What is Forever 21’s Marketing Strategy?

Blucactus Korea - What is Forever 21’s Marketing Strategy?

What is Forever 21’s Marketing Strategy? After declaring bankruptcy in 2019, Forever 21’s marketing strategy changed. This was done in order to save the company. And luckily, it worked. Their new marketing strategy consists of a renewed focus on cross-border e-commerce in the form of localized online stores. That’s right, Forever 21 moved away from “physical” retail and created other alternatives to stay in the market. Without a doubt, Forever 21 is an example of renewal and improvement. So what is Forever 21’s Marketing Strategy? Today, at BluCactus, we will tell you more details about the marketing strategy of this fashion brand.


How does Forever 21’s marketing strategy work?


BluCactus Korea - What is Forever 21’s Marketing Strategy?What is Forever 21’s Marketing Strategy? The marketing strategy of Forever 21 is based on a more personalized, cross-border online offering that supports more than 95 currencies, and more than 150 local and alternative payment methods in 21 languages. It also offers a wide variety of shipping methods.


To engage their already digitally savvy customers, retailers need to invest in creating a unique online experience that speaks directly to the shopper. This is what the brand is currently aiming for.  Additionally, with the continued increase in demand from international shoppers, Forever 21 recognizes that an advanced global online shopping experience is a significant part of its future growth.


What is Forever 21’s target audience?


BluCactus Korea - What is Forever 21’s Marketing Strategy?Forever 21’s target audience is young people. Forever 21 sells clothing for young women, including accessories, swimwear, lingerie, bags, and shoes. These garments are based on the trends that are worn in Asia and the United States. Their prices are very affordable, especially in North America.


However, although at first, it was a fashion firm focused on a youthful audience, including adolescents, little by little, it has opened up to new clients, especially after the creation of new brands within Forever 21, such as XXI Forever, ForLove21, Forever21+, Love21, Forever 21 Girls, 21men.


Each one focuses on different audiences, from the youngest to the most mature, also some only women and others only men.


What is Forever 21’s pricing strategy?


BluCactus Korea - What is Forever 21’s Marketing Strategy?What is Forever 21’s Marketing Strategy? Within its marketing strategy, it also highlights its pricing strategy. Therefore, it is necessary to talk about prices when we talk about the marketing strategy of Forever 21.


The brand reduced the cost by hiring cheap labor and applying an economical design. As always in the Fast Fashion industry, many workers in Forever 21 stores are high school workers. They are paid a minimum wage. Likewise, Forever 21 moves its production to Asia to pay workers less. Plus, you don’t spend much on hiring designers.


For that reason, the brand has faced many lawsuits. They have also faced lawsuits for copyright. Specifically, for stealing the work of designers like Anna Sui and Trovata. Thanks to that, customers can buy products at low prices at Forever 21. The brand reduces its cost by applying cheap labor and cheap design.


Who is Forever 21’s biggest competitor?


All brands have big competitors. And all brands take that into account when thinking about their marketing strategy. Among Forever 21’s competitors, H&M stands out. For that reason, Forever 21’s biggest competitor is H&M. Both brands offer affordable prices and the latest styles to customers. When H&M offers a lower price to customers, Forever 21 takes some steps to win customers over. For example, lower the price further and offer some deals.


Is Forever 21 owned by H&M?


No. Forever 21 is owned by Authentic Brands Group, Simon Property Group, and Brookfield Properties. However, Forever 21’s new co-owner, Authentic Brands Group, has appointed former H&M executive Daniel Kulle as the new chief executive. Kulle recently worked as a strategic adviser to former H&M Group CEO Karl-Johan Persson.


Why is Forever 21 not sustainable?


BluCactus Korea - sportswear fashion brandForever 21 is not a sustainable clothing brand because it is a part of a fast fashion brand. Fast fashion is cheap and quickly digested. It has a short shelf life and generates garbage. Young people are aware that this fast fashion contributes to destroying the place in which they live and where they hope the rest of the generations can continue living.


They know that this type of fashion continues to drive a workforce into substandard and unhealthy working conditions and that textile waste significantly boosts greenhouse gasses through water and air pollution. However, in recent years and after the crisis, the brand has also started to use sustainable materials in its clothing range to promote the Sustainable Fashion Movement. Although it is not yet in its entirety, little by little, the brand seems to want to become sustainable. The marketing strategy of Forever 21 also includes those significant changes.


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Is Forever 21 a fast fashion brand?


That’s right, Forever 21 is a fast fashion brand. The change in thinking and the turn towards more eco-friendly fashion that comes hand in hand with the new generations don’t forgive brands that don’t join in caring for the planet. So many people start to dismiss Forever 21 as a fashion option because it’s part of fast fashion.


Where does Forever 21 make their clothes?


BluCactus Korea - sportswear fashion brand60% of the brand’s total clothing is made in China. The brand is one of the favorites for women to buy clothes.


Forever 21 manufactures apparel using several materials, including rayon, cotton, nylon, polyester, viscose, and acrylic. In this way, Forever 21 develops its clothing.


For greater comfort and breathability, they combine viscose and polyester with these materials.


The brand also uses spandex material to add elasticity to its clothing.


Why are all the Forever 21 stores closing?


Due to the bankruptcy crisis in 2019, Forever 21 closed many of its stores. The bankruptcy, which occurred in September 2019, was the result of years of poor decisions and a fundamental lack of understanding. Caused, not only by the change that retail was going through but also by its conventions. We must emphasize that in the marketing strategy of Forever 21, the brand has left Canada and Europe and is entering into Asia and Latin America.


In what area do you think Forever 21 failed to comply?


Although it is difficult to admit, a large company in fashion or any field can fail due to mismanagement.  That was the case with Forever 21, which in 2019 had to declare bankruptcy. But where did the brand go wrong? Mainly, it failed because it did not consider the sustainability of its business.


BluCactus Korea - What is Forever 21’s Marketing Strategy?In addition, Forever 21 also didn’t thoroughly analyze market trends and competitor strategies. It also forgot about consumer expectations.  As a result, it was unable to adapt and innovate. Although, with its new marketing strategy, it has managed to make a comeback.


Does Forever 21 have TikTok?


Yes, you can get Forever 21 on TikTok as @forever21. In the marketing strategy of Forever 21, the brand shares its latest collections and more on this social platform. It is a perfect channel to stay connected with their updates.


Why did Forever 21 fail in China?


Forever 21’s failure in China was largely due to its slow approach to expansion and digital marketing strategy. That made it less visible to younger consumers. Yet, with its new marketing strategy, the brand is gradually recovering in the Asian country as well.


What is the age range for Forever 21?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510Forever 21 employees are between the ages of 20-30. For this reason, 40% of the brand’s employees are between that age range. In addition, the Forever 21 target audience is also in that age range. It is a youth target.


What is Forever 21’s Marketing Strategy? After filing for bankruptcy, Forever 21 completely changed its marketing strategy. Now the company takes consumer preferences into account and considers digital marketing as a priority.


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