3 Ways Food Delivery Platforms Can Boost Restaurant Sales in Korea. Available-for-delivery has always been an excellent option for customers. First originating and famous amongst pizza chains, delivery service has always been a crowd-pleaser. In today’s age, delivery services have become highly successful. Pairing the digital world with delivery has become the perfect duo, and many restaurants have decided to incorporate it.


While delivery platforms have profited enormously from their services, participating restaurants can also increase their revenue by simply adding it as an option for customers.


Food Delivery Services Can Boost Restaurant Sales By Being Convenient


blucactus - delivery manHungry, picky, and busy people want convenience regarding food. Delivery platforms allow users to place an order easily and receive the delivery quickly.


For those who do not wish to place an order on the phone or drive to the restaurant to pick up their food, delivery platforms such as Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Grubhub have become their best friend. The Restaurants that know their audience will want to leverage these companies.


The more convenient your restaurant is, the more customers you will reach. The more customers you attract, the more sales will increase. Convenience is an influential factor. Many people prefer to pay more, even double, so their lives and schedule can accommodate them.


How Can I Attract Customers to Choosing Online Food Delivery? 


blucactus - delivery manAdvertising your delivery options does not just start and stop online. You can publicize your restaurant’s participation in food delivery platforms in the restaurant itself.


People will not automatically know your establishment offers delivery options through apps. For those customers, you will have to make sure they find out through their in-person dining experience.


You can spread this info through word of mouth from the staff, highlights on menus or receipts, QR code stickers, posters along the restaurant doors, and more. The more your options are displayed, the more you can choose them.


Food Delivery Services Can Boost Restaurant Sales By Raising Awareness


blucactus - delivery manIn addition to being convenient, delivery platforms can boost restaurant sales by drastically increasing awareness. Many people look to food order and delivery apps even if they aren’t going to place an order.


These platforms provide a long list of local restaurants, each with its unique and extensive menu, all in one place. Furthermore, there is easy navigation for the customer and great advertisement for your restaurant.


As users scroll through multiple eateries, it is not uncommon for them to stop and study their menus. Having your restaurant displayed amongst the others can pique anyone’s interest. Especially if your establishment has not gotten much attention, this is how you can raise awareness. Even if users do not decide to order from you, having that spotlight can motivate someone to visit soon.


How Do I Increase My Uber Eats Sales? 


blucactus - delivery man - Food Delivery PlatformsUber Eats is one of the most profitable food ordering and delivery platforms. Like its competitors, it offers users a wide range of local restaurant choices. If you want more customers to order from your restaurant through Uber Eats, you should ensure that as many, if not all, menu items are available.


Restaurants with the most available entrees and sides can be the most profitable. They will keep a viewer’s interest much longer, and users are more likely to find something that can satisfy their cravings.


Sales can also increase if a participating restaurant allows the option for substitutes, add-ons, or specific preferences. Many users are more likely to order from your eaterie if they can customize their order how they would if they were in person.


Food Delivery Services Can Boost Restaurant Sales By Advertising Promotions


blucactus - delivery man - Food Delivery PlatformsFood delivery platforms can boost restaurant sales through advertising promotions, convenience, and awareness. Everyone loves a significant discount, especially if it concerns food and even more so if it involves the food coming straight to your door! Offering seasonal or monthly promotions can automatically motivate users to choose your restaurant as their next dinner choice.


Many eateries decide to offer free delivery or a percentage off their total if their order reaches a minimum amount. Some can even provide a no-strings-attached discount for simply choosing to buy from them.


While customers enjoy discounted dinners, they can often choose to buy more items when noticing an offer promotion. The more products purchased, the more customers are attracted, resulting in more sales.


What Makes a Great Food Delivery Experience? 


blucactus - delivery manWhile choosing to utilize food delivery platforms as part of your restaurant’s business, once the delivery drivers pick up the food from your establishment, the delivery experience is out of your hands. You can only ensure that you meet customers’ needs concerning the food they have ordered.


Detail orientation is vital when receiving a delivery order. Some orders may involve alterations or extras, add-ons, or preferences. Your teams must confirm the successful and efficient completion of the order before pick-up.


While customers can become frustrated with delivery ETAs, it is not your restaurant that will be under scrutiny. However, if a side of fries is missing or requested sauces are left out, it creates an unsuccessful experience with your establishment.


Looking For More Ways to Boost Your Restaurant’s Sales in Korea? 


blucactus - delivery package - Food Delivery PlatformsYou may be a rookie in the food industry, or you might even be a veteran. Either way, you are always looking for new ways to increase or stabilize your business’ revenue. Your restaurant’s profits rely on you to navigate the ongoing changes in the digital marketing world, which can be intimidating. It is stressful to steer through these challenges alone, which is why we are on your side. We want to help your restaurant reach its goals and experience growth. Let us be your guide to success! See the link below for a complimentary session. It is just a short, casual conversation to see if we would be a good fit.


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Discover McDonald’s marketing strategy in Korea. The food sector has a lot of competition, especially when talking about fast food businesses. That is why they create marketing strategies to sell and add a value proposition related to the sales action plan. In fact, global brands like McDonald’s use marketing to meet any challenge that comes their way.


In this post, we will talk about how McDonald’s marketing has been directed to expand its target audience. And stay ahead of its main rivals, which in this case would be Burger King and KFC.


Who is the target audience for McDonald’s?


McDonald’s target audience is between 14 and 55 years of age. In addition, this company has identified its audience as middle class. All without leaving aside 7-year-olds, since 42% of its customers are in this age range.


What are McDonald’s marketing strategies?


With the aim of gaining more than 500 million customers around the world.


McDonald’s has carried out specific marketing strategies that have made this corporation a resounding success.


Although this company had a time, specifically in 2012.


Where its traffic decreased considerably.


There are four aspects that they focused on to recover the visit of their main clients:


  • BluCactus - Discover McDonald's marketing strategyMenu Innovation


The president of McDonald’s in the United States, Chris Kempczinski, revealed a test in 2017. One that consists of personalized sandwiches and chicken burgers. Likewise, his investors were in charge of other innovations in his menu.


  • Digital Orders


A company like McDonald’s must know how to satisfy the needs of its most modern customers. That is why, also to please the younger generation, it expanded its mobile payment and order platform. Although in this aspect it was a step behind the competition, by 2017, this service was launched in more than 25,000 stores.


  • Modifications in stores


By the end of 2017, this company began repurchasing 4,000 franchise restaurants. Following this, it began to renovate the stores. One of the most significant has been the inclusion of self-service ordering kiosks and table services in some of them. Indeed, more than 2,500 restaurants were modernized.


  • Delivery


Many companies have turned to home delivery, especially since the pandemic. Currently, more than 3,500 stores in this chain in Asia and the Middle East offer this service. Since 2016, it’s also available in the United States through UberEats.


How long does the content marketing strategy last at McDonald’s?


McDonald’s marketing strategy has always been evident and focused on keeping its value proposition high. And thanks to this, they have been able to differentiate themselves positively from their rivals.


Let’s see some critical points of McDonald’s direct marketing strategy:


  • Competition from KFC or Burger King


BluCactus - Discover McDonald's marketing strategyBoth KFC and Burger King have always known how to implement their marketing globally.


