How to promote wine sales on Google Ads

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How do you promote wine sales on Google Ads in Korea? Google Ads advertising campaigns apply to any business sector, including the liquor industry. This is why wineries can achieve greater visibility by building their online presence through this advertising platform.


If you have a wine cellar and want to take advantage of online advertising, you must have a well-kept and optimized website. Also, you must have clear goals to reach the target audience. In this article, we will explain how to promote the sale of wines through paid advertising in Google Ads.


Can I promote my wine cellar in Google Ads?


BluCactus Korea - couple of people drinking wine while using smartphoneIt is important to know that in Google Ads, you cannot promote products or services that do not comply with advertising policies. In the case of alcoholic beverages, such as wine, their promotion is allowed in some countries, which appear in a list on the support page of the Google website. The advertisement must be made for informational purposes. You can talk about your wine brand to generate awareness without offering to sell it online.


So that your advertising is not considered irresponsible, it must be directed at people of legal drinking age. Likewise, you cannot imply that drinking wine provides health benefits or suggest that excessive alcohol consumption is favorable.


As long as you meet all the requirements, you can publish your ads for alcoholic beverages, such as wine, on advertising platforms like Google Ads, YouTube, AdMob, and Google Ad Manager.


What happens if you violate Google’s policies for Google Ads?


Suppose your advertising campaign is directed at countries where alcoholic beverages cannot be advertised nor show the consumption of alcohol in situations that can put people’s lives at risk. In that case, Google will send a warning to suspend your account.


How to promote wines in Google Ads


There are two actions that you should consider to sell wine through Google Ads:


  • Website and landing page


BluCactus Korea - couple of people drinking wine while using smartphoneYou need a modern website before starting a Google Ads advertising campaign to sell wines. Remember that your website will function as your best seller, so it must have a clean design and be adaptable to the resolutions of different devices.


So, whether a user enters from a computer or a smartphone, they can find an easily accessible site. Likewise, you should create and add images that can visually attract visitors. All of this is meant to encourage customers to visit your wine cellar and make their first purchase.


As for landing pages, they are necessary to convert visitors. Based on your objectives, you should build a website focused on conversion. You can add a landing page for wine sales, tasting reservations, or club registrations to convert visitors into future buyers.


  • Google Display and the Google Search Network


BluCactus Korea - couple of people drinking wine while using tablet - wine sales on Google AdsAlthough these two advertising formats are different, they are beneficial and can also be adjusted to your marketing objectives.


Google Display ads have a banner format, and they are excellent because they allow you to present your brand to potential customers, even when you are not on their minds or aren’t looking for the product you offer at that moment. Therefore, they effectively give brand visibility to generate traffic to your website and achieve more significant growth.


Search ads appear in search results accompanied by the content the user is viewing. So, the ad will appear when someone shows interest in your product.


Interestingly, ads like these are related to the user’s search, so the visits will come from enticed parties. And better yet, you won’t have to pay for your wine ads until a user clicks on them. The truth is that, through this type of advertisement, you can present your brand at the right moment when the user has a need or curiosity.


How to make a good wine ad in Google Ads?


BluCactus Korea - couple of people drinking wine while using smartphoneYou can use Google Ads tools to sell wine, depending on your goals. For example, the user should know if you hold events or have a wine club. Another idea is to advertise a wine tasting to attract local audiences.


This way, you can invite numerous reservations that can be converted into sales. To increase sales, you must locate users interested in your product.


Your ads on Google Ads are critical to your marketing strategy since they can attract more visitors to your winery and locate the profiles of potential customers.


For this reason, you must remember to mind the policies that will govern your ads.


How does SEM work in Google Ads for wine sales?


BluCactus Korea - couple of people drinking wine while using laptop - wine sales on Google AdsYou can also keep track of your budget when you run a Google Ads campaign for wine cellars,. Using SEM to promote your products, you can set a budget without incurring additional costs. Also, unforeseen charges will not appear because the price has already been set in advance. When you run your SEM campaign in Google Ads, you will find this and even more advantages:


You can attract qualified leads: You will find clients when they search for the product you offer. This way, you will attract potential customers who want to find your business.


You only pay when users click on your ads: When pay-per-click is focused on the search network, you only pay when users click on your ads. It is a tremendous advantage because you will not pay for impressions, and it will increase your brand’s recognition.


Set the day to publish your ads: In Google Ads, you can choose the time and day you post your ads. Strategic timing is the best way to reach your target audience  online. Also, you can select the campaign’s duration. And you can keep it active until the budget runs out or generates more clicks.


Are you interested in promoting  wine sales with an ad campaign in Google Ads?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510Unlike other promotion strategies, Google Ads allows higher conversions and will enable you to structure your campaign based on elements that can be directed toward your target audience.


How many people see your ads? How many click on it? You can analyze all this through metrics to determine what works with your campaign and what can be improved. You have the option to manage your campaign yourself. However, it is vital to seek help from experts for faster and more productive results.


At BluCactus, we are a digital marketing agency located in Mexico, and our team has the necessary tools to promote the sale of wines with attractive and profitable ads in Google Ads. Contact us now for personalized advice; we will help you reach your potential clients.


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