How to make professional PowerPoint presentations?

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How to make professional PowerPoint presentations? PowerPoint presentations are one of the most useful tools for companies to convey relevant information. After all, we can use each slide as a white canvas to create a narrative with texts, videos, or other elements. However, you must know how to create your own professional PowerPoint presentations before anything. This way, you’ll be able to meet all your goals. Today, we’ll tell you all details you must take care of when making a presentation through this program. The truth is that PowerPoint has many advantages. Because of this, you must learn how to use this tool efficiently.


What is a PowerPoint presentation?


Blucactus Korea - professional PowerPoint presentations - ppt slidesHigh-impact professional presentations have slide presentations as their main function. However, to convey a good message or tell a story, these must break down in an organized way. In other words, you must display all the information you need in the most organized way. After all, it’s the only way to be able to tell the story as it should be.


The good news is that PowerPoint offers all sorts of standard elements. For example, a wide variety of templates, built-in themes, colors, special effects, and much more. This way, you can choose the corresponding design for your presentation according to your company’s needs.


How to make a good PowerPoint presentation?


Now, if you want to learn how to make professional PowerPoint presentations take into account the following points:


Blucactus Korea - professional PowerPoint presentations - group meetingKnow your audience before you start creating


This is one of the most important points, making a marketing strategy and preparing PowerPoint presentations. Before you start creating your design, the first thing you need to do is determine the characteristics of your audience.


For example, you can look at the most common style between them and whether they prefer a serious approach or a more relaxed one. Also, look carefully at the context of the information you intend to provide, as there are certain rules to follow in the case of a report or training.


Finally, we must also consider the time our audience has to pay attention to PowerPoint presentations. The truth is that the number of slides should not be many but not few either.


Blucactus Korea - professional PowerPoint presentations - ppt slidesMake a plan for your presentation narrative.


Once you know your audience, you can start creating a narrative based on their expectations. You should also focus on what you really want to communicate. So, ask yourself what your audience prefers, whether to know the data before it is developed or prefer that it be broken down little by little through the most relevant points.


Likewise, you must establish the arguments shown in your presentation and the order in which they will appear on the screen. This will be the easiest way for you to organize your slides to create a narrative that exceeds audience expectations. Similarly, your narrative plan should also achieve its own goals.


Blucactus Korea - professional PowerPoint presentations - ppt slidesMake sure each slide contains the essentials.


It is important to note that there is no standard number of slides. Sometimes you will likely have to make a presentation of 10 minutes, while in others, it will be a lecture of up to 50 minutes.


Therefore, it is recommended that the slides maintain a maximum of 6 lines of text. The reason is that this will allow the audience to focus on what you want to say instead of reading long paragraphs and missing the main idea.


However, to make efficient use of the slides, it is preferable to include bullet points to synthesize the information you want to provide. In this way, it will be easier to find the priority points in your presentation. In turn, the public will be able to understand all the data and arguments that you want to provide.


Blucactus Korea - ppt slidesDesign according to your corporate image


When creating professional PowerPoint presentations, you must consider the elements of your brand.


To do this, add your logo in the most strategic places and use the appropriate typography.


Similarly, the distinctive colors of your brand cannot be missing because they are one of the most important attributes of your company. However, the logo can be located at the top of the slide or as a watermark.


Blucactus Korea - professional PowerPoint presentations - ppt slidesAdd the highest quality images.


For the visual content to be well digested, you must be aware of even the smallest detail.


In this case, let’s say that images will become your allies when creating slides. Why? Because they allow you to create presentations that can flow well and attract attention.


There are many image banks, such as Freepik, where you can find good quality and completely free photo images. Best of all, you can get some of them without a watermark.


Blucactus Korea - ppt slidesFind the right contrast between background and text.


This point cannot go unnoticed, or the slides will be ineligible for most attendees. Similarly, you must choose an appropriate font size, considering the size of the space where you will make your presentation and the distance from which your audience will be.


Avoid using transition effects.


Transition effects have their advantages and disadvantages. To take advantage of its advantages, it should be used only when necessary, or if you want to make a change in the rhythm of the exhibition. These effects must not be used excessively, as they can be annoying to the audience, and the process can be more tedious.


Review your presentation thoroughly


This point deals with the review phase. Professional PowerPoint presentations need to be reviewed several times, and you can even send them to a colleague for approval. This way, you will know if the quantity of the text and the design you have selected is indicated.


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