19 Presentation Design Trends of 2023

Blucactus Korea - 19 Presentation Design Trends of 2023

The arrival of a new decade always brings changes to business sectors. However, the different presentation design trends of 2023 seem to be ahead of time and have good chances to stay in the game for many years. These design patterns have experienced such an increasing development that it is now possible to find them representing the corporate image of companies in the United States and the rest of the world.


19 Presentation Design Trends of 2023


BluCactus Korea - Presentation Design Trends - PPT professional SlidesOne of the websites that have influenced the broad use of these presentation design trends is Envato Elements.


Through this web portal, users have access to thousands of free presentation templates.


Graphic design experts say that the presentation design trends of 2023 are influenced by three popular templates: PowerPoint’s X-note, PowerPoint’s  Analyst and the multipurpose STYLE template.


On this blog, we’ll do a detailed analysis of the latest graphic design trends for presentations.


1.- Infographics, an amazing way to overview information


Since a long time ago, infographics have touched several aspects of the industry and daily life in the United States. Infographics can summarize complex information and make it clearer, simpler, and easier to understand. The inclusion of infographics in the design of presentations will become a tool with greater visibility and renown in 2023.


BluCactus Korea - Presentation Design Trends - PPT professional Slides

Why use infographics for presentations? Infographics are persuasive and eye-catching. They are ideal for compiling a lot of data (text, charts, graphs, images, and diagrams) into a crystal clear format that is both alluring and compelling. The human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text, so by using infographics your content will instantly look more convincing.


One of the elements that have played a major role in turning this graphic tool into a presentation design trend of 2023 is Google Slides. This program shows a collection of prearranged slides that have taken off former limits of the use of exclusive software.


Other options for the design of infographics are Envato Elements, Boom Chart Infographics, Digital Utopia, the Google Corporate Business Plan template and the pack of Munkhuumgl. Infographics are a presentation design trend of 2023 that enables your audience to better understand the message you want to convey.  They are easy to read, understand and remember. So, do not hesitate to include them in your presentations and take advantage of their benefits.


2.- Visual slides gain traction within the presentation design trends of 2023


BluCactus Korea - Presentation Design Trends - PPT professional SlidesHence, visual slides represent, among the presentation design trends of 2023, the core structure of PowerPoint, Google Slides, Keynote, and all presentation design tools. Visual slides follow the philosophy that less is more, so they only gather key information.


It has been shown that the deletion of 50% of the amount of text from a slide deck interferes neither with the transmission nor with the coherence of the message.


Moreover, using a greater amount of graphic elements on your presentations it’s the easiest way to keep your audience engaged. For that reason, these presentation design trends of 2023 are visually rich.


Good visuals have the power to inspire people to act. Steve Jobs used to know that very well. For that reason, his presentations included powerful images that made the audience keep the focus on his message. Be a memorable speaker taking advantage of the magic of visuals with these presentation design trends of 2023. In BluCactus, we design high-quality images that will properly convey the uniqueness of your brand or company.


3.- Charts, Graphs, and Bars


BluCactus Korea - Presentation Design Trends - PPT professional SlidesThe new PowerPoint presentation design trends of 2023 will not only include changes exclusively in the areas of graphics and typography but also in the way to display and detail diverse statistical and numerical data.


Regarding that, improvements in the two-dimensional and three-dimensional representation of charts, graphs, and statistics are expected. Thus, according to the presentation design trends of 2023, companies in the USA will allow greater data entry on their slides, summarized in different kinds of charts and graphs. Why are charts and graphs great for your presentations? Because with them you can simplify complex statistics and ideas, help the viewers get the point of your speech quickly, and make the information visually pleasing. Keep in mind that the effectiveness of this presentation design trend of 2023 lies in the fact that you must choose rightly which chart or graph to use. For example, pie charts represent proportions, line charts represent trends, and bar charts represent ranks under specific conditions.


