How to create a Google Ads advertising plan for transport companies?

BluCactus Korea - How to create a Google Ads advertising plan for transport companies?

How to create a Google Ads advertising plan for transport companies in Korea? Having a marketing plan for transportation companies is more important than you can imagine. More so now, they are very popular on the internet. This tool has become the favorite of people who want to move from one place to another using a transportation company.


So, if it is a highly requested service online, what strategy is best to make yourself known? If you have a company dedicated to this sector, running an advertising campaign on Google Ads is a very viable option. This way, instead of focusing on individuals, you will gain visibility. Everything to reach those companies that wish to transfer their staff or employees quickly and safely.


In this article, we will explain how to create an effective campaign without failing in the attempt for Google Ads.


What can you do with Google Ads for a transportation company?


BluCactus - gmail for subscribes list in email marketingGoogle Ads is the best option for online advertising. Through this service, you can show yourself to people who show interest in topics related to transport companies. In fact, you can create more specific ads adapted to your company’s strategy.


Likewise, thanks to this advertising service, you can advertise on various web pages. As well as in mobile applications. In this way, those users who have consumed recent information related to your services will be able to see your ads. Therefore, if your transportation service is focused on travel transfers, you can do the following: optimize your ads so they are seen by people who have watched “travel advice” videos or content.


But this is not all, since your ads may be visible to people who are in the cities where you provide your transportation service. As a result, your advertising budget will generate a better return on investment.


How to promote a transportation company through Google Ads?


BluCactus - gmail for subscribes list in email marketing - Google Ads advertisingA large percentage of people search for transportation services online. Either because they want to travel and get to their destination quickly because they have planned a trip or for other reasons. So, you must use this information to run an effective campaign in Google Ads. However, among the steps that you must complete to achieve this goal, we can mention:


Identify your target audience


Users who need this service know where they are going, so their search will focus on a specific company. Suppose a person determines that he needs to hire transportation to get from one place to another. From this, you will do your search on Google.


However, this may not always be the case. The user who wants to take a trip may have a specific destination or be considering several options. For this reason, it is important that your company appears in the Google search engine to reach the correct user.


Analyze your competition


Doing this analysis is essential to avoid using generic search words that generate more competition. This analysis must be based on generic routes where you would like to appear when a user searches on Google. This way, you will be able to know which transport companies compete with yours and then decide what differential services you can offer.


What should you do? Select the routes of your preference to analyze who you compete with on it. Also, if it is a different or equal means of transportation than the one you offer.


Analyze generic keywords


BluCactus - gmail for subscribes list in email marketing - Google Ads advertisingIt is likely that your transportation service has not been recruited for generic keywords. That is, words that have no relation to the name of your brand but are specific. For example, transportation service in “…”. If this happens, it is because you have not been able to position yourself for them, and users cannot find you.


In this case, you have to resort to other actions. You must carefully identify which keywords that do not refer to a brand may be useful. This way, you will be able to identify which ones can work in your Google Ads campaign for transportation companies. You can try different tools to perform this keyword analysis. In fact, Google’s keyword tool is very interesting and easy to use to obtain information on how your potential clients can search for you.


Non-branded keywords are also valuable for your SEM strategy. This is because they allow you to reach new customers. Especially when they are specific words and without much competition.


Agreement between keywords


This step consists of identifying all the possible variations of the keywords you have chosen for your Google Ads campaign for transportation. In a way, you must consider the level of agreement that there may be in the ones you have used to determine the variations they may have.


You must take into account that each user searches in their own way. So, it may happen that your keywords do not cover all the searches of interest. Although also, you could appear for many more than you should. Thus, to select the match for your keywords, you must use logic. That is, when going into “generic transportation service,” words like “cheap transportation service,” using a broad match could be an expensive and risky move.


Referring to specific words such as “cheap transportation services in (city),” using an exact match could be very restrictive. Which could lead to the loss of searches such as “transport service (city).” This would happen because the search was done in the singular and not in the plural, although they could also be deactivated due to lack of traffic.


Differentiate your message from the rest


BluCactus - google ads plan for business and transport companies - Google Ads advertisingHow to create a Google Ads advertising plan for transport companies? Your keywords should be grouped according to the message you want to convey and your competition in your sector. In this way, it is important that you can differentiate yourself through an attractive message because it is the first thing the user sees. If you have no idea how to make an eye-catching message, it can be directed to your service route. Additionally, you can include data about your service, such as hours and rates. Likewise, if you have special offers, don’t forget to mention them.


Also, you can create a more precise message. In this case, if a user searches for “cheap transportation service online,” your competition will be transportation companies that offer the same service but at a lower price. This way, the search will be oriented towards price, so your message should focus on this factor. Consequently, it is necessary to mention how low your price is and the possible discounts they will obtain for hiring your services.


The truth is that you must give a clear and precise message. For it:


  • Offer a service that is more attractive than your competition.
  • Maintain originality at all times.
  • If you have special services, highlight them.
  • Make use of essential ad extensions (location, review, legend)


Do you need to create good advertising for a transport company?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510Google Ads is the tool you need so that your campaign is made up of effective ads. The steps we have mentioned will help you improve your positioning on Google. However, to gain greater visibility, you should consider seeking expert help. 


At BluCactus, we are a digital marketing agency in Seoul, and we have extensive experience creating Google Ads campaigns. We can support you from the creation to the management of your advertising. All to ensure its effectiveness and better positioning in Google searches.


Contact us now to discuss what strategy we should implement for your transportation company, and we will make it stand out in online searches.


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