How to run a successful telemarketing campaign

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How to run a successful telemarketing campaign in Korea. Today, the immediate response of the customer is of great importance for any company. That is why telemarketing has not ceased to be a trend in an effective campaign. In Korea, this is the preferred communication channel for many companies successfully selling their products or services.


Therefore, this channel must be part of any strategy created to position a brand or for customer loyalty. This post will explain how to achieve telemarketing campaigns that meet your goals and fit into a successful category.


How to plan a telemarketing campaign?


The structure of a telemarketing campaign has some organized steps that must be followed for successful planning. What are these steps?


  • Campaign Objective


What do you want to achieve through a telemarketing campaign? We start with this point since it is essential to determine the objective of your campaign. You will have to carry out different actions to sell a product or make it known to the audience. Likewise, it is important to consider updating your database to include new clients.


However, for your objective to be clear enough, you must do a market study together with your marketing team to find out the trends in your sector and adjust to the audience’s needs. Lastly, a good objective will not be well defined without step-by-step planning.


  • Market Segmentation


A marketing plan should target an audience based on what you want to obtain with a campaign like this or the characteristics of your products or services. Likewise, the most relevant data you can find are age, location of residence, and social status.


Sometimes it is necessary to collect more data and investigate other details: gastronomic tastes, favorite clothes, leisure activities, etc. Everything will depend on the sector to which your business belongs.


  • Company Database


Yes, you can use your company’s database for a campaign based on telemarketing.


However, investing in a database belonging to a specialized company is available. If your company is just starting out, choose the correct option, considering that it will not have its own database as a new company.


Now, if the main objective is to update your clients’ data, the company’s database is enough to do so. Indeed, if we need information on the needs of consumers in our product segment, it is preferable to consider the correct alternative.


  • Decide the first offer


Your business’s first offer must be a hook. In general, when we launch a campaign, we aim to sell a specific product or service. However, the campaign does not have to be about the product offered to customers from the beginning.


In this case, the secret is segmenting your customers. This is achieved by knowing their characteristics of interest.


  • Hire a telemarketing company


Who can bring your campaign to life?


This is the one million question.


It is common for small companies to settle for hiring an external service. In contrast, larger companies can afford to have their own marketing department.


However, some companies have successfully left their campaigns in the hands of an effective telemarketing company, especially if it is a specific campaign.


  • Carry out a call test


Before the start of a campaign, it is a good idea to carry out a call test. To do this, we can select a specific number of contacts and write down the details of their responses. This requires a series of steps, but the final stage consists of analyzing these answers to obtain the conclusions that will be put into practice later. In this way, the results of the campaign can improve considerably.


  • Campaign Tracking


BluCactus - How to run a successful telemarketing campaign - telemarketingThis is the last step to understanding how to create a successful telemarketing campaign, but it is just as essential as the others.


It will help you know how to make a campaign that works and adapts to your company’s objectives.


Thus, the campaign’s results must be analyzed periodically, either once a week or every 15 days.


This is the best way to determine the flaws, what can be improved, and whether the return on investment has been rewarding.


Keep realistic expectations for your telemarketing campaign


Although many companies advertise high expectations of success, there is nothing better than being grounded. This type of advertising can often be misleading for the following reasons:


BluCactus - How to run a successful telemarketing campaign - telemarketingResults cannot be guaranteed


A reputable telemarketing outsourcer never commits to a guaranteed result. These dynamic outbound call campaigns are often uncontrollable by many external factors. Therefore, a telemarketing specialist focuses on reaching or exceeding those realistic expectations the team has set before the start of the campaign.


Expectations must be based on real data


If you have never been encouraged to conduct an outbound campaign, the time may be now. To do this, you can get a list of more than 25 clients and make the corresponding calls. The next step is recording and monitoring the data, which must be carefully reviewed. In the end, this campaign can also serve as a learning experience to determine what can happen at a higher level.


Does your company need a telemarketing strategy?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510These points cannot be overlooked if you are interested in creating a successful telemarketing campaign. However, these strategies can be evaluated and adjusted according to your company’s objectives, products, and services.


If you need a telemarketing campaign for your company at BluCactus Korea, we can help you. We have a team of marketing specialists who will determine the tools that cannot be missing throughout your campaign. You can contact us right now to tell us about your company, and we will gladly tell you the steps to follow.


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