How to sell health insurance with Google ads?

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How to sell health insurance with Google Ads Korea?  Google Ads has become a main tool for every business. In the case of health insurance companies, it is essential to reach potential customers to increase the sale of policies online. Although the competition in this market is high, this ad platform cannot be missing in your marketing strategies.


Don’t know how to sell health insurance with Google Ads? We will teach you through practical tips how to reach your target audience in a measurable way, and improve your conversions.


How good is using Google Ads for health insurance ads?


BluCactus - sell using google ads - google apps in cellphoneGoogle Ads for health insurance are highly effective. Why? Because they are the right way to reach your potential customers.


However, the secret is to create attractive ads that are relevant.


This way, you will have a better chance that users will click on your ads, and then enter the company’s website.


Good news is, there are strategies that you can implement to create powerful health insurance ads.



What are the Google Ads strategies for creating health insurance ads? 


BluCactus - sell using google ads - google apps in cellphoneAlthough there is no exact blueprint to guide us to get numerous leads, there are different strategies that can work for a company in the health insurance market:


Incorporate calls to action (CTA): Calls to action are convenient. After all, by including them, you have the possibility of increasing clicks on your ads. The idea is to add them in a simple way, telling the user what to do and simplifying the user’s path.


Add attractive images: We are in the digital era, so to make your ads look more eye-catching, you should use attractive images. This way, users will pay more attention to you, increasing the likelihood that they will click on your ads.


Use words related to health insurance: It is important to choose specific keywords. As a result, your ads will appear to those people who are looking for health insurance information. Here, you should think like your customers and pick keywords that your target audience may use. When it comes to selling insurance online, some key ideas would be: buy health insurance, health insurance for the family, health insurance near me, health and life insurance, etc.


How to run Google Ads campaigns for health insurance? 


BluCactus - sell using google ads - woman posting on social mediaIn addition to employing strategies to create eye-catching ads on Google Ads, it is essential to focus on creating ad campaigns focused on your target audience.


For instance, among the strategies that work for health insurance campaigns on Google Ads, we can mention:


Audience segmentation


The segmentation tools in Google Ads are very useful to reach your target audience. Among the most effective examples of segmentation  are: they search for people who have visited your website, from certain geographic areas and age or gender.


BluCactus - sell using google ads - woman posting on social mediaHandling of different types of advertisements 


You can use different types of ads in Google Ads: display ads, video ads, search ads, among others. The reason is that they help you reach your target audience in different ways. This way, as you move over time, you will be able to do a review of the profitability and effectiveness of each format. As a result, you will be able to decide which one you should do without because it is not giving good results, or if it is better to stay with all of them.


Use of specific keywords 


We have already mentioned that choosing specific keywords can ensure that your ads are shown to people interested in health insurance. Therefore, it’s a strategy that can’t be overlooked in campaigns like these.


What are the types of Google Ads for health insurance?


There are a variety of advertising formats you can use to sell health insurance on Google.


What are they?


BluCactus - sell using google ads - hell insurance companiesAdvertising in Google Ads


Google Ads is a pay-per-click advertising platform.


It allows you to create ads that are visible in Google search results.


Using this service to sell health insurance gives you access to people who are searching for specific health insurance information. 




BluCactus - sell using google ads - hell insurance companiesAdvertising on Google Shopping


Google Shopping is an add-on for your Google Ads campaigns. It works as an online advertising service, where you can create ads to sell health insurance, and thus, reach people interested in contracting a health policy.


Google Display Advertising 


Google Display allows the creation of graphical ads, which appear on websites that belong to the Google Display network. It is a strategy that keeps you close to potential customers surfing the Internet.


How to improve the conversion rate of Google Ads for health insurance?


BluCactus - woman pointing out at statisticsAfter having implemented the advertising strategies on Google, it is time to measure and optimize the results to improve conversions. Here are some tips that will help you to improve your conversion rate on Google Ads:


User-friendly contact form: Your contact form should be easy to respond to, and should ask for minimal information from the user. The fewer fields you influence in the form, the easier it will be to fill it out.


Relevant landing page: You must make sure that your landing page is relevant to your ads and that you offer users the health insurance information they are looking for.


A/B Testing: By using A/B testing, you can experiment with different versions of your ads and landing pages. This way, you will know which option is most effective.


Conversion tracking: Conversion tracking helps you measure the performance of your ads and keywords. It also allows you to optimize your advertising strategies to ensure that you have achieved good ROI results.


How to sell health insurance on Google Ads? 


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510To sell health insurance on Google Ads, first, you must have an attractive and easy-to-navigate landing page. In this way, you will improve the user experience to increase the chances of conversion. Also, include remarketing and retargeting advertising. This allows you to reach, as a reminder, users who have visited your website, but have not yet hired your services. Finally, make a periodic review of results. This way you can make a continuous optimization process, and thus, improve and increase your conversions.


At BluCactus, we are specialists in digital marketing. We help you create Google Ads campaigns with attractive ads to reach your target audience, adjusting to the needs of your company. Contact us right now for a quote.


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