What is Dior’s Marketing Strategy?

BluCactus Korea - What is Dior's Marketing Strategy?

What is Dior’s marketing strategy in Korea? Unlike marketing employed by other brands, luxury brands like Dior employ marketing strategies that focus on a specific audience. Often, luxury brands target exclusivity, making it a primary value. As one of the most influential brands worldwide, Dior is no stranger to this strategy. But, how did Dior achieve such high levels of success in the realm of haute couture? In this post, we will explain Dior’s marketing strategy.


However, It’s important to highlight that Dior’s marketing extends beyond promoting clothing items associated directly with the brand. In fact, it places a significant emphasis on luxury beauty. Dior has brilliantly capitalized on this strategy, reaping tremendous rewards along the way. Its Media Impact Value™ surpasses its competitors, catapulting the brand to new heights of success. So, the results speak volumes, showcasing the power and effectiveness of Dior’s marketing approach.


What Is Dior’s Marketing Strategy


Dior is a multifaceted brand that brilliantly maintains its place at the top of the luxury list not only with skillfully executed fashion collections but also with luxurious beauty launches. Luxury beauty is merely one way to reach different customer segmentations. Although most brands get involved in this strategy, with Dior’s success, we can only assume that the brand just does it better. So, let’s take a look at what stands out the most in Dior’s marketing strategy:


Bulk Beauty


BluCactus - Dior Marketing Strategy Bulk Beauty is an important part of Dior’s marketing strategy. Dior introduced a beauty app to establish connections with different client profiles. This has garnered Dior hundreds and thousands of mentions on Instagram, a prime example of how Dior consistently outpaces its competitors.


However, deciding to go digital has been difficult for the brand, as Dior maintains a conservative approach due to its expansive global demographic. However, employing a “Bulk Beauty” strategy proved to be immensely helpful for the brand.


Now, the luxury brand powerhouse manages to retain existing clientele while captivating a new target audience. The combination of print and online media has played a pivotal role in Dior’s immense success.


Dior’s Digital Marketing Strategy




Using influential people in marketing is an extremely beneficial strategy when a brand has an established online presence. Dior and many other brands employ this strategy. 


Influencer marketing is a strategy method you should seriously consider as a part of your marketing strategy.


This is exactly why Dior seeks influential figures across key digital communication channels. Leveraging the power of influencers, Dior strategically fosters connections with popular individuals to not only capture these individuals’ followers’ attention but also to expand its customer base.


Dior recognizes that younger generations respond highly to online content, just as print resonates with baby boomers. In our digital world, luxury brands need to understand how to leverage both realms to ensure an expansive approach. This is what makes Dior reach new heights of success: knowing how to effectively reach diverse consumer segments.



Leveraging the power of media has been a very advantageous strategy for Dior throughout history. Dior expanded its online media channels across all platforms. Recently, this has proven to be a successful move. According to Forbes, Dior, along with Nike and Chanel, topped China’s influencer engagement in 2023. It is evident that Dior’s immense success on the Chinese digital media platform Douyin highly contributed to its $397 million profit this year. That’s not all. Apart from actively engaging on various platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter, the luxury brand also has a dedicated team to maintain ”Dior World.” Taking up considerable space on the official website, the Dior World connects clients to breaking news, events, exhibitions, and podcasts, all while keeping the audience informed about Dior’s history and sustainability journey. A big step for the luxury brand.



Explore the making of Dior’s Carousel of Dreams at Saks, NY. A dreamy new campaign for the 2023-2024 holiday season.

Examples of Dior’s Luxury Marketing Strategy


Dior has surprised with many examples of luxury marketing strategies. Below is a breakdown of the key examples of Dior’s marketing strategy:


Ready-to-Wear Lines


BluCactus - marketing strategy

What makes fashion trends trend? Have you ever wondered? The fashion powerhouse Dior always manages to captivate the masses with its ready-to-wear lines.


Most recently, Dior celebrated the nostalgic vibe and reimagined the 1950s with the launch of its latest ready-to-wear collection, the Autumn-Winter 2023-2024 Women’s Campaign.


Maria Grazia Chiuri, the current creative director of Dior embraces the femininity and clothing’s relation with the body with this collection. The collection combines the past and the future with Dior’s fundamental motifs, an effort to remind the legacy of the fashion house.


In fashion, cycling trends are a common phenomenon. What goes around comes back around. Celebrating the roots and history of fashion always sparks a revival of trends from past eras. With its expansive heritage, Dior pays homage to Christian Dior’s legacy and the future of the fashion industry.


A.B.C. Dior


Also relevant to what we have discussed so far, A.B.C. Dior unravels the journey of the Dior house. Published in a series of podcasts, it deciphers the symbols and secrets of the fashion house, informs the clientele, and forges a connection through a popular platform among the youth—Youtube.



Staying relevant in a highly competitive industry like fashion and beauty isn’t always rosy; Dior recognizes the need to carry the brand to new platforms with bright ideas and quality content.


BluCactus - marketing strategy

Baby Dior Beauty

In efforts to expand its customer reach, Dior entered the luxury baby market with the launch of a new line specifically crafted for babies.


Launched under the baby Dior line, the collection features fragrances, bath & body care products, and luxury skincare for infants. Dior states that the collection is alcohol-free, allergen-free, and formulated with 98% natural origin ingredients. And includes a scented water, face & body moisturizer, a cleaning face and body hair foam, and cleaning water.


A prime example of Dior’s inclusivity is shown through the Baby Dior line. 


Check out the A.B.C. Dior Podcast | Christian Dior



Brand Ambassadors


Like most luxury brands, Dior leverages the power of superstars by collaborating with them on quality content and effective campaigns.


For example, some of Dior’s brand ambassadors include well-known celebrities such as Anya Taylor Joy, Robert Pattinson, and Elizabeth Debicki.


With their massive influence, Dior now has the ability to reach a wider audience and create effective campaigns that strike.



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As a result, Dior’s marketing strategies and campaigns propelled the brand to high levels of reach, amassing extensive amounts of followers across various social media platforms. For instance, their Facebook page has 16,596,213 likes and 17,000,000 followers, their Instagram has 38,500,000 followers, and their Twitter has 8,600,000 followers.


Marketing strategies such as the ones mentioned in this blog provide luxury brands like Dior a much greater reach while they continue offering exclusivity to their target audience.


Here at BluCactus Korea, we possess the expertise to craft masterful fashion marketing strategies tailored exclusively for luxury brands. Our profound understanding of this niche realm empowers us to transcend expectations and captivate the most discerning audiences.


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