Experts say they have done it better than McDonald’s on many occasions. Consequently, this company made some more attractive and innovative changes to strengthen its connection with its customers.


Similarly, to achieve McDonald’s marketing goals, the company has been experimenting with new options.


To recapture the attention of customers who have preferred the competition and a new audience that is often demanding.


  • Storytelling in your marketing


One of the company’s most important strategies has always been managing its storytelling. To this end, it has been improving the customer experience to achieve a “customer-brand” connection.


The goal has been to constantly interact with your audience to find out how to satisfy their tastes and needs. However, a 3-year, medium-term strategy was implemented to achieve consistency. And to improve communication with a content marketing plan to attract their customers.


Likewise, to strengthen this strategy, it has been possible to see how the company is managed by a 3D strategy: delivery, digital, and drive-thru. Experts have appreciated this strategy because it allows the company to focus attention on the most popular items on the menu.


Thus, within McDonald’s marketing strategies, it has also wanted to strengthen other objectives as a company:



  • The telling of human stories


Storytelling has been a strategy used to achieve a turn from its products to the telling of human stories.


That is why a campaign could be seen where instead of showing the famous hamburgers or fries, these stories were used to attract the public.


In this case, the stories have been based on the farmer who is given French fries, in the houses of Ronald McDonald or other themes that have allowed to create more human content.


What is McDonald’s marketing mix?


McDonald’s marketing plan is based on internationalization and globalization. To this end, it has used strategic and tactical models to adapt to the global environment and local communities.


Let’s look at examples of this company’s marketing mix:


  • Presence in social media


This chain used Instagram Stories to offer minimalist works of each of its products. In Germany, each hour corresponded to the publication of a product.


This campaign was called “Iconic Days” and was created by the German agency Heimat. Thus, the objective of this campaign was to connect particular McDonald’s products throughout the day.


  • Marketing strategies


McDonald’s market marketing strategies have helped position this brand in a fun way through umbrellas, notebooks, and other items displayed at the Golden Arches. But this is not new. Since 1980, this company has offered a wide variety of limited products, managing to capture the attention of its target audience.


  • Partnerships for its marketing


BluCactus - Discover McDonald's marketing strategyToday, collaborations are implemented by companies regardless of their industry. In the case of McDonald’s digital marketing, its partnership has been with The Corps. It happened by buying a digital startup and complementing its most significant acquisition in recent years.


The growth plan of this fast-food chain led to an expense of 300 million dollars for the inclusion of menu boards and other elements that will increase its advantages and make it more relevant in the digital business.


This collaboration has seen McDonald’s make better use of technology to enhance the customer experience and provide a more personalized experience.


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When mentioning McDonald’s marketing strategy, it is essential to note that this company has always managed to stand out through its content marketing strategies. Similarly, to improve, they have made changes over time to establish a better connection with their target audience.


If your company belongs to the food sector, at BluCactus Korea, we can design the marketing strategy you need. So you can get to know your users better and offer more human content. You just have to contact us, and we will gladly assist you.


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What is Netflix´s marketing strategy in Korea? Netflix is ​​a streaming platform founded in 1997 in California (United States). Since its inception, it has gone through several transformations. First, it was just an audiovisual content rental platform. Years later, it is one of the most popular streaming companies. It is all thanks to the fact that it has been able to adapt to the needs of the public. And, of course, to advances in technology.


But where does its success come from? Much of its success stems from its Netflix digital marketing strategy. The development of its marketing is very interesting, and we will be talking about it in this post.


What are Netflix’s marketing strategies characterized by?


These have been key factors within the Netflix marketing strategy:




BluCactus - What is Netflix´s marketing strategy?The database has been essential for the company. In fact, through a study of this element, it has been gaining more users quickly. Likewise, the success and popularity of Netflix also have to do with the ongoing research they carry out. All to be aware of the characteristics of the users. Which, in most cases, have a preference for content on different topics.


In general, the database is used to interact with the algorithms. However, it can also be used to find out individual preferences and achieve user loyalty. Indeed, it has also served the company to create effective advertising. Because they already know what the user may like and what not. It is also functional to see the audience classes and create original and consistent content with them.


Social media


When it comes to social media, Netflix has maintained an informal language with its users. In fact, in recent years, it has opted for today’s generation’s loyalty and obtained good results. This is because they know how to attract them through social media.


It is worth noting that the interaction of Netflix on social media is exciting. They use gifs, memes, stories, and other types of content that allow them to get closer to a younger audience.


Therefore, through this marketing tool, they have approached the young audience without losing the loyalty of the adult public.


Not Insist Policy


This is a very particular characteristic of the brand.


Their advertising is not about insisting on a subscription or viewing their content. Instead of this action, Netflix focuses on creating original and controversial advertising to attract without necessarily existing. Without a doubt, the key to this originality lies in creativity.


The best Netflix advertising campaigns stand out for their controversy and creativity, and this list is an example of it:


  • Oh, White Christmas/Narcos.
  • Virtual reality/Stranger Things.
  • Fast food/ Santa Clarita Diet.
  • AdBlock/BlackMirror.

What is Netflix’s content strategy?


BluCactus - What is Netflix´s marketing strategy?For the content strategy to be as the Netflix company wanted it, they have been working by segmentation by country.


Likewise, this strategy has allowed them to create content and then offer it according to the type of public or country in which they are located.


Indeed, the content that one country likes may not be the same as that that another specific country would like.


In this way, through the content strategy, they can choose according to the variables.


How does the Netflix algorithm work?


BluCactus - What is Netflix´s marketing strategy?The performance of the Netflix algorithm is positive, and you must be wondering why. The point is that the company knows its audience very well. And best of all, he knows what to do to keep his audience connected and loyal.


Also interesting is the fact that just as social media have their own algorithm, so does Netflix. You couldn’t expect less from a streaming platform like this. It is one of the reasons why, when creating an account, the platform shows us movies or series related to our tastes or that we consume primarily through its algorithm. That is why we always have the opportunity to watch what we really want.


This platform always knows what we like and don’t like, how long we spend watching a series, and how many times we repeat an episode. This is a crucial point within Netflix’s digital marketing strategy. Likewise, it is a feature that allows us to realize how valuable it is to know our target audience. And this is something everybody can apply to their brand.


How does Netflix email marketing work?


Email marketing works for any brand and in any sector. Thanks to its effectiveness, Netflix also uses this strategy. In fact, it is one of the platform’s most used strategies because its results are rewarding.


The emails sent by Netflix have been well thought out. They are made up of good copy, which makes it not dull content. They also add gifs, images, personalized invitations, and famous phrases from the most recognized actors in the industry. This way, they reach the user when they want to invite them to watch a new movie or series.


If we are talking about the most successful Netflix email marketing campaigns, we cannot fail to mention the premiere of the fifth season of House of Cards. This mail seemed to be sent by the American government itself.


BluCactus - What is Netflix´s marketing strategy?

What are Netflix’s advertising strategies?


The Netflix marketing strategy regarding advertising can be summarized in the following aspects:


  • Get to know your customers, as this is the only way to offer a personalized service.
  • Creation of viral campaigns adapted to the target audience.
  • Innovation and originality through your email marketing campaigns.


What do you like most about the Netflix marketing strategy?


BluCactus - Contact us - Ken Schreck - +1 469 206 5510This is Netflix’s digital marketing strategy. Any brand can achieve success from this streaming brand. Everything is in knowing how to implement each strategy without neglecting creativity and innovation.


