How to make effective ads on Google ads for nursing homes?

BluCactus Korea - How to make effective ads on Google ads for nursing homes?

How to make effective ads in Google Ads for nursing homes? Google Ads is a very effective advertising platform to publicize any business, including nursing homes. You can promote all your services to improve quality of life through this paid advertising format. Both for older people and their families. You just have to know how to implement certain strategies or techniques to create an effective campaign.


But how to create an ad for nursing homes? This article will surely interest you if you are dedicated to a business like this.


How to promote a nursing home in Google Ads?


BluCactus - elder people using technologyInvesting in Google Ads advertising for nursing homes is important to develop a good marketing plan. But first, you must understand that your potential client and the one you want to attract are different. Why? Because your services are available for older people who cannot live in their usual home and require specialized help. However, in most cases, it is the children who decide to hire this type of service. They are the ones who look for the information and choose the center that they consider most appropriate.


So, your marketing actions must be directed to the users you want to convince. You must have clear goals to generate trust and value through your Google Ads ads to do this. An essential factor for promoting this type of business is the geographical location of your nursing home. This way, your actions will be directed to people in your city or surrounding areas. The idea is that your budget is not wasted on actions that will have no contribution.


What is search engine advertising for nursing homes in Google Ads?


BluCactus - elder people using technologyPaid search engine advertising to promote nursing homes is more necessary than you can imagine. It is a very useful investment because when a user searches for a center like this, they want to obtain all the information possible before making a final decision. This way, they enter search engines like Google, so you must appear in the first results. To do this, you just have to set up a Google Ads campaign with a bid price.


Likewise, you must specify the keywords you want to bid on to create eye-catching ads that lead to a landing page or a landing page. This page within a website is essential to access the phone numbers of your potential clients. In addition, it allows follow-up through phone calls for closer communication.


Of course, it cannot be denied that we are not talking about an advertising action that is easy to build. However, when optimized, it is easy to control so that you can reach the audience you need, giving value to your brand.


How to do your own advertising for nursing homes?


BluCactus - elder people using technologyAs mentioned, Google Ads is a useful tool for advertising nursing homes. Regardless of whether you create your campaign yourself or seek help from experts. The key point is to clarify to whoever is searching for your ad that it has been created for them. For example:


  • Add in the qualification the same search keyword. Since, if the terms used by the user in the search are found in the ad in bold, they stand out.
  • Attach prices or payment methods to your ads. This can serve as a positive filter on the conversion rate. Because the user will not have to enter the website to obtain this information.
  • Cite certain qualifiers in the ad. Remember that you must pay Google for each click, and the raters will work to eliminate clicks that are not interesting to your business.
  • Add all the words with their initial in capital letters. Studies have shown that this action is striking and attracts many more clicks.


BluCactus - elder people using technology - Google Ads for nursing homesThese are other techniques you can use when creating ads in Google Ads for nursing homes:


Qualification: It is the most relevant part of the ad. Therefore, it must capture what the user is looking for. A good idea could be: Do you need a nursing home? Or How to choose a nursing home?


Description: You can’t add all your business information in 80 characters. So, the goal is to attract clicks, so you must add arguments that attract the user’s curiosity. You can add the years of experience of the care center or highlight if you have obtained any recognition for your work.


View URL: The URL displayed can be the same domain as your business. This way, you can simplify your offer to the user after the click.


BluCactus - elder people using technology - Google Ads for nursing homesDestination URL: The page where you will direct users who click on your ad must contain what they are looking for and be related to it. A landing page created for the advertised offer generates better results since the user will find exactly the information they want to know.


Ad extensions: In addition to ad content, you can add ad extensions for more information that complements your offer. There are many types of these extensions, and you can configure those related to your ad’s context. Some available extensions are featured phrases, messages, calls, locations, applications, prices, comments, etc.


Dynamic ads: This resource makes it easy to create ads to make the content more relevant. You can set up as many ads as you want in this way in Google Ads or just a portion of their content. Simply add a description and URL for the standard display, and Google will dynamically include the title and final URL based on the user’s search and the website that has been configured.


Do you have a nursing home and want to promote yourself on Google Ads?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510We hope that the tips we have given you help you promote your business. To create an effective paid advertising campaign, the help of experts is invaluable, and at BluCactus, we can help you. We are a digital marketing agency in Seoul. Our team specializes in the strategies that work to attract customers to a nursing home with Google Ads.


Don’t leave the promotion of your business in the hands of inexperienced people who will only waste your budget. Contact us right now to take care of developing and managing an advertising plan that fits your needs.


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