Can You Combine Google Ads with Influencer Marketing in Korea? Businesses often seek effective strategies to maximize online presence and reach their target audience in the ever-changing digital marketing world. To achieve this, Google Ads and influencer marketing are considered two very potent instruments.


However, is it possible to enhance the influence by combining these two? Combining these two can improve your marketing efforts. Influencer marketing and Google Ads are effective digital marketing strategies that merge social proof with targeted advertising.


Google Ads, an information-based platform, enables organizations to connect with prospective clients via display networks and search engine queries. In contrast, influencer marketing leverages well-established social media influencers’ credibility to influence customer opinions and purchase choices. 


This integration amplifies the brand’s prominence, generates focused website traffic, and increases the rate of successful conversions. However, effective integration necessitates knowledge of the technical specifications of Google Ads and the dynamics of influencer collaborations. This methodology enables the development of more persuasive and effective marketing initiatives.


What Are the Basics of Google Ads and Influencer Marketing?


BluCactus - use of influencer marketing with google adsDigital marketing is incomplete without Google Ads and influencer marketing, which provide distinct advantages.


Google Ads enables organizations to exhibit advertisements throughout Google’s network by targeting specific keywords and demographics.


Conversely, influencer marketing depends on the credibility and authenticity of prominent people who endorse products or services via social media.


Understanding the following is crucial in integrating a blend of influencer marketing and Google Ads into your marketing plan:


Google Ads:


BluCactus - female influencer recording content for social media

  • In a pay-per-click (PPC) model, advertisers pay for each click on their ads.
  • Permits targeting according to user behavior, location, demographics, and keywords.
  • Various available advertising formats, such as search, display, and video ads.
  • Provides comprehensive analytics for calculating Ad ROI and performance.


Influencer marketing:


  • It consists of promoting products or services through collaborations with social media personalities.
  • It fosters a strong relationship and loyalty between influencers and their followers.
  • One can effectively target particular niches or demographics by leveraging the influencer’s subscriber base.
  • Influencers are usually considered more genuine and reliable than conventional advertising methods.


How Can Google Ads Amplify Influencer Marketing Campaigns?


BluCactus - use of influencer marketing with google adsThe integration of influencer marketing campaigns with Google Ads has the potential to enhance brand visibility and engagement substantially. When coupled with the targeted reach and analytical capabilities of Google Ads, the organic interest and trust generated by the dedicated audiences and genuine content of influencers can increase visibility. 


Google Ads can advertise influencer-generated content on multiple platforms, thereby expanding its scope and capitalizing on the credibility of the influencers, increasing the probability of engagement and conversion. The optimization of campaigns in real-time via performance metrics is also possible by the data-driven structure of Google Ads, which identifies and promotes the most engaging content via paid channels. 


Combining the benefits of both strategies, this all-encompassing digital marketing method improves campaign effectiveness through genuineness, interaction, and focused audience acquisition.


Here are some of the key benefits of uniting Influencer marketing and Google Ads:


  • BluCactus - use of influencer marketing with google ads

    Google Ads can expand the reach of influencer content beyond their current group of subscribers.

  • By leveraging Google Ads’ targeting capabilities, one can guarantee that influencer content is exposed to a targeted audience.
  • Influencer campaigns gain greater visibility through paid promotions via Google Ads.
  • Google Ads provides marketers with data-driven insights and analytics that are instrumental in evaluating the efficacy of their campaigns.
  • One of the remarkable features of Google Ads is enabling the promotion of influencer content across various Google networks.
  • Google Ads’ pay-per-click model enables the optimization of advertising budgets in a streamlined manner.
  • Real-time adjustments facilitate prompt responses to audience engagement and campaign performance in Google Ads campaigns.
  • Combining influencer marketing with Google Ads strengthens the marketing strategy and keeps the message consistent.
  • Brands can utilize genuine content created by influencers as a means to enhance their Google Ads campaigns.
  • Combining strategies can achieve synergistic effects that enhance brand awareness, engagement, and conversions.


As you can see, incorporating influencer marketing into digital advertising alongside Google Ads enhances the efficacy and scope of campaigns, and provides a comprehensive approach that capitalizes on the distinct advantages of each approach.


What Challenges and Factors Should Be Considered?


BluCactus - female influencer recording content for social mediaCombining Google Ads and influencer marketing can give a strategic advantage in expanding the target audience and bolstering brand visibility. However, meticulous deliberation necessitates guaranteeing congruence between message and objective, monitoring the campaign’s efficacy, and strategically allocating the budget. 


Marketers must navigate the intersection of campaign objectives, influencer content, and brand image consistency to achieve campaign goals and preserve brand integrity. Therefore, a resilient analytics framework is required to assess the collective influence on marketing objectives. 


Maneuvering through the ever-changing realm of influencer marketing introduces intricacy, given the criticality of choosing influencers whose content style, audience demographics, and brand compatibility correspond to the brand’s marketing strategy.


So, some of these key challenges and considerations include the following:


Key ChallengesBluCactus - use of influencer marketing with google ads


  • Message Consistency: It can be difficult to ensure that influencers’ messages are consistent with brand values and Google Ads campaigns. Therefore, ensuring this delicate consistency is key, as inconsistencies have the potential to undermine a brand’s credibility.
  • Audience Overlap and Targeting: The possibility of audience overlap may result in Ad fatigue. To avoid this, appropriate segmentation and targeting are required.
  • Performance Measurement and Attribution: Enhancing attribution models is imperative for evaluating the effects of the campaign on individuals.
  • Budget Management: Balancing influencer partnerships and marketing campaign budgets is critical for a smooth flow.
  • Compliance and Brand Safety: It is also critical to adhere to legal obligations and standards for brand safety.



BluCactus - woman using social media and watching videos

  • Strategic Alignment: 

  • Both strategies must be based on the overarching marketing objectives of the brand.
  • The selection of influencers should correspond with the target audience’s demographics, the brand’s aesthetic, and the content manner.


  • Content Integration: 

  • Engagement and authenticity are increased by integrating influencer content with Google Ads campaigns.
  • Data-driven decisions: 

  • Decisions are facilitated by using data analytics, which also customizes content and optimizes targeting.
  • Long-Term Relationships: 

  • Establishing enduring relationships with influencers fosters genuine promotional opportunities and cultivates audience confidence.


To ensure that integrated marketing efforts produce optimal results, precise planning, and continuous monitoring, adaptable strategies must be employed. By taking these key steps, you will also ensure overcoming obstacles you may encounter.




Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510An effective digital marketing strategy can be significantly enhanced by incorporating influencer marketing and Google Ads, increasing brand visibility and audience engagement. By leveraging social media influencers’ actual impact, this approach leverages the precise targeting capabilities of Google Ads across search and display networks to attract customers. However, this necessitates meticulous synchronization between brand messaging and campaign objectives, guaranteeing that the content produced by the influencer harmonizes with the advertisements. 


Organizations face the challenge of managing the intricacies of integrating various marketing channels while upholding a unified brand storyline. Sustaining and enhancing strategies to accommodate the ever-changing digital marketing environment is imperative. Therefore, expert advice is indispensable for businesses seeking to investigate or improve their existing plan.


Get in touch with us to schedule a consultation to collaborate on developing a marketing strategy that satisfies your present requirements and establishes you favorably for future achievements in the dynamic digital marketplace.


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How to sell health insurance with Google Ads Korea?  Google Ads has become a main tool for every business. In the case of health insurance companies, it is essential to reach potential customers to increase the sale of policies online. Although the competition in this market is high, this ad platform cannot be missing in your marketing strategies.


Don’t know how to sell health insurance with Google Ads? We will teach you through practical tips how to reach your target audience in a measurable way, and improve your conversions.


How good is using Google Ads for health insurance ads?


BluCactus - sell using google ads - google apps in cellphoneGoogle Ads for health insurance are highly effective. Why? Because they are the right way to reach your potential customers.


However, the secret is to create attractive ads that are relevant.


This way, you will have a better chance that users will click on your ads, and then enter the company’s website.


Good news is, there are strategies that you can implement to create powerful health insurance ads.



What are the Google Ads strategies for creating health insurance ads? 


BluCactus - sell using google ads - google apps in cellphoneAlthough there is no exact blueprint to guide us to get numerous leads, there are different strategies that can work for a company in the health insurance market:


Incorporate calls to action (CTA): Calls to action are convenient. After all, by including them, you have the possibility of increasing clicks on your ads. The idea is to add them in a simple way, telling the user what to do and simplifying the user’s path.


Add attractive images: We are in the digital era, so to make your ads look more eye-catching, you should use attractive images. This way, users will pay more attention to you, increasing the likelihood that they will click on your ads.


Use words related to health insurance: It is important to choose specific keywords. As a result, your ads will appear to those people who are looking for health insurance information. Here, you should think like your customers and pick keywords that your target audience may use. When it comes to selling insurance online, some key ideas would be: buy health insurance, health insurance for the family, health insurance near me, health and life insurance, etc.


How to run Google Ads campaigns for health insurance? 


BluCactus - sell using google ads - woman posting on social mediaIn addition to employing strategies to create eye-catching ads on Google Ads, it is essential to focus on creating ad campaigns focused on your target audience.


For instance, among the strategies that work for health insurance campaigns on Google Ads, we can mention:


Audience segmentation


The segmentation tools in Google Ads are very useful to reach your target audience. Among the most effective examples of segmentation  are: they search for people who have visited your website, from certain geographic areas and age or gender.


BluCactus - sell using google ads - woman posting on social mediaHandling of different types of advertisements 


You can use different types of ads in Google Ads: display ads, video ads, search ads, among others. The reason is that they help you reach your target audience in different ways. This way, as you move over time, you will be able to do a review of the profitability and effectiveness of each format. As a result, you will be able to decide which one you should do without because it is not giving good results, or if it is better to stay with all of them.


Use of specific keywords 


We have already mentioned that choosing specific keywords can ensure that your ads are shown to people interested in health insurance. Therefore, it’s a strategy that can’t be overlooked in campaigns like these.


What are the types of Google Ads for health insurance?


There are a variety of advertising formats you can use to sell health insurance on Google.


What are they?


BluCactus - sell using google ads - hell insurance companiesAdvertising in Google Ads


Google Ads is a pay-per-click advertising platform.


It allows you to create ads that are visible in Google search results.


Using this service to sell health insurance gives you access to people who are searching for specific health insurance information. 




BluCactus - sell using google ads - hell insurance companiesAdvertising on Google Shopping


Google Shopping is an add-on for your Google Ads campaigns. It works as an online advertising service, where you can create ads to sell health insurance, and thus, reach people interested in contracting a health policy.


Google Display Advertising 


Google Display allows the creation of graphical ads, which appear on websites that belong to the Google Display network. It is a strategy that keeps you close to potential customers surfing the Internet.


How to improve the conversion rate of Google Ads for health insurance?


BluCactus - woman pointing out at statisticsAfter having implemented the advertising strategies on Google, it is time to measure and optimize the results to improve conversions. Here are some tips that will help you to improve your conversion rate on Google Ads:


User-friendly contact form: Your contact form should be easy to respond to, and should ask for minimal information from the user. The fewer fields you influence in the form, the easier it will be to fill it out.


Relevant landing page: You must make sure that your landing page is relevant to your ads and that you offer users the health insurance information they are looking for.


A/B Testing: By using A/B testing, you can experiment with different versions of your ads and landing pages. This way, you will know which option is most effective.


Conversion tracking: Conversion tracking helps you measure the performance of your ads and keywords. It also allows you to optimize your advertising strategies to ensure that you have achieved good ROI results.


How to sell health insurance on Google Ads? 


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510To sell health insurance on Google Ads, first, you must have an attractive and easy-to-navigate landing page. In this way, you will improve the user experience to increase the chances of conversion. Also, include remarketing and retargeting advertising. This allows you to reach, as a reminder, users who have visited your website, but have not yet hired your services. Finally, make a periodic review of results. This way you can make a continuous optimization process, and thus, improve and increase your conversions.


At BluCactus, we are specialists in digital marketing. We help you create Google Ads campaigns with attractive ads to reach your target audience, adjusting to the needs of your company. Contact us right now for a quote.


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How to make an ad on Google Ads for the sale of sports shoes? Google is our best ally when we want to search for information of any kind. But this is not all, since it offers a variety of products and services, such as Google Ads. This is Google’s ad platform, and it is very useful for the sale of sports shoes.


If you are in the athletic footwear market, it is important that you learn how to use Google Ads to boost your business. In this article, we will give you the best tips to make successful ads that generate sales and higher online conversions.


How profitable is Google Ads for the sale of sports shoes? 


BluCactus - woman with a thumbs up and smilingGoogle Ads allows advertisers to gain visibility on the Internet. That is why, if you have a sport shoes business, thanks to this platform you can generate traffic to your website through keyword ads. You will also have access to advanced targeting options. Everything to increase conversions and sales, since you will be able to reach people interested in your products.


