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Reasons To Animate Your Fashion Content. The fashion industry is alive and thriving. The 2023 Paris Fashion Week show brimmed with dynamic models that used their movements to tell the stories of some of the most brilliant designs. For example, Dominique Jackson dominated the runway at the Mugler Haute Couture show and left an imprint on social media. 


How does one effectively market such fabulousness?


Clearly, the fashion trend of the year is all about being bold and daring. This means that fashion marketers must also be bold and daring.


Therefore, when thinking about your fashion marketing strategy for 2023, consider the following: 


What are the benefits of animated content? 


BluCactus - Animate Your Fashion ContentMarketing is a competitive industry. It requires staying up to date on technology and trends, as well as having the willingness to learn new styles of communication. 


Online users tend to block any form of advertising so it’s important to capture their attention swiftly, and using animation can help you do that by engaging your customer base across multiple channels and adding an extra flare to the typical text email campaigns, ads, and social media postings. 


This essential digital tool offers options ranging from animated gifs to animated reels. You can create short stories for Instagram and Facebook, or 1-min animated videos for TikTok


Want to enhance your logo?


Use animation to highlight the meaning behind your symbol. 


With animation software you can create fantastic backgrounds and scenarios that are not accessible in real life, thus providing total freedom in the creation and execution of your work. And it is less expensive than recording live actors in real locations.


Want to make quick edits and tweaks to your campaign?


No problem. With animated content, you can edit and adjust your message as often as you’d like. 


Why is animated content important? 


BluCactus - ideas for your brandViewers seek quick, attention-grabbing content that is relevant to their needs. Animation provides that with an instant burst of data delivered in a fun and engaging manner. 


In fact, a research study found that people spent roughly half of their waking hours thinking about something other than what they were doing.


This means that the wandering mind coupled with the short attention span of a busy society requires marketers to think both inside and outside of the box when creating memorable content.  



Why is animation important in branding?


BluCactus - Animate Your Fashion ContentReasons To Animate Your Fashion Content. By incorporating animation into your branding strategy, you will be able to capture your audience’s attention and boost recognition, while showing your brand’s creativity, and willingness to connect with them. 


Animated campaigns shine a light on the personality of a company. It highlights a brand’s passion, humor, and level of imagination. 


Consequently, conversion rates are higher for animated content than the usual ads circulating online.  In one report, 87% of marketers claimed that using animations increased traffic to their websites. 


Furthermore, companies that market brands utilizing fun and exciting new tech gain what we call BFL sustainability. 


Brand awareness →Familiarity →Loyalty


If your animation should go viral, achieving BFL increases tenfold. 


How does animation attract an audience?


BluCactus - ideas for your brandMost people prefer visual over text and action over static advertising. A story, movement, and visual relatability all elicit an emotional response and engagement from your audience. 


And, if your target market includes Generation Z and Alpha, animated content is a sure way to grab their attention and garner engagement with actions such as likes, shares, and comments. 


In addition, when creating explainer videos or showing statistics, animating such content can increase participation from your audience as well as leave a lasting impression. 


Is your mind buzzing with interesting and exciting ideas yet? 


We hope that by the end of this article, you have found a new level of motivation. If you need further guidance, BluCactus marketing is here to assist you in bringing your ideas to life.


Need more reasons to animate your fashion content? 


BluCactus - Animate Your Fashion ContentOkay, 


1. Fashion must no longer stay hidden between the pages of magazines. Fashion content should be as creative as the clothing designs and as captivating as the fashion icons who wear them.


   Bring that design to life! 


2. Expand your target market by creating alluring animated fashion campaigns that entice viewers to know more about your brand


3. Give consumers control of the content. Imagine it, an animated version of the customer walking down the runway during Fashion Week wearing the design of their choice. 


The possibilities are endless as software programs and AI become more advanced and accessible. 


Are animation programs expensive?


BluCactus - ideas for your brandReasons To Animate Your Fashion Content. Creating animated video content does not have to be an expensive venture. There are free animation programs online that you can choose from as well as some with a low monthly fee.  


Here are a few to start with:


  1. Animaker- provides free and paid options. Good for beginners. You can create animations, infographics, 2D, whiteboard, and typography. Add background audio, and sound effects, create echoes, and use voice overs in your campaigns. 
  2. Renderforest – an online video, animation, logo, and website maker with 50,000 graphics to choose from, and mobile-friendly templates. 
  3. Toontastic 3D- is only available on mobile but is an excellent program for beginners wanting to get their feet wet in the world of animation.  It also works offline so you can create while on the go.


BluCactus - Animate Your Fashion ContentNote that most programs offer a tutorial to help you get started. 


Once you have decided on a program, incorporate the following techniques: 


  1. Personalize your video by uploading original content.
  2. Customize the video templates to echo your brand style and voice.
  3. Apply transitions and other effects.
  4. Add trending audio along with the animation.


In closing, it is time that fashion enthusiasts receive modern-day advertising that reflects the brands they cherish using animation because, for web consumers, animation equates to high-quality marketing.  


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510Not every business has jumped on the animation train, but it is growing in popularity with 55% of video marketers creating animated videos in 2022, according to Wyzowl.


As a result, you absolutely must include this tactic in your arsenal of digital marketing tools.


Feel free to contact our professional marketing team if you need further assistance with your fashion marketing strategy and incorporating animation into your campaigns


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