User-generated content as a content marketing strategy for 2024

BluCactus - User-generated content as a content marketing strategy for 2024

User-generated content as a content marketing strategy for 2024. Many content marketing strategies are applied in South Korea to achieve visibility and recognition on digital platforms. Content marketing is one of the branches that have gained the most strength and importance in recent months. This is where the material that attracts people and produces a hook is concentrated to convert viewers into customers and buyers.


Usually, this content is created with social media in mind, platforms where the majority spend their time. There is a greater probability of connecting with the desired audience. However, one way to share content on social media is through content generated by other people, sometimes by the users themselves.


BluCactus - user-generated contentKnown as User Generated Content (also known as UGC), it is done through the content created, either by micro-influencers or simple followers of a brand. This is one of the most popular marketing strategies for social media. It is currently used for its proven efficiency in creating an organic connection between brands and consumers.


One of the biggest challenges for brands and companies is, in addition to connecting with their audience, winning it over and generating a relationship that turns them into loyal customers. Because of that, UGC or User Generated Content is the most attractive content marketing strategy to implement to achieve these objectives.


Therefore, continue reading to learn more about this type of method, how to benefit from it, and get great benefits of growth and income for your business.


What is user-generated content or UGC?


BluCactus - user-generated contentSo, we know that UGC or User Generated Content is all that material that functions as content for a brand that is shared by it but created by users. UGC is considered spontaneous and, in many cases, without prior agreement between the parties.


This type of content is born from a person’s motivation. From sharing, whether it is their own experience, a product review, the popular unboxing, showing images, videos, or mentions of the brand.


This type of content turns people into brand or company ambassadors. And this is one of the best advertisements that can be counted on.


Incentive for users


BluCactus - user-generated contentThe fact that a brand or company shares the content created by a user on their networks represents a reward for them.


You are making them even more motivated to continue developing new ideas and becoming protagonists of the brand.


In the same way, you can also push and motivate them to continue creating content through initiatives such as giveaways, contests, gifts, etcetera.




What are the Types of User-Generated Content (UGC)?


These are the most common types of content that users generate on socials:


Photos and videosBluCactus - user-generated content


It is well known that visual content is the most consumed and relevant content on a platform. Through this, the reality of a product or service can be shown, making it a valuable reference for those who see it.


Reviews and testimonials


When a new product launches or a new place is born, many people are skeptical or reserved about going or buying something because they need to know if it is excellent. So having a real testimonial or review from an ordinary person like the rest represents an excellent reference for the site. Thus, it encourages people who doubt consuming and buying this novelty.


Importance of UGC and its advantages


BluCactus - user-generated contentBuild trust


As we mentioned before, the fact that a natural and familiar person like the rest shares their positive experience publicly about a product, place, or service (without coming from the brand) will generate trust in the rest of the people to want to participate and try and also have a pleasant experience like the one reflected in the shared content, thus enhancing the credibility of a brand or company.


Increased Sales


By generating trust in a company, customers, and the rest that are not there yet, it is seen as an incentive to consume, and consequently, sales will increase.


Engagement goes upBluCactus - user-generated content


The UGC is one of the best ways to generate engagement with the client since you not only attract new people but also retain those creating content and are taken into account with their opinions and valuable references, motivating them to continue contributing material.


It is an indicator of satisfaction


Of course, there may be harmful or unsatisfactory reviews when something is not liked or you want to show that a product does not fulfill its promises. However, it has also been shown that it reflects a person’s satisfaction, which is one of the best ways to measure this indicator.


BluCactus - user-generated contentGenerate relevant data to continue working


The UGC encourages participation with likes or comments, which can be opinions, questions, approval, or dislike. They will give you essential information and data to better understand your audience, their tastes, needs, and the content they value and prefer the most, helping you gain ground for the design of future marketing campaigns and improve the quality of your products or services and content.


Improve your image as a brand


That users speak well of your brand or product helps you improve its image and position yourself positively in the market and among the competition.


Social proof to convinceBluCactus - content marketing strategy


Social proof implies demonstrating the benefits of a product, brand, or service through UGC and the testimonials and tests that can be offered to convince other potential customers, influence them, and make them buy with certainty that it is worth what is shown.


It implies a low-cost investment with good results


The UGC offers excellent positioning results, strengthens the brand, and impacts purchasing decisions. Lastly, it has a long reach, generating a solid commitment to the brand.


BluCactus - content marketing strategyHowever, implementing UGC implies a low investment since it involves the audience and their ability to transmit messages to others naturally.


Getting Prospects


It is possible to understand the audience through constant interaction with customers and analysis of shared content.


And thus improve and make adjustments based on the tastes and needs of each one.


Ways to implement User Generated Content in your content marketing strategy


BluCactus - content marketing strategyTo get quality content created by users, finding ways to encourage it is essential. Here are some ideas:


  • It recognizes the most effective platform. Not all social networks have the same purpose. So it is essential to identify the most appropriate for you according to your objectives, which has the most users and represents the most significant potential to develop a specific campaign.
  • It encourages users to share social media images, videos, and screenshots and tag the brand.
  • Once a purchase is made, it is ideal to email the customer and ask them to leave a review.
  • Carry out contests where the best-shared content is highlighted and rewarded. That way motivates users who only observe to want to join this.
  • Add the social share button on the post-checkout page.
  • Offer free samples of your product to content creators and regular customers to try and review.
  • Promote visibility through a hashtag of your brand.
  • The UGC, as a content marketing strategy, works with significant benefits—not only to capital but also to the brand’s image, reputation, and loyalty, allowing you to improve based on objective and measurable statistics.


At BluCactus, we are experts in content marketing. So we can boost your brand and make it visible among the competition.


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