Tips for Making Quick PowerPoint Presentations

Blucactus Korea - Tips for Making Quick PowerPoint Presentations

Tips for Making Quick PowerPoint Presentations. Who hasn’t left making a PowerPoint presentation to the last minute? If it has happened to you, you have already been able to verify that designing slides take time. Of course, if you want to end up with a quality and professional presentation. Also, creating a presentation is not something you just do to get it over with. The idea is that you can transmit your brand’s message and be understood by the audience. In Korea, many companies have understood the importance of this tool to improve their results. Now, if you don’t know how to create quick PowerPoint presentations, you can delegate this task to the experts. If you have a company and are thinking of creating presentations to take advantage of its benefits, this post is for you. We will give you some recommendations for you to make quick PowerPoint presentations.


How to make quick presentations?


You can easily learn many tricks to create quick PowerPoint presentations. And here we will mention them below:


Plan your presentation in advance


BluCactus Korea - Color designTo save time, you should concentrate on the planning stage of your presentation. Take the time to determine who your audience is and if you have enough knowledge to discuss a certain topic. However, knowing how you want to add value to your brand is essential to know what content you should include in the slides and what not.


In this step, you can collect all necessary data and information.


You can also decide if you will use graphics, a timeline, or other elements to explain to the audience better. Once you know ​​what you want to do, you can be sure that the creation process will be faster and more efficient. Not only that, but you can also convey your message as you want.


Outsource your presentation design


BluCactus Korea - Color design

What do we mean by this? You can create quick presentations effectively, but if you can’t do it yourself, there is a solution. Nowadays, outsourcing your presentation design is very common among companies that need quality content. This brings two very clear advantages. First, you won’t have to spend hours in front of a desktop computer designing your slides. Second, the final product will be 100% professional and impressive.


So, if you really want a presentation that impacts your audience, it is worth seeking professional help. By delegating this task, there will be no surprises or inconveniences in working on the content creation and rehearsing your presentation.


Blucactus Korea - PPT presentationUse the “design ideas” tool


Let’s suppose that until now, you can’t find a template that fits your needs or just want to start designing them from scratch. You can employ tricks to make this task easier, and one of them is related to the design ideas tool. This feature is available for Microsoft 365 and will make your life easier when designing a PowerPoint presentation.


This tool has automatic design suggestions to be included in your slides. It also has professional designs and other smart features that will save you time when working. As for its ease of use, the tool has its learning curve, but if you apply it yourself, it may seem easy to use.


Its features also allow slide customization, so you can make a design quickly and without headaches.


Blucactus Korea - Man workingUse PowerPoint add-ins


In PowerPoint, there are many add-ons that not all people have been able to take advantage of. These specialized tools offer extra features to the ones that Microsoft Office comes with by default. If you’re one who continually designs in PowerPoint, these add-ons will make your work incredibly easy.


There are plenty of free PowerPoint plugins you can get to add watermarks, logos, images, icons, and more. Best of all, these plugins will help you organize these items just the way you want without wasting time.


BluCactus Korea - Color designTake advantage of PowerPoint templates


Today there are many free options for PowerPoint presentations, and they can save you time when working on your presentations. The templates are very useful because they are designs that are already prepared. You just have to edit and fill them to adjust them to your company’s needs.


The Microsoft Office suite itself has a huge library of templates you can use to improve your presentations. Likewise, the Internet is a good place to find a large number of templates that fit different themes or business topics. For example, if you want to create a PowerPoint presentation for restaurants, you’ll find the right templates for that industry.


BluCactus Korea - Tips for Making Quick PowerPoint Presentations - Powerpoint presentationUse a uniform custom background


For your PowerPoint presentations to be as perfect as possible, you need to work on the background of the slides. For example, a presentation whose slides have a white background gives the impression that they have been prepared in a short time or without dedication. Therefore, if you want to give the impression that you are detailed and professional, choose a background that completely changes the perspective of your presentation.


The good news is that changing your slides’ background is very easy. A dark background conveys professionalism if it is a presentation for your company. Dark backgrounds help you highlight added information and keep your audience’s attention.


Now, it doesn’t matter if it’s a simple presentation; adding a textured background will make it a very interesting presentation. As an extra recommendation, make sure that the background you choose for your slides does not interfere with the content you plan to add. Likewise, if you want to save time quickly, you can opt for a neutral background because it can be adjusted to any type of company regardless of its sector.


BluCactus Korea - Tips for Making Quick PowerPoint Presentations - Powerpoint presentationChoose a single color palette


The color palette is usually one of the most common concerns when making PowerPoint presentations. This is a detail that can engage or distract the audience. Therefore, you must choose a color scheme that can be editable in whatever PowerPoint templates you use.


Microsoft Office offers some pre-made color palettes that you can choose from if they fit your goals. Although also, there is the possibility of creating your custom color palette in PowerPoint. This way, you will save time working with your slides, and your presentations will stay in tune with your brand identity.


Convert your documents to PowerPoint slides


BluCactus Korea - Tips for Making Quick PowerPoint Presentations - Powerpoint presentation

We have an exciting trick for you if you want to save time when creating a PowerPoint presentation. You can convert your Word document directly to PowerPoint, using different fonts or heading sizes for document division.


However, it is important to clarify that a PowerPoint slide should not contain the same proportion of text as a Word document.


This trick saves you time by just copying and pasting. Though you do have to do some editing to tweak the text a bit to fit a quick PowerPoint presentation. Remember that text blocks on a slide look boring, so you must be very strategic when using text.


Dare to work with icons


BluCactus Korea - Tips for Making Quick PowerPoint Presentations - Powerpoint presentationVisual elements should never be lacking in a PowerPoint presentation. In the case of icons, they have the power to enhance your presentation because they can be used to represent any concept or topic without taking up too much space on your slides. Similarly, using images instead of text allow you to create a cleaner presentation just by using some of them.


As a bonus, the icons turn out to be very accessible. In other words, you can find thousands of them for free online and easily import them into PowerPoint.


There is the possibility of being able to create your icons or keep things simple. Look for icon packs with a large number of business themes.


Take advantage of template patterns


Template patterns serve to fit those elements that are repetitive. They help you add logos, watermarks, or any other elements that need to stay throughout your PowerPoint presentation. You can also include animation effects, colors, themes, and more information. We are not going to deny that, at first, it may seem complicated. But with practice, you will learn to use these patterns, which will help you save time.


What trick did you like the most to make quick presentations in PowerPoint?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510If you’ve left a presentation to the last minute, you don’t have to worry anymore if you follow these tricks to create quick PowerPoint presentations.


You will notice that it is not impossible to make presentations that fit your company’s needs with information of interest to the audience.


If you don’t have time to make a PowerPoint presentation at BluCactus, you will find professionals who can take care of it. Our team is prepared to make the best slide design and adjust your presentation to a coherent and effective marketing strategy. You can contact us right now to talk about your project.


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