What do you need to learn to sell clothes in Korea? If you´re building up your fashion venture, you must consider that you need to know about sales. That will help achieve your goals and get great sales. This is why you need to be decorated as the best seller.


Now, to be a good clothing salesman, you must first know why being the best will lead you to have great results in life. And we can see cases of entrepreneurs who don´t sell only to the end customer to take care of the strategic or administrative. This shouldn´t be a reason that prevents you from developing your sales skills.


What’s the profit of selling clothes?


Being a salesperson doesn’t just mean standing in front of a cash register or behind your cell phone and selling to customers.


It´s also about convincing your collaborators to follow your goals.


Besides, you must convince them and keep them with you when it comes to getting partners. All this is synonymous with a salesperson.


In this sense, to become an excellent seller you must learn some tips that will surely help you. That´s why, at BluCactus, we bring you a guide that we´re convinced will be very good for you. In that way, you get where you´re aiming for. So, take note of these tips so that you can be the best clothing seller in the world.


  • Identify which are your clients and their profile. It has a lot to do, or perhaps it has everything to do with the buyer persona. Since you must know the type of person that is in need to dress with your merchandise. If you´re a man, a woman, age, stratum, occupation, hobbies, or lifestyle.
  • You must be very clear about what you are selling. Because it´s not only about knowing who you´re selling to, you must know that you are selling. What are the types of garments you sell? Including materials, preparation, finishes, sizes, colors, color differences. Which ones do you have available, which ones can you restock, references, and suppliers.
  • Show yourself. You have to show your target audience what you sell. And it´s essential to be within the trends because it can be a boost in terms of advertising and sales. Through digital media such as social media, web pages, media advertising. There you can upload what you need, promote, and do marketing that helps capture the attention of your potential customers.
  • Advise your clients. This is a good, no, an excellent way, to earn points with your clients and get them to choose you. Advising on purchases. Recommend different things, tell them about data that they probably don´t know. Such as body shape, what matches what body shape, style, occasion. This shows that you have a genuine interest in helping them look good, which helps him sell.
  • Build loyalty with your customers. Especially in these times where loyalty, that is, keeping them, is so important. So, you need to make each of them feel valued, as this will increase the value per purchase. Remember, also, that getting leads is not the same as building loyalty. Now the best and simplest tool is to keep those you already have happy.


How can I start selling clothes?


BluCactus - What do you need to learn to sell clothes?Fashion is a business. That’s something you should keep in mind. So, in the right, best-managed hands, it can make a lot of money. Every year, there are more millions of people who add new clothes to their wardrobes. And although there´s a lot of competition, there are several styles that if they´re well sectorized, it´ll not be difficult for them to open a door.


But, to open your doors, you must consider what type of clothing you´re going to sell.


And whether it would be in a physical store, a franchise, or an online business. It´s from there that you must make decisions according to the possibilities: keeping things in mind.


The type of sales platform.


Many entrepreneurs start with a physical clothing store, and then take it to online platforms to have more reach. A lot of people started an online business to later establish themselves in a physical location.


In this sense, an online store is perfect if you have little capital at the beginning. Since you don´t have to invest in a place and pay the expenses involved in maintaining it. Especially if you don’t like to keep a close relationship with clients.


While a physical store or a clothing franchise is a very good option to consider if you want to generate income immediately. And if you like to deal with people and advise them on fashion.


BluCactus - What do you need to learn to sell clothes?The type of clothing you will sell.


It doesn’t have to be a hasty decision based on what you like. Because generally, this is one of the main reasons why most fashion businesses go under. That´s why you must do a market study.


This study is not complicated. And to make it you must take into account that if your business is online, check what clothes are sold by other pages in the same country or city. If it´s physical commerce, you must visit the stores and see what your potential competitors sell.


You should also join forums, blogs, and web pages dedicated to this industry to keep up with trends and analyze comments to learn what customers like and what needs they have for you to satisfy. Also, you should look at the purchasing range of customers in your area concerning salaries, as this will make a difference in costs.


At BluCactus Korea we are experts in this, and we would love to be able to help you get these analyzes. Helping you so that your physical or online business has an excellent platform that meets your needs. In addition, you can add the creation of a content blog where you can attract more people through digital positioning.


Create your name and logo.


Once you´re clear about the type of clothing you will sell, create your name and your company logo. The right branding must help you to have more than clear internal parts. The name should be pretty and attractive, like the logo.


Define your providers.


Once you have your physical or online store, you need clothes to sell or send. You have several options for doing this. You can make your own or sell brands that distribute the products.


Legalization of your business.


No matter what your business is, it must always be in legal order. So, you never have problems with this. That´s why you must register for it.

Promote yourself to make yourself known.


Once you have the inauguration, you must think of some form of promotion to attract customers. So, use social media to achieve it. Besides, you can have discounts, promotions, giveaways, or give a gift in exchange for buying something.


How much money should be invested to start a clothing store?


BluCactus - What do you need to learn to sell clothes?Be it online or physical, you need a good investment to open your small clothing business. But, it´s said that an online business is much cheaper because you save expenses. While, the physical store depends on the staff, size of the premises, stock, and rent. Then, you should pay close attention to marketing, because you can´t forget the budget that includes promotional advertising. If it´s inside the store, you must distribute the merchandise, since this attracts more customers. Otherwise, they will not feel the necessary motivation to come in.


So, based on the goals that you set for yourself. You must decide which is the best immediate investment. To know if what you need in the first place is a physical store, if you need more money or if you should start a small online business that you can handle easily. 


BluCactus - What do you need to learn to sell clothes? - Linn LarssonAt BluCactus Korea we are happy to teach you everything you can learn and achieve. As long as you know the basics of selling.


Usually, you need to sell even unconsciously, and we get there when we talk about our business with a sense of belonging. That way we give the consumer the best deal and the best experience in their purchase.


Contact us if you have a clothing business idea and don’t know where to start. We can help you build a website that suits you and your needs.


Always honoring your essence and what you want to be.


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How to find clothing suppliers in Korea? Sourcing to start your own business is tricky, whether you need brought-in clothes, trendy clothes, or second-hand clothes.


However, we must be grateful that the Internet is a powerful tool today. After all, through it, we can find the answers to any questions we might have.


Today, we’ll be sharing a with the best suppliers. However, we won’t stop there as we will also offer some tips to help you. This way, you’ll find the best allies for your fashion venture.


What is it to be a clothing supplier?


BluCactus - BluCactus - How to find clothing suppliers?A clothing supplier can be a company or someone who supplies another company with stock or products.


You can sell them directly or process them to sell them later. In the case of a clothing supplier, this can be a manufacturer, a distributor, or a wholesaler from whom we will buy clothing for women, men, or children.


Once you know how to get clothing suppliers, you can rest assured that your business will be on the right track. However, in the business world, there can be many obstacles. One of them will be finding a good clothing supplier. Despite this, know that you aren’t alone. Keep reading to know what’s the best provider.


It has quality products at a good price.


Finding a balance between quality and price can be difficult, but we have good news. It is possible that both factors are combined as long as you pay attention to the following elements:


  • The quality of the weave or fabric.
  • The seams
  • The finishes.
  • You apply them.
  • The sizes.


However, when you meet a supplier who offers quality but at a high price, it’s time to negotiate. See if they give you a discount for a purchase over a certain amount or if they have wholesale prices.


In most cases, negotiating prices will be essential to determine the value equation we want to deliver to all our customers.


BluCactus - BluCactus - How to find clothing suppliers?It has clear and well-defined sales processes.


It is important to know how clear your supplier’s sales processes are. You should also be ready to know what to do if your merchandise arrives with defects. Here, returning them would be the right choice.


Knowing what to do at times like these will relieve you of many headaches. Because of this, before making your purchase, we recommend asking as many questions as possible. Many providers have this information on their website or blog, which will help you anticipate before your experience is negative.


Respect the delivery time and any previous agreement


For all of us, time is money. There’s nothing better than a supplier that complies with the previous negotiation agreements and delivery times. These two factors are very important for your business to run smoothly. Pay extra attention to national suppliers when it comes to this.


When looking for international suppliers, fixed delivery times can vary due to some elements such as these:


  • The time of shipping.
  • Transit through customs.
  • Dispatch by courier service.


However, it is important to respect the agreed times regardless of the scenario.


BluCactus - BluCactus - How to find clothing suppliers?Convey confidence and security


If this is your first time contacting a clothing supplier, you must ask a few questions, including one about satisfaction guarantees.


In the same way, you can take advantage of communication channels such as Facebook, Instagram, or social media in general. This way, you’ll know what others say about you. Making sure that the provider we work with is reliable will avoid bad times.


