What are the Correct Dimensions of a PowerPoint Slide? Do the measurements of your PowerPoint slides matter? Yes, since presenting your presentation is not convenient, it appears cropped at the edges. Your presentation should fit on the screen correctly to present the information you want to your audience. Today, this tool is part of any marketing strategy, and companies in the United States have understood it very well. Therefore, if you want to use PowerPoint presentations as a business owner, in this post, we will explain how to set the dimensions of a PowerPoint slide to create a successful presentation.


What is the Size of the Slides in a Presentation?


Blucactus Korea - Correct Dimensions for Slides in PowerPoint - work meetingWhen choosing a PowerPoint slide’s dimensions, you should consider certain factors. Where will you show it, and how will the presentation be? These are questions you must answer before making a final decision.


Additionally, there are several screens that you can use for your PowerPoint presentations. These screens maintain a different shape that determines their height. Also, the PPT file may appear different on each device because its aspect ratio may vary.


Let’s see what they are:


  • Conference Room Projector
  • Widescreen
  • Laptop Screen
  • iPad or Tablet
  • Large Format Screen


How to Change the Format of Your Presentation in PowerPoint?


If you have recently had to make PowerPoint presentations, we will explain the step-by-step steps to resize PowerPoint slides successfully:


  • Resizing PowerPoint Slides


Blucactus Korea - Correct Dimensions for Slides in PowerPoint - work meetingWhen defining the screen size to deliver your presentation, the first step is to change your PowerPoint file so that it can match. You must click on the design tab that appears on the PowerPoint ribbon. After that, look for a customized option on the same ribbon, then click on the icon that refers to the slide size.


The icon will open a dropdown menu with different options. You must click on the custom slide size option to open the slide size option in the menu and make changes to the dimensions of your presentation. In the slide size menu, you will find drop-down options to easily make format changes, although you may not always be able to choose the size you want for your presentation.


For example, if you share your presentation, you cannot take control of the device where the audience will have access to your presentation. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot optimize your production to appeal to viewers.


  • Most Common Sizes for PowerPoint Presentations


Blucactus Korea - Correct Dimensions for Slides in PowerPoint - laptopIf you want to change the size of your PowerPoint presentation, you need to click on the dropdown box below the slide size option. Additionally, the selected configuration must position on the screen where it will be displayed.


In this drop-down menu, you will find several options. Also, among the most common options, we can find: (4:3), (16:9), and (16.10). These are often frequently used settings, as they relate to the most common devices used to display PPT presentations.


As we said at the beginning of this post, the specific settings for your PPT presentation will depend on the device, you intend to use. To do this, we will explain some general rules that will serve as a guide to knowing which size suits you:




Most projectors maintain an aspect ratio of (4:3). Others simulate widescreen (16:9) laptop screens.




Blucactus Korea - Correct Dimensions for Slides in PowerPoint - work meetingLaptop screens typically come in an aspect ratio of (16:9). Except for the MacBook computer, which has an aspect ratio of (16:10).


Big Screens


Most modern meeting rooms often have large LCD screens, as the cost of televisions has decreased and they have replaced projectors. In most cases, its aspect ratio is (16:9).


These are some options, as there are many more. Ideally, you should be able to select an aspect ratio that fits your document printed on Letter or Ledger paper or has functionality for your audience.


  • Prepare the Slides Before Your Presentation


Blucactus Korea - presentation design . work meetingA presentation without good preparation will not be successful. You must focus on offering your audience a captivating and quality representation. To do this, you can do a test to avoid any surprises when making the actual production of your presentation.


Also, for preparing your presentation, you must test the file on the device where you will make your presentation. If you can check out the conference room where your audience will meet, feel free to do so.


For the presentation test, we will give you two essential tips:


  1. Make sure you have all the cables and connections you will need when you give your presentation.
  2. Compare the dimensions of your file on the screen you will use. This way, you can work with the necessary measurements in your slides.


Tips for Changing the Format of Your PowerPoint Presentation


Having additional tips will help you a lot when changing the dimensions of PowerPoint slides:


Do an Edit of PowerPoint Formats


Blucactus Korea - laptopThe first step is to go to the slide design and size option. Once you set the size of your presentation when you open it, there is no need to crop or stretch your slides. This way, you won’t have to work twice as hard when adjusting the size of your slides.


Use PowerPoint Rulers


Some use PowerPoint for printing products. If this is the case for printing, your slide size should fit on a printed page. To do this, go to the View > Ruler option. However, it is permissible to scale the PowerPoint slide size during printing.


Make an Edit on the Master Slides


Blucactus Korea - laptopMaster slides have one advantage, which is that they can control the layout of multiple slides at the same time. So instead of setting PowerPoint dimensions on each slide, you can do an edit in View > Master Slides.


