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How to be a successful fashion business entrepreneur in Korea. Becoming a fashion entrepreneur can indeed be difficult. Even more, if we consider how many businesses belong to this industry are. That’s why many people who want to have a fashion business decide to specialize in the fashion business.


Similarly, you must know that you must have creativity and originality besides knowing how to create a fashion business. Having your own business is a very big challenge. It requires a lot of discipline and dedication to achieve your goals.


Today, we’ll be talking about some very important points if you want to be a successful entrepreneur in the fashion world.


How to start a successful clothing business?


A very interesting fact about fashion businesses is that they tend to resist economic problems.


For example, during Covid 19, the most important brands in the fashion sector offered clothing to stay inside the home, comfortable but without losing style.


Getting dressed is a basic need where the financial or social status doesn’t matter to buy a garment. That’s why fashion has the power to keep billions and billions of dollars moving around the world every year.


Therefore, it’s a good way to generate income. So, if you want to join this sector, pay attention to the steps below:


What kind of business do you want?


This point is very important if you want to start a clothing business. You must choose the best platform to start your sales. Therefore, you need to decide if you want an online or physical store. Besides, if it is a physical store, you must determine where to locate it. This can be in either a shopping center, on the street, or if it will be a franchise.


This decision should be adjusted to your possibilities or the type of business you think you can manage. However, it is a decision that can change over time so that there are improvements in your business. In fact, many entrepreneurs start with a physical store. Once they see that they’re doing well, they expand the business with an online store. However, the opposite can also happen.


Similarly, if you have little capital, an online store will always be a good option because you will not have to allocate your budget for the expense of a store.


What kind of clothes will you sell?


BluCactus - How to be a successful fashion business entrepreneurIdeally, you shouldn’t rush to choose the clothes you’re going to sell. Don’t be guided solely by your tastes either, as this is often one of the main reasons fashion businesses are unsuccessful.


Customers must be offered what they really want and need, and it is something that we must understand if we do not want our store to fail. Indeed, you must carry out a market study that will help to specify your type of client.


But don’t worry if you don’t know what kind of clothes to sell, because here are some recommendations, so you don’t fail:


  • When creating an online store, you can look at the clothes offered by other pages, whether they are from your own country or another city. Similarly, if it is a physical business, take a walk around the area where you plan to start your business and see what your competitors offer.
  • Also, look if there are some pieces of clothing that people want, and few online or physical stores offer them. That is retro, vintage clothing, sportswear, or haute couture.
  • Take a little of your time to get into blogs or forums dealing with fashion topics. A) This way, you can be informed about which are the trends, and through the comments, you will be able to discover what people like more. In this way, you will be able to know if in your online store you must sell ​​clothes, footwear, or accessories.
  • Last but not least, look at the purchasing power of consumers in your area to see if their wages are low or high. This helps you determine if you can sell affordable but quality clothing or haute couture.


If you take these recommendations into account, you will make the exact choice of clothes that you should have on sale.


BluCactus - How to be a successful fashion business entrepreneurWhat name and logo to choose?


Once you have selected the type of clothing you want to sell, it is time to create the name and logo of your clothing business.


Whether your business is online or physical, it is essential to have a catchy name that attracts your customers and a logo that is easy to remember.




Choose a location or create your online store?


After having the previous steps ready, you must select a good location in case of creating a physical store or a web page if the idea is to start with an online store.


If the idea is a physical store…


  • You must ensure that the premises are in a good area where your potential customers pass by.
  • Ensure that the location is easy-to-reach, such as easily accessible highways and bus lines.
  • Take a good look at the competitors around you and the products they sell to determine if they are the same or similar. This way, you can determine if these products could threaten your business.
  • Details if there is availability for car parking near the premises.
  • It is also essential that you do your research regarding the restrictive ordinances in the area since some streets have regulations regarding the hours for unloading trucks.

BluCactus - How to be a successful fashion business entrepreneurIf the idea is an online store…


  • For an online store, you must select a good domain name to choose the name of the store or a keyword that is related. For example, if you sell women’s clothing, the domain could be: “”
  • If you have a good command of computers, you can create your own web page and install a platform that serves to open your virtual store. One of the most used platforms is WordPress, along with WooCommerce.
  • Not having much computer knowledge, there are many applications where you can easily open your store and upload photos of your products to start selling.
  • Try to choose a professional design to open your website. Generally, a site with a white background and black elements works very well.

BluCactus - How to be a successful fashion business entrepreneurWhich provider should you choose for your business?


When you have your fashion business, you will need the garments you will sell. In this case, you have many options: 


  • Second-hand clothes.


  • Clothing designed by you.


  • Clothing of a certain brand.


  • Clothing brought from abroad.

How to legalize my business?


You must legalize and register it as an independent professional or self-employed, no matter the type of business. Besides, you must register as the business owner to pay the corresponding taxes. In some cases, it will also be necessary to take out insurance.


Now, suppose your business is a physical store. In that case, the license to open your premises is important, and the building license is in case of making modifications. However, you should also check if you need to do other paperwork to have your papers in order.


In contrast, you will avoid all this documentation with an online store. However, you will have to register as a freelancer.


How to promote yourself to reach your potential customers?


Do you have everything ready to start your fashion business? If the answer is yes, now is the time to promote yourself to get your first customers.


 The logical thing is to ensure that your business appears on your local yellow pages. And of course, you must also take advantage of social media to promote your fashion business. To do this, you can start by giving your new customers an incentive. This could be a discount or a small gift when they buy some of your products.


Besides, you can put your creativity into practice and offer a fashion show in your own store or in an easily accessible location with enough space for your customers to be spectators.


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BluCactus - Linn LarssonAs you can see, a fashion business will always be a very lucrative undertaking.


You can start your business as a true fashion entrepreneur and obtain the expected results.


Similarly, at BluCactus Korea, we are here to help you create the fashion business you need.


We’ll implement the best marketing strategies to achieve this. Contact us, and we will gladly assist you.


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