How to Create Compelling Corporate Presentations for Food Franchises

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Corporate presentations for food franchises. The food industry is constantly evolving and has experienced radical changes due to variations in consumer preferences. Several meat alternatives, ethnically sourced ingredients, natural and organic foods, and many other categories are now used for food preparation.


So, faced with such a competitive landscape, if you are thinking about opening a food franchise or already have one, you need an effective corporate presentation to communicate your vision and enter the market of potential investors. If this is your first time creating a corporate presentation, don’t worry. This article will explain what you must do to conclude with a successful result.


What is a presentation for food franchises?


BluCactus - Food Franchises - business presentationYou can publicize the competitive advantages of food franchises through a corporate presentation and highlight the company’s values. On the other hand, there is expected profitability and the target audience. By having a professional design, you will achieve your main objective: impressing future investors and business partners.


However, a corporate presentation for this industry can be created for multiple purposes, such as consolidating agreements with retail distributors or raising considerable funds from investors. Regardless of the objectives, it will be a powerful tool that will help you convey your business idea, your potential in the market, and the characteristics that differentiate you from the competition. Consequently, it cannot be left out of your marketing plan.


What is the objective of the presentation for food franchises?


BluCactus - Food Franchises - business presentationAs we have already mentioned, although the objectives can be varied, it is essential to remember that your food franchise presentation will play a fundamental role in ensuring the success of your business.


Let’s say your presentation will be created for distributors or retailers. In this case, it should be crafted with retailers in mind and highlight the benefits of your products. In this sense, your presentation should focus on the product’s commerciality, distribution channels, sales techniques, competitive advantage, and commercial resources.


Now, an investor presentation should focus on persuading these potential backers. Thus, they will decide to provide financing to carry out your company’s operations. To do this, it is necessary to show the market potential, financial projections, the team’s skills, and the unique selling proposition. Generally, both presentations contain similar information. However, its organization may differ to fit your audience’s specific expectations and characteristics.


What should a corporate presentation be like for food franchises?


Presentations are made up of a series of slides containing the information you will provide to the audience. Therefore, to create a unique corporate presentation for food franchises, take note of the elements you should include:


BluCactus - Food Franchises - business presentationFrontpage


On the cover of your presentation, you must make your brand and vision known. To do this, you must add your company’s name, logo, and striking images of each product on the slide. It is important that you make a good first impression so that the audience considers you to have a solid brand and wants to know more about you.




In most cases, food companies do not want to respond to a problem but seek to improve an existing offer on the market. Even if there is a gap in the market, your presentation is appropriate to focus on the consumer’s wants or needs and the innovation opportunities offered by the food and beverage sector.




This slide is ideal for making your product stand out. Present your innovation in food and explain the perfect solution to meet the market’s needs. Likewise, instead of using words, add as many images as possible to show sustainable ingredients, flavors, or packaging. Following this, describe the benefits of your culinary proposal, the preparation time, whether you have better prices, and the healthy ingredients you have used.




It is important to note that the solution slide is exclusively for mentioning your innovative approach, whereas the product slide shows the final result of your creation. For this reason, you should include impressive pictures of your product and a brief description highlighting its best features. So, if you’re offering a healthy option or a unique combination of flavors, mention how your products can meet the needs of your potential customers.


Competitive advantage


This point is of great importance for your food franchise PPT. This slide just describes the characteristics that differentiate your food business from the competition. To do this, you must investigate your rivals in the sector to be able to explain with arguments what makes your product better quality. Also, highlight the unique characteristics of your company and the reasons why consumers will prefer your products. Highlight your culinary authority by mentioning awards or achievements. This way, you convince the audience that your food franchise is the best option on the market.


Market opportunities


BluCactus - Food Franchises - business presentationYour presentation needs a slide that helps investors understand the opportunities when investing in your company.


To do this, it is vital to cite trends and demonstrate that this is the ideal time to invest in your products.


To make your market slide compelling, mention any unfilled demands or niches your products can fill.


The goal is for investors to be convinced that your food franchise deserves a capital opportunity.


You can also highlight how your products fit consumer trends regarding sustainability, healthy options, and exclusive culinary experiences.


Target market


For your target market slide, your ideal customers should be the focus. So, first of all, you have to recognize their demographic data like age, location, gender, etc. After accessing this information, building a customer’s purchasing behavior based on their preferences and pain points will be easier. Explain how your product can solve their problems and satisfy their habits or needs. Pictures of consumers must accompany this explanation as an example to humanize your ideal client. Finally, if you have conducted a study or survey, add the results to verify your understanding of the market.


Testimony of efforts


In your food franchise presentation, there should be a slide that highlights your company’s momentum. To brag about your success, include a testimonial of your efforts and describe important achievements such as distributor partnerships, awards, and outstanding sales. Whatever praise your company has received from consumers, demonstrate it through their testimonials or comments on social networks.




For your roadmap slide, you need to provide information about the journey you plan to take from where you are now to where you want to be. To do this, create a timeline where you show each milestone you would like to achieve, including growth strategies, product development, unexplored markets, and other elements that contribute to your strategic vision. Once investors see how planned you are, they will see your company as an excellent option for financing.


Work team


In your corporate presentation for food franchises, you cannot miss a slide of your work team. It is important that you show the staff who manage your concept and how their professionalism drives your business. To that end, highlight your team’s main members and indicate their positions. As well as their academic training and work experience within the food industry. Of course, you can’t miss adding a face to each name on your list so the audience can identify themselves.


Investment application


For the investment request, including your needs and fundraising objectives on the slide is essential. First, express how much money you require to expand your business. Subsequently, explain how you will spend the money based on your objectives: advertising, research, development, entry into new markets, current operation, etc.


BluCactus - Food Franchises - business presentationVision


The corporate presentation’s vision shows your food franchise’s general objective. So, it is the right time to describe your company’s long-term success. Thinking about the future can give you a perspective on how your products or services will develop to attract a greater number of consumers.


Call to action


No corporate presentation for the food industry can lack a call to action at the end to generate questions and comments. Inspiring your audience and encouraging them to take the next step is important, so be very specific with what you want to achieve. Make connections? Financing? Whatever it is, make it clear and allow interested parties to contact you easily to continue the discussion.


Do you need a corporate presentation for food franchises?


BluCactus - Contact us - Ken Schreck - +1 469 206 5510To create a corporate presentation design for successful food franchises, it is crucial to focus on market trends and metrics that support the value proposition of your products or services.


If you are looking for important investors or partnerships, your presentation must have a professional appearance, and at BluCactus, we can help you. We are a digital marketing agency in South Korea. When creating your corporate presentation, we will take care of every design detail so that you stand out from the competition in the culinary industry.


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