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How to make a dynamic presentation in PowerPoint? PowerPoint presentations offer us many advantages. Everything smiles if it is a dynamic presentation. In them, you can add your branding and all the details of your corporate identity. Thus, you will be able to show your logo, the colors of your brand, and other elements that you want the audience to know about your company.


At first, it can be complicated because of all the animated options available. And if you don’t know how to do it, you can enlist the help of the PPT presentation creation experts. In this post, we will provide you with a lot of information about dynamic presentations. All to understand their importance within your marketing strategy. Keep reading!


What are dynamic PowerPoint presentations?


Blucactus Korea - teamworkPowerPoint presentations are defined as a set of slides. They add essential data on a specific topic to create what is known as a presentation. The good news is that today they are not only used in high school or college.


Now, we can create a dynamic PowerPoint presentation for our company.


What for? To make informative screens with updated content coming from various data sources. Dynamic presentations are very different from static presentations. And when used correctly, it will be easier for the interlocutor to receive or understand the message you want to convey.


What is the importance of animations in slides?


BluCactus Korea - dynamic presentation - woman workingAnimations have the advantage of helping to control PPT presentations. You can enhance them by adding elements such as infographics or a chart bar. Likewise, it is important that when using them, you ask yourself if the effects you add capture your audience’s attention. So, this is not about picking any animation and using it. You must analyze which ones are in accordance with your message on each slide.


It is essential to make use of animations for PowerPoint when:


  • You want to make adjustments to the dynamic style


The animations must be related to the style of your presentation. So, take a good look at each element or transition you plan to choose.


  • Blucactus Korea - MeetingMust include animated vignettes


Use them only when it is necessary to accompany the information shown on the slides. Similarly, remember that these are vignettes to provide information little by little. Through elements like this, you can grab your audience’s attention and keep them focused on a specific topic at a time.


  • Need an interactive PowerPoint file

Turn to animation if you want to deliver your presentation as a file with which your audience can interact. Simply export your PPT in an interactive presentation format to share via DropBox, email, or online.


How to make a dynamic presentation in PowerPoint?


You are probably new to the concept of dynamic presentation and are used to making presentations static. The good news is that making a dynamic presentation doesn’t require starting from scratch. You can transform a static presentation into a dynamic one, and here are the best tricks to do it:


Animated Graphics


BluCactus Korea - dynamic presentation - Woman working

Although there are many programs you can use to create dynamic presentations, you can do an excellent job in PowerPoint.


To get started, if you plan to display data about your company, you can take advantage of animated data charts. Animated graphics are beneficial. Since in addition to providing dynamism, you can expose data by data without the audience being distracted when reading the data that will later be mentioned.


Besides these graphics, you can also add audio or video from Vimeo or YouTube to dynamic PowerPoint presentations. This type of content can be played automatically once the slide is reached. All without having to redirect us to the corresponding web page.


Slide Pattern


Blucactus Korea - Man working

In a professional PowerPoint presentation, it is essential to respect the pattern of the slides. By this, we mean that you should add videos, placeholders, and all the necessary elements to make your presentation dynamic.


Creativity and Originality


Without these features, a dynamic presentation will be meaningless. Creativity has become a plus in creating a good marketing strategy for our company. Therefore, much must be done if a strategy like this is used. There are many ideas to put our creativity into practice. For example, we can create a color palette directly in PowerPoint to make our slides stand out. However, we must make a good selection of colors so that later they don´t collide with the company’s corporate colors.


BluCactus Korea - dynamic presentation - PPT Slides with colorRelated Images


This element is also critical. Imagine that your exhibition is about a clothing brand, and your images are related to cleaning products. One thing has nothing to do with the other, right?


Indeed, the images you will use in the PowerPoint dynamic slides must be related to the topic you will expose. It can be directly or through metaphors. The important thing is that we use images as resources to connect with the public and transmit the message with more power.


Public Participation


You must allow audience participation to make your PowerPoint presentation as dynamic as possible. It is an excellent formula to keep their attention. To achieve this, you can ask some direct questions to the public. Or also, you can opt for several rounds of questions so that those who wish have the opportunity to clarify certain doubts. You can add a QR code if you want to make your dynamic presentation even more eye-catching. In this way, the audience can download it through their smart devices.


How to apply animations in a dynamic PowerPoint presentation?


