Thanks to their trajectory and lifetime, they have acquired vast experience in this field.


Another great advantage they have introduced is their Prime service. It includes products on offer, fast and free deliveries, and a streaming channel with exclusive series and movies.


Additionally, Amazon represents a secure website, so your data protection is ensured here. Making it even more attractive when choosing the place to purchase on the web.


Amazon continues to work to improve and grow as a shopping website, which will continue to position it as the favorite in this area for much longer.




Founded on July 2nd, 1962, Walmart has a presence with its almost 11,000 physical stores. They operate under 65 brands in 28 countries and its website in 11 countries. The Walmart brand operates as such in the United States and Puerto Rico, in Canada and Mexico under Walmart Supercenter and Sam’s Club. Additionally, the Walmart brand operates in the United Kingdom as Asda, in Japan as Seiyu, in Chile under the Lider brand, in Argentina as Changomás, and in India under Best Price.


It also has a presence in Central America, operating in Brazil, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Colombia, Honduras, Guatemala, and China.


They are characterized by their offers and low product costs. Furthermore, they offer the same products as the physical store in the online mode. So, it is possible to make the purchase online and only pick it up in the store for greater comfort.




This website allows people to sell their products.


Notably, it is a highly varied site in terms of categories, and you can find both new and used products.


Moreover, finding collectibles such as unique rarities on the market is possible.


When you are looking for something special, check eBay first; you will surely find it.




Alibaba Group is a Chinese private consortium that engages in e-commerce, B2B sales, retail sales, and consumer-to-consumer transactions.


It is currently one of the most popular and demanded shopping websites.


And it is possible to buy in large quantities, which is why entrepreneurs and resellers widely use it.


Their payment methods are convenient and varied. And they offer a wide range of products that even include options in ​​agriculture and chemicals.




This is another site that originated operating exclusively in the United States and now distributes worldwide.


This site is also one of the most visited, famous, and preferred by users.


Since it offers a wide variety of products at affordable prices.


That makes it an extremely attractive place for the public.


BluCactus - Learn About the Most Visited and Used Shopping Websites WorldBest Buy


Despite offering many product options.


Best Buy is characterized by its excellent prices in the technology department.


Besides its discounts and offers, as well as having, as its name indicates, the best price among various products.


So, getting the best proposal will not be an impossible mission.


BluCactus - Learn About the Most Visited and Used Shopping Websites WorldFlipkart


This Indian website started out very small but has grown rapidly and can even be compared to Amazon.


It has become very popular, and today many people use it and buy from it.


The Asian public is the one that is most in demand and has managed to raise a large amount of money in its history.


BluCactus - Learn About the Most Visited and Used Shopping Websites WorldTienda


Tienda is a great place to buy what you want, even at the low price of one dollar. They have an auction section where you only have to offer the best price to take the product.




Its strength is the availability of offers and discounts, so purchasing a product at less than half the original price and group discounts is possible. Buying here has never been so attractive.




This specialist furniture site is the king in its category due to its variety and prices. Day after day, there are countless visits and transactions that it receives in web traffic. It is one of the best-known portals in the world and undoubtedly the most demanded when decorating your home.




They have a business model based on dropshipping. The site is an intermediary between the buyer and the product seller, just as Amazon works. It is owned by Alibaba Group and offers products for international buyers, so its platform is available for foreign buyers.


It allows the resale of products and, like Alibaba, is ideal for business people and entrepreneurs who want to take advantage of the many Chinese suppliers available to them. The trick is to locate trusted suppliers in your niche and optimize delivery times.




Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510As shown by today’s society, more and more consumers are going online and buying more and more through websites. The trend is to buy online more than going to a physical store, which, although they do not lose their charm, doing it digitally saves time. The next time you want to buy a product, recheck this list, prepare to buy calmly and enjoy the process.


For your online business to reach considerable levels of income and visibility, please do not wait any longer and contact us.