Simulate a Preview


You must check the size of your PowerPoint slide on the screen where you will present. You will not be able to rehearse at the place of the presentation. But if you can preview it on your computer screen. In Slideshow > From the beginning option.



Do You Need a Perfect PowerPoint Presentation?


Blucactus Korea - laptopYou must remember that the dimensions of a PowerPoint slide depend on how and where you will make your presentation. There are also many free and paid templates online for creating correctly formatted presentations. However, if you need more professional help at BluCactus, we can help you.


Our marketing specialists and content creators are at your disposal to design perfect PowerPoint presentations that fit your business goals. Contact us right now, and we will take care of your project to guarantee success. Do you know the benefits of PowerPoint presentations for your business? We will tell you. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter to keep up to date with the most exciting topics in digital marketing.

Labeling and packaging regulations for Korean perfume brands. In South Korea, the Cosmetics Act is the document with the highest legal authority on the labeling and marketing of cosmetics. Its field of legislation extends to include all Korean perfume brands. And its primary objective is to provide security and stability to a sector whose growth rate has been the highest and most prominent of all global aesthetic powers. In this way, the European Union market constitutes the most precise objective of South Korea’s cosmetic exports. This territory has gained importance and interest for the Asian country after its success in regions such as China, Russia, and other major powers in the Eastern Hemisphere.


Aware of the importance of the K-Beauty market, the BluCactus marketing agency offers advisory services. They consist of professional collaboration regarding the design, reproduction, and printing of labels for Korean perfume brands. The usefulness of such services arises from the high competitiveness that such a market implies for all national and imported fragrant brands. An environment in which correct and efficient labeling will be the surest guarantee of both the legal and commercial success of any fragrance.


Korean Perfume Brands Market Overview: Main Features and Most Important Statistical Regimes


BluCactus - Korean Perfume Brands MarketThe reasons that explain the success of the Korean cosmetic market in the world are supported by multiple statistical sources. The most prominent is INVEST KOREA. by its initials Korea National Investment Promotion Agency. According to said source, the profit size of the Korean aesthetics and perfumes market closed in the last decade with a sales margin of about 10.56 billion euros. Which is equivalent to about 14 trillion won. This impressive sales volume makes it possible to position South Korea as the ninth-largest cosmetic market in expansion on a global scale. Surpassing in market share nations like Italy and Russia and very close to France, the undisputed industry leader worldwide. Statistical sources reveal that the growth of these exports reached 34.7% annually. All this is in the period that goes from the year 2015 to 2019.


On the other hand, the Report on cosmetic products in South Korea reveals the potential of the Korean market for brands. According to this document published by the Spanish embassy in Seoul, by 2022, the sector will reach a turnover of more than €11,407.5 million. Within this entire range of products, the most notable trends were skin care, hair care, and the use of makeup. All this with a sales percentage calculated between 48 and 17.99%. The last characteristic of the growth of the Korean perfume brand market is the expansion in online channel sales. Thus, this trade registers an increase in purchases via the web ranging from 33.2% in 2013 to 46% in 2018. This implies an increase in eCommerce of 7.7% year-on-year.


Main mandatory requirements for labeling, packaging, and marketing of Korean perfume brands


BluCactus - Korean Perfume Brands MarketThe planning and publication of the Cosmetic Act are closely related to the growth and expansion of the Korean cosmetics market. Well, it brings together all the clauses so that the development of commerce is carried out within the most optimal security parameters for the consumer. The latest updates to the Cosmetic Act date were from April 7, 2020, and August 17, 2021. The South Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety approved them.. And they are valid for any national company as an importer. The document is distributed in a total of seven sections. In total, five processes are regulated by this regulation. They include the production, import, sale, and labeling of cosmetics and various restrictions and management in propaganda and advertising activity.


As an essential feature, the Cosmetic Act  defines a cosmetic product in general. Every fragrant product is understood as an article whose application to the human body consists of its conditioning to obtain beauty parameters. Generally speaking, four mandatory parameters are required for the label of all Korean perfume brands. The relevant information to such registries must complement the understanding of the nature of the product according to the following criteria system.


Product name:


BluCactus - Korean Perfume Brands MarketIt consists of the item’s  brand name and functional name to be marketed. Graphically, the minimalist style is the most characteristic of South Korean perfume labels. They are complemented by graphics or any visual tool that promotes advertising attraction.


The Cosmetic Act classifies the entire range of Korean cosmetic products and perfume brands into two main categories. Functional cosmetics modify the structure and utility of the hair, skin, or application area.