Templates with animations for PowerPoint are very helpful. This is because they offer many styles and save us a lot of time making a presentation from scratch. Of course, creating a professional presentation is not a matter of seconds since it requires a lot of dedication. Let’s see how you can apply animations in a dynamic presentation in PowerPoint with the help of a template:


Introduction Slides


Blucactus Korea - Woman showing slidesFor the introduction slide, you can find a variety of markers for the position of the texts. To do this, the first thing you need to do is add your own text. You can do this by highlighting another existing block of text to write over it.


If it’s a premium presentation template, you’ll be able to customize the fonts. Now when you have the text highlighted, you can find the fonts section that appears on the home tab. You can also use other effects such as bold or italic or change the font size.


When creating an animated PowerPoint presentation, you’ll probably want to check out all the available animation options. In the animation tab, you can find many elements. But it would help if you also remembered that since they are pre-animated templates, you don’t have to add animations from scratch. Generally, this advantage is not available in free PowerPoint dynamic slides.


As for the pre-made animations, you can find them by clicking on the “animations” button. This will open a sidebar where you can see a list of available effects. Before selecting an effect, you can click on the “preview” option. This way, you will find the most suitable for the animated presentation you need for your company.


Infographic Slides


BluCactus Korea - dynamic presentation - woman working

Infographics should be part of any dynamic PPT presentation. Especially if you want it to be successful. This is because infographics allow you to express ideas or data more precisely. Through them, you can add individual ideas and explain each of them in order.


These types of slides are also pre-animated. Although it is worth clarifying that you do not need to use the animations as they have been included. The idea is that you can take creative control of your presentation. Indeed, in the animations tab, you can see the list of available animations. Also, you will find sections of groups that are the individual cores.


You can add the illustrations and cores one by one. This way, you can set the speed and rhythm of the exposure.


Image Slides


Blucactus Korea - Man workingImage slides usually contain a bit of text accompanied by an image. Photos are a fundamental part of most animated templates. And it is you who must add your creativity and originality to shape your presentation. To use this template, you must go to the animations tab. Then click on the photo animation and then choose the effect to use. For example, there is a very simple effect known as “float in,” and it is one of the most used animations. You can use it or select an effect that provides more style.


On the left tab of the animations tab, you can also click on the dropdown menu just below the list of effects. Right in this place, you will find a menu with many striking options. Likewise, to explore each of the effects, you can click on the thumbnail of each one to apply it. The exciting thing is that this is a function with preview. And thanks to this, you can select the ideal option for your presentation.


What are the most creative and dynamic PowerPoint templates?


The goal of animated presentations is to convey all of your ideas to the audience. Whether it is a small or a large conference, you always have to strive for quality slides. You can find many dynamic PPT presentation ideas on the web, filled with various creative options. So, you can take advantage of multiple features for creating content that makes a big impact. Here are some of the template options you can use to create successful presentations:


Blucactus Korea - Woman workingAnimated Corporate PowerPoint Template


These types of templates are perfect for businesses. Therefore, you should consider this idea for your next presentation. In these templates, you can do flat animation creation. Also, you can use infographic videos without adding additional applications.


Simple Animated PowerPoint Template


There are simple but great dynamic PowerPoint templates to create an excellent presentation. Most of them include animations to give a view of their content without many complications.


Animated template with professional benefits


These types of templates offer a large number of options to make great design compositions. You can also find handmade infographics and other elements that you can use that different beat templates you can get on the web for free or paid.


Creative animated template


Blucactus Korea - Man workingAs we have already mentioned, creativity is one of the most critical elements in making a dynamic professional presentation. These types of templates are of great help to give a lot of movement and wonderful transactions. Therefore, they are ideal for both business and personal use.


To help you find a template style that fits your business needs, look for some of the following features:


Would you like to know more about dynamic presentations in PowerPoint?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510Before concluding this post, we want to give you some additional tips that will help you when creating a dynamic PPT presentation:


  • Keep your slides simple.
  • Apply animations only to main themes.
  • Focus on making a good sequence of the animations.


If you want a dynamic PowerPoint presentation for your company at BluCactus, we can help you. Here, we have a team of experts made up of content creators and PPT presentation designers. We can give you the advice you need or take care of your project. You just have to contact us, and we will gladly assist you. Contact Us!


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