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15 Examples of User-Generated Content to Inspire Your Campaign in Korea. Today, user-generated content cannot be missing from a marketing strategy. This is the most impressive content you can use in your business to increase your visibility and empathy with the audience. This is because it is the most engaging and honest content you can use. Also, famous brands generate this type of content to fulfill their objectives.


If you have a business in Korea, you must first make yourself known on social media to create an effective UGC campaign. And if you do not know how to do it, we leave you 15 examples of user-generated content in this post.


15 Examples of User-Generated Content Campaigns


We have put together 15 real-life UGC campaign examples that can serve as a reference for creating a successful campaign for your brand:


  • Bruno Mars


Bruno Mars is a great artist recognized for his music. Some of his songs have more than 1 billion streams on Spotify.


With tools like Flockler, this artist selects feeds on Instagram and other platforms to later be displayed in a web format, both on other social networks and on his website.


In fact, Bruno Mars and his marketing team can change feeds or hashtags in real time to announce new concerts or publish new albums.


A campaign like this attracts a large audience since it increases the number of followers on Instagram.


  • Chipotle


Chipotle is a chain of restaurants.


They organized a TikTok challenge called #ChipotleLilFlip. As the name implies, the participants had to try to flip an aluminum foil lid on top of their plate.


This way, the videos were shared on TikTok with the brand’s hashtag.


This challenge has been very interesting, considering that the hashtag has more than 300 million visits. However, some say the figure could be somewhat misleading because not all videos have included the challenge.


  • Acon


This is a trampoline and sports equipment company.


Its campaign is based on the presentation of videos recorded by its clients on Instagram social media.


Likewise, it launched a campaign where people could share their sporting moments.


To do this, the user could send their video through the hashtag #beatrillseeker at the time of publication.


This way, the company can find the content to be included in your account later.


  • Hilton Grand Vacations


If there is one thing you need to know, it is that travel marketers need user-generated content.


A travel study found that 95.5% of travelers tend to trust the recommendations of third parties more than the content offered by the brand.


Hilton Grand Vacations’s #MyHGV feed features its best Instagram images. The goal is to inspire customers to book their next vacation with them.


If you have a travel agency, you should know that many use social media and CGU in their marketing strategy.


  • Lululemon


BluCactus - 15 Examples of User-Generated Content to Inspire Your CampaignThis is a clear example from the Try On Haul video (test sample) on YouTube.


In said video, you can see a girl trying on the clothes she bought at Lululemon.


It is worth noting that this brand is not sponsoring the content creator.


However, the girl does her best to show videos with quality content. This speaks volumes about brand loyalty, which is why some commenters have expressed their liking for the videos and the encouragement they bring to browsing the official Lululemon site.


  • BluCactus - 15 Examples of User-Generated Content to Inspire Your Campaign

    Fazer x Novita


Frazer and Novita are two Finnish brands that decided to join forces to organize a knitting contest.


To do this, users were asked to design personalized socks with Novita’s yarn but inspired by the variety of candies produced by Fazer.


As a result, the winning designs were included in a special issue of the magazine.



  • Windward Software


Windward Software handles the display of customer reviews and testimonials on its own website.


Additionally, if potential customers are browsing your website, these testimonials would increase their trust in your company.


These reviews increase their effectiveness by having full names and often featuring images of real users in their profiles.


In particular, these types of reviews are displayed with a dynamic widget, which adds an element of surprise to the website and is attractive to all visitors.


  • GoPro


GoPro works as a marketing company for both photography and video equipment.


Its marketing strategy has been based on a series of challenges through which its clients can participate to win different prizes.


However, the rules and instructions are clearly on a separate page.


Truth be told, the results of this campaign have been incredible.


  • University of Wisconsin


The user-generated content included in educational marketing allows for cultivating social interest in students.


The University of Wisconsin uses Flocker to collect and display social media feeds on its website.


In this way, you can share with the student’s different experiences.


As an advantage, this campaign saves the creative team time and reinforces the already published content.


  •  40 Hours Against Famine by World Vision


World Vision organized a campaign called “40 Hours Against Famine.” The objective of this campaign was to raise awareness regarding the scarcity of clean water worldwide.