Surely, you have realized that your brand also needs a good marketing strategy, and at BluCactus Korea, we can help you. We have a group of professionals who will be happy to review your project to give the best recommendations. We are used to creating original campaigns focused on your objectives. You just have to contact us, and we will gladly assist you.


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Learn to humanize a brand using music in your Marketing Strategy in Korea. Music is the art of organizing sounds through respect for the established precepts of melody, harmony, and rhythm, attending to psychological processes as well. It is capable of making us feel both positive and negative emotions, as well as causing us to associate it with places, facts, and moments, among other things, and also with brands, products, and services.


The use of music in advertising is ancient. And its advantages are still valid, thanks to the emotions it generates in the receiver of the melody.


Do you want to be remembered along with your product or a specific advertisement? Do you want a direct relationship with your audience and to be perceived as a trusting brand? One way to achieve this is by using a memorable melody or song with which the public associates your brand—one they can recognize without having to see any advertisement or physical image.


And this relationship between music and advertising is called music branding.


What is music branding?


BluCactus - Hearing musicMusic branding is a marketing strategy that works based on the generation of emotions through music when broadcasting an advertising campaign. It captures not only the attention of the viewing public or those who receive the melody but also points to create a pleasant memory. They can immediately associate with the brand or product when listening to the song.


It also seeks to achieve sensory engagement, so that whoever receives the stimulus through music makes a connection that generates joy or any other positive feeling. They do not see just any product but the value and meaning of the brand itself.


Importance of music branding


BluCactus - Hearing musicIf you still have trouble understanding the importance of this figure, let´s tell you that it has much more relevance than you think.


Music in your marketing strategy, like other implemented options, allows you to segment the audience you want to capture. Thanks to what it (music) represents and the values ​​it transmits to people, it is possible to work on a function to a certain type of melody. So that it serves as a filter.


Thus, it also allows you to differentiate yourself from your competition with unique melodies, give your brand or company its own identity, and achieve listener loyalty.


Another important aspect is the high possibility that this type of campaign will become viral when catchy music is implemented. And have a considerable reach and transmission of the valuable content to be disseminated.


Spaces where we can implement musical branding


In Ads


BluCactus - Learn to humanize a brand using music for your Marketing StrategyOne of the main uses of musical branding is in advertisements, where it constantly influences the purchase decision of the person who receives the message.


In this category, the music can be original.


This is the one that is composed and created from scratch, specially oriented for a certain brand, and can be pure melody or with lyrics.


And the already existing ones, which are famous or well-known songs performed by renowned artists. But to use them, you must request authorization, as well as invest much more budget than perhaps thought.


At events, concerts, and sponsorships


BluCactus - Learn to humanize a brand using music for your Marketing StrategyAn excellent way to relate to music less directly is to sponsor the brand or product in musical events.


Such as concerts, festivals, and sponsorship events, among others of this type.


It is an option with which what is promoted can be associated with the specific music present in the place and selected for that purpose.


A perfect example of these alliances is the one made by beverage brands, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. They always seek to have a presence.


In Stores


It is very common to enter a store and find that the space is decorated with music, either instrumental or with lyrics, and known. Here, the important thing is that the selected musical style is consistent with the merchandise they offer. The target of the client you want to attract, as well as the type of business in question.


This strategy aims to create an environment of comfort, positively increase the shopping experience, and make the person want to stay longer in the shop or store. It also aims to increase the number of objects purchased.


Advantages of music branding


First, this type of element in advertising is less intrusive than other methods. It also has a more direct reach regarding the consumer.


BluCactus - Learn to humanize a brand using music for your Marketing StrategyGet attention and create bonds


It can intervene in the consumer’s mind to capture their attention, retain them, and convert them into customers through sounds capable of forming emotional bonds.


Looks for the brand to be remembered


A good melody that can reach the heart of the customer will be able to make them remember the brand and its products at all times.


Seeks to humanize the brand


It is a way to humanize brands and seek their presence through melodies and voices. Sounds can represent the brand and encourage favorable customer behavior regarding the business or product.


Create brand identity


Selecting the right rhythms, songs, or melodies correctly will ensure that the brand’s message arrives accurately and is perceived by the recipients.


BluCactus - Learn to humanize a brand using music for your Marketing Strategy

Build brand loyalty


To the extent that the selected music is consistent with the brand’s values, people can form a bond of loyalty and empathy toward the brand and its products and other options.


Seeks to provoke emotions


Even with certain melodies, we can control the type of emotion we want to create: excitement, happiness, and melancholy, among others. All of them cause an impact as soon as they are heard.


Enhance visual material


Certainly, music alone can achieve all the benefits we have been mentioning. However, when combined with images and this combination is consistent with each other, you will get better results.


How to humanize your brand through musical branding


BluCactus - Hearing musicDetermine your brand values


The main objective when implementing a music branding strategy is to produce a link between the listeners and the brand. As soon as we hear the melody or song anywhere, we can immediately generate a connection.


For this reason, it is essential to define the brand’s values, its style, and what it means to the public—maybe luxury, confidence, and joviality, among others. We also need to determine the type of client we want. Based on this, we select the tones, sounds, music, and appropriate lyrics so we can convey a message through them.


Choose the sounds well


Knowing what you want to achieve and knowing with certainty what sounds define the competition will allow the selection of sounds to be carried out correctly and accurately. With the mind and the objectives outlined in the sensations sought to be aroused from the corporate image. The one used in advertising, the corporate voice of the brand, and even the telephone waiting tones.


That is why knowing what sounds you will incorporate is so important. If high, low, slow rhythms, or faster ones. As well as knowing the audience to be aware of what attracts customers and to be able to choose other types of accessories. Like a narrator’s voice and if this is famous, or if you include a pre-existing song, among other things.


Use the correct voice


Not everything focuses on the music. Voice messages are also common both within a company and in the material broadcast abroad (musical branding, jingles, etc.). This features a voice-off.


Therefore, choosing the right voice is as relevant as doing it with the right melody. Also, at this point, it is necessary to determine what you want to transmit and who the target audience is, whether young or adult, in what region the company is or is public, and the age range, among other things.


One recommendation is to opt for a voiceover agency that offers the right people for this purpose and achieves a professional, quality result.


Look for consistency


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510As we mentioned, you must retain coherence to maintain brand loyalty and recognition. This is achieved by integrating the brand’s values and objectives with the music broadcast in communication strategies.


You achieve this coherence by using memorable sounds that match the brand’s values and the profiles of the people you want to attract, retain, and maintain over time. So, it is possible to change while maintaining the same essence that has characterized the melody forever.


Music in itself is lovely, unique, and memorable. These qualities make it an excellent option for your marketing strategy. And achieve results that last over time for the brand and customers in Korea, fostering a more direct relationship with humans. You just have to contact us, and we will gladly assist you.


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How can I make safe online purchases and avoid being scammed in Korea? Online shopping is more frequent and common nowadays. Today, a high percentage of commerce is handled online, even though physical stores have returned to their usual activity after the pandemic and the forced cessation of operations.


However, e-commerce is not 100% secure since fraud threats are the order of the day. And there is always the possibility of falling into this type of situation, which can be accentuated on specific dates. Such as Black Friday lends itself to launching very attractive offers.