These are the main characteristics that any clothing supplier should have. Now that you know them, it’s time to jump to the next step.


Where to find suppliers for my business?


These are the best options to which you can turn to stock up on clothes to sell in your new fashion venture:


Chinese clothing suppliers


The Mexican market is full of Chinese clothing.


After all, the number of Asian companies that find a great opportunity in Mexican entrepreneurs increases every day.


Besides, they see a good option to find allies and reach consumers’ tastes.


Here are some of the best Chinese clothing suppliers that you can contact for your clothing business:




During the pandemic, this was one of the fastest-growing suppliers, becoming one of the largest wholesalers in the world. However, its success is due to its platform’s more than 100 categories. Therefore, you can get other items such as toys, makeup, and shoes in addition to clothing.


Also, this supplier has several options for wholesale and dropshipping. In fact, it has its own English version from where you can choose the warehouse for your products. In the same way, you can select the shipping method and make inquiries according to your doubts.


On the other hand, all its prices are in euros or US dollars.




This provider has some similarities with China Brands.


Also, through it, you can make retail, wholesale and dropshipping purchases.


Besides, one of its most interesting features is that it has a portal dedicated to this last modality.


Besides, you can find different categories and take advantage of flash offers to find items with special discounts.




Surely you have already heard of this clothing supplier. After all, it’s an Asian giant that has consolidated itself as a highly recognized marketplace. Its consolidation is also due to aliexpress, as it’s also part of Alibaba. The difference is that the latter allows for retail purchases, while Alibaba is all about wholesale.


In the same way, you can enjoy a large number of functionalities through this provider. One of its greatest advantages is that it allows you to make your quote in Mexican pesos so that your budget management can be exact.




This platform has become known for the sale of accessories. However, you can also find other items such as clothing for adults, babies, shoes, bags, etc.


The best of all is that it has its portal with a Spanish version and you can see the prices in Mexican pesos. However, it is not the best option if you are looking for a menswear supplier.


Regarding the quality of the products, you can visit various videos of Nihao Jewelry hauls on YouTube to verify this characteristic.


Groups on Facebook


Facebook has become one of the best social media platforms.


If you are interested in finding clothing suppliers, it will be very useful. There are specialized groups on Facebook of Asian clothing suppliers, where you can find everything.


Some of them have to share catalogs via Whatsapp or their Facebook page. Also, these groups provide many advantages because they allow you to see references from other users to verify that they are safe and reliable providers. 


Boutique clothing suppliers


Boutique firms are usually very sophisticated clothing businesses. In addition to taking everything related to the rental of the premises, furniture, or other elements, you must find the product you want to sell. Therefore, here we will mention the boutique suppliers that you can look for to find quality clothing:




This boutique clothing supplier is located in Moroleón Guanajuato, and its garments are 100% made. Every Wednesday, they are in charge of uploading new designs to the page, and if you want a particle design, they will have no problem doing it.


Also, on its website, you can find clothes for both men and women and various ways to contact them if you want to answer any questions.


Fashion Mexico


This supplier has two very interesting characteristics. In addition to being able to buy clothes wholesale, it gives you the possibility of becoming a supplier of their products.


Besides, it has a showroom in Guadalajara so that you can physically see all the garments that are on its website.


Troppo di Moda


Troppo di Moda operates as an exclusive wholesale clothing line store. Therefore, in this place, instead of buying single pieces, you should buy a piece of each size and of the same color and model, that is, one run per model.


Through its website, you can discover all the available options. The costs will be sent to you for a much more realistic quote when you register as a buyer.


Interestingly, their purchasing policies are very clear, which quickly clears up your doubts regarding your quote.


BluCactus - BluCactus - How to find clothing suppliers?Clothing suppliers in Guadalajara


Guadalajara has become known for developing companies dedicated to the world of fashion. In fact, it has been a very beneficial scenario for fashion designers, factories, and any company dedicated to the marketing of clothing and accessories.


These are some of the clothing suppliers in Guadalajara which can make your life easier if you have a fashion business:


Stylish Apparel


This is one of the most versatile wholesale clothing providers, so you can shop and find good wholesale prices. The minimum purchase. In addition, you will have the advantage of selecting different garments from its catalog of individual pieces and its catalog of bullfights. And as if that were not enough, they also have a catalog of the garments that are in liquidation.


Fashion clothes GDL


If you are looking for men’s and women’s clothing and footwear, this is your place.


In fact, to find out what clothes are available, you can even go to their office.


As for its products, they’re quite accessible because you can buy them in bulk and enjoy free shipping from 25 pieces.



Directory of clothing factories


This way, you can talk directly with the brand that catches your attention to learn about its products and purchasing policies. In fact, in this directory, you can specifically find 6 factories that work as clothing suppliers in Guadalajara. Still, you can make a connection with many more.


Clothing vendors 


In the city of Monterrey, you can also find a wide variety of wholesale clothing suppliers, and these are some of the options: 


Super Mayoreo MTY


Very close to the Mercado Fundadores, you can find one of the Super Mayoreo MTY branches. Right in this place, you can find clothes for women, men, and girls, and if you want to place an order, it can be by Whatsapp to receive it at home.


Their Facebook page is also very interesting because you can find pieces in stock and different promotions.


Florida Market


In this market, you will find the best Mexican gastronomy and a great variety of suppliers of imported clothing and accessories. The most interesting thing is that you can negotiate prices and choose your favorite clothes with a preferential price for volume.


In the same way, if your idea is to start your business with second-hand clothes in Mercadito la Florida, you will find the suppliers you need.


Groups on Facebook


There are groups on Facebook of boutique clothing suppliers. They have closed business communities dedicated to selling clothing, whether they are suppliers or wholesale clothing manufacturers. All you have to do is apply to join and review which options fit your new business’s needs.


Bale clothing suppliers


For those who still do not know, paca clothing is what we know as second-hand or liquidation clothing. They are obtained in pressed packages from factories, discount stores, or outlets. 


Although this idea is not among your objectives, you should know that bale clothing is a good business. After all, its profits can be more than 500%, according to “Data from the Economist.” So if you are interested in learning about clothing brand suppliers, here are some options:


Bales of Pino Suarez


Today, this market is located in a 5-story building, Diagonal de Fray Servando 52, on the corner of Calzada de Tlalpan. The good thing about this site is that you can find everything, find clothes starting, or full bales that you can take to your business.


Free market


In Mercado Libre, you can buy cape clothes, although it is important to add that it can have a higher cost on this site. Although also, you may find reasonable prices and good quality clothing. To be lucky on this platform, the secret is to do a good search and ask the seller all the necessary questions before formalizing your purchase.


Tianguis El Salado


For some people, it is known as “the Mecca” as far as paca clothing is concerned. And it is that in this place you can find a lot of second-hand clothes that you can sell. Besides, depending on the garments, you can find pieces.


Tianguis San Felipe de Jesus


This is the largest flea market in Latin America and has been established for more than 40 years on Villa de Ayala street and surrounding areas.


In general, this place is the most recommended for finding suppliers of American paca clothing only for men and even suppliers of children’s clothing.




How to buy wholesale clothing?


This will likely be your first time looking for suppliers or manufacturers of Mexican clothing. Like any business that is starting, it requires an initial investment. The idea is that your wholesale clothing purchase can be made like a professional.


Therefore, here we will explain how to find clothing suppliers:


Choose items that are relevant to the market you are targeting.


Not everything you like is in trend, and it is something that you should be clear about. Besides, when buying, you must keep your clients in mind and have the advice of a specialist in fashion design to know which garments to choose so that they match the profile of the buyers you are going to target.


Check the order quantity.


When you buy clothes in bulk, you should check that the order is correct as many times as possible. Therefore, you must ensure that you order the correct colors, sizes, and models. Don’t leave this task solely to the supplier. They will follow the purchase order guidelines generated without reviewing them. In this way, you will avoid the merchandise being the wrong one.


BluCactus - BluCactus - How to find clothing suppliers?Determine the shipping cost with the seller


This point is important. Before making any purchase, you should ensure that your budget fits the planned shipping cost. In general, the cost of shipping within the national territory is not that relevant. Still, if we talk about Asian clothing suppliers, the cost of shipping can be high.


As additional advice, take the issue of consulting with a customs expert to determine if your shipment requires a special permit to enter the country. Thus, you will prevent your purchase from being withheld or, worse, going through penalties.


Create strong business relationships


Once you have done business with a clothing supplier you like, the best choice is to keep them close to you. To do this, you must become a client with whom suppliers feel interested in working. For this, you must be punctual in each of your payments and maintain good communication. This way, they will recommend the best clothes and materials.