There are many people who often wonder if a sneakers ad on Google Ads is profitable for sale. Certainly, this ad platform allows you to keep control of your advertising budget. For this reason, it is a flexible tool where you as an advertiser can set daily or monthly limits. This depends on the amount of money available to spend on your campaigns.


Therefore, Google Ads is profitable not only for a sports shoe business, but also for companies in other sectors and of any size. Advertisers pay only when a user clicks on their ad, so there will be no money lost. In addition, as an entrepreneur you have the opportunity to target your ads to specific demographics, such as age, gender, interests, and location.


How to use Google Ads correctly for the sale of sports shoes? 


BluCactus - smartphone showing google appsWhen using a platform such as Google Ads for the sale of sports shoes, paying for ads is not enough. To achieve success, it is important to create a good advertising idea, applying strategies that help achieve site conversion:


Establish concise objectives 


Before you start creating ads, you should set your goals clearly. What do you want to achieve with advertising for your sneakers? It could be to increase traffic to the website, promote new sneaker models, or increase conversions.


Research keywords 


If you have made the decision to create a Google Ads campaign, it is important that you research the keywords that people tend to use when searching for sports shoes online. For example, these are some of the most commonly used words for this type of search: tennis shoes, gym shoes, sports shoes for sale, buy tennis shoes online, etc. There are other related terms that can help you, depending on the type or brand of sports shoes you have for sale.


BluCactus - smartphone showing google apps - ads on youtubeCreate effective ads 


After you have your advertising goals and keyword ideas clear, it’s time to start creating informative and eye-catching sneaker ads. Be creative, adding impactful titles and detailed descriptions of each of your products.


In the description, you could point out various features. Such as whether the sneakers are made of leather, leather or canvas, whether the soles have grip and flexibility, or whether they are water-resistant.


Select the correct format 


There are many ways to impact your potential customers through Google Ads. This platform handles many formats to make effective ads: mobile app ads, YouTube ads, text-only ads and display and graphic-based ads.


BluCactus - smartphone showing google apps - ads on youtubeSegment your audience appropriately 


Your target audience must be properly segmented. So that you know their demographic interests such as age and gender, or geographic interests such as country, region, or city.


However, it is good to know if they are athletes and what sport they specifically play. By managing this information, your ads can be seen by the right people interested in buying sports shoes.


Monitors for better adjustment of results


Monitoring your results is more important than you can imagine. This way you can know which ads have performed better and which ones need to be improved. Also, it lets you know if you should make an adjustment in both your budget and target audience segmentation, if the results are still not what you expected.


BluCactus - smartphone showing google apps - ads on youtubeCreate a branding campaign 


As a footwear entrepreneur, you must promote the brands you offer, this includes both your brand and those of other manufacturers. Many companies are in search of new suppliers and make use of brands in their search.


Get inspiration from the competition 


There is a lot of competition in the athletic footwear market. So it’s not a bad idea to do a review of companies that use the same keywords. Also, you can look at their ads on Google Ads. And above all, pay attention to the way they talk about their potential customers, what are their differentiating sales arguments and how they present the different footwear models on the web. 


Why should I invest in Google Ads for the sale of sports shoes? 


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510Google Ads works to promote sports shoes for sale. However, to ensure its effectiveness, it is important to create an optimized campaign that generates a good flow of leads. As a result, you will get a marketing campaign with a high return on investment. If you are currently using pay-per-click (PPC) to advertise your products, you can’t leave Google Ads out of your strategy.


At BluCactus we are digital marketing specialists in Mexico, and we have a team specialized in creating Google Ads campaigns. Contact us right now to let us take care of promoting your sneakers business through attractive ads that will help you reach your potential customers.


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Google Ads: How to use the platform to promote hospital health services in Korea. Hospitals can promote themselves through Google Ads. To do so, you must think about the services you want to promote and how to maintain the loyalty of your patients and new clients. However, you must also know the peculiarities of the health-related public. This way, you can define good strategies that will help you plan your campaigns correctly.


If you manage a hospital, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we’ll explain how to use Google Ads to promote hospital health services.


How to promote health services in hospitals in Google Ads?


BluCactus - health services in hospitals - doctor pointing out google ads logoThere are many ways to start creating advertising campaigns on Google Ads. Many hospitals do it without having a website, although this practice is not the most recommended.


To promote a hospital’s services through this platform, it is important to build your digital presence by creating a business page. Why? Because a high percentage of patients tend to book an appointment at a hospital from its website.


Also, to register a hospital, you can use Google My Business to appear in local searches on Google Maps. In the same way, you can register in the most popular medical directories for the different specialties of the hospital and your country.


What are the steps to carry out an advertising campaign for health services in hospitals?


BluCactus - health services in hospitals - doctor pointing out google ads logoGoogle Ads is a valuable tool in SEM, as it can help to get qualified traffic, conversions, and increase the visibility of hospitals.


There are many benefits obtained through this platform, and they can be enjoyed with a budget adjusted to your needs.


However, when it comes to running an advertising campaign on Google Ads, there are many factors to control, and it may be difficult to optimize from the beginning.


However, some steps can guide you in Google Ads to promote your health services in hospitals with good results:


Establish consistent objectives 


As a hospital owner or director, it is vital that you set realistic goals before starting any campaign. In the case of Google Ads campaigns, they are of interest because they can be used to target users in the different phases of the conversion funnel. The most traditional phase is based on triggering the last phase of the conversion funnel. That is when the user is ready to buy or hire a service.


This way, you can achieve better conversion rates and fast results. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that competition in the healthcare sector is very high. Also, advertising is paid through an auction, and the cost per click can be high.


Strengthen your Inbound strategy.


BluCactus - health services in hospitals - doctor pointing out google ads logoGoogle Ads is an excellent tool to reinforce your inbound strategy. Adding keywords to your campaign that are not related to the purchase process but to the need to buy or hire a certain service is a good start. As a result, both competition and costs per click are lower.


In this context, campaigns are usually not so aggressive since they promote and disseminate content that responds to the problems of our target audience. For this, display or video campaigns are generally the best option.


Keyword research 


Selecting the right keywords can make or break the success of promoting hospital services in Google Ads.


First, it is advisable to start with the “brainstorming” technique. Then, analyze each potential word and select the ones that generate the most interest. We can use the searches related to the Google search engine, the keyword planner of Google Ads, or other advanced options.


To decide whether a keyword can attract enough attention to promote a hospital’s healthcare services, consider search volume, intent and competition, and price per click.


Determine your account structure. 