For this reason, and to make your purchase much safer and minimize the latent risks surrounding buying online, today, we bring you a guide of steps. So, buying is not a synonym for fear and distrust but a satisfying experience.


Common scams when shopping online


Some of the situations that we can come across when browsing the internet and that represent a risk of falling into traps are the following:


BluCactus - How to make safe online purchases and avoid being scammed?Misleading Promotions


Some offers are excellent, and they offer us an astronomical discount based on the actual price. We usually receive these promotions by mail or messages on social media, among others. So, we fall into the seduction of the offer and continue to make the purchase.


These promotions are usually false and can be verified by entering the page. It is most likely a site lacking security, where your data and equipment are compromised.


Malicious Links


Another very common risk is malicious links, which seek that when you enter all your information, it falls into the hands of those who handle these links, thus representing a potential risk to your patrimonial security.


BluCactus - How to make safe online purchases and avoid being scammed?Fake Pages


Both pages and applications can be non-existent or false. They seek to achieve the same objective as the previous point: extract your data and constitute a scam.


Discount Coupons


Malicious software usually hides behind coupons or notifications of available super discounts. When we enter it, it falls in a place contrary to what we thought, and we are victims of data extraction.


Steps to buying safely online


BluCactus - Men workingAvoid buying on unknown pages.


Possibly, it is a bit of self-evident advice. However, we can get carried away by unknown sites, but attractive concerning the merchandise they offer. And especially their costs or offering discounts and dazzling. But at the same time, these are non-existent offers, trying instead to obtain your data, your money, or both.


To avoid this, only use well-known pages with a remarkable reputation that will save you from having a hard time. When in doubt, it is recommended to go to Google and place the name of the site or page in the search engine. And verify the information it provides, as well as user mentions or comments.


Anyway, the duty is always to buy from well-known sites that provide us with security.


HTTPS presence.


Make sure that the page you are entering starts with HTTPS. This information is essential since the S at the end implies the presence of security protocols responsible for encrypting the navigation data. The browser automatically blocks pages that do not include the S as additional information.


There is the possibility that a recognized store has not updated its page correctly. This makes it insecure and at risk for your data. Therefore, buy physically, on another site, or wait for the problem to be solved.


BluCactus - Men workingAvoid succumbing to overly attractive offers.


As we mentioned, this aspect is one of the most common ways scammers are dedicated to obtaining data and money from those who fall for this type of promotion.


These types of offers usually bring a deception or a trap that seeks to make the recipient agree to want to use it and thus be able to extract personal and financial data and more when they arrive from an unknown page or site. Therefore, when you see this type of offer, it activates your suspicion. And avoid at all costs entering the site that is showing you this.


Avoid pages that usurp others.


Some pages pretend to be others, making people enter the wrong place, this being the fraudulent one. One way to detect if you are entering the wrong page is when you write the address manually. It is registered if it is frequently used and has the URL.


But you should pay close attention if you see that the page’s address is shortened, uses different words than normal, or is separated by periods. These can lead you to the wrong and unsafe place.


A very common way of falling into this type of situation is when we enter through links on social media. These links make you believe that you are entering a safe, well-known, and reliable site when the opposite is true.


BluCactus - Men workingVerify all the information about what you are going to buy


We can´t get carried away only by the images that show us on the page where we are browsing. Since they cannot be 100% faithful to reality. To investigate thoroughly, read the entire description carefully and the reviews left by other people who have purchased the same thing. All to ensure that you are buying what you really want.


Shipping times and costs


Delivery time and shipping costs are other critical points to check. The shipping costs are often almost the same as what you are buying. Or, on the contrary, the product you are purchasing may have a meager price. But the shipping cost is very high, so it would not be a fruitful purchase.


Try to look for free shipping or a price much lower than what you are willing to pay.


Another consideration is shipping times. So, when making the purchase, verify how many business days it is estimated to take to make the delivery. Also, check the terms and conditions of the same, including returns.


Visit official stores


It is not the cheapest option, but it is the safest. The best option is always to buy from the official pages and stores where a product is manufactured or marketed.


Another option is to resort to trusted links, which offer products of a particular brand in the same way. This offers you, above all, security and perhaps better prices.


BluCactus - Men workingCheck before entering an ad


Online advertisements, while they can be beneficial, also present an opportunity for scammers to target victims through this option.


By insistently seeing an ad and being attractive, we can be tempted to enter that image. Which will take us to the malicious link and obtain our information and possibly part of our income.


For this reason, avoid clicking on those ads from sites you do not know as much as possible. Although they may be reliable, it is better to be safe than sorry.


Alert with fake profiles on social media


Social media are good platforms for creating false profiles and carrying out scams. Part of the modus operandi is to make the purchase. And then delete the account to avoid being contacted again and to be able to make the relevant claim.


So, in the same way, you should try to visit official and recognized sites and handle this aspect.


If it is not a famous account, at least ensure they have common followers. They show purchase testimonials, respond promptly, and have several channels of contact and attention.


BluCactus - How to make safe online purchases and avoid being scammed?Phishing emails


People usually carry the data phishing action out through email.


So again, we recommend extreme care in all those emails that you receive and are not from someone you know. Or you have not subscribed or given your consent to receive them.


Please check the details, especially the sender, since the address may be different, leading you to the wrong place. 


Check the website footer


At the end of the pages, in what we can identify as a footer. Where the terms and conditions of use, and privacy policies, among others that are important, are usually located. Since, at the time of a problem, it is possible that you could fix it by looking at it first.


Likewise, relevant information about the company or business may be found in this space. So, if it does not seem reliable, it is better to leave the site and go to another recognized one.


BluCactus - How to make safe online purchases and avoid being scammed?Use reliable payment methods.


By reliable payment methods, we mean those that allow you to claim and offer options to get your money back in the event of a scam. Especially if it is from little-known small pages or sites.


Therefore, use verification and encryption methods to ensure the transaction is more secure and your data is protected.


Meet the face behind the operation


Something that you should also consider is who handles the commercial operations. This includes indicating the product’s characteristics and prices and facilitating bank accounts, along with everything related to shipping, and that is all clearly defined. Otherwise, be suspicious and give up on that place.


Protect your information


Avoid providing unnecessary data. So, if they tell you to fill out any additional form where they ask for information that is not common or is not essential to carry out the business, leave the site because we may be dealing with a scam.


Analyze the product warranty


Most new products, and even second-hand ones, have a guarantee.


Only that at the time of purchase, check the specific time and the conditions to claim it.


If you have to make a return, ask for the corresponding time and everything necessary to make it effective.



Allocate a card for this type of purchase


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510Select a virtual wallet or prepaid account to make online purchases. Thus, avoid any account from which money can be withdrawn in the future.


Use this method to avoid fraud. Use accounts where you can quickly recharge and withdraw money and not leave anything at the mercy of scammers.


Buying online is not impossible in Korea. You just have to be careful and avoid anything that looks suspicious or of dubious origin. Buy safely and correctly, avoiding the vulnerability of your data, especially your money. You just have to contact us, and we will gladly assist you.


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The importance of Podcasts in a brand´s marketing strategy in Korea. Although it is not new, the podcast has gained strength and relevance recently in Korea, even more so in this last one, in which many people have opted to launch their content through audio. Thus, conquer that public that loves that format and finds it much more friendly to listen to than to read or consume information in another way.