Forward an online clothing sales strategy


Once you select your supplier and have your garments are on their way, it’s time to focus on the sales channels you will use. Today you can have a physical location or open an online store to make your sales online.


The best thing you can do right now is investing in digital channels to start your business. In fact, an online store requires less investment than a physical location. Besides, it allows you to reach a larger number of customers.


Blucactus Korea, your ally in Digital Marketing


Blucactus Korea is an international marketing agency serving clients worldwide. Our specialty is creating web designs and optimizing for online searches. Our team of experts focuses on helping businesses and brands succeed in one of the most competitive sectors in the market: the digital world.


Blucactus Korea will accompany you in every step of your brand’s creation, from your business’s branding to content creation. Our focus is on supporting you with creating your website or administering your social media accounts.


Based in Korea, this online marketing agency seeks to strengthen your brand image and take it to the next level. Don’t wait any longer to get the help of the best digital marketing specialists. Contact us now through our social media or website!


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How to be a successful fashion business entrepreneur in Korea. Becoming a fashion entrepreneur can indeed be difficult. Even more, if we consider how many businesses belong to this industry are. That’s why many people who want to have a fashion business decide to specialize in the fashion business.


Similarly, you must know that you must have creativity and originality besides knowing how to create a fashion business. Having your own business is a very big challenge. It requires a lot of discipline and dedication to achieve your goals.


Today, we’ll be talking about some very important points if you want to be a successful entrepreneur in the fashion world.


How to start a successful clothing business?


A very interesting fact about fashion businesses is that they tend to resist economic problems.


For example, during Covid 19, the most important brands in the fashion sector offered clothing to stay inside the home, comfortable but without losing style.


Getting dressed is a basic need where the financial or social status doesn’t matter to buy a garment. That’s why fashion has the power to keep billions and billions of dollars moving around the world every year.


Therefore, it’s a good way to generate income. So, if you want to join this sector, pay attention to the steps below:


What kind of business do you want?


This point is very important if you want to start a clothing business. You must choose the best platform to start your sales. Therefore, you need to decide if you want an online or physical store. Besides, if it is a physical store, you must determine where to locate it. This can be in either a shopping center, on the street, or if it will be a franchise.


This decision should be adjusted to your possibilities or the type of business you think you can manage. However, it is a decision that can change over time so that there are improvements in your business. In fact, many entrepreneurs start with a physical store. Once they see that they’re doing well, they expand the business with an online store. However, the opposite can also happen.


Similarly, if you have little capital, an online store will always be a good option because you will not have to allocate your budget for the expense of a store.


What kind of clothes will you sell?


BluCactus - How to be a successful fashion business entrepreneurIdeally, you shouldn’t rush to choose the clothes you’re going to sell. Don’t be guided solely by your tastes either, as this is often one of the main reasons fashion businesses are unsuccessful.


Customers must be offered what they really want and need, and it is something that we must understand if we do not want our store to fail. Indeed, you must carry out a market study that will help to specify your type of client.


But don’t worry if you don’t know what kind of clothes to sell, because here are some recommendations, so you don’t fail:


  • When creating an online store, you can look at the clothes offered by other pages, whether they are from your own country or another city. Similarly, if it is a physical business, take a walk around the area where you plan to start your business and see what your competitors offer.
  • Also, look if there are some pieces of clothing that people want, and few online or physical stores offer them. That is retro, vintage clothing, sportswear, or haute couture.
  • Take a little of your time to get into blogs or forums dealing with fashion topics. A) This way, you can be informed about which are the trends, and through the comments, you will be able to discover what people like more. In this way, you will be able to know if in your online store you must sell ​​clothes, footwear, or accessories.
  • Last but not least, look at the purchasing power of consumers in your area to see if their wages are low or high. This helps you determine if you can sell affordable but quality clothing or haute couture.


If you take these recommendations into account, you will make the exact choice of clothes that you should have on sale.


BluCactus - How to be a successful fashion business entrepreneurWhat name and logo to choose?


Once you have selected the type of clothing you want to sell, it is time to create the name and logo of your clothing business.


Whether your business is online or physical, it is essential to have a catchy name that attracts your customers and a logo that is easy to remember.




Choose a location or create your online store?


After having the previous steps ready, you must select a good location in case of creating a physical store or a web page if the idea is to start with an online store.


If the idea is a physical store…


  • You must ensure that the premises are in a good area where your potential customers pass by.
  • Ensure that the location is easy-to-reach, such as easily accessible highways and bus lines.
  • Take a good look at the competitors around you and the products they sell to determine if they are the same or similar. This way, you can determine if these products could threaten your business.
  • Details if there is availability for car parking near the premises.
  • It is also essential that you do your research regarding the restrictive ordinances in the area since some streets have regulations regarding the hours for unloading trucks.

BluCactus - How to be a successful fashion business entrepreneurIf the idea is an online store…


  • For an online store, you must select a good domain name to choose the name of the store or a keyword that is related. For example, if you sell women’s clothing, the domain could be: “womenclothes.com.”
  • If you have a good command of computers, you can create your own web page and install a platform that serves to open your virtual store. One of the most used platforms is WordPress, along with WooCommerce.
  • Not having much computer knowledge, there are many applications where you can easily open your store and upload photos of your products to start selling.
  • Try to choose a professional design to open your website. Generally, a site with a white background and black elements works very well.

BluCactus - How to be a successful fashion business entrepreneurWhich provider should you choose for your business?


When you have your fashion business, you will need the garments you will sell. In this case, you have many options: 


  • Second-hand clothes.


  • Clothing designed by you.


  • Clothing of a certain brand.


  • Clothing brought from abroad.

How to legalize my business?


You must legalize and register it as an independent professional or self-employed, no matter the type of business. Besides, you must register as the business owner to pay the corresponding taxes. In some cases, it will also be necessary to take out insurance.


Now, suppose your business is a physical store. In that case, the license to open your premises is important, and the building license is in case of making modifications. However, you should also check if you need to do other paperwork to have your papers in order.


In contrast, you will avoid all this documentation with an online store. However, you will have to register as a freelancer.


How to promote yourself to reach your potential customers?


Do you have everything ready to start your fashion business? If the answer is yes, now is the time to promote yourself to get your first customers.


 The logical thing is to ensure that your business appears on your local yellow pages. And of course, you must also take advantage of social media to promote your fashion business. To do this, you can start by giving your new customers an incentive. This could be a discount or a small gift when they buy some of your products.


Besides, you can put your creativity into practice and offer a fashion show in your own store or in an easily accessible location with enough space for your customers to be spectators.


Did you like this post?


BluCactus - Linn LarssonAs you can see, a fashion business will always be a very lucrative undertaking.


You can start your business as a true fashion entrepreneur and obtain the expected results.


Similarly, at BluCactus Korea, we are here to help you create the fashion business you need.


We’ll implement the best marketing strategies to achieve this. Contact us, and we will gladly assist you.


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Marketing strategies that will work for your clothing brand in Korea. The world of marketing is very interesting. Above all, for clothing brands, thanks to this tool, an action plan can be carried out—one that allows us to adapt to the trends and needs of our potential customers.


For this reason, marketing, instead of being seen as an expense, is really an investment that all clothing brands must make if they want to be one step ahead of the competition. Therefore, in this post, we will mention the main marketing strategies for a clothing store and discuss some fashion brands that have achieved success thanks to them.


What is marketing for clothing stores?


BluCactus - strategiesMarketing has become a primary element for clothing brands. This allows brands to have an approach with specialized media to improve their positioning and achieve greater visibility.


Similarly, many marketing strategies can be implemented depending on the clothing brand’s wants. However, it is essential to add that these marketing strategies have the same objective as those designed to publicize other types of products.


All clothing brands want to sell and have a good position. Therefore, to appear in the first positions of Google, any marketing strategy for brands like this is focused on attracting the attention of potential customers.


And who are the potential customers? Those who will become the voice of our brand and help grow and recognize our business.


What are the marketing strategies for clothing brands?


At present, electronic commerce has a lot of weight—so much so that fashion brands that are not on social media do not exist. Consequently, digital marketing strategies have become very relevant for any sector, and fashion is no exception.


Therefore, these are the marketing strategies for a clothing store:


  • Competitive Position


BluCactus - strategiesWe start with this marketing strategy because it is essential to define what you are selling and to whom the sales strategies will be directed. Likewise, we must be clear that the fashion industry is very competitive. Being clear about where it is going will avoid long-term inconveniences.