The main idea was to launch a challenge where 40 hours of something determined was included.


It could be 40 miles, 40 hours, etc. In turn, it was a challenge related to a fundraising campaign.


Similarly, people could create their own challenge alongside the hashtag #40hfnz. For example, a football team played 40 hours of football.


  •  Apple


BluCactus - 15 Examples of User-Generated Content to Inspire Your CampaignApple is one of the best examples of user-generated content.


Through its “Shot in iPhone” campaign, Apple has highlighted a key feature of its iPhone lineup: high-resolution cameras. This tech giant uses stunning photos users have taken from their Apple devices.


These photographs are published on billboards, television commercials, and social media for this campaign. The official Apple account on Instagram is full of user-generated content.


Furthermore, Apple’s page bio invites users to tag their photos with #ShotoniPhone for inclusion. Thus, it is a call to action that many people accept and use.


  •  Design for ChangeUSA and Hasbro


BluCactus - 15 Examples of User-Generated Content to Inspire Your CampaignDesign for Change USA is an international organization that helps young people develop empathy for social action. For this, a phrase has been used that can transform minds: “I can.”


Design for Change also collaborated with Hasbro to encourage parents and children to share social kindness.


Likewise, for each act of kindness shared with the hashtag #DoGoodFromHome, people donated a game or a toy to those organizations that offered their care to the children of workers during COVID-19.


Charities that use their social media can attract their audience and increase their donations. Therefore, it is an example of CGU that cannot be accepted.


  • BluCactus - 15 Examples of User-Generated Content to Inspire Your Campaign

    Georgia Power


The algorithms of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms promote brands or accounts with the highest number of mentions, comments, or likes.


In this case, boosting your clients’ content is an excellent way to increase the number of mentions of your brand.


For example, Georgia Power’s community page highlights mentions of its Facebook page and its campaign hashtags.


This encourages other groups of people to participate in your next campaigns.


  • BluCactus - 15 Examples of User-Generated Content to Inspire Your Campaign



Vivadogs works as a monthly subscription service for nutritional products for dogs.


It has identified an average of 50,000 happy dogs and owners through the UGC shared on social media.


Likewise, its website has integrated a magnetic grid of Instagram images to convince its visitors to subscribe.


Above all, to increase your CGU, add calls to action in the different points of contact you use for your clients.


  • New Zealand National Cricket Team


BluCactus - 15 Examples of User-Generated Content to Inspire Your CampaignSports teams also need user-generated content for their fans.


This time around, the New Zealand national cricket team showcases a social media feed with tweets, Instagram images, YouTube videos, and much more.


Moreover, it is a team that receives mentions from fans, players, and reliable regulatory sources.


Also, their website’s social media wall uses a very creative feed to welcome their visitors.


Do You Need a User-Generated Content Campaign for Your Brand?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510As illustrated by the list above, there are many examples of user-generated content. For these types of campaigns to be effective, the most important thing is to communicate what you want clearly and, in most cases, offer incentives. Indeed, challenges will always be one of the best ways to get content.


Are you interested in a CGU campaign? BluCactus Korea can help. Our marketers know how to align user-generated content campaigns with your brand identity. Contact us right now, and we will bring your project to life.


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Learn About the Best Social Media Platforms for Lawyers in Korea. Presence on social media is essential for any business, and law firms in Korea are no exception. To attract clients and differentiate yourself from the competition in the legal sector, you need to be able to influence your target audience through this type of platform.


In this post, we will tell you which of the best social media platforms for lawyers. And some tips for implementing a 100% effective strategy.


What is the Best Social Media Platform for Lawyers?


For lawyers, three platforms can be used to the fullest. Whether you are self-employed or have an office, these are the three platforms that can help your career:


  • BluCactus - Learn About the Best Social Media Platforms LawyersFacebook


Thanks to its number of users, it is a platform where lawyers can achieve good results. Currently, it has more than 2.2 billion users.


