What Is Burberry’s Marketing Strategy?

BluCactus Korea - What Is Burberry’s Marketing Strategy?

What Is Burberry’s Epic Marketing Strategy in Korea? Burberry, established in 1856 by Thomas Burberry, in Basingstoke, Hampshire, England, is a well-known and loved British luxury fashion house. 


Renowned for its iconic trench coats, trademarked check patterns, and British origin, Burberry has a long history of enduring success. 


First off, the brand’s commitment to superior quality and craftsmanship rooted in heritage makes it one of the most recognizable brands across the globe. Why? Well, Burberry excels in crafting timeless products ranging from apparel to accessories. Additionally, it masters the art of quick-witted marketing, securing its spot among the top-rated fashion houses worldwide. Today, we’ll discover the epic marketing strategies of the brand, along with its core elements. Let’s get into it. 


What Is the History of Burberry?


Initially focusing on outdoor attire for field sports, such as hunting, shooting, and fishing, Burberry shortly pioneered in innovating fashionable and functional artifacts. For instance, in 1879, Burberry invented Gabardine, which was later used to craft Burberry’s iconic trench coats. This became synonymous with the brand, proving its innovative approach to the industry.


While the brand continued to expand throughout the decades, the modern era has led Burberry to undergo a series of serious transformations. Over time, the brand started experimenting with innovative marketing strategies, leveraging the power of E-Commerce, social media, cutting-edge technology, and content creation. This allowed Burberry to expand into new markets, reaching a bigger audience that was willing to invest in British craftsmanship. 


Who Is the Target Audience for Burberry?


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Like most luxury brands, Burberry targets affluent individuals who seek high-quality craftsmanship and a status symbol. Therefore, this target demographic includes fashion enthusiasts of all kinds, professionals who work in corporate settings, and those who are willing to invest in luxury products.


Furthermore, Burberry is a global brand with a strong presence in over 34 countries and approximately 500 stores.


Thus, to appeal to this global audience, Burberry tailors its marketing solutions, ensuring that they resonate with its diverse customer base in a cultural and demographic context.


What Are the Crucial Elements of Burberry’s Marketing Strategy?


Burberry, transitioning from a traditional marketing prodigy to a digital one, is a brand that consistently evolves. Below, you’ll find all the crucial elements of Burberry’s marketing strategy:


Joining the Digital Age


Burberry, like other brands at its caliber, heavily invests in robust E-commerce strategies, enabling its global customer base to shop online effortlessly. However, with the digital age comes the need of an active social media presence, user-generated content that is aligned with the Burberry image, and creative ways to showcase products.


BluCactus Korea - Burberry’s Marketing

Recognizing the importance of incorporating cutting-edge technology into its approach, Burberry leverages the most used social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and more. This enables the brand to share valuable content, collaborations, and launches. Through user-generated content, the brand ensures that its customer base feels included. For this, it employs effective campaigns, such as the ‘Art of the Trench,’ which we will discuss below. 


However, that’s not all. After COVID-19, many brands, including Burberry, turned to live streaming and virtual runways to showcase their products without contact. For its 2021 Spring collection, Burberry merged real life with the virtual, making its digital fashion show available for all who wish to participate. 



Embracing Brand Heritage


While ensuring to adapt to international markets, local cultures, and different preferences, Burberry has maintained its rich British heritage. The brand reflects its unyielding identity through flagship store layouts, international campaigns, and consistent designs that convey its essence.


Customer Service Excellence 


BluCactus Korea - Burberry’s MarketingBurberry is a luxurious brand providing a luxurious shopping experience. Therefore, what it needs to remain competitive lies in the service it offers to its customers. With high-end store designs featuring top-notch services from the all-knowing staff and after-sale support, Burberry excels in providing a seamless shopping experience.

Strategic Partnership Synergy


One of the key elements of Burberry’s marketing strategy is leveraging the power of celebrity endorsements and strategic collaborations. For example, Burberry partnered with another renowned British brand, Tricker’s for a traditional footwear collection last year. Moreover, that same year, Burberry collaborated with the pre-loved luxury platform Vestiaire Collection, providing a gift card in exchange for a secondhand Burberry item. This circular fashion project not only demonstrated Burberry’s commitment to longevity, sustainability, and eco-consciousness, it also widened its audience reach astronomically. 


As for celebrity endorsements, Burberry works with exceptional talents, such as ‘Saltburn’ star Barry Keoghan, Korean actor Son Suk-Ku, along with Tang Wei and Chen Kun. As is evident, the Asian market is expanding, and Burberry is at work to solidify its spot in it. 


Consequently, these strategic partnerships allow Burberry to not only demonstrate its vision but also grow in new markets, test new audiences, and drive sales.


Global Expansion


Burberry has a strong presence in over 34 countries, with a whopping 418 stores scattered across the globe. Therefore, the brand’s success extends well beyond the U.K. and the U.S., allowing it to appeal to customers from various nationalities.


A Key Example From Burberry’s Witty Marketing Strategy


The Art of the Trench


Burberry initiated the ‘Art of the Trench’ campaign in 2009, establishing a micro-site to share user-generated content. In this campaign, users were encouraged to share snippets of themselves in trench coats and comment on pictures shared from all over the world. With this campaign, Burberry aimed to appeal to the younger generation and generate a community while reflecting its luxury image in the meantime.


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510Furthermore, this campaign was considered the first step in Burberry’s transition to the digital age. Later, the brand cemented itself as the first fashion company to go %100 digital, inspiring many others to follow its steps. 


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