There are 2 basic competitive positions:


  • The first It refers to cost and advertising strategies and is based on a high production volume. And its standardization to obtain an economy of scale to sell the products at a low price to the consumer.
  • The second It consists of a niche strategy aimed at a more limited market than the one already mentioned. It tries to achieve its own market through innovation, differentiation, and exclusivity. So, when we can produce at a low cost that allows us to sell at low prices, we can enter a broader market than we thought. However, if our strategy does not go this way. We have to think about why a customer will pay a specific price for a T-shirt of our brand. If they can get it at half the price we are offering in a department store. When will the customer pay anything for some of his clothes? When their garments have certain attributes that make a difference. Such as, for example, that they are limited units, that they are exclusive garments, and that they are of quality.


  • Offline and online sales


As time passes, online sales are experiencing considerable growth that clothing brands must consider. In fact, for many companies, the highest percentage of their sales is online. And if you still don’t believe it, take a look at these interesting facts:


  • More than 1.61 million people have made a purchase online.
  • 66% of Internet users make monthly purchases online.
  • Electronic commerce has a reach of 22% of the world population.


Indeed, even if you have an online store, you must include a website. And if both can be integrated much better. Also, even if you do not have enough time for an online store, having a corporate website will serve to gain greater visibility to reach potential customers.


However, just as you need professional help to manage social media, you can use the help of an expert to design your website. In this way, you will have good hosting, and your content will be kept up to date. To reinforce this strategy, you should also consider including a blog.


  • Social media


BluCactus - strategiesIt is no longer enough to be on a single social media. Many brands consider that the simple fact of creating a Facebook page or uploading content from time to time on other social media is enough. But this is not the case.


It is not about just being there. When working on social media, there must be a type of content strategy and sales strategy for clothing stores—one that can be measured and analyzed. However, when a clothing brand is on social media without any plan, it will obtain a profile with few followers, where 90% of them will be made up of family and friends. In short, there will be a positive effect on the business.


Therefore, if you want to make your clothing brand known through social media, the ideal is that you do it with substance. It doesn´t matter if you don´t know about managing social media because you can count on the help of professionals.


  • Influencers


BluCactus - strategiesThis is one of the best marketing strategies to sell clothes. Nowadays, influencers play a vital role in the fashion sector. This is because many consumers, instead of looking at an advertisement, are guided by the recommendations of a person who uses the product that catches their attention.


In general, in the fashion sector, influencers are women. And just by appearing with a garment on, they can achieve considerable sales. Likewise, these influencers are essential on social media like Pinterest and Instagram. Because they have thousands of followers waiting to see the content they share.


Similarly, fashion blogs are also essential because many bloggers maintain large followers who are waiting to read each of their posts.


  • Email Marketing


Although email is considered the dinosaur of the media, this strategy applies perfectly to a clothing brand. It works very well to attract potential customers, and best of all, its profitability is indisputable as long as you do it right.


The most common use of email marketing in a clothing brand is sending a newsletter. The goal is to send the recipient a link with quality content or a certain discount or promotion.


By focusing on the fashion sector, a newsletter can be sent periodically with information related to that sector or a special seasonal offer.


What are the fashion brands that have made digital marketing strategies on Instagram?


BluCactus - strategiesInstagram has become the ideal tool for fashion brands to build their identity. That is why many brands in this sector use this social network.


Let’s see some examples of fashion brands that have made use of digital marketing strategies through Instagram:


  • Muroexe This brand has carried out its fashion marketing strategy through Instagram. The objective has been that their social media followers are directed to their website and register in their database. To do this, they have launched subscription content. Including small opinion articles, digital magazines, and other types of content that interest 100% of their users.
  • Louis Vuitton Being a brand with several years in the haute couture sector, its marketing strategy is focused on positioning its brand in the luxury market through heritage. In this way, Louis Vuitton bases the value of its products on the time it has been on the market. Similarly, it uses Instagram to maintain the loyalty of its consumers and reach millennial consumers.
  • Zara Zara’s marketing strategy has a secret, which lies in the information they have about their customers. They handle so much information in their database that they can capture trends while they are happening. Similarly, this brand has a great presence on social media, especially Instagram. And it does not invest in radio and TV advertising unless it is to show a discount.


Did you like this post?


These are the marketing strategies for a clothing store. We hope that this information helps you integrate a good action plan into your business.


For a good marketing strategy, you need certain tools and good execution. At BluCactus Korea, we can create the marketing strategy you need for your clothing brand to gain greater visibility, reach your potential audience and increase sales. You just have to contact us, and we will gladly assist you.


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How to be a slow fashion brand in Korea? Many designers and dressmakers have been considering creating a slow fashion brand or sustainable fashion. It’s no secret that the industry is changing for the better. Today, this type of lifestyle is a wise bet that we cannot miss.


In reality, this recent trend is here to stay, and its premise is to find balance and sustainability in garments. It’s worth commenting that the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. That’s why it must undergo this change.


So, no matter what your generation is, you should always think about Slow Fashion when shopping. Now, do you know what slow fashion really is? Keep reading to know its origins!


What does slow fashion mean?


Slow fashion is a production system that arises as to the opposite of fast fashion. It comes from the slow food trend, which seeks to highlight the value of the quality, materials, and supplies with which the garments are made. Thus, being sustainable over time and eco-friendly.


The best quality is a must in these garments which are mostly timeless and don’t follow the rules of fast fashion. Achieving, in this way, exclusive collections with few garments (sometimes unique), made under fair trade and non-mass production.


The beauty of slow fashion is that it can open your consciousness. Besides, it gives you an approach where you think about the processes and resources used to make clothes. Its goal is to produce high-quality garments, which in turn makes them last longer. It values ​​the fair treatment of workers and people, as well as animals and the planet, and focuses on reducing mass consumption.


What is a sustainable clothing brand?


A sustainable clothing brand is a brand that generates a positive impact on the environment. It takes into account working conditions, takes care of the pieces as well as the use of materials. In this sense, if you want to venture into this world, you must understand that it won’t be a store like Zara with branches around the world.


Fashion no longer only means looking good or having a lot of style in trend. Now, it goes much further than that. It’s based on principles, understanding what is behind each garment, where it came from, and what is behind the lines that usually involve culture and history.


In the world, there are a wide variety of brands specializing in the subject, which is great news for the planet.


What makes up a slow fashion brand?


In this sense, if you want your slow fashion brand, you must bear in mind that you will be identified through a series of characteristics that go from the origin of the materials used, the number of garments produced, to the cost of the same.


You should know that finding a 100% slow fashion brand can be difficult, however, we must look at some essential aspects:


  • Production. It should offer few garments per collection or only one piece per size. And you must adhere to the work ethic.
  • Textile Only work with sustainable materials. Fairtrade, zero-polluting dyes, and production must be sustainable.
  • Local trade This means that you shouldn’t have too many branches throughout the rest of the world. Focus on a single boutique or sell in bazaars; always focused on where you are.

What makes a brand sustainable?


BluCactus - slow fashion brandA sustainable brand manages to position itself in the consumer’s mind as a contribution to the world and society. It’s considered a lifestyle focused on sustainability and seeks to use the planet’s resources fairly. Slow fashion has advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important that you take them into account if you want to start your own slow fashion brand.


What we know about the sustainable brand is that it reduces consumption and ensures that its products are durable over time. In reality, slow fashion can foster attachment to the garment for its quality, details, and history.


Generally, being part of a new system, its disadvantage is that its prices are high despite being timeless basics. However, it’s everyone’s decision whether to choose the quality, exclusivity, and sustainability offered to the environment in exchange for fast fashion.


How to create your slow fashion brand?


Now that you know its background, do you want to be a slow fashion brand? Don’t know how to start? If so, BluCactus is here to give you some ideas to create your own sustainable fashion brand, focusing on marketing. Take note!


Define your niche 


This is the main point you have to follow before starting your slow fashion brand. You must analyze the market very well to define the deficiencies that exist. So that they can be evaluated and worked based on them, and that your business adjusts to the needs.




Your branding must be impeccable. A good logo, a good slogan. How will the graphic design of your brand be to make it original and unique as what you intend to show in your brand, as well as interiors? Try to make the space you have a place where it causes being and staying. That people are interested in the history and elaboration of each table, chair, wall.


Keep in mind that the consumer not only buys only for sustainability, but also for quality and design. Therefore, if you are creating a slow fashion brand and you are not a designer, get someone to collaborate with you so that you can make eye-catching pieces.




Do you know how much money you want to invest in your business? It is not generally understood that it is a business that is expensive to start with, so you will have to invest a good amount of money. This is how you will prepare to have a minimum of garments in stock and serve on time.