BluCactus - doctor working at a hospitalIf you want to work with Google Ads, you must keep in mind the different types of structure levels found within an account. Mainly, we have the campaigns, and each objective corresponds to a separate campaign. Now, several options can be configured when creating a campaign: the type of campaign, the location to eliminate unwanted clicks, the bidding strategy (automatic or manual), the language, the device, and the daily budget.


There are also ad groups, where the internal structure of the campaigns for the health sector is configured—all according to the topics to be addressed to control the relationship between ads and keywords. The idea is to create topics that can be clearly differentiated. For example, for hospitals, it is crucial to add the different types of health services and specialties offered.


Set up your campaign.


BluCactus - doctor working at a hospitalIn this step, you must have already complied with the above-mentioned tips. You must register in the official Google Ads account or log in if you have an account.


Then, you must add your campaign’s daily budget. Google estimates the coverage you can achieve with the initial budget.


Also, you must define the location of your target audience, choose the network of preference, and add the keywords.


Set the maximum bid you would be willing to pay per click, add the text of your first ad, and the payment information.


Perform A/B Testing


BluCactus - health services in hospitals - doctor pointing out google ads logoPutting these variants into practice is necessary to optimize your hospital campaigns in Google Ads. The goal is to experiment with calls to action, title, and other key elements.


In each test, you can test two identical ads, except for the version of the element you want to analyze. Suppose there are more than two variants; it is possible to do a second test and then compare the winners.


For an A/B test to be as effective as expected and to be able to draw conclusions, you must wait until both versions receive clicks and a significant number of impressions. 


This technique will help you know which health services your audience most demands. This way, you’ll be able to create more attractive Google Ads campaigns.


Evaluate results 


BluCactus - health services in hospitals - doctor pointing out google ads logoThis is the last step in promoting hospital health services. Many people make a big mistake when creating health campaigns on Google Ads. When setting up their ads, they forget about the account for weeks, even months.


You can avoid making the same mistake. Even with a well-designed campaign, you must be alert to make the necessary adjustments.


It is not a matter of obsession, but of establishing control moments to inspect how the account is evolving and if there are features that you need to improve on.


It is not a matter of obsession but of establishing control moments to inspect how the account is evolving and if there are features you need to improve. However, Google Ads offers many metrics, so it takes work to be aware of each. It is advisable to choose the KPIs that best correspond to the established objectives in order to control the level of quality and conversions.


How can a Google Ads ad successfully promote health services in hospitals?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510With these steps, you already have everything you need to promote health services in hospitals with Google Ads. We know how difficult it is to run a hospital effectively to get the most out of all your resources. That’s why we understand that paying attention to Google Ads campaigns can be hard.


At BluCactus, we are a digital marketing agency located in Mexico. Our team specializes in creating Google Ads campaigns for companies of any size and sector. Contact us right now, and we will create and direct your campaigns to promote the health services available at the hospital you manage. Our commitment is to help you reach your target audience to increase the number of patients.


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Google ads: How to use this service to sell skincare products in the US. Every business owner wants to reach their ideal audience to increase sales. If you own a skincare business, you can achieve this effectively through Google Ads by establishing an objective, defining a budget, and working based on a segmentation by interests.


Here, we explain how to create a strategy to use this tool to promote your products.


What are the advantages of Google Ads for selling skincare products?


BluCactus - ads of a woman trying skincare productsBefore promoting your products on Google Ads, you should know that this is a fascinating ad platform. And as a skincare business owner, you can get a lot out of it. This is because your ads can stand out to a sufficiently targeted audience. 


Specifically, it’s about something other than paying to appear a more significant number of times. The goal is to invest in a qualified audience related to your business. So, if you have a skincare business, the most important thing is not to show your campaign to 8,000 people, regardless of whether they are looking for your products. It is preferable that 1,000 people who want to purchase skincare products see your campaign. 


Google Ads has this premise. Since it allows, based on cookies and keywords, for advertisers to decide when their ads should be displayed. Likewise, this platform will enable you to select the type of campaign you want to use for your promotional code, such as display, search network, video, Google Shopping, and universal app campaign.


How to promote my skincare business on Google Ads?


BluCactus - woman showing skincare productsAdvertising your products is vital to connect with your potential customers, boost your brand, and achieve higher online sales.


However, in addition to creating a Google Ads campaign to sell skincare products, it is advisable to have an online store.


It is necessary to be able to make sales 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Also, to keep track of the operations related to your business.


For example, product descriptions, images, shipping, and payment methods. 


Now, before using Google Ads to sell skincare, you must take into account the following elements:


BluCactus - woman showing skincare productsTarget audience: Before creating ads in Google Ads, you must know who your buyer persona or target audience is. To do this, you must know who you want to reach with your products. Consider whether your products are for younger or older people or people with oily, dry, or combination skin. Then, identify the demographic and psychographic characteristics of your target group. 


Keywords: If you want to find potential customers interested in your skincare products, it is necessary to research relevant keywords. To identify them, you can use search engines such as Google. Also, there are different keyword planner alternatives that you can use to find words related to beauty, facial creams, and skincare. 


Account creation: Once you have defined your target audience and researched keywords, it is time to create a free Google Ads account. In case you don’t have one yet. Google provides a guided setup with the necessary details to include data and set up a campaign.


BluCactus - ads of a woman trying skincare products - sell skin care productsCreation of advertising campaigns: The information you have previously obtained is used to create different advertising campaigns for your skincare products. It will help you target specific groups, depending on the type of products you have for sale. 


Design effective advertisements: The visual design of the ad must be noticed, as it must attract the attention of the target customer from the very beginning. On the other hand, the ad must contain remarkable information about the product you offer and a clear call to action for the user. 


Monitoring results: This last point is important. By monitoring the results of your Google Ads campaigns, you can verify which ads are working correctly and which are not. This way, you can adjust your advertising strategy for its proper operation over time.


What to put in Google Ads titles for selling skincare products?


BluCactus - ads of a woman trying skincare products - sell skin care productsHow to use Google Ads to sell skincare products. Did you know that titles are the first thing users see? The ad should be eye-catching to reflect what the potential customer wants. If you don’t have good ideas to create impactful titles, you can take advantage of the following examples, depending on the skincare products you have for sale:


Call by the name of your audience:


  • Facial creams for use in your 20s and older.
  • Facial moisturizers for women.


Be provocative:


  • Tired of having oil on your face?
  • Hate seeing your face with acne?


Target the problem: 


  • Need a spot cream for spots on your face?
  • Trouble with fine lines on your face? 


Make a promise:


  • Achieve a flawless face in one week.
  • Put an end to skin sensitivity.


Awaken your curiosity:

  • The secret to beauty
  • Are you a skincare lover? 