  • Twitter


Lawyers need to be able to share current information. Thanks to this service’s immediacy in connecting with more than 330 million users, lawyers can share as much information as they want with each other.


  • LinkedIn


Using this social media platform is very important for a lawyer to project a professional image. Currently, it has over 570 million users and many tools for communicating with other users and obtaining updated information on your sector.


How to Manage Each of These Social Media for Lawyers?


Now that you know what the social media platforms for independent lawyers or a firm are, here are some tips to make good management of each of them:




BluCactus - Learn About the Best Social Media Platforms LawyersTo use Facebook, the key is not to limit yourself to having just one page. That is, you must take the time to make the corresponding updates so that it does not look abandoned. Likewise, it is important to share interesting information to capture the audience’s attention.


Additionally, do not try to promote your office directly and share human elements or anecdotes that hook the user. Furthermore, graphic elements cannot be missing, so you must include images, infographics, hashtags, and all the necessary features to reach your audience. As for customer care, answer all the messages that arrive as quickly as possible. When it comes to criticism, use it to your advantage.


Through Facebook, you can segment your network of contacts. A good ad on Facebook Ads that fits your target audience will be enough. Also, you must initially complete your page, including call-to-action buttons to direct users to your website or blogs.


BluCactus - Learn About the Best Social Media Platforms LawyersTwitter


You can also share relevant information immediately through Twitter, so you can take advantage of this opportunity to share your target audience’s content of interest.


Likewise, creating a clear message using hashtags very intelligently to reach the right people is advisable.


One of the main characteristics of this platform is its immediacy.


Hence, its use is effective when you want to share information right then and there.




To manage LinkedIn for lawyers, it is important that you fill out your profile as a professional in its entirety. This way, users who visit your profile will know about you and your skills. Likewise, your profile picture is an element that cannot be missed for anything in the world.


On this social media platform, you have the opportunity to publish content but with a more technical touch. Thus, it is easier to focus on readers who are already living in existing groups. Moreover, it is worth joining the different groups that may seem interesting to share your experiences with other users.


Through LinkedIn, you can also search for other people through your contacts or their contacts. The idea is that based on your criteria, you connect with people who help you increase your contact network. Now, if you have an office, you can create a company page on this platform to share relevant information in your work area.


What are the Basic Tips on Social Media for Lawyers?


Your business will do well if you effectively manage the law firm’s social media. Expanding your portfolio of lawyers will be easier, while the relationship will be strengthened with the clients you already have. Furthermore, through these social networks, you can obtain many benefits as a lawyer.


Therefore, it is essential that you consider some tips that will help you improve your social media strategy.


As a lawyer, what strategy should you implement for each social?


  • Analyze your users’ interests to identify their specific interests. Then, you can share content with a specific theme.
  • Post often. To do it more easily, be guided by a publication calendar.
  • Maintain constant interaction with your audience: comment, react to their content, and share.
  • Carry out your segmentation to reach those who really need you.
  • Find out what their needs are and, based on this, offer another series of services.


In addition to these tips, others will be relevant to making a life on social media for a lawyer:


Use the Correct Language and Tone of Communication


You can connect with your clients formally or informally. It all depends on the image that each legal professional wants to offer. If your goal is to be closer, it is advisable to opt for something more informal. While if you are looking for a more professional image, you should be guided by a more formal language to address your clients. The most important thing of all is that the language is never aggressive. Always be kind, and do not fall into provocations.


Select the Content Appropriately


What do you want to convey through your content? It is essential that you focus on creating relevant content. Also, promote your business only in specific cases since you can lose credibility by doing it frequently.


Make Life on Different Social Media Platforms


If these three social networks are not enough for you, you can have a presence on other platforms that you consider interesting. Now, if you make this decision, you must dedicate time to each social media to avoid abandoning any of them and achieve the objectives set at the beginning.


Which Socials Do You Like Best to Publicize Your Services as a Lawyer?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510Times have changed, and both lawyers and law firms need to appear on social media. This is because the internet is the key to noticing considerable changes in your business. With a profession like this, a marketing strategy is also important to make a successful life on social networks, and at BluCactus Korea, we can help you.