4.- Image masking: Presentation Design Trends of 2023


BluCactus Korea - Presentation Design Trends - PPT professional SlidesImage masking is a non-destructive and reversible process of image editing provided by software like Photoshop and Gimp. It is used to hide some portions of an image and reveal others. This presentation design trends of 2023 enable you to modify images to your liking and to do so you can use the main techniques of image masking:


  • Layer masking: It’s useful to make image composites, cut out objects from an image to use it on your slides, and change the opacity of the different portions of an image.
  • Clipping masks: Similar to layer masks in results but different in technique, they help to control the visibility of a layer. This is done by using the content (pixels, shape, or type) and transparency of one layer to moderate the visibility of another.
  • Alpha Channel masking: It’s the best way to handle hard edges like fur, hair, water splash, threaded areas or other complex elements while editing images for your presentations.


Due to these wonderful advantages, image masking is a technique that will be widely used this year among other presentation design trends of 2023.


5.- Custom typography: presentation design trends of 2023


BluCactus Korea - Presentation Design Trends - PPT professional SlidesRegarding fonts, graphic designers have stopped using the classical font styles that have dominated the world ever since the mid-90s, Arial, Calibri, and Times New Roman, to use custom typography. Web pages like Envato Elements offer sets of custom fonts that can be assembled with more than 6,000 typefaces. Some of the most popular fonts within this presentation design trends of 2023 are Sophia Script, Walter Modern, Jewel, Fable Bug, and Regular Lunchbox.


Custom typography is another great branding tool that is featured in the presentation design trends of 2023. It gives a unique look to your company, as people tend to pay more attention to original looking types than regular ones. Plus, it boosts the process of getting a recognizable brand identity since people will immediately associate your brand with your innovative logo. And last but not least, representing your brand with custom typography will give the freedom to experiment and use text in many creative ways in your presentations.


6.- Color Gradient: presentation design trend of 2023


BluCactus Korea - Presentation Design Trends - PPT professional SlidesA color gradient is a visual technique, widely used in graphic design, that consists in creating a gradual transition or blending from one color hue to another. This can be made whether with similar colors (for example, light orange to dark red) or with completely contrasting colors (for example, blue and yellow).


This technique was very popular during the past decade, which is why we were able to see it on many web page designs of the United States. Now, it has returned to become one of the presentation design trends of 2023. This technique is highly effective because it is extremely versatile and gives your presentation design a unique feeling. Whether you choose it to be bold or subtle, the focal point of a slide or a background element, gradients will always look different and modern.


Also, you can add depth and dimension to your slides by playing with mixes, blends of colors, and texture. So, go for it! Use this presentation design trends of 2023 on your slides and add them to stunningly vibrant energy that elevates their design.


7.- The simpler, the better


BluCactus Korea - Presentation Design Trends - PPT professional SlidesTraditional slides designed to extend the time of your presentation are now out-dated.


The motto of the presentation design trends of 2023 is “the simpler, the better”.


For that reason, these designs aim to optimize your time and keep your audience’s attention active.


There are many strategies you can implement to make your presentations interesting and brief at the same time, like the following:


  • Using Master Slides: This is the perfect option if you want to implement changes on each slide without modifying them individually. By only clicking twice, on “View” and “Master” respectively, you can edit all the slides simultaneously.
  • Slide Sorter: It is a PowerPoint feature that also allows you to make global changes to your presentation. You can do check your slides and arrange their order and transition. You can also set the timing of slides, which is great when rehearsing your presentation.
  • Chromecast: You can integrate Google Slides with Chromecast, an app with which you can share your screen with the display. That way, you won’t need any wire during your next presentation. Make sure to disable notifications on your phone to distractions.


As long as you keep your slides simple and time-effective, you will get the most out of the presentation design trends of 2023.


8.- Minimalism: presentation design trends of 2023


BluCactus Korea - Presentation Design Trends - PPT professional SlidesMinimalist designs focus on avoiding distracting or unnecessary elements on slides. And as it avoids distracting items, it is highly effective to advertise products or services. In this sense, minimalist designs avoid all unnecessary elements and include less color, more white-space, better typography, grid layouts, and essential images. Thus, the key elements of this presentation design trends of 2023 are simplicity, beauty, and functionality.