Provide information:


  • How to choose the ideal makeup remover.
  • How to achieve better skincare.


How do you make a good Google Ads campaign for selling skincare products?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510Google Ads is an effective option for promoting face creams, body creams, and other skincare products. With the tips we have given you, you will know how to create ads to reach your target audience. And thus increase sales through your online business.


If you don’t have time to dedicate to monitoring a skincare Google Ads campaign, BluCactus can help you. We are a digital marketing agency located in Seoul, and our team can take care of creating well-executed campaigns and ads for your business. We accompany you from the beginning of your strategy to its follow-up to achieve successful sales. Contact us right now to work as a team


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Why should clinics offer their services through Google ads? Just as people surf the internet for recipes or beauty secrets, today, people also look to safeguard their health. If they need a medical checkup or routine exam, they research which clinics offer the best services in their city.


That is why, if you want to grow your business organization as a clinic manager, you must use Google Ads. Why? We will explain it below.

Why is Google Ads important to clinics?


BluCactus - google ads for clinics in the usStrategies for Google Ads campaigns have a significant number of advantages. For this reason, it is one of the most used tools by clinics to publicize their services.


It is very profitable because it helps to attract patients already interested in a medical practice of any specialty. 


Now, let’s talk about the reasons why Google Ads should be used to offer the services of a clinic:


Gives visibility in the first search results


Google Ads allows your ads to appear in the top places when a potential client is searching for a medical specialty, for example: “cardiologist in (city).” This increases the chances of a patient requesting an appointment at your clinic since most people only view the top results in the Google search.


Target patients of your interest


BluCactus - google ads for clinics in the us - doctor using tabletThrough this ad platform, you can segment your campaigns geographically.


This way, you can be seen exclusively by the patients of your interest.


In this case, patients in your clinic’s city or surrounding area. 



Allows you to track results 


This is an excellent reason clinics to offer their services through Google Ads. With this platform, we can observe which ads are getting strong results, which generate more calls or messages, and receive more clicks. Thus, you can leave the effective ads and remove the ones not working as well.


It is a good investment. 


BluCactus - google ads for clinics in the usBy being able to monitor the results of your Google Ads campaigns for clinics, you can invest your money only on actions that help increase patients. Also, you can discard what doesn’t work and is an inefficient use of funds. 


You only pay when they click on your ads.


In Facebook Ads, you are seen by many people, including those who are not interested in your services. Google Ads, on the other hand, allows you to reach potential clients interested in the medical services you offer.


Also, you will only pay when one of those potential customers  clicks on your ad.


There are many people interested in Google Ads ads.


BluCactus - google ads for clinics in the usMore and more patients click on Google Ads daily.


Marketing experts say that ads on this platform are growing considerably.


So much so that it is normal for people to click on them for a medical consultation.


Therefore, the number of patients you attract to your clinic will increase with time.



How many patients will you acquire by using Google Ads to offer your clinic’s services?


BluCactus - google ads for clinics in the us - doctor using a tablet - Why should clinics offer their servicesMany factors can influence the number of patients interested in your clinic’s services, such as the medical specialties, your city, the amount of money invested in campaigns, the cost of consultations, the efficiency of the person answering messages and calls, and the clinic’s location, among others. 


Some clinics attract a low number of patients, while others may attract hundreds of patients each month.


Therefore, there is no specific number of how many people might be interested in your services. It all depends on how you implement your Google Ads strategy for clinics.


How difficult is it to use Google Ads to offer the services of a clinic?


BluCactus - google ads for clinics in the us - Why should clinics offer their servicesThere are a few points to consider when using Google Ads for clinics. As we have already mentioned, Google charges per click. The cost is influenced by different factors such as the type of keyword, the competition, the quality of your website or ads, etc. Depending on the trend, receiving a click on a Google Ads ad may cost more and more.


On the other hand, there is the presence of Google Ads support representatives, who will contact you to help you optimize your campaigns. The truth is many of these representatives have no marketing knowledge. Therefore, their recommendations may not be what you really need to publicize your clinic’s services. It is preferable to leave the management of a Google Ads campaign in the hands of digital marketing professionals.


For your Google Ads strategy to work, it is crucial to have money deposited in your Google Ads account. Don’t forget that Google will charge you for each click you receive, and if you don’t have a balance to pay for those clicks, you won’t be able to receive them.


How to run a Google Ads campaign for your clinic?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510You don’t need to be an expert to create a Google Ads campaign. However, for clinics needing a profitable and effective campaign, hiring a digital marketing agency is the best way to create a successful campaign. 


At BluCactus, we are specialists in digital marketing located in Seoul and have an experienced team in the health sector. Do you want to publicize the services of your clinic? We will make it happen through effective campaigns and ads in Google Ads to attract potential patients. Contact us right now if you want to position your clinic in the top Google search results.


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How do Google ads work for plastic surgeons in Korea? Every year, millions of people around the world undergo plastic surgery. For this reason, the competition among plastic surgery clinics to gain clients is increasing. The good news is that there are tools you can use to boost the visibility of your business model and reach new patients.


Google Ads is an excellent option for plastic surgery clinics to advertise via Pay-per-click (PPC). How? In this article, we will explain.


Why is Google Ads important for plastic surgeons?


BluCactus - google ads agency for plastic surgeonsGoogle Ads yields strong results for plastic surgeons. When publishing ads, this platform allows you to add keywords or phrases that trigger your ads. The more personalized the ads are, the better the chances of appearing on the organic results on Google search pages. Also, you can publish your plastic surgery clinic on many websites in the Google Display Network.


Another benefit you should know is that in Google Ads for plastic surgeons, you pay only when people click on your ads. If no one has clicked on your ads, no payment is required. It is unnecessary to wait for results because, through PPC advertising, your ads will generate traffic to your website. And not just any traffic, but a well-qualified audience as soon as the ad is spread.


For a considerable increase in your plastic surgery clinic’s website, there is no better option than PPC advertising.


How to improve PPC for Google Ads for plastic surgeons?


If you are a plastic surgeon, there are many Google Ads tips that we will mention below that can help you in your campaigns to reach potential clients


Identify PPC keywords


BluCactus - google ads agency for plastic surgeonsThis research tool works to reach potential customers. Therefore, you must understand what keywords users enter when searching for a service related to plastic surgery.


Subsequently, these keywords or terms should be divided into groups focused on your services


For example, creating a group with keywords targeting people seeking a breast augmentation surgery service. And another group could be focused on a buttock lift or liposuction.


This process will help you create relevant PPC ads in Google Ads to increase your click-through rates.