Our marketing specialists in Korea are waiting for your project to boost you on social media for lawyers with creative content and services that interest your target audience.


Contact us right now, and we will give you the best advice.


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The Strategic Allure of Julien Fournié’s Marketing Approach in Korea. Julien Fournié is a distinguished figure in the fashion industry, renowned for his innovative and expressive haute couture designs. As the founder of his eponymous fashion house, Julien Fournié Haute Couture, he has become synonymous with Parisian high fashion’s luxurious and avant-garde aesthetics. His work is celebrated for its artistic flair, meticulous craftsmanship, and the integration of modern technology, distinguishing him as a visionary in blending tradition with futuristic elements. 


Fournié’s influence extends beyond design; his strategic approach to branding and marketing has significantly impacted how haute couture is perceived and consumed in the contemporary fashion landscape.


Brand Philosophy and Identity


What Drives Julien Fournié’s Design Philosophy?


  • Innovation and Tradition: Fournié merges cutting-edge technology with traditional haute couture techniques, reflecting a brand philosophy that respects heritage while pushing the boundaries of fashion.
  • Artistic Expression: His designs often serve as a canvas for personal storytelling and artistic exploration, emphasizing his collections’ emotional and narrative depth.


BluCactus - fashion brand marketing strategies - model in runwayHow Does Julien Fournié’s Philosophy Shape His Brand Identity?


  • Distinctive Aesthetic: The blend of futuristic elements and classic elegance results in a unique aesthetic immediately recognizable as Julien Fournié’s signature style.
  • Luxury and Exclusivity: The brand’s commitment to craftsmanship and bespoke designs reinforces its identity in the luxury market, offering exclusivity to its clientele.


What Makes Julien Fournié’s Haute Couture Fashion Unique?


  • Technological Integration: Fournié is at the forefront of integrating technology into fashion, using 3D printing and virtual reality to create innovative designs and presentations.
  • Personalization and Craftsmanship: His haute couture pieces are known for their exceptional quality and personalized approach, ensuring each garment is a masterpiece of tailored perfection.

Target Audience and Market Positioning


BluCactus - fashion runway and strategies for business - Julien Fournié's MarketingWho is Julien Fournié’s Target Demographic?


Julien Fournié targets affluent Fashion enthusiasts who value exclusivity and appreciate artistic and innovative haute couture designs.


This encompasses a cosmopolitan clientele including celebrities, socialites, and fashion-forward individuals from various parts of the world.


How is Julien Fournié Positioned in the Luxury Fashion Market?


The brand is positioned as a top-tier brand in the haute couture segment, known for its innovation, artistry, and exclusivity. Furthermore, Fournié’s brand is seen as a symbol of modern luxury that combines traditional craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetics and technology.


Marketing Strategies


How Does Julien Fournié Enhance Its Digital Presence?


  • Social Media Engagement: Utilizes platforms like Instagram and Facebook to showcase collections and behind-the-scenes content and interact with fans, enhancing brand visibility and connection with the audience.


  • Online Showcases and Virtual Runways: The company embraces digital platforms for fashion shows and collection releases, reaching a global audience and embracing the digital shift in the fashion industry.
  • Strategic Distribution: Through its official website designed for the brand’s e-commerce needs, it enhances distribution and visibility in key markets.


What Collaborations and Partnerships Define Julien Fournié’s Brand?


BluCactus - fashion brand marketing strategies - model in runway - Julien Fournié's MarketingThe brand’s high-profile partnerships with tech companies and artists are leveraged to merge different creative spheres, broadening the brand’s appeal and innovative edge. For instance, in 2021, the brand partnered with PUBG Mobile for a remarkable fashion and gaming crossover.


How are Exclusivity and Scarcity Employed in Julien Fournié’s Marketing?


  • Limited Edition Collections: Releases of limited-run pieces create a sense of urgency and exclusivity, making them highly coveted items within the fashion realm.
  • Bespoke Creations: The brand is renowned for offering custom-made designs to ensure clients receive unique, one-of-a-kind pieces, which reinforces exclusivity.