This option represents a direct, agile, and very fresh way of communicating an idea. It can also be successfully used as a marketing strategy for a brand or company.


It offers benefits if you decide to include it in your content plan. In addition, it is an excellent way to connect with the public. As they perceive you in a closer and more direct way. At the same time, they can get to know you for your development, tone of voice, and way of expressing yourself, which is an invaluable opportunity to engage.


For this reason, today, we will discuss the importance of the podcast in a digital marketing strategy. You will learn everything you need to get the most out of this resource.


What is a podcast?


BluCactus - Importance of Podcasts in a brand´s marketing strategyFirst, if you have the notion but not the exact definition, we will tell you that the podcast is a multimedia file played via streaming, or even many channels offer the option to download and listen later.


Its duration can vary from 5 minutes to even 1 hour. However, it is recommended that its maximum duration be no more than 40 minutes. This is because what is sought is speed in disseminating information and that the listener does not get tired or bored with something very long.


Its success lies in the security and organization of the information narrated. A good sound or musical accompaniment that can start and end the podcast will greatly help the public. Therefore, if having good recording equipment is an advantage, not having it at hand is not a determining factor in whether your project will fail.


Being clear about the intentions of what you want to make known and having a concrete plan is essential to start this type of strategy. And also a good voice that is clear and pleasant to the public.


How to start a podcast?


BluCactus - Importance of Podcasts in a brand´s marketing strategyThe first step is to adapt the content to your niche. Certainly, you can talk about whatever you want. However, suppose the podcast will be part of your marketing strategy to achieve reach. In that case, the logical thing is to discuss topics of interest about your brand, products, or sector in which everyone works.


If your business is a construction or real estate company, discuss the benefits of leasing, buying, selling, or building yourself. And also try to cover current, verified, and exciting topics.


The important thing is to master the subject about which you are going to speak and show confidence while you do so. Likewise, and as we mentioned before, a pleasant, friendly voice capable of showing empathy and sympathy is key because it allows the listener to feel a connection and closeness with you and the brand. 


You can help yourself by previously writing what you want to say in the form of a script or something similar so you do not fall into dispersion when speaking.


Presence of the podcast in marketing


BluCactus - CommunicationsThe podcast is a digital and educational tool you can use to publicize your brand. And share relevant information about what you offer, products, services, and any topic related to your field.


For the proper duration of the podcast, this information must be concise and interesting. Since we have little time to engage the person who will listen, we must get them to subscribe and remain interested in the content.


Likewise, and thanks to the short duration that each broadcast must have and the ease of consuming this type of content, it is ideal for getting what we want to show abroad.


The podcast is not invasive. And usually, those who come to it are by choice and interest in what is being told there. So, it is an ideal tool to get potential clients and achieve reach and visibility for the brand. To the extent that the podcast is recommended and goes viral.


In addition, it offers a wide range of possibilities in terms of the matter that we can disseminate. For example, collaborations can be made with experts on some subjects and offer interviews, discussion panels, courses, reviews, and historical data, among others. All this information is to your liking, and you consider that it fits your brand or, of course, marketing strategy.


Taking advantage of a podcast to market your brand is an excellent choice because of the benefits we already mentioned. And also for the low costs that doing it represents.


Advantages of Podcasts in your marketing strategy


You will have gained significant ground if the podcast’s content is attractive and involves people. In fact, you can become a reference in this format, which will be excellent for the marketing results you want.


But it is not the primary advantage or from which you can benefit. Also noteworthy are the following:


BluCactus - CommunicationsCosts


The creation and production of a podcast are much more accessible in terms of costs compared to other formats.


Such as videos, photo sessions, and commercials.


You can benefit from it whether you have a great team or not.


To record, you only need a good-quality computer, headphones, or microphone. The content will depend on your imagination and the information you obtain.


BluCactus - CommunicationsAccessibility


The files are downloadable, so listeners can listen to them at any time, wherever they are, and from any device.


Also, publishing the podcast on free platforms will ensure a greater number of followers and, consequently, a greater reach for the brand.


Access Link


To publicize the podcast more easily, associate the link to it on the social networks where the brand has a presence so that those who follow you on Facebook or Instagram can quickly reach it and subscribe with a click. Also, use social media to promote new segments and inform your followers of new content.


BluCactus - Importance of Podcasts in a brand´s marketing strategyBeing a reference in the business


If your content is good, people will appreciate it and follow and listen to you. Thanks to the information you provide, you can become a reference in your field, which will improve your company’s image and reputation since they will see you as reliable and safe. Your voice enhances this in storytelling, bringing you closer to the audience.


Connection and Fidelity


Engaging with those who listen to you will create a relationship. Even though only your voice can be heard, you can show sympathy, energy, and strength, among other positive qualities. This will benefit you since you can retain those listeners who don’t miss anything you upload.


BluCactus - Importance of Podcasts in a brand´s marketing strategyValidity in time


If the material and information you are talking about lasts over time, that is, it is timeless, and its validity is extensive, it is possible that it can be heard today, in a year or more, being helpful.


Expands the possibilities in the strategy


It´s a way to incorporate new marketing strategies because the podcast allows you to interact from wherever you want. This, in turn, implies that you can put into practice other types of marketing strategies besides the traditional ones. You can show yourself to be innovative and thus complement the audio content with others you are already disseminating, such as ebooks, videos, etc.


SEO positioning


Since it is possible to place titles and descriptions in the podcast, this allows relevant SEO positioning when activating search engines with a specific topic.


Importance of the podcast in the marketing strategy


BluCactus - CommunicationsMany people have opted for podcasts to share their ideas, knowledge, experience, or any type of information they consider fundamental or worthy of dissemination.


Bloggers, influencers, personalities, brands, artists, journalists, and other types of personalities and professionals have joined this trend. Which, as we have stated, is nothing new.


Still, its rise is relatively recent, and the public increasingly accepts it.


Its importance also lies in its ability to connect the interlocutor and the listener in a close, personal, and intimate way.


BluCactus - Importance of Podcasts in a brand´s marketing strategy

Depending on the type of material that is shared and that the latter feels identified with. Thus taking the path to increase its popularity.


This same personalization that is possible to impregnate each broadcast is what will bring us closer to the public. Separating us from formal or very elaborate actions, such as a video for which more production is needed. But without forgetting to organize your information and establish a script with the exact words you will say. And not give an impression of disorder or ignorance of the subject.


The natural development of a podcast gives it authenticity. It hooks people to want to listen to it regularly and also makes it known to other people, which achieves the desired virality and popularity.


Objectives to achieve with the podcast


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510In addition to being informative and instructive, another objective of implementing a podcast is entertaining. Of course, it is possible to inform and entertain simultaneously. Everything will depend on how creatively you spread the content.


If you are inclined toward this format, you should also prioritize making the brand, company, or products known, solving problems, and clarifying doubts.


Lastly, establishing a new channel of communication with the public is also a target in sight when putting this dynamic and interactive option into practice.


If it catches your attention and you feel you have a lot to say and share, then take that step in this growing and becoming more popular field in Korea. Thus, promote your brand through educational and valuable content.