Target your local traffic 


BluCactus - google ads agency for plastic surgeons - location of plastic surgeonsThis action is more important than you can imagine. As a plastic surgeon, you expect your ads to appear when users search for cosmetic surgery clinics in your area.


Therefore, local targeting will help you make the best use of your budget for advertising.


You can waste your budget if, for example, someone who is not located in your city clicks on your cosmetic surgery clinic. 


This will not happen if you target your local audience, as you can reach your potential customers without paying extra for your ads.


Create attractive landing pages


It is crucial to customize landing pages for each Pay-per-click ad. Why? Because these pages will be targeted to those users who click on one of your specific ads. Therefore, your ads and landing pages should be targeted to the same topic or service. Let’s say your ad is about tummy tucks. Then, your landing page should contain prominent information about this service and the plastic surgeon who will perform the procedure.


Calls to action (CTA) cannot be missing from your landing pages either, and they should be added with a sense of coherence. Their function is to encourage potential patients to take the next step: to contact you for more information and to schedule an appointment.


How to optimize Google Ads for plastic surgeons who want to generate phone calls?


BluCactus - google ads agency for plastic surgeonsYour Google Ads ads work to generate phone calls. The best part is that the platform charges you the same amount for a click on your landing page as it does for a phone call. 


To maximize leads through inbound calls, you must include your phone number in your ads.


Also, you can set up the ads to only be shown when you are in consultation.


This way, a real person will answer all incoming calls to convert potential future clients into patients.


What are Google Ads ad extensions for plastic surgeons?


BluCactus - google ads agency for plastic surgeonsStandard Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising on Google Ads has  limited space. However, you have the opportunity to purchase ad extensions, which allow you to provide detailed information about your plastic surgery clinic.


What extensions can work for you? Google Ads has link extensions allowing you to display links on different service pages instead of using a landing page.


Also, it has local extensions that display your phone number, clinic address, business hours, and other relevant information. Both of these extensions can help you maximize the reach of your PPC ads to attract a more significant number of patients.


How to analyze the results of cosmetic surgeon advertisements.


BluCactus - doctor using cellphoneThis is a step that can’t be skipped. It is essential that you analyze and evaluate your PPC campaigns in Google Ads.


To do so, you can use tools such as Google Analytics, which will help you discover valuable information about your advertising campaigns.


This way, you will know if your PPC strategy should be improved in the short or long term. 


This information will also help you to add new ad texts, keywords, or titles that generate more clicks and conversions.


Do you want to promote yourself as a cosmetic surgeon on Google Ads?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510

Google Ads for plastic surgeons perform well through campaigns and Pay-per-click advertising. If you are interested in promoting your services through this platform, BluCactus can help you. We are a digital marketing agency in Seoul, and our team can create Google Ads campaigns that fit your business objectives. Also, you can leave the management of your PPC campaigns in our hands so that you can cash in on the expected return on investment. 


Contact us right now for personalized service


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How do you advertise a kitchen furniture brand on Google Ads Korea? If you need to promote your kitchen furniture brand through the internet, there are many options available to publicize a company. Among them is Google Ads, an ad platform that increases traffic to your website and generates more sales. 


Continue reading this article to find out how and when is the perfect time to advertise your kitchen furniture brand on Google Ads.


How to make a strong Google Ads ad for kitchen furniture?


BluCactus - ads for your brand with google adsMarketing experts have unveiled an exciting and relevant fact: a high percentage of kitchen furniture buyers research the options online before purchasing. Therefore, having a good online presence is very important for your business


However, before you start advertising your brand with Google Ads, you should take into account certain points that will guide you to meet your goals: 


Define your campaign objectives and how to measure them


As a business owner, you have established many objectives, such as making your brand known, generating more traffic to your website, communicating different promotions, selling your furniture online, etc. Based on your objectives, you need to guide your campaign in different ways. 


Also, there are actions that you can measure, for example, requests for quotes or product sales. You can use Google Ads or Google Analytics tracking code to do this.


Establish your target audience. 


BluCactus - ads for your brand with google adsKnowing who your target audience is or where they are located allows you to build a better strategy for a Google Ads campaign.


Regardless of whether your kitchen furniture brand has one or several points of sale in the country, you must promote your brand among people who want to renovate or improve the aesthetics of their kitchen. To do this, your strategy must differ from that of a general store that uses discount coupons to attract customers. 


Google Ads is a great tool. It gives you several options to segment your target audience. Therefore, it is recommended that you define your audience and size very well to make an adequate budget. Then, your campaign will be accompanied by a proportionate allocation. 


Calculate an adequate budget. 


To start your campaign, you can choose the amount of money you want to spend per day. However, if you start with 1 (dollar, peso, euro, etc), it is likely that you will not notice progress in your ads. It’d be best to define the budget you are willing to invest for a specific period. It can be for a minimum of two weeks or preferably a month since the campaigns have a learning curve that can last several days.


Have you defined your objectives? 


Once you have defined your kitchen furniture brand’s objectives, audience, and budget, you are ready to start a Google Ads campaign.


This way, you can set them up not only on the search engine but also on the Display Network, even on platforms such as YouTube and Gmail.


You have the opportunity to advertise on different Google properties according to your marketing goals. 


What are the Google Ads ad formats to advertise a kitchen furniture brand?


There is a buying process for kitchen furniture or similar products. According to the objectives you have set, your campaign can be anchored to one of the formats belonging to Google Ads according to its phase:


  • Brand awareness: Video ads, Display with topic targeting.
  • Consideration: Display segmented by audiences, Gmail Ads.
  • Purchase intent: Display through remarketing and search engine ads.
  • Customer loyalty: For this phase, you can use tactics other than Google, such as email marketing and telemarketing.


How to make a video campaign for a kitchen furniture brand on Google Ads?


BluCactus - ads for your brand with google adsAs mentioned, YouTube is an excellent option to advertise your kitchen furniture brand. This is the world’s first video platform and has millions of daily users. Video ads are available for advertisers with a moderate to large budget. Your brand can use this platform to promote your products and reach potential customers


Generally, campaigns can have a more reasonable cost than you think. The challenging thing is to create a video that is interesting for users.


For kitchen furniture, it is important to show its design, type of storage, finish, whether smart technology has been used for its manufacture, and other features that will capture the target audience’s attention. 


How do you advertise your brand on YouTube? 


BluCactus - ads for your brand with youtubeYou can use YouTube Ads, which, like other digital advertising networks, is managed through Google Ads.


Once you create your videos, the next step is to upload them there and then select the targeting and placement.


Finally, place a bid according to your budget for the ad to be shown.