Minimalist graphic designs have become part of the presentation design trends of 2023 by featuring the following characteristics:


  • Flat design: In this trend, the design must be simple and stylish. Shadows, textures, and gradients are left apart while all necessary elements are welcome.
  • Limited color schemes: Minimalist designs are known for using monochromatic color palettes, that is, a single-color family. Other color options for this presentation design trends of 2023 are using analogous or complementary color schemes. But remember to use only one or two main colors.
  • Few elements: Only add elements if they’re going to add value to your presentation. Here, strategic placement is king.
  • Use of negative (or white) space: It brings contrast to your slides.
  • Dramatic typography: Minimalism is a presentation design trend of 2023 that invites you to have fun with different fonts. Experiment with styles and sizes and suit them to the message you want to convey.


9.- Dynamic Presentations


BluCactus Korea - Presentation Design Trends - PPT professional SlidesThe presentation design trends of 2023 have a dynamic approach. Throughout the years, it has been shown that audiences prefer attending to interactive presentations, where speakers dedicate time to creating an emotional connection with them. To do so, you must make sure to give an energetic, purposeful, and staged presentation. While planning it, think about it from the audience’s perspective.


Ask yourself “As a viewer, what would keep me engaged to a presentation?” and that way you’ll effortlessly create an easy-to-follow structure for your presentation. To follow this presentation design trends of 2023 use ice-breakers to get your audience in a good mood. Make sure to get them immediately involved. If you feel you’re losing their attention, ask them questions to clear any confusion they might have. Make them feel comfortable and amused.


Websites like Graphic River or Eureka offer versatile slide decks that will help you accomplish these goals. Eureka, for example, shows 200 templates associated with this presentation design trends of 2023. Our graphic designers point out the following models as highly effective for business environments: models #32, #201 and #202.


10.- Go Blue! Presentation design trends of 2023


BluCactus Korea - PPT professional SlidesThis presentation design trend of 2023 refers to chromatic and luminosity aspects. The Pantone Color Institute has achieved international prominence, especially in the United States, due to its ability to influence trends in business graphic design.


Based on its experience, it has provided data about the projections of this color among the design trends of 2023. This institute has assured that this year’s color will be classic blue or, more properly, Classic Blue-194052. In consequence, it is expected a higher consumption rate of this color within the presentation design trends of 2023.


You can use Adobe to explore the versatility of the blue color hue. Light blues to give your slides a refreshing and friendly look. Dark blues make your content feel strong and reliable. Hence, going blue is an excellent option for corporate designs.


11.- Self-Running Presentations


BluCactus Korea - PPT professional SlidesFor several years, the latest PowerPoint versions have outlined its ability to create independent animation and transition effects. This has allowed users to have at their disposal a greater number of graphic resources. Self-running or auto-playing presentations can be a great addition to your brand’s or company’s image at conventions or conferences.


It can be useful at conferences where the speaker is absent, to train employees, or to reach remote clients. This presentation design trends of 2023 are very easy to implement and it will make your presentation look polished and professional. PowerPoint enables you to set up the presentation and record the slides’ timing in a few steps. After that, you just have to record your slide show and you will be ready to succeed with your presentation.


Plus, this is also a great tool when you have to give presentations under tight limits of time.  They can help you determine accurately the time that your speech will take and rehearse it.


12.- Muck-up templates


BluCactus Korea - PPT professional SlidesThis presentation design trend of 2023 is incredibly useful when you need to visualize a product that must be developed in the future. By using mock-up templates you can create more realistic designs that will help you define whether to carry out a project or not. Mock-up templates allow you to visualize your logo printed and attached to different objects.


Professional designers create their mock-ups with layer effects of programs like Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. However, there is nothing to worry about if you have an amateur level in design, as you can find many free resources on the web that will help you implement this presentation design trends of 2023. One of them is the website PSD mock-up, where there are thousands of options to design any project you have in mind smoothly.


Thus, your brand or company can save money on printing and assembly since you can show your clients a much more realistic and approximate idea of how would the design look on different graphic supports.


13.- Icons: presentation design trends of 2023


BluCactus Korea - PPT professional SlidesThe use of icons is a strategy that adds energy and simplicity to the presentation. The most commonly used icons within the presentation design trends of 2023 are the ones of light bulbs, magnifying glasses, funnels, houses, as well as arrows, numbers, and emojis.


Including icons on your slides can help you reduce text blocks and save design time. Plus, icons are meaningful and universal, and they are effective communication tools as they reduce some concepts to simple shapes.


To choose the right icon you must be creative. Think about which one better symbolizes your ideas and to which style you would like to stick throughout your presentation. Then, make sure to choose the right format to have a clear image, and have fun with your icon recoloring it or wrapping it up.