In addition, define what will be the marketing actions and communication that you will take to make yourself known. What will you choose? Social networks? Billboard advertising?


We at BluCactus can help you define the identity of your brand, in addition to ensuring that you have a good website that reflects who you are and what you want to show.


Who’s your team?


This point is linked to the previous one due to the capacity we have to form and strengthen a team with values and professionals who deal with the areas that need to be covered. You must treat him ethically, and you have to prove it, even if you decide to hire outsourcing seamstresses or craftsmen.


Long term.


This world is not a short-term race where you will recoup your investment in two days. It will take time. For this reason, you must be aware that you feel that sometimes you will be losing your money. However, the return will come, slowly but surely. It is a long-term career, and this sector has a great opponent: fast fashion.


Be aware that it is difficult to break with stigmas, and even if they exist, you have to adapt to them with the best attitude to facilitate sales. You can achieve this through attractive and original images.


BluCactus - slow fashion brandWhat do you want to say?


This is a point that we should never overlook. After all, it’s about the strategy you will use to get where you want to go. You must understand that if a consumer wants a blouse, they will get it online. Most of them won’t pay attention to whether it is polluting or recyclable.


However, using storytelling, we must be clear from the beginning that, together with your branding, will help you make that career in who you are and where you want to go. Seize it! In addition, we must plan what is behind it and how you want to count it little by little. It is essential to organize messages and channels.


BluCactus - slow fashion brandTell your story.


If you want clients, you have to look for them. They won’t just magically come to you. That’s why we must always be present in the collective memory of that potential client. For this, you must be constant and show your existence with perseverance and discipline.


If you don’t communicate, they won’t discover you and may even label you as unreliable, unpredictable, or fickle. So, you must avoid it at all costs. How? By communicating, with a good marketing and business plan so that together, you can reach more people.



How to create a sustainable fashion brand?


There’s a long list of successes and mistakes when it comes to setting up your sustainable business from scratch. But don’t be discouraged! That’s my first tip for you: You can do better every day. To achieve this, I recommend following these tips that could be of great help to you.


BluCactus - slow fashion brandEstablish brand values. 


You cannot create a sustainable brand if you aren’t. You need to start your path to sustainability. For example, start doing things for the good of the planet, such as food, or stop buying clothes in fast fashion stores. Change some habits, switch to the menstrual cup, don’t litter, so many things you can do to make a difference.


What is your traceability? 


As I mentioned earlier, it goes beyond the thread and the needle. It’s the story behind the pieces and making sure that the people who create them have the same conditions as us. You should know where each garment comes from and if it has organic certification.


BluCactus - slow fashion brandThe product is worth more than the package.


The packaging must also be sustainable alongside its contents. What materials can you use? Recycled carton? Cloth? What kind of fabric?


What’s your story?


In this, I make a lot of references because you must know that now everything is about selling but the story behind it. Make it visible and let consumers want to add to this story. Also, value honesty with the transparency of your company.


It’s not just that this is good for the planet, no. It’s about making sure what you want to communicate is real, that you use real ingredients, that you get them from where, who created it, and what raw material was used.


How to be a slow fashion brand


At BluCactus Korea, we can help you anywhere in the world. We specialize in web design and SEO positioning in searches. Within our expertise, we can help your brand succeed by creating the perfect content for your slow fashion brand.


We also specialize in understanding the creation of the branding of your business in Korea.


For this, we help you develop your ideas through articles for your website where we talk about it and help make you known. You can contact us through our website! Are you interested in getting the best help from the best specialists? Write to us! We are here to assist you.


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What do you need to start a tailor store in Korea? The fashion world is extremely broad and perhaps a bit complex. Nowadays, buying brand clothes and quality materials is a very popular topic. Now, there are still a lot of people who feel an important connection to the world of tailoring, and because of them, it shouldn’t disappear.


Therefore, today at BluCactus Korea, we have decided to discuss this topic so that you, who are familiar with it and feel the need to set up your own tailoring shop, can do it. This way, you’ll be able to share your love of sewing, arranging, and creating outfits! So, indeed, tailoring is an incredible business idea.


I want to tell you that at present, around one hundred thousand people search in Google how to alter fabric, not even talking about tailors. It is for this reason that just for those searches, there is an incredible opportunity to specialize.


Now, there are certain details to take into account when starting that dream of creating a tailor shop as a business. For this reason, we have come to you to help you make your dreams come true, almost like Disney. Take note of these tips, which I am sure will be super useful!


What does it take to be a tailor?


BluCactus - tailor storeFirst of all, let’s talk about tailors and their profession. They make custom garments, take measurements for customers, and advise on fabrics and designs. For that, they must have a lot of knowledge about types of fabric, needles, and types of sewing.


Within their positions, they do it to order, likewise, they are also in charge of arranging suits and coats, before they were sleeves or pants, then dresses and skirts. Besides, they must advise their clients on styles and fabrics for a particular garment.


The most beautiful thing about this profession is that they take care of the entire production or clothing process. From measurements to delivery. Love it! The complicity that the tailor can acquire with his client is unique.


What’s in a tailor shop?


BluCactus - tailor storeUnlike a sewing workshop, the tailor shop works personally and with tailor-made suits.


It is geared more toward men. However, with the passing of time and the evolution of the world, now they can work with formal and gala dresses.


We can find various materials that are the tools to have a base.


Among the main materials are the overlock machine, sewing machine, ruler, tape measure, needles and thread, mannequins, scissors, and seam ripper.


What is the tailor’s job?


BluCactus - tailor storeThe tailor is the person who offers the art of creating garments in an artisanal way and to measure. Especially men’s suits. I want to clarify that a tailor, a dressmaker, a seamstress, and a designer are not the same. They are completely different professions.


  • Tailor. The tailor is the person who cuts and sews dresses, mainly for men. He also creates, designs, and makes it to measure, they go back to the seventeenth century when they were the ones who made the outfits of wealthy families.
  • Clothes designer. A dressmaker is a person who is dedicated to making clothing or creating fashions for women. The dressmaker designs, patrons, prototypes, select fabrics, adjust, and tailors. If it is male, it is called a couturier.
  • Seamstress. Her skill is sewing and making or mending clothes. The seamstress, or seamstress, does not draw patterns or create or design. The designer is only responsible for designing. He is in charge of putting the idea on paper by drawing models. It is not responsible for making the pattern or sewing.


What do I need to open a tailoring shop?


Now, since we have all the basics, it is time to discuss some things you will need to know to start your tailoring business. I would like to tell you that this service is offered to high-class people. So, if you are one hundred percent convinced that this is what you want for yourself, write down these tips!


Make your business plan.


This is the main point for opening any business. A business plan will help you include what you will do in six months, a year, or even ten. However, you must decide what you will specialize in. In this case, we will talk about tailoring, but since it is so wide, think about whether you will alter the fabric, modify it, or make it from scratch.


Next, you must write the general expenses that you have to incur to start your business and create a well-detailed study of whether the store is for profit that involves rent, office, tools, and equipment, in addition to insurance, expenses, and services … without leaving aside the employees.


Third, study the rates of other stores and decide yours. See how many businesses you would realistically have monthly and calculate the money you can earn. Compare everything to startup expenses, and that’s where you’ll find out if your business is viable or not.


BluCactus - tailor storeGet trained


In haute couture and business, it is extremely important to polish tricks and discover new ones and techniques that may emerge from time to time.


You can achieve this in collaboration with another established business that is doing the same thing, coming in as an employee, assistant, whatever, since you need experience.


You can also enroll in a sewing school to be trained and able to perfect your techniques and thus handle scissors with enviable mastery.


The investment. 


The business will not open by magic, although I would love to be able to do that already. It would be like everyone’s fairy godmother. Remember that you have expenses for rent, salaries, equipment, and other expenses. This is why it is important to be clear about where you will get the funds from.


Either through a bank loan with microloans that they give to businesses of this type to start, or if you ask for help from your family and friends. Convince them that your idea is the best in the world, and I assure you that they will give you the loan with a low interest rate.


BluCactus - tailor storeLocation.


It is so important that success will depend on it. Yes, that is extreme. The tailoring shop looks great in a residential area. Also, if you place it in a good shopping center where women go, mostly.


The good thing is that you can start from a small space, remember, preferably in a residential area, and then grow, depending on how it goes.


It needs to be attractive and elegant. Many choose their own names for their tailoring businesses. It does not matter if it is your choice; the important thing is that you make it ring with your friends and family.


The paperwork.


You need to be up-to-date with taxes and everything that includes the legality of your business.


That is why you should consult with a lawyer to register the business correctly.


After this, you open a bank account with overdraft facilities and get an accountant to help with the books.



