Steps to create a Google Ads campaign for solar panel manufacturers

BluCactus Korea - Steps to create a Google Ads campaign for solar panel manufacturers

Steps to create a Google Ads campaign for solar panel manufacturers in South Africa. Nowadays, solar panels have been gaining a lot of popularity. Especially for people who want to use solar energy efficiently. So, the demand for these structures is constantly increasing in the market. Therefore, if you have a company that is dedicated to the manufacture of these products, the time has come to implement a marketing strategy to increase your sales.


But which marketing strategy is the best? Google Ads is one of the most effective tools to publicize your company. Since you can structure a campaign with different types of ads to gain visibility to potential clients. In this article, we will explain the steps you must follow to sell solar panels online without failing in the attempt.


How to run a smart campaign in Google Ads for solar panels?


It is important that you take the time necessary to implement a good Google Ads campaign for the sale of solar panels. In this sense, focus on the positioning of your company in search engines, in this case, Google.


This positioning is vital for any business or factory that wants to make itself known. Because it is the search engine with the highest traffic worldwide. Undoubtedly, on more than one occasion, you have gone directly to Google when you need to look for a reference to a business, its address, hours, etc.


Thus, the best tool you can use to achieve this positioning is called Google Ads. Through it, you have the opportunity to create campaigns to expose your business to a greater number of users. And these can then become potential customers.


BluCactus - gmail for subscribes list in email marketingImmediately, we will give you the key points to follow. Apply them once you choose the Google Ads tool to generate advertising for your solar panel factory:


  • Activate a Gmail email account


This account must be associated with the company you want to promote, in this context, your solar panel company. Likewise, it is recommended for this account to be exclusively dedicated to your business. This way, your personal and business life will not be related.



What is the objective of running a Google Ads campaign for solar panels? Position your website? Increase the number of calls in your business? Make your location known? It is essential that you have clear objectives from the beginning. From this, you will be able to boost your business through specific searches for possible prospects.


  • Select the type of campaign


BluCactus - gmail for subscribes list in email marketing - solar panelThis is the step where you must select the type of campaign. For example, if you want to run text ads for solar panels, you can opt for search campaigns. However, if the goal is to find high-value customers, opt for a top-performing campaign. There are also display campaigns, which allow you to reach the public through attractive ads with images and texts.


On the other hand, there are video, shopping, universal location, Discovery, Smart, local, and universal application campaigns. Remember that you should choose based on your goals as a business owner.



The first thing you should do is place your company in the search engine to position yourself in Google Business. Right there, you can add all the data related to your company, including telephone, hours, location, website, etc. In addition to using this tool to gain visibility, there are different types of campaigns that you can use. And these can fit your needs as the owner of a company in the photovoltaic sector.


  • Set a budget


BluCactus - gmail for subscribes list in email marketingYou must have a budget, which will be used to implement your promotional objectives. Thus, to allocate a budget to your campaign, you must indicate the average amount you wish to invest daily.


Depending on the configuration you choose, there are days when the investment will be less than the daily budget, and on others, it could be up to double. This is a phenomenon known as overprinting.


Google Ads uses these margins to optimize your solar panel campaigns. Thus, your ads will be shown, preferably, to a high-quality audience.


  • Measure results


BluCactus - google ads plan for business and solar panel companiesThere are many metrics that you can use to have an overview of the behavior of your campaigns in Google Ads, filtering by date. This way, you will be able to know their scope, as well as the results and their performance. Also, you can do an analysis by campaigns based on different data. Such as the daily budget, spending, impressions, clicks, and conversion rate, among others.


  • Consider a start and end date for your campaign


One of the advantages of Google Ads is that it allows you to set a start and end date for your campaign. It’s important to note that your ads will continue to serve and bill indefinitely if you haven’t specified an end date.


Thanks to this configuration, you can create an advertising campaign agenda in order to be able to schedule your special ads for a campaign on a specific date. This way, if you want to offer a discount on your products next month, you can schedule your ads now.


Are you a solar panel manufacturer in South Africa?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510If the answer is yes, what are you waiting for to start structuring a campaign in Google Ads and promoting solar panels?


If you are a person who educates yourself, there is a lot of content on the Internet that you can find to understand points related to Google Ads. However, it is important that you receive advice from marketing experts who will help you meet your objectives.


At BluCactus, we are a digital marketing agency in South Africa, and we specialize in creating Google Ads campaigns for any business sector. We help you stay ahead of your competition through effective and creative ads. Delegate this work to us, and don’t neglect your business.


Contact us right now to provide you with personalized attention.


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