14.- Self-running animations


BluCactus Korea - PPT professional SlidesRecently, it has been shown a decline in the quality of animation effects of professional presentations in some business sectors of the United States.


Thanks to the market’s tendencies to focus professional efforts on specific activities, entrepreneurs have outsourced the process of presentation design.


To satisfy the demand for self-running animation trends, specialists have created designs that include the movement of AutoShapes, images, and other graphic elements. Websites like Vega, The Power of PowerPoint, Procyon, Business Infographics, Business Strategy, and JD allow you to create this presentation design trend of 2023.


15.- Ready-made slides for professional uses


BluCactus Korea - PPT professional SlidesReady-made slides are templates that are perfect to assemble professionally effective PowerPoint presentations.


They include visual techniques like vectorization in layers as well as displaying the information in a consistent and easy-to-understand format.


The use of infographics within them is also popular.


Some of the templates associated with the presentation design trends of 2023 are: Golazo, Native, The Press, Green Creative, MPoint, Space, and Highland.


16.- Macmorris template: presentation design trends of 2023


BluCactus Korea - PPT professional SlidesThe Macmorris template is a stylish, colorful template that is perfect for corporate presentations.


It’s multipurpose, minimalist, and aesthetically pleasing, and it can be downloaded for free on the website Slides Carnival.


This eye-catching template has 25 fully editable slides, so you can easily adjust it to the content of your presentation. Its design is quite dynamic.


It works well with any color or photo background. It also features multiple options for graphs, charts, and tables. Plus, the Macmorris template displays 80 different icons that will help you add energy to your text.


17.- LucidPress for business presentations


BluCactus Korea - PPT professional SlidesLucidPress is an amazing platform that helps you create stunning business presentations.


It is a great tool for large companies that want to strengthen their brands with better marketing strategies.


This website promotes the rapid and effective implementation of the varied presentation design trends of 2023, such as:


  • Cloud-based storage system: You can access your designs from anywhere.
  • It’s intuitive: LucidPress’s platform allows you to start from scratch with its intuitive, drag-and-drop editor.
  • A wide variety of templates: Beautiful templates that will instantly charm your target audience.
  • Document automation: Handy settings that will help you save time on last-minute tasks.

18.- Gower template


BluCactus Korea - PPT professional SlidesThis presentation design trend of 2023 is appropriate for meetings, conferences, and product releases. The Gower template has a modern minimalist design.


It includes a creative collection of 80 icons and pleasant styles for charts, tables, and graphs. You will feel like an expert swapping out colors and changing fonts to highlight smoothly the information on your slides.


Currently, this template is available on websites like Slides Carnival. There you can download it for free and use it on PowerPoint, Google Slides, or any other presentation software.


This template has 25 unique slides that will allow you to offer to your audience a fully pleasing experience.


19.- Disruptive innovation within the presentation design trends of 2023


Disruptive innovation is a popular concept within the fields of entrepreneurship and technology. It has been in use since the late XX century. From then, it has become synonymous with social progress and, therefore, the basis of the current scientific advancement.


BluCactus Korea - PPT professional Slides

For the presentation design trends of 2023, we glimpse the birth of solid tools that add creativity and comfort to the design of presentations.


One of the most popular templates of this kind is the Juliet template. This model is dynamic and colorful. It is also practical because it allows you to do a lot of changes regarding color, images, and programming.


However, it doesn’t include a large space for text because its design is minimalist. You can download this template from the website Slides Carnival.


It is an excellent example of the presentation design trends of 2023 which convey a sense of innovation, personal development, and emotional intelligence.


Final Notes: BluCactus, the marketing agency at the forefront of presentation design trends of 2023


BluCactus Korea - ContactanosGraphic design is an essential element of digital marketing because nothing sells more than a well-conveyed idea. That’s why our team of creative and innovative designers always stays at the forefront of the new design trends. With BluCactus, Presentation Design Company, your brand or company will benefit from:


  • Strategic presentations with fresh and creative material specially designed for your target audience.
  • Increase the impact of your message since you will get high-quality material that will receive the acceptance of your listeners.
  • And last but not least, you will boost the growth of your brand or company.


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