BluCactus - tailor storeGet your gear.


As I mentioned before, the equipment is important to achieve it. Not just any team, of course not. It has to be the best. Adapted to the space they handle so that you can manage it properly and thus measure without colliding with anything else.


You can also hire employees to help you sew, make, measure … and they can start with you part-time and then you decide if they stay with you on the road. You can also hire women who work from home and give them pieces to collaborate with you.


I love this part; it is the juiciest. What will your marketing be? I particularly think that word-of-mouth marketing is ideal for you to start. Then, you can dabble in a good website and social media.


At BluCactus we can help you boost your tailoring business properly and with tangible results. Through the website, you can show who you are and what you do. Offer your services and prices. Likewise, you can create a Blog section where through the writing of articles with SEO we can enter the search engines and thus position your business.


How to set up a tailoring business?


In addition to what I mentioned above, if it is still not clear to you how to set up a tailoring business, here are some other tips.


BluCactus - tailor storeTarget audience. 


Generally, you must know who your audience is and how they will reach you. In this sense, your audience will mostly be men in their 40s and 50s who have economic possibilities, entrepreneurs who attend social events, also groomsmen or newlyweds.


Publicity strategy.


How will you be in contact with that audience? How will you attract it to yourself? And how will they know you have what they need? It is at this point where advertising and creativity come in. The media plays a fundamental role. Create ads, promote with ADS, attend events, make yourself known, organize your own fashion show …


What do you think? Do you already know what you have to do?


BluCactus Korea, your best option.


At BluCactus Korea, we can help you wherever you are.


We specialize in the creation of web designs and SEO positioning in searches. With our expertise, we can help you make your tailoring business succeed.


We also specialize in understanding the creation of the branding and content of your business.


Besides, we help you develop your website so that it goes along with your concept and ideas. You can contact us through our website. Are you interested in getting the best help from the best specialists? Write to us! We’re here to assist you.


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How much does it cost to create a shoe fashion brand in Korea? Are you planning to create a shoe fashion brand, but you don’t know how to start or how much you have to invest? Do you know exactly what you need to get started? Starting a shoe fashion brand implies design, purchase, and import.


You may already have your shoe store and be looking to launch a new line of shoes. In this case, you may not know how to do it or how much you must invest to achieve it.


Actually, the first thing you have to take into account is that out of all footwear companies, only New Balance has its own factory. As a result, they’re the ones that import the largest amount of footwear components abroad or some models of Chinese sneakers. So, what do you need to achieve your goal? At BluCactus Korea we will help you fulfill it! So, keep reading so you don’t miss the details.


How much money do I need to open a shoe store?


You have probably heard about all the advantages of the shoe business somewhere. This market is abundant and very broad, which makes supply and demand interesting to analyze.


Now, how much money do you need? What would the profit margins be? On average it will be a thirty or seventy percent profit. Are your eyes shining with excitement? We bet they are. Now, you may ask how much money do I have to invest?


Before answering, you have to take into account how much you are willing to invest; for that, you need a general budget. Secondly, the location; however, your inventory will dominate the project as well as your investment, sales, client portfolio, and profits.


BluCactus - fashion shoes lineOnce you decide the niche of your market, you will realize that the prices vary depending on the product since a leather shoe is not the same as a shoe to be at home. If you think bigger, it can vary between $8 to $14. In this sense, some experts consider that you can start with an investment of $1500 to start a small business.


However, if you are going to invest in something more branded, such as a leather shoe, consider that the investment will be a little more due to the nature of the material.


So, if this is your intention, experts recommend a $3500 investment. Besides, you must make sure that your inventory is something that you feel comfortable with and can control.


What does it take to open a shoe factory?


Are you new and your dream is a shoe store? I have the solution! If you start from the beginning, there are certain steps to follow to create your own brand or footwear line. Ideally, you should follow them to the letter so that your business is successful and you can see results. Do you have a pencil and paper? Write down!


Step 1.

Your company name must be registered as a business. Obtain a vendor license to cancel sales tax.


Step 2.

Research the hot shoes and the ones your competitors are selling, as well as their prices.


You can do the study through their website.


Analyze very well which ones attract consumers and companies. Plan and set prices through healthy competition.


Step 3.

Find a wholesale supplier or manufacturer. You can order online through free trade-related to retail, wholesale, or shoes. Also, look for manufacturer suppliers.


Step 4.

Contact the manufacturer or suppliers. Find out which ones offer the best prices and the types of shoes you are looking for. I recommend that if your product is for retail sale, choose the manufacturer or supplier that offers the lowest cost.



Step 5.

Get a merchant account through your bank to accept credit card orders.


Step 6.

Build your website. Get photos of the shoes for your site and submit that site to multiple search engines using a search engine optimizer. This way, it will appear on the first pages. Here you can create a blog within your website to position yourself.


At BluCactus Korea we can help you by creating content for your blog thanks to our experts. This way, you’ll be able to position your brand with  articles related to your footwear line with SEO to improve that positioning and therefore attract customers.


BluCactus - fashion shoes lineStep 7.

Contact independent distributors, if you sell wholesale. Talk to the ordering clerk and leave a business card if the order is not placed immediately.


Step 8.

Advertise your business in all the places you can. Queue your business in the categories of footwear, social media, ads, everything you can digitally, and billboards, newspapers, or magazines to make yourself known.


Step 9.

Order products from your suppliers as consumers or businesses place their orders. Pay only the wholesale cost of the shoes. Also, mail the shipping label to your supplier with the customer’s name and ship the shoes yourself if you aren’t using a shipping company.


How good of a business is a shoe store?


BluCactus - fashion shoes lineIn fact, opening a shoe store is very good business since shoes are a product that is always consumed, all year round. This makes it an excellent business opportunity with profit margins between 50%, 100%, or 120%.


The only thing you need is a warehouse. This can even be your own home if you decide to start this business. Besides this, you should aldo do advertising and marketing to start getting out of what you bought.


Because it’s such a competitive world, you have to put in a little more effort to innovate and make yourself different from the rest, especially in the way you distribute your products. The important thing is that you always seek to make a difference with different campaigns.


How to make your own shoe fashion brand?


We are currently surrounded by brands everywhere. We have even gotten to live with them, and we believe that they come to us as if by magic. However, it is no secret to anyone that the best-positioned brands automatically have our full attention.


In this sense, your marketing strategies must be very good, so that you can add value to your store and boost yourself, as well as differentiate yourself from the competition.


What is a brand? 


I would like to explain to you step by step what is needed and an important point about knowing what a brand means: a brand is a name that gives value to a product or service. They convey an image, a memory, and, of course, have a personality. For example, if I tell you McDonald’s, at once, you can imagine the M in its logo or the colors.


Steps to create your shoe fashion brand.


BluCactus - fashion shoes lineI will tell you about seven rules to consider when creating your line of footwear and making it successful. They are simple and very easy to follow.




First, you must segment the market. Like all businesses, you must know your customers and your potential customers. In this sense, you must segment very well since the more closed that segment is, the better and easier it will be to find the common characteristics that will help you improve communication.


It’s not just about sports shoes, for example. You must be more specific and concrete. Select the sport: running shoes. Only then will you achieve the best segmentation and show your specialty.


BluCactus - fashion shoes lineInvestigate.

It is important to research what your customers want. Know what they like, how they like it. By this, I mean the buyer persona.


Know who they are and what they like, what they buy, where they buy it, how they pay for it, and where they get their income.


Being aware of these data will allow you to know them very well. In this way, you can know their interests and sell depending on their needs.


Also, know about the competition, the products they sell, prices, how they sell, and everything they offer to your niche.


Focus. Shoe fashion brand


BluCactus - fashion shoes lineWe know that it’s impossible to offer everything that the client asks for in terms of cost, quality, safety, exclusivity, or comfort at the same time. However, an immediate solution is to establish all those attributes valued by your audience and focus on them. For example, when it comes to running shoes, you can keep “resistance and quality”.




Your footwear line must have personality because that will help you make decisions in the short, medium, or long term. That personality must be closely related to the previous points. I mean, the running shoe is probably for a man in his 20s and 40s who loves running outdoors.


You must bear in mind that your line must talk about the sector to whom it is directed, its segment, and its personality. The approach is used as the characteristic that differentiates it as a promise and its added value. And this is where you already have the brand manual, which will be everything that your company or line represents.


The manual will be your best ally and tool for the control, monitoring, and evaluation of strategies. This is where you evaluate if the name of your shoe brand, the slogan, and what gives you the identity.


