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What is Moschino’s marketing strategy?

What is Moschino’s marketing strategy for the United States? We continue to discover the marketing strategies of fashion brands. In this opportunity, we will talk about Moschino, an Italian fashion house that manufactures fashion clothes for women, men, and children. And also fragrances, decorative items, cosmetics, and jewelry. Moschino and his brand became famous for […]

What is Lululemon’s Marketing Strategy?

What is Lululemon’s marketing Strategy for the United States? Today at BluCactus, we will talk about the marketing strategy of a fashion brand that has done a great job of building a strong community on several platforms. Lululemon is an athletic clothing brand. It is also a Canadian technical athletics company for running, yoga, workout […]

5 fashion brands with a youth target audience

5 fashion brands with a youth target audience. Like any fashion lover, young people interested in dressing well focus their attention on brands that offer clothing and accessories that suit their style. For this reason, young people are an important target for many brands. There are even fashion brands whose target focuses solely and exclusively […]

What is Forever 21’s Marketing Strategy?

What is Forever 21’s Marketing Strategy? After declaring bankruptcy in 2019, Forever 21’s marketing strategy changed. This was done in order to save the company. And luckily, it worked. Their new marketing strategy consists of a renewed focus on cross-border e-commerce in the form of localized online stores. That’s right, Forever 21 moved away from […]

Greenwashing in fashion marketing and how its practice affects brands

Greenwashing in fashion marketing and how its practice affects brands. The care and preservation of the environment has become very important in the United States and many other countries worldwide. Therefore, awareness about climate change and good practices in favor of improving ecological conditions are increasing, a cause many companies join in. The role of […]

Types of presentations to attract clients

All employees and entrepreneurs are aware of what a presentation is. Even since we were young, at school, our teachers used to assign us presentations to talk about certain topics. However, we are often asked to make presentations once we are looking for a job or already have one. This is where we realize that […]