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What is Amazon’s marketing strategy in Korea? Amazon has become much more than a Marketplace platform. In addition to being a leader in the eCommerce market, it is considered one of the best online sales sites in the world. This is a result of their successful marketing strategy. Like Amazon, other online businesses in Korea can apply a marketing plan to make themselves known and connect with their target audience.


Let’s see what Amazon’s marketing strategy involves.


What is Amazon’s strategy?


BluCactus - Huge companieAmazon relies on its 4p marketing mix. This strategy has had many impacts and is an example for many large and small organizations.


Any company that wants to enter the digital business can use this electronic sales giant as a reference.


Impressive growth has allowed Amazon to create umbrella brands such as Amazon Music Unlimited.


Amazon uses several strategies. Some are focused on traditional marketing and are part of the digital marketing strategy. However, they also cover other advertising formats.


What are the basic principles of Amazon’s strategy?


These are the basic principles that can explain Amazon’s marketing strategy:


BluCactus - Huge companieSearch Engine Optimization (SEO)


Just like companies in other sectors, Amazon also performs search engine optimization, especially in Google Chrome.


This allows them to consistently be in the top search results for various queries and keywords.


Using SEO, Amazon has the unique ability to be able to take customers from other companies and increase their commissions.


Web design focused on user experience


Amazon’s e-commerce platform is an excellent example of how a shopper can easily navigate to find the products they need. Its web design considers the user experience, ensuring customers feel satisfied every time they purchase on the website.


Likewise, Amazon is concerned with constantly updating its design of product pages and frequently modifying the registration and category pages. The brand also offers its help to companies that sell their products through its platform. The goal is for these companies to have the ideal profile to attract users’ attention and boost their sales.


BluCactus - What is Amazon's marketing strategy? - AmazonUser-generated conten


It’s worth noting that part of Amazon’s sales strategy incorporates outsourcing content creation. Much of its content is created by both sellers and buyers who use Amazon’s eCommerce platform.


Sellers create their own profiles and then update the products they sell. On the buyers’ side, each one leaves an opinion based on their experience.


They can also upload photos, videos, and other types of content that allow interaction with other customers.


Email Marketing


Email marketing is one of the best marketing practices, especially when the campaigns are well done. This is true for Amazon, as well.


Amazon and other companies can take advantage of personalized emails sent to customers who are already added to their databases. For Amazon, these email campaigns are reserved for making recommendations based on each user’s search history, purchase experience, and product reviews.


Email marketing is also a good tool for customer loyalty. Amazon sends personalized emails to each customer with specific information on shipments, payment confirmation, and product delivery.


BluCactus - What is Amazon's marketing strategy? - AmazonPay Per Click (PPC) Advertising


Amazon’s marketplace strategy has several sources of revenue, and one of the main sources is digital advertising.


Within this strategy, Amazon uses pay-per-click advertising.


In addition, the company allows many advertisers to promote their products directly on its platform.


These promotions are also carried out on Amazon Prime and Amazon Echo.


What is the mission of Amazon ambassadors?


BluCactus - What is Amazon's marketing strategy? - AmazonThe mission of Amazon brand ambassadors emerged as a necessity and has become a good resource for avoiding crises. Since 2020, Amazon has used various personalities as ambassadors for its advertising campaigns. One of them was Ángel Martin, former presenter of the television program “I Know What You Did.” During the pandemic, he became a very viral character, and every month he recorded a video with the monthly premieres of Amazon Prime Video content.


However, at the end of last year, the company put aside its ambassador program, where the workers themselves were also paid to create content for social networks such as Twitter. Senior executives had felt that the scope of this program was not what they expected. However, it is essential to note that an ambassador program is usually suitable and successful for most companies in any sector.


What is Amazon’s marketing mix like?


BluCactus - Huge companieAs we mentioned at the beginning, Amazon focuses on the 4ps of the marketing mix, in which the following factors are highlighted:


  • Products


Amazon is unique in that the products it sells come from all categories. A consumer who purchases products from this e-commerce company will notice that there are millions of products to choose from. Many vendors from different sectors offer clothing, beauty items, household items, toys, office supplies, and much more.


  • Price

Amazon’s pricing policy aims to offer the most competitive prices on the market. Their prices compete with those of similar companies such as Alibaba and AliExpress. Likewise, neuromarketing is also part of Amazon’s promotion strategy, which is why discounts and psychological prices persuade many customers.


  • BluCactus - Huge companieDistribution

Amazon’s distribution has extended throughout the habitable world. Available through the web and also through a mobile app, Amazon has no competitor that can match its scale and reach. Also, the shipment speed for those subscribed to the Amazon Prime platform is impressive.


  • Promotion

Amazon promotions have been a good hook for buyers to make immediate purchases. Its pricing policy remains flexible because it is advantageous to adjust prices throughout the year. There are specific times when you can find many promotions and discounts on the prices of many products. Black Friday and Christmas are some of those dates.


Do you need a marketing strategy like Amazon’s?


BluCactus - Contact us - Ken Schreck - +1 469 206 5510Amazon’s marketing strategy focuses on different elements of online marketing. In this way, the company has built a robust and effective image, promoting its success.


If you need a marketing strategy for your business, BluCactus Korea can help you.


Our team is comprised of specialists in email marketing, content creation, and advertising campaigns. We can advise you and create the plan you need to make your company a successful business in Korea. Feel free to contact us right away.


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What is the AliExpress marketing strategy in Korea? Who has not heard of AliExpress? This Chinese e-commerce site has garnered a lot of visibility in recent times. Despite not advertising as much as other e-commerce companies such as Amazon, it has good positioning. In large part, this positioning is due to its marketing strategy.


It is the third most popular digital store in Spain. It has managed to expand to other parts of the world by knowing how to study its target audience and to take advantage of all the opportunities around its business. If you have a Korea-based digital store, consider AliExpress’s marketing strategy and determine if it might work for you based on your goals.


What is AliExpress?


BluCactus - PlataformThis online sales platform was created in 2010 as a retail channel for the Alibaba Group, which originated in 1999. Throughout the years, the Alibaba Group has made important decisions that have resulted in success as a B2B e-commerce company. One of these decisions was to apply the same B2B business model, but this time, it was oriented towards consumers (B2C).


AliExpress is a well-thought-out platform. This is why, in terms of commercial downloads, it has been one of the most popular applications since 2012. Two years after its launch, AliExpress already had more than a million clients abroad. AliExpress has already sold a wide variety of products to consumers located in more than 200 countries, especially in the Eastern European region.


Their application is organized into sections called “stores.” Buyers can see product prices immediately. Users can also access shipping costs and reviews and comments from other users who have already purchased the product.


AliExpress marketing strategy


Let’s explore what some of the AliExpress marketing strategies are and which of them you can consider implementing in your online store:


BluCactus - What is the AliExpress marketing strategy? - Comercial plataformLow prices


We begin by mentioning this strategy because it is one of AliExpress’ most important tactics.


Users can find a wide variety of products at a very acceptable price in the AliExpress application, especially when compared to the prices found in other electronic or physical stores.


Therefore, AliExpress is usually the first option for many users.


This is a very well-thought-out marketing strategy as a competitor, which makes this platform challenging to match.


BluCactus - What is the AliExpress marketing strategy? - Comercial plataformVery Large Catalog


AliExpress has an extensive catalog of products. You can access several versions of products offered by different distributors.


In addition, each product can have different prices, shipping dates, or other details that can be adapted to the user’s needs.


