7 tips to optimize your Google Ads campaign for dealerships

BluCactus Korea - 7 tips to optimize your Google Ads campaign for dealerships

7 tips to optimize your Google Ads campaign for dealerships in Korea. Google Ads campaigns are a great way  to promote your dealership. It is the best option to obtain  new clients for your business. However, in the automotive industry, there is a lot of competition. So, the success of your campaign in the digital world will depend on the strategies you carry out.


Which  strategies  should you implement? In this article, we will provide professional advice to help you manage an advertising campaign in Google Ads for dealerships.


How do I advertise my dealership in Google Ads?


Thanks to pay-per-click campaigns, you can create ads to reach a desired audience and increase sales for your dealership. The objective is to start by creating an advertising plan to ensure your campaigns will be effective. 


What elements should your ads contain? Here, we will provide some practical tips to optimize your Google Ads campaign for dealers:


  • Pay attention to keywords.


BluCactus Korea - person holding car keysIn order for your ads on Google Ads to reach potential customers, you must use the right keywords. You shouldn’t add just any word related to the automotive sector. You should strategically look for keywords that match your objectives. This will increase the chances that each click on your ad will become a sale.


The good news is that you can view the phrases used to access your website through Google Ads. To access this option, go to the “search terms” tab. You will see which phrases activate your ads, allowing you to take advantage of them. You will even have access to positive and negative keywords to use.


Negative keywords are nothing to fear. On the contrary, they may be more relevant than the positive ones. All because they work as an indication of when your ads should not be shown. So, they help eliminate insignificant visits and reduce costs by obtaining foolproof searches.



BluCactus Korea - person holding car keysMatch keywords are also an excellent option to optimize your Google Ads campaign for dealerships. There are four types, and each one has its own  proper use technique:


Broad match keywords: These make ads appear in searches related to the topic being discussed in the ad. Its capabilities consist of not using generic words such as “cars” due to their ineffectiveness.


Modified Broad Match Keywords: Allow your ads to be shown in Google searches every time a user uses the selected keywords but in no specific order. So if “blue car” is bid, your ad may appear if there is a search for “repair blue car.”


Phrase Match Keywords: These ads appear in searches with selected keywords in an exact order. For example, if you are working with the word “Toyota convertible model,” your ad can be activated when a user searches for “New Toyota convertible model.”


Exact match keyword: The ad will be visible once the user searches for a phrase or variations of the exact keyword phrase. It could be a “late model car” or some other variation.


Focus on the segmentation of your campaign.


BluCactus Korea - a couple of people trying out a new carTo improve the performance of your campaign, you must optimize Google Ads for your dealership. How is it done? It’s most feasible to implement correct segmentation by adjusting the locations where you want users to be directed.


This advice is important since you don’t want your ads to appear in cities where your dealership is not located. This risk can be avoided if your campaign is segmented.


Another point to consider is that the clearer and more precise your ads are, the more likely they appear in the top search positions. Therefore, it is preferable to create specific ads for greater profitability.


  • Pay attention to locations.


To achieve good segmentation, you must delve deeper into locations. Where do you want your ads to be displayed? Having an answer to this question is vital for Google optimization. You must include your location and locations you do not want to display. Also, adjusting locations can determine the type of product you are offering.


If your dealership sells luxury cars, your ads shouldn’t appear in areas with low purchasing power. After adjusting the locations, the statistics will help you specify the management of your investment based on what is most advantageous.


  • Adjust your bid manually.


To implement this tip, you can set the maximum cost per click on your ad group. Although, it is also a good idea to manually configure the price per word. In addition to defining the maximum daily cost per click for your campaign, you can identify the words that generate the most visits and produce the most conversions. Thus, your budget can lean more towards them to achieve actual sales.


  • Cut out irrelevant metrics.


BluCactus Korea - a couple of people trying out a new car - Google Ads campaign for dealershipsIf there’s one thing you should know, it’s that not all metrics are relevant. Consequently, you should start by getting rid of data that you do not use frequently, or that does not provide value to the optimization of your campaign. One of the most important metrics to optimize your campaigns is the click-through rate (CTR), as it can be used to measure the performance of dealership ads, keywords, etc.


  • Implement SEO and SEM.


SEO is a marketing strategy that allows you to improve the visibility of your website in search results. Therefore, if you want to optimize your Google Ads campaign for dealers, it must be included. Remember that the search engine considers the page’s quality when giving visibility to its ads.


On the other hand, there is SEM, a set of tools that allows you to appear in the top positions. SEO works like organic positioning; in SEM, you must pay for those ads. For this reason, by combining both tools, you can obtain satisfactory results.


How to integrate Google Analytics with Google Ads for dealerships


BluCactus Korea - a couple of people trying out a new car - Google Ads campaign for dealershipsIn addition to the tips we have already mentioned, linking your Google Ads account with your Google Analytics account is an excellent idea.


This is because you will obtain relevant information about your visitors and other data that should not go unnoticed. To use this tool, you just need to go to your Google Analytics account, click the “audience” tab, and then the “Market segments” option.


This way, you can access essential data to determine what is right or wrong in your Google Ads campaign. Likewise, you can find the audiences with the highest conversion rates to include them in your campaign. You must enter the “Public” tab and generate bid adjustments according to your objectives.


Would you like to optimize your Google Ads campaign for dealerships in Korea?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510With these tips, you can begin optimizing your Google Ads campaign for dealerships. You can take charge of your campaign or seek the help of professionals to achieve quick results with guaranteed success.


BluCactus is a digital marketing agency, and our team is prepared to manage your Google Ads campaign. We will help you create ads that generate more conversions, reaching your potential customers to achieve more sales.


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