Importance of Podcasts in a brand’s marketing strategy

BluCactus Korea - Importance of Podcasts in a brand´s marketing strategy 

The importance of Podcasts in a brand´s marketing strategy in Korea. Although it is not new, the podcast has gained strength and relevance recently in Korea, even more so in this last one, in which many people have opted to launch their content through audio. Thus, conquer that public that loves that format and finds it much more friendly to listen to than to read or consume information in another way.


This option represents a direct, agile, and very fresh way of communicating an idea. It can also be successfully used as a marketing strategy for a brand or company.


It offers benefits if you decide to include it in your content plan. In addition, it is an excellent way to connect with the public. As they perceive you in a closer and more direct way. At the same time, they can get to know you for your development, tone of voice, and way of expressing yourself, which is an invaluable opportunity to engage.


For this reason, today, we will discuss the importance of the podcast in a digital marketing strategy. You will learn everything you need to get the most out of this resource.


What is a podcast?


BluCactus - Importance of Podcasts in a brand´s marketing strategyFirst, if you have the notion but not the exact definition, we will tell you that the podcast is a multimedia file played via streaming, or even many channels offer the option to download and listen later.


Its duration can vary from 5 minutes to even 1 hour. However, it is recommended that its maximum duration be no more than 40 minutes. This is because what is sought is speed in disseminating information and that the listener does not get tired or bored with something very long.


Its success lies in the security and organization of the information narrated. A good sound or musical accompaniment that can start and end the podcast will greatly help the public. Therefore, if having good recording equipment is an advantage, not having it at hand is not a determining factor in whether your project will fail.


Being clear about the intentions of what you want to make known and having a concrete plan is essential to start this type of strategy. And also a good voice that is clear and pleasant to the public.


How to start a podcast?


BluCactus - Importance of Podcasts in a brand´s marketing strategyThe first step is to adapt the content to your niche. Certainly, you can talk about whatever you want. However, suppose the podcast will be part of your marketing strategy to achieve reach. In that case, the logical thing is to discuss topics of interest about your brand, products, or sector in which everyone works.


If your business is a construction or real estate company, discuss the benefits of leasing, buying, selling, or building yourself. And also try to cover current, verified, and exciting topics.


The important thing is to master the subject about which you are going to speak and show confidence while you do so. Likewise, and as we mentioned before, a pleasant, friendly voice capable of showing empathy and sympathy is key because it allows the listener to feel a connection and closeness with you and the brand. 


You can help yourself by previously writing what you want to say in the form of a script or something similar so you do not fall into dispersion when speaking.


Presence of the podcast in marketing


BluCactus - CommunicationsThe podcast is a digital and educational tool you can use to publicize your brand. And share relevant information about what you offer, products, services, and any topic related to your field.


For the proper duration of the podcast, this information must be concise and interesting. Since we have little time to engage the person who will listen, we must get them to subscribe and remain interested in the content.


Likewise, and thanks to the short duration that each broadcast must have and the ease of consuming this type of content, it is ideal for getting what we want to show abroad.


The podcast is not invasive. And usually, those who come to it are by choice and interest in what is being told there. So, it is an ideal tool to get potential clients and achieve reach and visibility for the brand. To the extent that the podcast is recommended and goes viral.


In addition, it offers a wide range of possibilities in terms of the matter that we can disseminate. For example, collaborations can be made with experts on some subjects and offer interviews, discussion panels, courses, reviews, and historical data, among others. All this information is to your liking, and you consider that it fits your brand or, of course, marketing strategy.


Taking advantage of a podcast to market your brand is an excellent choice because of the benefits we already mentioned. And also for the low costs that doing it represents.


Advantages of Podcasts in your marketing strategy


You will have gained significant ground if the podcast’s content is attractive and involves people. In fact, you can become a reference in this format, which will be excellent for the marketing results you want.


But it is not the primary advantage or from which you can benefit. Also noteworthy are the following:


BluCactus - CommunicationsCosts


The creation and production of a podcast are much more accessible in terms of costs compared to other formats.


Such as videos, photo sessions, and commercials.


You can benefit from it whether you have a great team or not.


To record, you only need a good-quality computer, headphones, or microphone. The content will depend on your imagination and the information you obtain.


BluCactus - CommunicationsAccessibility


The files are downloadable, so listeners can listen to them at any time, wherever they are, and from any device.


Also, publishing the podcast on free platforms will ensure a greater number of followers and, consequently, a greater reach for the brand.


Access Link


To publicize the podcast more easily, associate the link to it on the social networks where the brand has a presence so that those who follow you on Facebook or Instagram can quickly reach it and subscribe with a click. Also, use social media to promote new segments and inform your followers of new content.


BluCactus - Importance of Podcasts in a brand´s marketing strategyBeing a reference in the business


If your content is good, people will appreciate it and follow and listen to you. Thanks to the information you provide, you can become a reference in your field, which will improve your company’s image and reputation since they will see you as reliable and safe. Your voice enhances this in storytelling, bringing you closer to the audience.


Connection and Fidelity


Engaging with those who listen to you will create a relationship. Even though only your voice can be heard, you can show sympathy, energy, and strength, among other positive qualities. This will benefit you since you can retain those listeners who don’t miss anything you upload.


BluCactus - Importance of Podcasts in a brand´s marketing strategyValidity in time


If the material and information you are talking about lasts over time, that is, it is timeless, and its validity is extensive, it is possible that it can be heard today, in a year or more, being helpful.


Expands the possibilities in the strategy


It´s a way to incorporate new marketing strategies because the podcast allows you to interact from wherever you want. This, in turn, implies that you can put into practice other types of marketing strategies besides the traditional ones. You can show yourself to be innovative and thus complement the audio content with others you are already disseminating, such as ebooks, videos, etc.


SEO positioning


Since it is possible to place titles and descriptions in the podcast, this allows relevant SEO positioning when activating search engines with a specific topic.


Importance of the podcast in the marketing strategy


BluCactus - CommunicationsMany people have opted for podcasts to share their ideas, knowledge, experience, or any type of information they consider fundamental or worthy of dissemination.


Bloggers, influencers, personalities, brands, artists, journalists, and other types of personalities and professionals have joined this trend. Which, as we have stated, is nothing new.


Still, its rise is relatively recent, and the public increasingly accepts it.


Its importance also lies in its ability to connect the interlocutor and the listener in a close, personal, and intimate way.


BluCactus - Importance of Podcasts in a brand´s marketing strategy

Depending on the type of material that is shared and that the latter feels identified with. Thus taking the path to increase its popularity.


This same personalization that is possible to impregnate each broadcast is what will bring us closer to the public. Separating us from formal or very elaborate actions, such as a video for which more production is needed. But without forgetting to organize your information and establish a script with the exact words you will say. And not give an impression of disorder or ignorance of the subject.


The natural development of a podcast gives it authenticity. It hooks people to want to listen to it regularly and also makes it known to other people, which achieves the desired virality and popularity.


Objectives to achieve with the podcast


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510In addition to being informative and instructive, another objective of implementing a podcast is entertaining. Of course, it is possible to inform and entertain simultaneously. Everything will depend on how creatively you spread the content.


If you are inclined toward this format, you should also prioritize making the brand, company, or products known, solving problems, and clarifying doubts.


Lastly, establishing a new channel of communication with the public is also a target in sight when putting this dynamic and interactive option into practice.


If it catches your attention and you feel you have a lot to say and share, then take that step in this growing and becoming more popular field in Korea. Thus, promote your brand through educational and valuable content.


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