What is a Presentation?

Blucactus Korea - What is a Presentation?

Do you know what is a presentation? It is sure that at some point in your life you have made one. You could have been asked to do it at school as a task in which you had to present a topic in front of an audience. It may have been from Chapter 6 of the Geography book. Maybe you have a new project at work or a new product to investors or potential customers. Anyhow, the point is that, in general, you are familiar with the idea. But, could you accurately define and answer the question “what is a presentation”?


Definition of Presentation


In the dictionary, we read that it is the act of introducing and exposing certain information to a specific audience. However, its purpose varies. In general, it is to inform or teach an audience about a specific topic.


Blucactus Korea - What is a presentation? - Successful meetingNevertheless, every speech that accompanies a presentation has nuances of argumentation. Therefore, in addition to informing, he also seeks to persuade and convince an audience of an argument.


An important tool for slides


Slides represent the visual support we use in our presentations. These include pictures, synoptic charts, diagrams, and other kinds of graphics.


In the past, slides were printed in small frames. These old slides had special requirements. To be screened and to work as support, they needed specialized machines. These worked in much the same way as roll film projectors.


Graphics make your message clearer


So, what is a presentation? It is simply a way of presenting a topic to an audience. For this, an informative speech is enunciated, which is complemented with graphic material to better illustrate the ideas.


Blucactus Korea - What is a presentation? - Successful meetingOn the other hand, to make an effective one, there is another powerful and indispensable tool you must use: slides.


A modern presentation


Nowadays, creating and showing slides is much easier. What is a presentation? It is a way to orally specific a topic to an audience.


Anyone who is going to make one can structure it relatively easily. This is thanks to the help of specialized programs. For this reason, anyone who wants it can create an effective presentation from their personal computer.


Blucactus Korea - What is a presentation? - Successful meetingBe memorable


Try to remember some of the many presentations you have attended throughout your life. Think about your classes at college or work meetings.


PowerPoint slides were likely used in that presentation you remembered.


Also, it is possible that the visual material in that was so captivating that it allowed you to immediately get hooked on the information. To achieve the same with your audience you need a good PowerPoint presentation.


PowerPoint Presentation


Most people relate the word “presentation” to a “.ppt” file. This is the format property of PowerPoint., the Microsoft program that is part of the Office software package. Currently, it is synonymous with the idea it represents. Since when asking many “what is a presentation?” a “.ppt” file is what they will probably answer.


Blucactus Korea - What is a presentation? - Successful meetingA PowerPoint presentation consists of a set of slides organized to expose a particular topic. Hence, when someone tells you to make a presentation, they are suggesting you build a set of PowerPoint slides.


Knowing how to use PowerPoint for a presentation


The PowerPoint brand name is usually associated with its product. This happens because PowerPoint has broad market penetration. It is not difficult to know the reason. Access to PowerPoint is widespread since all Windows computers have it installed by default. Also, using this software is quite simple.


Blucactus Korea - What is a presentation? - Successful meeting

Plan your presentation


PowerPoint includes a variety of pre-made templates, which allow you to create visually appealing presentations. However, using it to create high-impact presentations requires good planning.


When designing the slides, you have to distribute the information strategically and know how to highlight it with the appropriate graphic elements.


Communicate your message appropriately


What is a presentation? Giving truly memorable presentations is more complex than just taking pre-made PowerPoint layouts and filling them with our information. Making a presentation involves communicating a message appropriately through public speaking skills and the clever use of graphics.


Blucactus Korea - Successful meeting

In other words, you should explain the content of your presentation well and use the PowerPoint slides in a way that makes it easier for the public to understand.


Other options


What is a presentation? PowerPoint is not the only program to design slides and make efficient presentations. A free alternative is Google Slides.


The user-friendly platform of Google Slides is quite similar to that of PowerPoint and allows you to store your documents in the cloud. In other words, in virtual storage space.


Google Slides does not have as many template options as its competitors. However, it has the advantage of allowing multiple users access to a document for editing it at the same time. A very useful feature when creating a presentation with a team. On the other hand, if you have an Apple-brand computer, a good option is the KeyNote program. KeyNote has tools to allow the user to design creative and eye-catching presentations.


Do you want to impact your audience with an effective and original presentation?


Blucactus Korea - Successful meeting

Lastly, it doesn’t matter which program you choose to create your presentations.


The key is knowing how to organize and present information clearly and memorably.


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