CRM: what is it, and what are the advantages of implementing it in companies?

BluCactus Korea - CRM: what is it, and what are the advantages of implementing it in companies?

CRM: what is it, and what are the advantages of implementing it in companies in Korea? In a world as commercialized and digitized as the current one, companies in the US have seen the need to reinvent themselves. It is necessary to differentiate themselves from their competition.


Many strategies have emerged for improving processes, brand image, and reach. Companies are constantly working to rapproche with people and thus have a more direct relationship with customers.


For this reason, being able to manage communication with clients and prospects is essential to improving their relationship with them. It is important to personalize the communication with them according to their needs. This achieves a practical and global competitiveness of the brand or company, made possible through implementing CRM, which we will talk about today.


What is CRM?


BluCactus - CRM: what is it and what are advantages implementing companies - CRMCRM is the acronym for Customer Relationship Management. It is a method by which a brand or company can manage and organize its database and interact with its audience.


The most common way CRM is applied is through software dedicated to organizing data and providing trend analysis. The data and trends are based on people’s behavior, preferences, interactions, etc.


With CRM, those in charge of marketing for the brand or company will have valuable data to help them establish strategies to achieve desired objectives more accurately and securely.


CRM is more linked to the technological field and should be understood and used as a tool for managing customers in addition to the interaction established with them. However, it does not really involve products or services.


With this option, you can use collected information in a more accurate and optimal way.


CRM Features


The following aspects characterize CRM:


BluCactus - Software developmentTechnology


As it is a type of software, it is closely linked to technology.


Which can store people’s data regardless of where they come from.


This refers to location, work, age, gender, telephone number, email, etc.


CRM tracks traffic on a website, such as downloads, visits, messages, and applications used. It also notes the content they consume and the purchases they make.


BluCactus - CRM: what is it and what are advantages implementing companies - CRMRestructuring


For the application of CRM to be effective and efficient.


All levels of a company or operational departments of a brand’s leadership must be inclined to provide customer service.


Directing internal strategies to the satisfaction of needs expeditiously.


Human Potential


BluCactus - CRM: what is it and what are advantages implementing companies - CRMCRM, being software, works in an automated way.


This implies that the processes are not repeated and that there is no duplicate data. However, human intervention is necessary to verify that the data and the rest of the process are carried out correctly.


Technology can also fail as there is always some margin of error, however small. Therefore, it is not advisable to rule out human capital for this type of task.


Humans are the ones who, based on the data obtained, will be able to use the information to design the marketing strategies to be used.


CRM & Marketing: What does it imply?


A strong connection is usually made between CRM with sales and obtaining customer data. Still, for this information to be useful and the work worth the effort, it must also be related to marketing.


The main objective of implementing a CRM strategy is to maximize the information obtained. It is good to take advantage of this through marketing and thus increase sales, social media followers, customer loyalty, and engagement.


BluCactus - CRM: what is it and what are advantages implementing companies - CRMMarketing Automation


Marketing automation is achieved by using tools that do the manual work, limiting hands-on labor to supervising actions that will generate contact with the public.


CRM complements and collaborates with marketing teams. They can organize priorities and guide themselves to establish relevant strategies supported by digital technologies that have accelerated this automation. This means the ability to serve customers and staff more directly. Strategies can focus on customer interests, tastes, and needs and, therefore, manage to capture and engage them to increase business.


CRM Features


  • Manage interaction with customers.
  • Focus on the information obtained from customers.
  • Automate marketing processes.
  • Manage and boost sales.
  • Track the development of the sales process.
  • Obtain greater fluidity in sales.
  • Handle data from other contacts and suppliers, not just customers.
  • Generate customer profiles.

BluCactus - CRM: what is it and what are advantages implementing companies - CRMShort term advantages


Implementing a CRM system will help capture customer information.


Which also implies:


  • Time efficiency
  • Avoiding duplicate data
  • That the information is up to date for all the departments that use it
  • Monitoring of customer management
  • Improving the client experience

BluCactus - CRM: what is it and what are advantages implementing companies - CRMLong term benefits


Regarding longer projections.


CRM implies:





Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510CRM and its practical application are a perfect complement for brands and companies so that they can concentrate all information in one place, making it easier to manage. At the same time, CRM helps avoid the use of other incompatible applications or programs.


On many occasions, it is necessary to cross-check information. The traditional way of doing it is manual, which implies a considerable investment of time that would delay other activities and imply a drop in productivity.


For this reason, implementing CRM is a feasible solution, and not only because of the advantages already mentioned. It is also advantageous because it creates transparency in the information processes, encouraging accurate decision-making.


Last but not least, information is power. If you have valuable data about your customers, you can better manage their relationships and achieve even greater results for your business in Korea.


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