Customers always value having several options within their reach to choose the product that gives them the most confidence. Therefore, this marketing strategy can be applied to your business by starting with a small list of distributors that can then be expanded.


BluCactus - What is the AliExpress marketing strategy? - Comercial plataformResponsive Website


The AliExpress website is adaptable to the country it operates in.


Although it seems obvious, many online businesses only work in English, assuming that everyone speaks it and can understand it.


This disadvantages the target audience by limiting their access. That is why AliExpress also adjusts the price according to the currency of the country in which it operates. This way, you can see the prices in different currencies and the products’ delivery times.


BluCactus - PlataformNew consumption habits


This is an excellent AliExpress marketing strategy. AliExpress creates festivities with accompanying discounts that invite users to buy and improve their loyalty. For example, one of the best-known festivities on AliExpress is “Single’s Day.” On this day, shopping records are broken as buyers use it as the perfect excuse to pamper themselves.


Loyalty techniques


The platform has also developed a discount coupon system. It has been an excellent strategy for users to continue accessing and buying from its app. Some of these coupons are given away by the platform, while others are issued by sellers or associated with specific events.


However, there are other loyalty techniques, such as the partner program, where points are accumulated to move up in level. This system allows vendors to maintain their customers’ loyalty.


BluCactus - What is the AliExpress marketing strategy? - Comercial plataformM-Commerce


This AliExpress marketing strategy is focused on sales through a mobile device. Likewise, the smartphone is usually the preferred device of its consumers. Therefore, they should make an excellent investment to improve their app.


Delivery times must be improved


Buyers from this e-commerce company are aware that fast shipping is not one of AliExpress’s strengths. However, it continually works to improve its delivery times. A target has been set for European suppliers to deliver within three days, while suppliers located on any other continent do not take more than 10 days.


Did you like the AliExpress marketing strategy for your business?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510AliExpress’s marketing strategy has focused on gaining visibility, so promotions have been very important. The seller decides which product will be promoted. However, AliExpress decides how the promotion will go and does all the management until a promotion generates sales.


If your online business in Korea needs a marketing strategy, BluCactus Korea can help. In addition to advising you, we have marketing specialists who can tell you if some of AliExpress’ strategies can be adapted to your virtual store or e-commerce business. Contact us right away and tell us about your business needs.


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Get to know the functionality of digital supermarkets and their world-changing marketing strategy. Supermarkets in Korea are the businesses that have suffered the most minor consequences due to the pandemic that began in 2020.


Offering and selling basic necessities makes its existence and prevalence essential for communities, which is its great advantage over other businesses.


This type of business does not require a marketing strategy as elaborate as other fields might need. However, they have had to adapt to the new requirements the world has imposed on them. In the last two years, as a result of the confinements and also the convenience of receiving orders at home.


Digital Supermarkets


BluCactus - People shoppingAlso known as smart supermarkets, do not require human capital to operate. Since they have their products through a digital platform, people can buy from wherever they are.


It is just like a virtual store or website through which other types of products can be purchased.


Some supermarkets offer the option of buying online and in person during checkout. People pay without queues through a product scanning system with the cell phone registered in the site’s application. People also pay without lines or passing through the regular checkouts; instead, it’s through electronic stations where the purchase is already written and ready to cancel.


This type of service, which is now very common in stores, is called omnichannel. Since the person is present in the store (offline) but can make the purchase and payment digitally at the site (online) without resorting to another person (cashier).


Digitization as a powerful force for supermarkets


BluCactus - People shoppingIn an increasingly digitized environment where practically everything is sold online, it is common to hear or read the premise that if you are not in digital media, you do not exist.


We have repeatedly stressed the importance of having a web presence. Either with a site or page on social media, it is increasingly common to find stores and markets offered by applications and platforms, among other things.


People will see and get to know us by being active in these. It´s one of the best options to publicize a brand or business’s products and services, specifications, costs, availability, etc.


This need was already latent before the pandemic. And as of March 2020, it became practically an obligation for each business. Thus, be on par with the needs of the moment and the new trends in promoting and selling.


Supermarkets were not far behind. They were essential places both then and today, representing the best option for obtaining necessary products. Thus, being part of that change and incursion into the digital age so on demand 2 years ago.


How to optimize a supermarket through digitization?


BluCactus - People shoppingAs we already mentioned, entry into the digital age is essential.


All have a presence among Internet users, who daily use the Internet not only to be entertained but also to search for places where they can access the products and services they are interested in.


It is important to have a digital version of the business carried out physically or traditionally.


To increase the traffic of visits and searches and offer options to customers that facilitate purchases and speed up the daily rhythm of life. Some of the ways to optimize supermarkets are:


BluCactus - Get to know the functionality of digital supermarkets and marketing - supermarketAttracting clientele on a larger scale


To have a good attention-grabber, it is necessary to have visibility in digital media. Yes, we already mentioned it, and here we repeat it more concretely.


If you are on the internet, review the site, its design, and how the branding image is handled. If you have not achieved that massive influx of visitors up to now, you should likely make adjustments to these items.


It is also important to do an SEO review on what will boost your search engine rankings. And last but not least, do not forget the excellent and successful social media, a place where you should make yourself known since it is active 24/7. And the growth it implies for accounts that know how to do the job with clear strategies is significant.


BluCactus - Get to know the functionality of digital supermarkets and marketing - supermarketCustomer loyalty


Supermarkets are excellent businesses for launching promotions, discounts, and contests with sponsors, among other things, to the public. If the communication and promotional strategy of these options is perfect and well-executed, this will yield excellent results.


Another way to achieve loyalty is to be very clear in the description of the products and the basis of the offers launched.


This ensures transparency in the processes, which will translate into trust by the business or establishment, achieving engagement with customers.


BluCactus - Get to know the functionality of digital supermarkets and marketing - supermarketOptimize from metrics


Having clear and precise statistics of how progress is being made in terms of the marketing strategies implemented is vital to know with certainty the point at which the business is concerning the relationship with customers especially if the work being done is effective and efficient.


If the proposed results are not being obtained, the metrics will identify where it is failing and give you the tools to improve or reform that deficient field.


Marketing for supermarkets


BluCactus - Get to know the functionality of digital supermarkets and marketing - supermarketMost supermarket purchases can be linked to marketing strategies based on the location of the products, relevance, smells, colors, etc.


These are some of the marketing strategies that can be successfully applied in a supermarket:


  • Locate the essential products at the back. So the customer has to go through the entire supermarket until they reach what is necessary. In this way, they will be able to see other options that encourage them to consume things that they may not have wanted or needed.
  • Place attractive or non-essential products on the right side and basic ones on the left side. Create a visual game to encourage purchasing of the necessary and the not-so-necessary.
  • Leave the most expensive products at the top of the shelves and the cheapest at the bottom. To provide further visibility to those above and encourage the purchase of these for convenience.
  • Use warm and intense colors to show promotions and discounts. And cold tones to inform about relevant news that promotes sales and consumption.
  • BluCactus - Get to know the functionality of digital supermarkets and marketing - supermarketThis is a way to break the pattern of making mechanical purchases. Forcing the person to go around the place to locate what they are looking for allows them to see the totality of available products and motivates them to take things they had not planned.
  • Marking prices with decimals that end in 5 or 9 attracts more consumers and convinces them to buy a product. So, you should avoid rounding prices, thinking that this will make them look more affordable.
  • Although not so new, a modality that has not yet been implemented in all stores is the sale of mobile chargers. This offers customers who are perhaps in a hurry due to a lack of battery a sense of security by having the option to charge their phone on-site. At the same time, you shop in a calm and unhurried way.
  • The bakery or takeaway section plays an important role in terms of smell. Who can resist the aroma of freshly baked bread? So, this space can significantly increase sales.
  • Another strategy that plays a very relevant role in supermarkets is music. It is conducive to evoking sensations in the customer, encouraging or calming them according to the place’s needs. When the store is full, the music is typically fast-paced; in the opposite case, the melody is soft.
  • One advantage is that many supermarkets use the opportunity between songs to place their promotional jingles, make announcements that motivate purchases, and penetrate customers’ minds.