When to use display campaigns for a kitchen furniture brand?


BluCactus - ads for your brand with google adsMany websites use the Display Network, and you can also use this format to give more visibility to your kitchen furniture business on Google Ads


Through Google Ads, you can access this network with a reach of 90% of Internet users to cover your marketing objectives and the entire buying process. By advertising on this network, you can generate brand awareness by reaching users who want to buy and those who have previously entered your website.


How do you advertise your brand on the Display Network? This online advertising combines text elements, visuals, and a call-to-action message in its ads. As a set of spaces on the internet (websites, videos, apps, or other platforms), you can add your ads as banners on the landing pages. This way, users will see your brand while browsing in different digital environments. 


How do you make your kitchen furniture brand appear in the Google search engine?


BluCactus - ads for your brand with google adsUsers enter Google for specific searches, which generates excellent value for your brand because you have the opportunity to reach the audience that is searching for what you sell. Therefore, if one of your objectives is to reach potential customers, it is essential to advertise and appear in the Google search engine.


Direct response search engine campaigns may generate a higher return on investment by targeting users who are closer to making a purchase.


However, paid search is also a great way to reinforce your brand, even if it already appears in the organic (free) results. By having search ads for kitchen furniture, you can display your brand’s distinctive messages to users. As well as temporary promotions, guide them to sections of interest and other actions.


How do you advertise your brand on the Google search engine? 


To create ads in Google Ads adaptable to the Google search engine, you must add titles and striking descriptions as an advertiser. Google Ads uses its machine learning algorithms to combine these titles and descriptions. The goal is to originate relevant ads for each search and each user.


Are you interested in advertising your kitchen furniture brand on Google Ads? 


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510Google Ads allows you to target ads, keep track of costs, measure the success of your campaigns, and manage them. It will enable your ads to appear when the user searches for what you offer.  


Need more reasons to use Google Ads?


If you are interested in promoting your kitchen furniture brand, BluCactus can help you. We are a digital marketing agency in Seoul, and our team can take care of expanding your business with Google Ads online advertising. You can contact us right now to get advice and take care of the management of your campaign.


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Tips for dental clinics in Korea to take advantage of ad management on Google ads. If you have a dental practice, you should be aware of the importance of using Google Ads. This ad platform is becoming more relevant in search results pages every day. The health sector understands that paid traffic must complement organic SEO traffic.


Many dental clinics have achieved their goals through Google Ads. So, we are giving you nine great tips to take advantage of ad management on this platform. 


How do you advertise a dental practice on Google Ads?


When it comes to managing ads on Google Ads for a dental clinic, there are common mistakes that many businesses make that you should avoid. That is why, to optimize Google Ads and attract patients, we recommend the following tips: 


  • Focus on the long tails of your dental clinic’s services


BluCactus - woman showing google ads on her phoneBeing a generalist in Google Ads can be a big disadvantage. For this reason, searches for one or a few words, such as “dentist” or “dental clinic,” have a low conversion rate. Only large dental clinics can compete in these types of searches, especially in large cities. 


However, other keywords can help immensely. Generally, long-tail words can incorporate more than a single word per query. So, the more volume you have and the more specific they are, the more satisfactory the result will be. 


In this way, you are more likely to attract potential clients interested in your dental services. Also, the terms for which you are competing can be made more affordable than keywords searched by all users. In particular, thinking about your niche and buyer intent is important.


  • Be aggressive with negative keywords 


BluCactus - woman showing google ads on her phoneIn case you don’t know their meaning, negative keywords refer to the terms for which you don’t want your ad to appear. Here are some negative keywords


  • Provinces, communities, cities: Terms outside of your target location. 
  • Cheap, free: Terms that include words like these typically attract low-quality customers. 
  • Resources: Terms that are associated with courses, guides, etc.  
  • Education: Terms linked to words such as scholarships, college, and university.
  • Studies, careers: Terms linked to job listings, jobs, careers, etc. 


There are undesirable terms as they have little chance of being a qualified lead. Therefore, if you want to get qualified leads to convert clicks into patients, you cannot waste money on low-converting searches. Negative keywords are applicable for both full campaigns and ad groups.


Being aggressive with keyword exclusions is a technique that helps you increase your conversion rate. It reduces the number of unnecessary clicks. This way, more qualified users will visit your website or landing page.


  • In addition to cities, address zip codes


BluCactus - woman showing google ads on her phoneThis point is essential; you must be very specific regarding Google and its locations. That is why Google Ads keywords for dental clinics should target zip codes and not exclusively cities. Also, you can segment by location.


Take advantage of the fact that this platform allows the creation of a radius of action, starting from a specific point—for example, 1 kilometer around the location of the dental clinic. 


Some areas of your city may be more suitable for targeting than others. These could be communities with better economic status or larger populations. For this reason, you should list these areas by zip code.


  • Focus on bidding on Google Ads for your clinic’s name


BluCactus - woman showing google ads on her phoneIf you are already ranked in the SERPS with your brand terms, the work is not over; you must also advertise for these terms. Why? If you don’t bid, one of your competitors will likely use your company name for their ad group. As a consequence, he will divert your customers to him, and this is what is known as “brand theft.”


This means that even if you rank first in Google’s organic search results, one of your competitors will appear above you in the paid advertising section for your own brand.


Another point to consider is that by bidding on your branded terms, you can pay much less than your competitors for a higher quality score. It is an affordable way to protect your brand in Google search results.


  • Separate your ad groups by dental services in Google Ads


BluCactus - man showing google ads on her phoneA large number of dental clinics have the bad habit of grouping their keywords and ads into a single ad group. Thus, all users will see the same ad regardless of the term they are searching for.


This is not a correct practice, as Google Ads allows you to set up different ad groups. The use of this function is very useful to segment your keywords based on the intention of your audience. This way, you will have a more competent campaign.


Google Ads optimization for dental clinics is based on the fact that the ad matches the keyword searched. This increases the likelihood that only the right customers will click. So, to be a pro at separating your ad groups, divide keywords by services to target your ads depending on what people are looking for. 


  • Take advantage of device bidding adjustments 


BluCactus - ads for dental clinicsNowadays, most users find products or services through tablets or smartphones. This can be a problem or a good thing if we increase the exposure of the highest-performing devices. How? By using the bid-per-device settings, which can be used in both campaigns and ad groups. 


You can select “Devices” from the campaigns interface in the “Segment” tab. Once you have the data to identify the best-performing devices, you only need to apply the bid per-device settings. To do this, you must set certain percentages ranging from -90% to +900%.