Design and manufacture. Shoe fashion brand


Now that you know your target audience, it is important to define the design and characteristics of the final product and then go into manufacturing. Here, we take into account the focus, and what makes you stand out will be the most important point to consider at this stage.



This is the key to success. This is where you can publicize what you offer. In this case, you must choose between traditional marketing or advertising and also think about whether to make a mix between the two. 


How much do shoes cost?


As you may have realized, prices always vary depending on the type of shoe you want to sell. However, here I will leave you a guide to the average cost of a pair of shoes:


Generally, men’s leather shoes are worth approximately $63.00. While some brand sports shoes cost $68. 


What is the best-selling shoe? Shoe fashion brand


BluCactus - fashion shoes lineWe know that to generate profits we have to be quite commercial and have in our fashion shoe store the type of footwear that sells the best in the world. Do you know which are the most desired models in the world?


Sneakers have climbed many positions in everyone’s wardrobes.


They look good with everything, even with more formal clothes. In the case of sneakers, they are the footwear that goes with everything.


So, if you are thinking about a new line of fashion shoes, consider them since they are worth around seventy million euros.


How much does it cost to create a shoe fashion brand?


BluCactus Korea, your best option.


At BluCactus we can help you anywhere in the world. We specialize in the creation of web designs and in SEO positioning in searches.


With our expertise, we can help your brand succeed and make your shoe brand perfect in terms of marketing.


We also specialize in understanding the creation of your business branding and content, and we help you develop your ideas. You can contact us through our website.


Are you interested in getting the best help from the best specialists? Write to us! We are here to assist you.


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How to start an haute couture line in Korea? While conventional clothing brands focus on outperforming the competition, an haute couture line focuses on demonstrating its business capacity through distinction and exclusivity. However, to know how to start a haute couture line, you must follow certain steps. In fact, any brand that wants to belong to the fashion sector should carry them out.


If you want to start with a haute couture line, you may have wondered how to start. After all, this sector has a very demanding target audience. Because of this, today we will focus on this topic so that you can understand this sector better.


First, before mentioning the steps to follow, you must know this sector to determine how it works. This way, you will ensure your business’s success as well as reach potential customers quickly.


What does it take to be a couture brand?


There is no doubt that today’s fashion world is incredible. However, there’s a lot of competition even if haute couture businesses don’t focus on this topic. In the same way, any business that wants to belong to this industry with such high demand must follow a series of steps to succeed. What better way to do this than by following the following points:


Focus on your brand identity


BluCactus - haute couture lineIdentity is very important to start with your haute couture line. After all, it’s what will allow your audience to remember you. A luxury brand must reflect who they are and how they work. This is because each client will look for clothing that allows them to have a personalized look. in other words, they will only buy from a business to whom they feel a great connection.


To do this, you shouldn’t forget that when customers choose a brand, they see it as an extension of themselves. That’s why they will select a brand that conveys authenticity.


So, to unleash this point, you must ask yourself what you want to project with your haute couture line and what type of customers will use your clothes. Also, determine the added value you can bring and what will be the best experience you can offer the user.


Take into account the steps for your structure


The structure to start a couture line is essential. However, for this step to be effective, you must first define your brand identity. In this step, you must consider elements such as price, licenses, and, above all, whether you will have partners in your business or if you will take it alone.


Similarly, within this structure, there must be a consolidated business plan. For this, nothing is better than marketing strategies. Of course, for a luxury brand, it’s important to define several objectives, so the help of professionals in this area cannot go unnoticed.


How can you tell if a business plan is positive? The effectiveness of your business plan will largely depend on your product description, mission, and vision as a haute couture brand. All of this must go hand in hand with a good haute couture marketing strategy to create the roadmap to guide you toward meeting your goals.


Take importance of the numbers 


BluCactus - haute couture lineStarting a couture line will be more expensive than a conventional clothing brand. That’s why the numbers are very important for the luxury fashion sector, especially when calculating the initial cost. In this sense, on our blog, how much does it cost to start an haute couture brand? You can know the approximate cost that your investment in this sector will have.


Now, we will mention certain costs that must be borne by them to start a haute couture line:



Of course, the initial cost of your couture line can vary depending on your willingness to invest.


Determine your pricing strategy


There is no denying that a haute couture evening gown will be more expensive than one purchased from a department store. However, this doesn’t mean that you can apply a pricing strategy based on the cost of production of your product.


In general, businesses dedicated to the fashion sector set their prices between 30% to 50% of the initial cost of producing a product.


However, as we have said at the beginning of the post, for clients who follow haute couture, the most important thing is distinction, so they will be willing to pay whatever price is for a unique garment.


Start with the design of your first collection 


When starting a haute couture line, your collection must be inspired by your brand identity.


It’s the only way to attract your potential customers and earn their loyalty.


What do users expect of your brand? If you have not yet asked yourself this question, work on it and show what you really want to convey as a haute couture line.


Create alliances if necessary


For haute couture lines there are many ways to create alliances.


In this case, your partners must be as involved as you are.


Otherwise, it won’t work.


That’s why if you want to find a partner, they must be a complement so that both are in tune when it comes to making the objectives of their haute couture line a reality.


Don’t forget that it will be an exclusive clothing line


When a customer pays whatever price is for a garment, they do so looking for “exclusivity”. That’s why this word should be remembered every day if your goal is to start with a luxury brand.


On the other hand, to demonstrate exclusivity, luxury brands must demonstrate scarcity as the main characteristic. This way, exclusive products won’t be available to everyone and can only be purchased by the customer who has enough money to do so. So, as the owner of a haute couture business, you must guarantee distinction and prestige to your buyers so that it is worth the price they’re paying for any of your garments.


What are the steps of haute couture?


BluCactus - haute couture lineBecause haute couture is exclusive, certain requirements must be met to start as a luxury brand. Of course, the demands have decreased over time, but there are still rules to be approved as a haute couture line:


  • Haute couture typically requires 200 hours of work to create a garment, which is why so many of them are only for the runway.
  • It’s important to have between one or two workshops in Paris with a minimum of 20 employees.
  • Designers must present their designs annually. Each collection must have 30 fully original day and night designs.
  • Each of the ready-made designs must have the less possible intervention of sewing machines since a garment made by hand will have plus


As a curious fact, during Paris Fashion Week, many brands can participate without being members of haute couture. However, they’re not included in the official calendar. Besides, this list of members is updated each year by a commission dependent on the Ministry of Industry. In it, we can find Haute Couture fashion firms such as:


What brands are considered haute couture?


BluCactus - haute couture lineA good option to determine how to start an haute couture line is to know how the most recognized brands in the world gained their positioning. That’s why in this post we’ll include a list of some of the 2021 haute couture brands that have the most prestige today:


  • Dior: When it comes to haute couture, Dior is a brand that represents this sector well through its clothing. The French designer Christian Dior gave life to this fashion brand in 1946.
  • Balenciaga: This haute couture brand managed to earn its place thanks to all its collections. Cristóbal Balenciaga was the creator of this Italian brand in 1917 in the city of San Sebastián.
  • Dolce & Gabbana: Founded in 1985 by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabanna, this haute couture line of Italian origin has shown why it remains one of the favourites among the most demanding customers. It creates garments where originality is always present.
  • BluCactus - haute couture linePrada: Without a doubt, this brand created by the designer Mario Prada in 1913 is very famous. In fact, it’s now one of the most important in the city of Milan and the rest of the world.
  • Fendi: This fashion firm, founded in 1918 in Italy by designer Adele Casagrande, continues to offer exclusivity through its clothing.
  • Versace: This list can’t be without this brand created by designer Gianni Versace in 1978, specifically in the city of Milan, Italy. Thanks to this fashion firm’s collections, they now have great recognition worldwide. These are just some of the most important fashion firms in the world. From their start, they all have made it clear why they’re the best when it comes to haute couture. Similarly, one of the secrets of fashion is that these brands have one element in common. Which one you may ask. Well, it’s the fact that all of them have a workshop in Paris to make their garments.

Who wears haute couture?


Starting a haute couture line requires a thorough process to achieve good results. Moreover, a haute couture line must show distinction and exclusivity when making a garment.


Otherwise, your brand will just be another one in the bunch.


Starting a haute couture line requires knowledge of this sector since customers are usually very demanding. Entrepreneurs and celebrities are the ones in search of this type of fashion. And since they pay a high price for it, they ask for the most unique clothes in the world in return.



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What is Gucci’s marketing strategy in Korea? Today, haute couture brands don’t think twice when it comes to joining a sustainability plan. That’s why this element is now part of Gucci’s marketing plan. Of course, it’s not the only one, as there are other tools. With them, the brand can reinforce its values ​​as a globally recognized brand.