How Does Julien Fournié Engage with Public Relations and Media?


  • Fashion Magazines and Editorials: The brand collaborates with high-end fashion magazines for editorials and cover stories, showcasing the brand’s latest creations and maintaining a luxury image.
  • Influencers and Celebrities: It often partners with celebrities to wear and promote its designs, leveraging their visibility and influence to attract a wider audience.


Sustainability and Ethical Considerations


BluCactus - fashion runway and strategies for businessHow are Sustainability and Ethics Integrated into Julien Fournié’s Marketing Strategy?


Julien Fournié prioritizes using sustainable materials and eco-conscious processes in creating his collections, highlighting this commitment in marketing campaigns to attract environmentally aware consumers. This encompasses:


  • Ethical Production: Maintains high ethical production standards, ensuring fair labor practices and supporting local artisans, which is communicated as a core value of the brand.
  • Sustainable Marketing Practices: Leverages digital platforms for showcasing collections, reducing the carbon footprint associated with traditional fashion shows and physical marketing materials.
  • Transparency and Education: The company uses marketing channels to educate consumers about the importance of sustainability in fashion, fostering a brand image that is not only luxurious but also responsible and ethical.


Challenges and Adaptations


BluCactus - fashion brand marketing strategies - model in runway - Julien Fournié's MarketingWhat Challenges Has Julien Fournié Faced in Marketing, and How Has the Brand Adapted?


The shift to digital platforms posed challenges in maintaining the tactile allure of haute couture. Fournié adapted by enhancing online experiences through virtual reality and interactive showcases. However, in a crowded luxury market, standing out is challenging. Fournié leverages unique storytelling, innovative designs, and a strong digital narrative to overcome this pressure. 


Furthermore, in 2024, economic uncertainties affect consumer spending on luxury goods more than before. The brand responded to the negative side effects of economic fluctuations by emphasizing exclusivity and timeless value, staying dedicated to catering to a niche yet affluent customer base.


Leverage Julien Fournié’s Winning Marketing Mix to Conquer the Fashion Field


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510Julien Fournié’s marketing strategy combines tradition and innovation for unparalleled success. The brand targets the global elite with unique haute couture designs and incorporates digital presence, exclusive collaborations, and sustainability narratives for an effective marketing strategy that guarantees success.


BluCactus Korea specializes in crafting bespoke marketing solutions that resonate with your brand’s identity and values. Contact us today to transform your brand’s presence in the competitive luxury market.

Scrub Daddy’s Success: Uncovering Scrub Daddy’s Marketing Strategies in Korea.


Scrub Daddy’s viral cleaning sponges have significantly transformed the world of cleaning in Korea, providing not only efficient results, but also high-quality and enduring materials.


Have you ever wondered why the brand’s sponges became so famous? Why do you think we constantly see these sponges flooding our social media feeds?


Behind the smiley-face sponges lies a true story of unwavering growth and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Therefore, uncovering Scrub Daddy’s key marketing tactics will provide valuable insights into the brand’s background and success.


What Is Scrub Daddy?



Scrub Daddy is a cleaning products company known for its flagship product, a sponge in the shape of a smiley face. Sponges crafted of a polymer capable of adapting to any water temperature, remaining firm in cold water and softening in hot water, offer mind-blowing versatility in all cleaning tasks.



Furthermore, the company boasts a catalog of over 20 products, including sponges, scouring pads, organizers, soap dispensers, liquid dish soap, and their renowned Power Paste, which effectively cleans surfaces by polishing and removing dirt with ease and speed. In addition to its vast product catalog, Scrub Daddy offers tools to meet a myriad of cleaning needs, such as erasers, brushes, and more.



Origin and History of Scrub Daddy


The creator of Scrub Daddy, Aaron Krause, embarked on his entrepreneurial journey in the 1990s with a car wash business. Challenged to prevent scratches on vehicle bodywork during cleaning, Krause seeked to develop a solution. Additionally, working with machinery left his hands dirty, which necessitated a thorough hand-cleaning product.


