What is Desigual’s Marketing Strategy?

Blucactus Korea - What is Desigual’s Marketing Strategy?

What is Desigual’s Marketing Strategy? Desigual’s marketing strategy practices a contemporary mixed approach that has resulted in flourishing success. Additionally, the company’s strategies centered on luxury, culture, and price focus become responsible for the brand’s outstanding success. 


In Korea, various fashion brand competitors provide a strong counteraction regarding revenue collection. Aside from this, can Desigual’s marketing strategy fit your business needs? 


Let us uncover more in-depth information and decide if you can apply some factors to implement them successfully. 


What is the Origin of Desigual?


Blucactus Korea - fashion photoshootFirst, Desigual finds its origins in 1983 in Barcelona, Spain, where its founder Thomas Meyer created his first denim jacket. Moreover, with textile bases of worn blue jeans, the 24-year-old entrepreneur invented what becomes known as “The Iconic Jacket.” 


Additionally, as a devoted fan of the prolific Spanish filmmaker Isabella Coixet, he becomes motivated to further his craftiness. The following year, Meyer experienced a breakthrough in his career as he launched his fashion brand “Desigual,” which presents stylish clothing lines for men and women. 


Indeed, this new company proved to be a success in the country as it spread and opened its first store in Ibiza in 1986. Aside from this, as time passed, this fashion name gained positive praise and notoriety for introducing children’s lines. 


For example, in 2011, Desigual collaborated with French designer Christian LacroixBlucactus Korea - fashion photoshoot to implement up-to-date products further. Next, by 2015, the company would open its six-story headquarters in La Barceloneta, establishing its presence in its root town.


Furthermore, by 2019, Desigual will recreate its traditional products by introducing new materials, designs, and patterns to attract new clients. As witnessed here, this exciting fashion name exemplifies staying rooted amidst progressing to adapt to future concepts.


We encourage you to implement these marketing strategies to further your business. In summary, from ambitions, dreams, and a flexible approach to engaging audiences, Desigual continues to create a notable reputation for itself.


Who is Desigual’s Target Audience?


Blucactus Korea - fashion photoshootDesigual’s target audience derives from a predominantly middle-aged female demographic between the ages of 45 and 49. While men of the same age group fall second, things have changed since the company’s turnaround in 2019. 


Indeed, Desigual targets younger audiences from 25 to 35 to keep everything relevant. Things are changing for the better as children’s lines are also available.


Despite the change, Desigual values every client but is taking this step to remain afloat in the wave of time. Moreover, there are over 500 stores in over 33 countries. 


Desigual’s Marketing Strategy


Furthermore, Desigual’s marketing strategy has exceedingly fitted the company to meet its goals in the competing market. Aside from this, let us analyze how your marketing mix approach works across your product, pricing, advertising, and distribution strategies. 


How Does Desigual Promote?


Blucactus Korea - fashion photoshootOne factor to consider with Desigual is that their products are of a luxury quality, generating middle- and higher-class attraction. In terms of this fashion brand promoting products, they distribute pieces that capture the company’s values.


For example, with lines like “Better&Better,” “La Difference, “La Vida es Chula,” and “All Together,” clients enjoy a sense of inclusion and recognition. Another way of promoting this unique brand by attracting an audience is through its funny yet shocking campaigns. 


To illustrate, in the winter of 2010, Desigual launched a campaign named “Enter Naked, Leave Dressed” to promote a sales period that invited clients to walk into the stores with their underwear. Furthermore, the catch to this had the first 100 visitors receiving a free outfit which proved to be a success. 


Blucactus Korea - fashion photoshootAnother method that stands as the most effective date goes back to 2011 when Desigual collaborated with Disney. This same year, the company recreated the iconic jacket founder Thomas Meyer created and presented it in new colors!


Besides these inventive and alluring methods of attracting audiences, Desigual also began collaborating with celebrities in 2018. Within the next two years, new lines like “Revamp” emerged that engaged youthful audiences based on pop culture and art! 


While you begin to recognize what the company’s product strategy is, it becomes evident that commitment prospers. In brief, Desigual’s marketing strategy has gained a growing positive reputation for its innovative and interactive presentation of new products and lines.


What is Desigual’s Pricing Strategy?


Blucactus Korea - fashion photoshoot - What is Desigual’s Marketing Strategy?Regarding the price strategy, Desigual, the luxury fashion company, provides a convenient and precise approach to clients’ necessities. Apart from this, the brand’s predominant audience derives from individuals from the high middle to highest classes. 


This client base undoubtedly creates an exciting group to receive access to high-quality clothing at agreeable rates. Furthermore, the use and exhibition of this brand stand as a symbol of affiliation, trend, and refinement to display. 


Compared to competitors like Zara, one can see this illustration with agreeable rival rates. Most of the prices are higher than other competitors in the market, but they ensure high rating value. 


Aside from this, Desigual’s marketing strategy aims to appeal to everyone by offering a diverse range of reasonably priced items. The company’s pricing strategy is to ensure luxury with flexibility accustomed to your convenience. 


How Does Desigual’s Distribution Strategy Work?


Blucactus Korea - fashion photoshoot - What is Desigual’s Marketing Strategy?Equally important, Desigual earns a prestigious reputation for arranging chiseled and sophisticated attire for clients. In the present day, the fashion brand gains bases across all continents in the globe. 


Moreover, since 2015, the company has significantly advanced in distributing its distinguished products digitally. Some examples include the “Ship from Store” service, which allows packages to get delivered to the nearest store near the client’s home. 


Another significant breakthrough in Desigual’s distribution arrived with the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020; sales peaked up 70%! Moreover, with online access to over 150 countries, the company also thrives from its blockchain technology approach, which promotes transparency. 


This Desigual’s marketing strategy earns additional success through its online presence, which emulates unlimited accessibility. Additionally, by practicing malleable methods of ensuring everyone can enjoy what Desigual offers, you can follow suit with this innovative technique!


Indeed, these are excellent examples of how the company’s distribution strategy works for you because attentiveness and innovation are vital. Altogether, there are many positive things to expect regarding the growth and development of this luxury name over time.


How Can BluCactus Help Your Business Succeed with Desigual’s Marketing Strategy?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510Desigual’s marketing strategy uses luxury brands to develop a marketing strategy for a particular audience where adaptability thrives. In addition, the company’s goal is also to continue creating clothing and accommodating clients with originality and cordialness.


How can BluCactus help your business succeed with Desigual’s marketing strategy? If you want to progress your fashion brand further, please do not hesitate to contact us now, as we are happy to help! 


We hope you have gained insightful and motivating methods to develop your fashion company further. Our capable and proficient team is here to aid you in creating a profitable strategy that positions your brand to build an audience. In addition, subscribe to our weekly newsletter to keep up to date with the latest happenings and steps to succeed.

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