In fact, they have set a very clear goal since 2015. This is to demonstrate their Gucci values and dedication to innovation through social sustainability and reduce environmental impact.


Similarly, Gucci has managed to take the best elements of digital marketing. Because of this, it remains one of the most valuable luxury brands of all time.


So, we already know this brand’s first marketing strategy: sustainability. In the same way, throughout this post, we’ll examine its other strategies. All of them allowed this brand to reach the first places in the world of haute couture.


What is the history of Gucci?


BluCactus - GucciThe designer Guccio Gucci founded this brand in 1921 in Florence, Italy. Since then, his contribution to fashion has been indescribable.


In the middle of its history, it’s worth noting that this brand had a decline that marked a before and after. Today, we can guess that it was due to not having a well-established business plan. This happened in 1994 when the brand found itself adrift. However, a young designer known as Tom Ford came to take over the reins of this fashion house. It’s thanks to its aesthetics, that the firm returned renewed and updated towards a more fashionable style.


In fact, “Porn Chic” was the name given to the Gucci campaign that indeed caused a sensation and managed to engage its target audience, so much so that this firm was revalued at $5 billion.


In 2004, Ford left the brand, and Alessandra Facchinetti and John Ray took over until 2006, when Frida Giannini became the creative director. For this occasion, the strategy was to reinvent this brand’s characteristic floral print. They also redesigned some classic accessories. This plan was effective, so much so that in 2014, the brand was valued at 10,385 billion dollars.


However, Giannina’s designs were criticized, and the brand’s consumers weren’t so attracted to them. As a result, the brand’s valuation dropped to 8,882 million dollars in 2015. Because of this, Alessandro Michele took over Giannini. Today, he’s still the creative director of the Italian brand’s men’s and women’s collections.


What are Gucci’s strategies?


BluCactus - GucciAlessandro Michele, upon becoming creative director, was in charge of rebuilding the entire aesthetic of the brand. His goal was to highlight the timeless genre and the brand’s characteristic vintage icons. Besides, he added to effective Gucci marketing campaigns the inclusion of archetypes detailing race, age, gender, and orientation.


In the same way, he took into account other elements that were important for the brand’s identity:


  • The contemporary touch is marked by Gucci icons in the best vintage style.
  • The recovery of the characteristic logo with the interlocking G.
  • The integration of the icons popularized the firm.


These three elements made this luxury brand more recognized in 2019, achieving a growth rate of 23% and a brand valuation of 15,949 million dollars.


As you can see, this highly prestigious brand focused for several years on using marketing strategies to maintain its position as a distinguished fashion house. That’s why, when doing a study of Gucci marketing, we cannot ignore the fact that two of the most important strategies are visible today:


Add value to the brand 


It’s important to detail the fact that just by making the identity of this brand visible, its valuation was doubled in just 4 years or since Michele assumed the position of creative director. As a result, this could be one of the strategies that work the most in haute couture.


Use the internet 


Haute couture experts have announced that the great success of the Gucci brand is also related to the use of social media. Of course, the issue isn’t that they use this communication channel but how they do it.


Through this digital marketing tool, this brand has managed to maintain a connection with its audience and attract a younger audience. By doing this, they have also achieved important collaborations with celebrities such as Harry Styles, who has been an influencer of Fashion since 2020.


Similarly, to get more out of social media, this brand has been associated since 2017 with the Shadow Millennium Committee, which is made up of people up to 35 years of age who are in charge of providing better feedback on it.


BluCactus - GucciSustainability 


We started this blog by talking about this marketing strategy.


After all, today it’s part of the business plan of many luxury brands. In the case of Gucci, the objective through this element is to promote diversity and keep alive the customs of traditional traditions.


Besides, another objective is to keep the work team within an environment to provide better care.


What is the added value of Gucci?


Although Gucci’s direct competition is also highly appreciated worldwide, Gucci is currently ranked the most valuable couture brand.


This is because, compared to last year, its value increased by 12% to $33.8 billion.


It’s important to mention that the value of Gucci has managed to stand out since 2018 due to the marketing strategies it implemented. That’s why, if you wonder why Gucci is the most successful luxury brand in Italy, the answer would be that this fashion firm knows how to use advances in technology very well.


Because of this, they haven’t stopped using Instagram and other social media platforms to share updated content related to their new collections. This way, they maintain constant communication with their target audience, and at the same time have been able to attract the attention and interest of a new generation.


Of course, so that Gucci can continue with a business plan based on a good communication strategy, it works together with a group of professionals in the area of marketing and advertising. This is one of the reasons why the brand has made the best decisions to maintain its value.


Who is Gucci’s target audience?


BluCactus - GucciTargeting a specific audience is a marketing action that must be part of a luxury brand’s business plan, and Gucci knows that very well.


That’s why Gucci’s customer profile focuses on a group of people with high status, that is, with a good economic position. This is because not all customers can afford the price of a haute couture garment.


Gucci’s main customers are businessmen or celebrities.


All these are people willing to pay for an expensive garment with such distinction and exclusivity.


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What is Prada’s marketing strategy in Korea? Marketing strategies are being used in all businesses that want to gain greater visibility and increase sales. For this reason, luxury fashion couldn’t fall behind. Brands like Prada also use digital marketing to reach their target audience. This way, they can remain one of the most important fashion houses in the world.


Of course, other blogs also contain useful information related to marketing using haute couture. In them, we have mentioned that luxury brands don’t compete with each other. On the contrary, each one focuses on continuing to provide what its potential customers need. All this is in exchange for paying a high price for a garment or an accessory, that is, elegance and exclusivity.


That’s why they have been using marketing strategies within their action plan to maintain the standards of exclusivity and keep their profits high.


What kind of marketing strategy does Prada use?


The Prada brand offers luxury items for both men and women. However, it’s also worth noting that clients who seek luxury belong to the upper socioeconomic class. This is why they are demanding consumers and enjoy pouring with a garment that excites them. In fact, they don’t mind paying whatever the price is as long as they can satisfy their fashion needs.


Besides, today, the target audience for luxury brands isn’t only those between 24 and 44 years of age. Now, the younger generation, better known as Generation Z (16 to 24 years old), is also interested in the consumption of luxury fashion. With this situation, Prada has had to modify its business plan and adjust to new marketing strategies to serve all generations successfully.


Now that Prada’s target audience is broader, technological advances compound this. Nowadays, young and older adults use social media to stay aware of current fashion.


These are some of the characteristics that Prada wants to highlight through its marketing strategy:




For this fashion house, it’s important to maintain a constant renovation in terms of aesthetics. That’s why when applying a marketing strategy, you must think about your products and your web design, packaging, and other elements.




Prada’s items are luxurious, meaning that a garment from this brand has increased in value over the years.




Luxury brands work to offer the greatest possible exclusivity to each of their customers, and the case of Prada is no exception. So, the private marketing strategy, instead of focusing on getting closer to your customers there, is a distancing to create cravings around your articles.




While it is true luxury brands do not compete with each other, on the contrary, the competition is individual. Prada will not compete with Versace or other luxury brands just to have a better positioning.


Marketing strategies used by Prada


For Prada to be able to achieve effective actions, it has been guided by the following marketing strategies:


BluCactus - marketing strategyPut omnichannel into practice 


When we talk about omnichannel, we mean that Prada focuses on providing a good experience to its customers through its online and offline stores. In fact, many luxury brands have already understood that both should go hand in hand, but in this post, we are referring to the Prada brand.


This brand carries out online campaigns since it is a good strategy to take its consumers to its physical stores. This is because customers looking for luxury items often prefer to touch the product they want to buy before taking it home.


Similarly, online stores allow you to see all the details of the product, so making an online purchase and receiving the order at home is also an option.


Use social media 


For this firm, it is of great importance to online advertising, which is why Facebook ads are very effective since they have a high level of market segmentation. Besides, Instagram is also a platform widely used by this firm. This is because it’s a medium where the fashion sector has been doing pretty great.


In fact, the official Prada account shows how they have been using Reels. This way, they can showcase photographs and videos of the articles, models wearing beautiful clothes, and much more.



BluCactus - marketing strategyUnderstand the value of good SEO 


Prada also knows that today, SEO actions carry a lot of weight to obtain a good positioning in search engines. After all, Google is one of the most influential channels for luxury buyers to know the history of brands and relevant information about their products.


However, many luxury brand websites aren’t performing well in SEO.


This is because they only focus on displaying photos of their collections and voilà. Prada has understood the importance of this tool and has taken advantage of it.


BluCactus - how Prada was founded

Do you want the Prada Marketing Strategy for your Brand?


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