Driven by these needs, Krause embarked on his adventure to craft his very own sponge for scratch-free polishing and effortless hand-washing.


By utilizing his valuable knowledge of various foam manufacturers worldwide, Krause explored options for the ideal material. A pivotal moment arose when a German company approached him with details of a foam intended for use as a filter, which didn’t really meet set expectations.


While Krause intended to target the hand-degreasing products market, he realized there was limited demand due to the niche nature of the market and the sponge’s high production cost. Despite this setback, in August 2008, Krause’s business caught the attention of 3M, leading to its acquisition. However, the sponges were not included in the acquisition and remained overlooked.


It wasn’t until five years later that Krause rediscovered the potential of these sponges. He started experimenting and using these sponges for dishwashing and cleaning garden furniture, and was astounded by the remarkable results. The sponges’ unique ability to change texture based on water temperature sparked a brand new passion.


Realizing the market potential of such a versatile cleaning product, Krause envisioned a new path for his smiley sponges, which led to their unimaginable success.


Shark Tank


Blucactus-The-Scrub-Daddy-brands-cover-pageShark Tank is a business reality show that originally aired in the United States. It features five industry giants who help entrepreneurs build successful companies through innovation and creative thinking. Entrepreneurs are expected to present their business ideas, possibly paving a path to establishing a multi-million-dollar empire. 


Contestants must convince the ‘sharks,’ to invest in their product, idea, or company, initiating offers and alliances, ultimately increasing the value of the investment. 



Scrub Daddy on Shark Tank




The mastermind behind Scrub Daddy, Aaron Krause, also participated in the Shark Tank program, securing a $75 million deal from investor Lori Greiner, which entailed a $200,000 investment in exchange for a 20% stake in the company.


This opportunity allowed for the expansion of the product line.


Additionally, it introduced Scrub Daddy in stores and warehouses, quickly becoming renowned for its durability, hygiene, friendly smiley face, and effectiveness in comparison to ordinary sponges.




Scrub Daddy’s Key Marketing Tactics


  • Innovative Products: The brand’s primary product, which is the smiley face sponge, is not only visually distinctive, it also offers a unique functionality and versatility. This innovation sets Scrub Daddy apart from traditional cleaning sponges.
  • Engaging Brand Identity: Its cheerful and approachable persona, embodied by the smiley face design of its products, resonates with its target consumers. This friendly image creates a lasting brand image that encourages customer loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Collaborations with influential icıns such as Lori Greiner, a remarkable figure from Shark Tank. For instance, this collaboration provided valuable exposure and investment opportunities for Scrub Daddy. Besides, these partnerships bring financial support and render the brand credible, ultimately enhancing its reputation in the market.
  • Social Media Marketing: Scrub Daddy has effectively utilized social media platforms to engage with its audience and showcase its products. Publishing creative content through multiple social media networks, such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and more, allows the brand to build a loyal community.
  • Retail Expansion and Distribution: By securing partnerships with major retailers and expanding its distribution channels, Scrub Daddy has increased its accessibility to consumers. This broad retail presence ensures that the brand’s products are readily available to potential customers, driving sales and market penetration.
  • Eco-Conscious Practices: Announcing a Recycling Rewards program, Scrub Daddy took a noteworthy initiative in environmental practices, setting the reduction of the company’s carbon footprint as a mission.


Seeking Effective Marketing Tactics for Scrub-Daddy Caliber Success?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510In conclusion, Scrub Daddy thrives today, maintaining its high-quality and effective design. With its remarkable versatility, Scrub Daddy stole the hearts of many. The brand targets meticulous cleaners, providing individuals with ease and speed to complete the most impossible cleaning tasks.


If your business seeks effective marketing strategies for the innovative cleaning products market, consider partnering with BluCactus Korea. We specialize in precise branding and digital innovation, elevating your brand’s presence and market strategy exceptionally. Contact us now.


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