Let’s say you run a campaign that performs well on mobile devices, with a minimum CPC bid, but you want to increase the number of customers who see your ad on mobile. You can make a 10% increase to improve searches on mobile devices.


Now, if you are not interested in showing your ads on mobile devices, you can set the bid adjustment to reduce the campaign exposure to the minimum percentage. 


  • Take advantage of Google Ads Ad Extensions 


BluCactus - dentiste on laptopThe worst thing you can do in Google Ads is to pay for ads that do not stand out and, therefore, remain invisible. The solution is the ad extensions provided by Google. They are free and very useful tools that allow you to improve your ads. You will have greater visibility for potential customers. 


Using Google extensions increases the click-through rate, as they make your ads more visible. They also help improve your presence on the results pages, providing relevant information like your location, reviews, phone number, etc.


Google ad extensions include:


Calls to action: These work to promote specific offers or other features.

Call extensions (“click-to-call” extensions): Used to add phone numbers for calls from mobile devices.

Location extensions: Used to display your office address on all ads. 

Sitelinks: Ideal for adding more links to your ads.



  • Create local search ads in Google Ads for your dental practice


If your dental practice is dedicated to serving local patients, you can create local search ads linked to your Google My Business account. You can also show your address and reviews in local search results. This way, you will increase your customers’ clicks effectively.


Similarly, for local search ads linked to Google My Business, location extensions should be configured to show the location of your dental practice. You will also have the advantage of potential customers getting more information about your business, including photos and opening hours.


  • Conduct campaign experiments 


BluCactus - clinic equipment for dentistsIn order for a campaign for your dental practice to be successful in Google Ads, experimentation plays a key role. On the one hand, there are the A/B tests for landing pages, and on the other hand, Google also provides great help with its “campaign experiments” function, which is integrated into Google Ads.


Campaign experiments allow you to check whether campaigns have good performance, and for this, you can test with elements such as:


  • Ad copy
  • Keywords
  • Ad rotation
  • Ad extensions
  • Bidding strategies


There are some exceptions for campaign experiments, such as shared budget campaigns and certain automated strategies like target outranking quota and search page location.


Based on what you want to test in your campaign experiments, it is advisable to leave them running for a set amount of time; it could be several weeks or a month. The important thing is that such an action is specified to set a budget and configure the experiment.


Do you want to be successful with a Google Ads ad for your dental practice?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510Undoubtedly, Google Ads is an effective and profitable tool for your dental clinic. If you are thinking about future campaigns to attract qualified customers, at BluCactus, we can help you. We are a digital marketing agency in Seoul, and we know how to benefit your business with greater visibility in Google search results.


Contact us now, and we will provide you with the professional advice you need.


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Tips for selling building materials through Google ads Korea. Did you know that the Internet is the best option for promoting construction companies? To make your business known in this sector, you can use this technological network with powerful tools such as Google Ads. In this way, you will reach the most people to increase your sales. 


Undoubtedly, the building materials market is becoming more competitive every day, considering that the demands of customers are now more significant. That is why if you own a company in this sector and want to take advantage of the Internet in your business, this article is for you.


We will give you useful tips that will help you attract more customers to sell construction materials through Google Ads. 


How do I promote my construction company on Google Ads? 


BluCactus - constructors using laptopsThe Internet works as an accessible communication network, and offering an ad platform like Google Ads helps you boost and grow your business. For this reason, we have gathered practical tips to sell construction materials on Google Ads, taking advantage of the benefits:


Analyze each of your clients  


According to statistics, the construction sector is managed by adults. Most of its customers fit into that age bracket. That is why large companies do not need to campaign on social networks like Threads or Facebook. They are usually used by a younger audience so, they may not be the appropriate channels for selling building materials. On the contrary, Google Ads is an ad extension that allows your company to stand out in Google search engines, which is at the top of search engine rankings with a large percentage of users of varying ages. 


BluCactus - constructors using laptopsEstablish internet advertising


Like other sectors, the construction industry maintains small market shares. That is to say, advertising related to construction materials has a limited audience. However, running a Google Ads campaign is a great opportunity because you can select the audience you want to reach with your ads.


Develop a website for the promotion of your products


A website increases the prestige of your company. Consequently, customers will increase their trust in the building materials you offer. As a result, you will notice an increase in both your productivity and sales.


Construction-related products require a large investment. 


BluCactus - constructors using laptopsAn important point to highlight is that since purchasing construction materials requires a large investment, it is probably not easy to close contracts online through payment platforms. However, you can resort to different options to establish your business online:


Selling exclusive products: Sinks, toilets, and other furnishings are often in high demand online. However, users who shop online are young and probably do not correspond to your potential customers–those who prefer to buy your products directly at your showroom. Thus, focusing on using Google Ads will help your business increase offline sales through effective advertising campaigns. 


Direct sales of construction materials: Materials can be sold at a low cost to customers who know the product and work in the sector, such as a materials store. 


Selling services: In addition to selling building materials on Google Ads, you will probably want to sell your services. Therefore, the Internet becomes a very useful tool, as it allows you to target your objectives based on the advertising of your work. So, you can send prices of materials or the budget of a particular service to your customers and then close contracts personally.


Why advertise on Google Ads for the sale of construction materials? 


BluCactus - construction materials on google ads - selling building materialsThrough Google Ads for construction companies, you can have greater visibility and more visits from Google’s search engine or other applications. Google Ads encompasses a large number of media that can be divided into two groups: search network and display network. 


Both differ in targeting. Search Network ads are based on demand. This covers users searching for products similar to the ones you have for sale. The Display Network, on the other hand, is supply-driven. In this context, users are not actively searching for your products. However, Google Ads ads can target your target audience to publicize your offer and generate interest. So, to give visibility to your building materials on Google Ads, Google Shopping Ads and Google Text Ads would be great options.


Let’s say a user searches for “bathroom tiles”. In this case, they will get two types of ads referring to Google Shopping Ads and Text Ads. The point is that Google Ads has the power to generate quality visits to your website to generate the desired leads.


Do you want to sell building materials through Google Ads? 


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510Online advertising is very effective in creating visibility for building materials for sale. Advertising platforms that work online, such as Google Ads, offer the possibility of creating ads that can be shown to users who meet specific characteristics like their interests or geographic location. 


Before concluding, it is important to note that online advertising may cost you when not used effectively. Therefore, it is advisable to count on the help of experts. We are a digital marketing agency in Seoul, BluCactus, and our team has experience in digital advertising. We can take care of creating an effective Google Ads strategy for your construction company and adapt it to the budget you have available.


Contact us right now to create an advertising campaign tailored to your target audience. 


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