They usually require a letter of approval before the sale. On the other hand, general products do not require any registration, although they are subject to various post-market surveillance guidelines.


MAH Name:


The acronym MAH stands for Marketing Authorization Holder. They represent the company or entity responsible for marketing the product within the territory. This statement should only be made if the company needs to carry out activities in the functional cosmetics field. At least eight responsibilities must comply with the MAH (Legal registration, safety conditions, quality verification, labeling compliance, advertising regulations, cosmetic claims, authorization requests, and other regulations). All Korean perfume brands are required to appoint a cosmetic supervisor to comply with such purposes.


Expiration Date:


BluCactus - Korean Perfume Brands MarketWithin Korean perfume brands, such information refers to the period under which the product retains its functional properties. In essence, the declaration of the date is directly related to its components.


Therefore, it will always have to vary according to the components and natural essences or not that have been added to the product. There are specific clarifying rules that South Korean laws make about such items. Thus, the MFDS lists approved materials and ingredients for functional cosmetics.


In this case, the period for obtaining the permit is usually at maximum 15 days. When the cosmetic element has unauthorized ingredients, the presentation of clinical data is required, and the application period is extended from 4 to 6 months.


Lot Number:


Upcoming is the fourth and last mandatory requirement for labeling South Korean perfumes. Like the general food industry, it represents a code number or set of numbers that facilitate the traceability of a product in the industry. Korean perfume brands’ representation is required on the front label of all products. Other additional regulations on the batch of products refer to their packaging. Using glass or plastic containers that do not represent any cause of risk, poisoning, or allergies for children and minors is required and allowed.


Other critical legal provisions to consider regarding labeling and packaging development for Korean perfume brands


BluCactus - critical legal provisionsParallel to the processes of management, labeling, and advertising control, the Cosmetic Act has a system of related organizations. They include government entities in charge of regulating and enforcing the laws stipulated for Korean perfume brands and cosmetics in general. The first is the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, for its acronym MFDS. It refers to the authority in charge of events such as the creation and modification of the regulation. In addition to providing registration support for the entire range of cosmetics and other perfumes in the “Functional Products” category, on the other hand, the Korean Pharmaceutical Traders Association (KPTA) oversees the trade in cosmetics. No less important is that such an entity is responsible for issuing approval certificates for imported cosmetics.


On the other hand, knowing the legal relationship between South Korean laws and European Union Laws is essential. Despite these regulations’ broad relationship and similarity, there are certain main discrepancies. The most important of these is that certain European products, according to the law, are not considered as “perfume” or “cosmetics” in Korean territory. It is recommended that every business perfumer consults with competent legal entities before importing or selling perfumed products to the global market.


BluCactus Marketing Agency: Present in Seoul, Busan, Incheon, Daegu, Jeonju, and the South Korean market in general


BluCactus - Korean woman holding a perfume bottleCurrently, a more significant and growing number of brands are betting on hiring professional advisory services from companies in charge of constructing and promoting an image of products. This is because high market competitiveness requires the development of absolute differentiation strategies.


Positioning plans that highlight a particular company in the midst of the current boom in Korean perfume brands. Considering this need, BluCactus, a German company, is expanding its services to the Asian market. It comprises a professional team that combines all the human capital to provide you with all the tools your perfume brand requires. Our services integrate the following set of elements:


Design and printing of labels for perfume bottles


As the leading service for perfumed, cosmetic, and food products in general, our customer service advisors are waiting for you 24 hours a day, wherever you are in the country. You can contact a face-to-face, telephone, or online interview to offer us your project information. Our graphic designers use color, stylistic, and marketing tools to build label proposals for you. Your feedback is an integral part of the process.


Creation, launch, and management of online stores:


The web design department builds and develops virtual stores to sell fragrant products. This is an essential trait for success within all Korean perfume brands. We have specialists who design a practical and functional website for you at your disposal. With stylized graphics and sales instruments, capable of displaying your company’s personalized catalog. All this is adapted to the responsive sales format through mobile and portable devices. This is complemented by creating original and interactive content for your Social Media profiles.


There are no limits with BluCactus! Contact us today and be amazed by the creative and professional capacity only our global marketing agency can offer!


We have over a decade of global expansion in marketing services and web positioning. BluCactus, a German initiative born in Hamburg, has service coverage that spans the entire world today.


Our foray into the Asian market seeks to regulate the contact Korean perfume brands make with Western consumers. You no longer have to be intimidated by the market’s demands.


Our team will be able to accompany you until you achieve success! We invite you to contact us today for more information about our services. Please write to us through our primary email or our Social Media profiles. Do not wait any longer! Call BluCactus today and prepare for your brand to become more than just another bet on the market! It will be an authentic global luxury brand!