Social Media Strategies


We already mentioned the importance of having a presence on social media. And to increase the advantage in these media, several strategies to implement and consider are:


BluCactus - Get to know the functionality of digital supermarkets and marketing - supermarketProduct Posts


This is one of the most frequent options in this type of account. It is practically the duty to depend on the merchandise handled in these places. Often, those who resort to looking for a supermarket bill are motivated by the need for a specific product and by knowing its existence, availability, and cost.


Recipe Posts


A prevalent strategy that fails very little is to share cooking recipes, which can be saved and shared with others. This will increase traffic to the account, interaction, and followers who love cooking and good eating.


BluCactus - People shoppingPromotions


Another ideal way to publicize promotions is through social media. More people are taking advantage of ads to reach a larger number of people who may not yet know the site or the discounts offered.




A popular and effective method for getting followers instantly is giveaways or contests. Supermarkets are excellent places to implement this, given the possibility of allying with essential brands and offering good prices.


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510Blogs or articles of interest


It is perfect for taking advantage of if you have a blog entry or space to share valuable content.


Talk about health, nutrition, and food tips related to the field.


Digital supermarkets in Korea are a trend that will continue to grow, and as the demand for this service increases, their strategies will improve.


To boost your business, do not hesitate to contact us.


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Scrub Daddy’s Success: Uncovering Scrub Daddy’s Marketing Strategies in Korea.


Scrub Daddy’s viral cleaning sponges have significantly transformed the world of cleaning in Korea, providing not only efficient results, but also high-quality and enduring materials.


Have you ever wondered why the brand’s sponges became so famous? Why do you think we constantly see these sponges flooding our social media feeds?


Behind the smiley-face sponges lies a true story of unwavering growth and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Therefore, uncovering Scrub Daddy’s key marketing tactics will provide valuable insights into the brand’s background and success.


What Is Scrub Daddy?



Scrub Daddy is a cleaning products company known for its flagship product, a sponge in the shape of a smiley face. Sponges crafted of a polymer capable of adapting to any water temperature, remaining firm in cold water and softening in hot water, offer mind-blowing versatility in all cleaning tasks.



Furthermore, the company boasts a catalog of over 20 products, including sponges, scouring pads, organizers, soap dispensers, liquid dish soap, and their renowned Power Paste, which effectively cleans surfaces by polishing and removing dirt with ease and speed. In addition to its vast product catalog, Scrub Daddy offers tools to meet a myriad of cleaning needs, such as erasers, brushes, and more.



Origin and History of Scrub Daddy


The creator of Scrub Daddy, Aaron Krause, embarked on his entrepreneurial journey in the 1990s with a car wash business. Challenged to prevent scratches on vehicle bodywork during cleaning, Krause seeked to develop a solution. Additionally, working with machinery left his hands dirty, which necessitated a thorough hand-cleaning product.


Driven by these needs, Krause embarked on his adventure to craft his very own sponge for scratch-free polishing and effortless hand-washing.


By utilizing his valuable knowledge of various foam manufacturers worldwide, Krause explored options for the ideal material. A pivotal moment arose when a German company approached him with details of a foam intended for use as a filter, which didn’t really meet set expectations.


While Krause intended to target the hand-degreasing products market, he realized there was limited demand due to the niche nature of the market and the sponge’s high production cost. Despite this setback, in August 2008, Krause’s business caught the attention of 3M, leading to its acquisition. However, the sponges were not included in the acquisition and remained overlooked.


It wasn’t until five years later that Krause rediscovered the potential of these sponges. He started experimenting and using these sponges for dishwashing and cleaning garden furniture, and was astounded by the remarkable results. The sponges’ unique ability to change texture based on water temperature sparked a brand new passion.


Realizing the market potential of such a versatile cleaning product, Krause envisioned a new path for his smiley sponges, which led to their unimaginable success.


Shark Tank


Blucactus-The-Scrub-Daddy-brands-cover-pageShark Tank is a business reality show that originally aired in the United States. It features five industry giants who help entrepreneurs build successful companies through innovation and creative thinking. Entrepreneurs are expected to present their business ideas, possibly paving a path to establishing a multi-million-dollar empire. 


Contestants must convince the ‘sharks,’ to invest in their product, idea, or company, initiating offers and alliances, ultimately increasing the value of the investment. 



Scrub Daddy on Shark Tank




The mastermind behind Scrub Daddy, Aaron Krause, also participated in the Shark Tank program, securing a $75 million deal from investor Lori Greiner, which entailed a $200,000 investment in exchange for a 20% stake in the company.


This opportunity allowed for the expansion of the product line.


Additionally, it introduced Scrub Daddy in stores and warehouses, quickly becoming renowned for its durability, hygiene, friendly smiley face, and effectiveness in comparison to ordinary sponges.




Scrub Daddy’s Key Marketing Tactics


  • Innovative Products: The brand’s primary product, which is the smiley face sponge, is not only visually distinctive, it also offers a unique functionality and versatility. This innovation sets Scrub Daddy apart from traditional cleaning sponges.
  • Engaging Brand Identity: Its cheerful and approachable persona, embodied by the smiley face design of its products, resonates with its target consumers. This friendly image creates a lasting brand image that encourages customer loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Collaborations with influential icıns such as Lori Greiner, a remarkable figure from Shark Tank. For instance, this collaboration provided valuable exposure and investment opportunities for Scrub Daddy. Besides, these partnerships bring financial support and render the brand credible, ultimately enhancing its reputation in the market.
  • Social Media Marketing: Scrub Daddy has effectively utilized social media platforms to engage with its audience and showcase its products. Publishing creative content through multiple social media networks, such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and more, allows the brand to build a loyal community.
  • Retail Expansion and Distribution: By securing partnerships with major retailers and expanding its distribution channels, Scrub Daddy has increased its accessibility to consumers. This broad retail presence ensures that the brand’s products are readily available to potential customers, driving sales and market penetration.
  • Eco-Conscious Practices: Announcing a Recycling Rewards program, Scrub Daddy took a noteworthy initiative in environmental practices, setting the reduction of the company’s carbon footprint as a mission.


Seeking Effective Marketing Tactics for Scrub-Daddy Caliber Success?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510In conclusion, Scrub Daddy thrives today, maintaining its high-quality and effective design. With its remarkable versatility, Scrub Daddy stole the hearts of many. The brand targets meticulous cleaners, providing individuals with ease and speed to complete the most impossible cleaning tasks.


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