What is Victoria’s Secret’s Marketing Strategy?

Blucactus Korea - What is Victoria's Secret Marketing Strategy?

What is Victoria’s Secret Marketing Strategy? Victoria’s Secret is one of the world’s largest women’s clothing companies. There can be many, but one of the most apparent reasons is its marketing strategy. The fact is that marketing has become a crucial element for any business model, especially connected to the digital world.


But not only that, but marketing is a skill today necessary for any company. Therefore, it is likely that Victoria’s Secret marketing strategy can serve as an inspiration for you as a business owner in Korea.


Let’s see how the Victoria’s Secret brand has evolved and become a leading brand today.


Victoria’s Secret as a Company


Blucactus Korea - underwear model - victoria secret marketing strategyVictoria’s Secret is a company headquartered in the United States, and its beginning was thanks to Roy Raymond in 1977 in San Francisco.


Today it is the most popular lingerie retailer in the world, operating through franchises in Europe, Asia Pacific, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Notably, this company has inspired local brands as they are considered pioneers in the lingerie industry.


Today, the brand has more than 1,000 stores in the United States alone. Additionally, it controls a third of the world’s lingerie market. For example, the Pink brand is a lingerie brand for ladies and is the main product line of this company.


Victoria’s Secret Marketing Strategy


Blucactus Korea - underwear modelIt is worth noting that different marketing strategies have guided Victoria’s Secret for many years. Regarding its segmentation, targeting, and positioning, these are the elements that stand out the most:




  • As a business, it follows a B2B and B2C model.
  • It has many collections and accessories for men, women, and children.
  • Victoria’s Secret is a company that offers a variety of ethnic and western clothing. It also has various accessories such as clothing, sunglasses, bags, etc.
  • Its price range varies from mid-high to premium to fit the consumer’s budget.




Blucactus Korea - underwear model - victoria secret marketing strategy

  • In general, their target group remains in an age range between 16 to 26 years and 20 to 40 years.
  • The company targets populations who want to wear fashionable clothes at the beginning of their university studies. Also, they aim at people who usually attend events and need new clothes at a high price range.




  • It offers designer clothes.
  • Their collections cover different sizes and styles.
  • You know how to meet the emotional needs of your target audience.
  • Its position in the market allows it to satisfy the needs of the public by offering personalized services.


Victoria’s Secret Marketing Campaigns


Victoria’s Secret has been a very creative company when it comes to unleashing its campaigns, and these have been some of the most interesting:


Blucactus Korea - underwear modelEmail Marketing


Email marketing has become an exciting Victoria’s Secret marketing strategy. Furthermore, email marketing lets you preview your new collections to your email subscribers. However, your email marketing campaign has attracted more people to sign up for the newsletter, which translates into more sales.




What customer does not like liquidation? The company carries out two annual sales to prevent losing customers, including perfumes, cosmetics, lingerie, etc. Also, offer prices with tentative discounts of up to 50%, and weeks before the liquidations, they use their marketing strategy to the maximum through social networks.


Social Media Marketing


Blucactus Korea - underwear model - victoria secret marketing strategyVictoria’s Secret lives on social networks such as Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.


They have acquired a significant commitment to these communication channels, with Instagram being the social network with a substantial number of followers.


Its content is promotional, mainly to show the launch of its products.


The company’s objective is to use social media where more visual content is required.


Influencer Marketing


Blucactus Korea - underwear modelFor the year 1997, the brand launched a product called “Angel’s underwear,” marketed through a TV commercial in which supermodels participated.


The so-called “angels” have been the brand ambassadors and influencers for the brand.


They are the spokespersons for the brand by participating in fashion shows, talk shows, marketing campaigns, and much more.


Some angels who have become popular influencers are Rosie Huntington, Heidi Klum, and Kendall Jenner.


Content Marketing


Blucactus Korea - underwear modelFor its content marketing strategy, Victoria’s Secret has been active on social media. Notably, your sales are conversions from your social media posts and engagement with your content.


So, the brand does not want to share boring content with its audience, and for this, it publishes images and videos with unique models, incredible landscapes, catchy hashtags, and subtitles.


As a result, these types of content have effectively increased engagement with their target audience. Most social media platforms are about visual appeal, and brands need to understand this to get noticed and increase revenue.


Did You Like Victoria’s Secret’s Marketing Strategy?


Blucactus Korea - underwear modelVictoria’s Secret’s marketing strategy is effective. The company has used content and digital marketing to maintain communication with its target audience. The clothing industry is leading with methods like these. Do you think these strategies can be effective for your lingerie brand?


If you are a business owner and it has been challenging to reach potential clients, at BluCactus, we can help you. Our marketing and content creation experts will design personalized strategies that fit your business. In addition, we have different long-term service options for you to increase your sales and obtain a higher income. You can contact us right now to talk about your project and needs.


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