What is Moncler’s marketing strategy?

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What is Moncler’s marketing strategy in Korea? Moncler is a luxury clothing brand based in Milan, founded in 1952 by René Ramillon and André Vincent. Since then, haute couture brands have undergone many changes. That’s why they use marketing to maintain a good position and reach new customers.


Similarly, in the case of Moncler, it follows a very positive marketing plan to continue to meet its objectives. One of them has been to maintain an omnichannel approach when it comes to marketing investments. On the other hand, it also focuses on the development of universal sources to measure the performance of marketing strategies.


Another clear objective has been the assignment of real value to digital media and the optimization of media purchases.


What is the purpose of the Moncler brand?


Blucactus-What-is-the-objective-of-the-brand-MonclerMoncler Group has always kept its objectives clear. To achieve them, it follows the newest trends, which show how shopping habits have changed.


Besides, the brand has remained faithful to its principles related to rigor, innovation, and multiplicity. For this brand, it has always been important to look for the extraordinary in the ordinary. That’s why it takes advantage of the constant changes in luxury fashion to strengthen itself and continue offering exclusivity.


Another very particular point of this brand is that it explores new and not-so-new paths in the fashion industry.


After all, to pursue all of its objectives, it understood that it must adhere to constant change. Due to its flexibility, it has achieved a broad customer base.


Blucactus-What-is-the-objective-of-the-brand-Moncler-5It’s worth noting that when creating a marketing plan, Moncler never set aside the desire to accept new challenges as a brand.


All because it’s the only way to evolve and connect with new consumers.


And this has been one of the reasons why, even though this is a well-established group, they decided to acquire “Stone Island”, a brand of men’s casual clothing established in 1982.


On the other hand, handling this new brand allowed Moncler to maintain its brand identity to its fullest potential.


What is Moncler’s marketing strategy?


Like other luxury brands, the Moncler Group has long understood that only a good marketing plan would continue to pave the way for success. Therefore, we can see that your marketing strategy is based on the following pillars:


Strengthen the new vision of luxury next to Stone Island


Blucactus-What-is-the-objective-of-the-brand-Moncler-2“Beyond fashion, beyond luxury”. This has been a Moncler philosophy from the moment it wanted to renew itself. Their goal? To strengthen its capacity in terms of interpreting the thinking of the new generations to offer them a new concept of luxury.


At the same time, leaving aside some traditional stereotypes for this brand, it is essential to create a concept made up of the following elements:


  • The inclusion.
  • The experience.
  • Diverse worlds.
  • A mix of meanings.
  • Sense of belonging to a community.


When the brand mentions the diverse worlds, it refers to the inclusion of art, music, culture, and sport. In short, this union strengthens the union of both brands to boost the development process and respect each brand’s identity and autonomy.


Build a global brand to maintain your position 


Blucactus-What-is-the-objective-of-the-brand-Moncler-5Moncler is under the direction of Remo Ruffini, who has ensured that the brand follows a growth strategy inspired by the principle of becoming a global brand without filters in the fashion market. In the same way, he has sought to continue his evolution while staying true to his principles.


Therefore, through the acquisition of a new brand, it shared its knowledge to strengthen its growth potential in markets such as Asia and America. On the other hand, to maintain its position, it has focused on the following factors:


  • Strengthen the “unique” positioning of the brand.
  • Maintain your research-based culture of markets.
  • Experimentation.


What is Moncler’s marketing strategy?, Exclusivity with each of its collections


Blucactus-What is Moncler's marketing strategy?Exclusivity is part of luxury fashion. After all, the most demanding clients will pay very high sums of money for unique clothing. Besides, like other brands, Moncler often launches autumn/winter and spring/summer collections.


However, this brand made some changes by launching a collection at the beginning of each month. For this, it made its creative creators the head of each collection.


What makes this strategy interesting is that each of these collections has been put on sale exclusively for 5 days. All through the retailers associated with the brand before being officially on sale in the wholesalers and the Moncler store network.


The inclusion of Google’s marketing tools


Blucactus-What is Moncler's marketing strategy?Moncler has achieved incredible results through its advertising campaigns. 


But this hasn’t come out of nowhere.


After all, the brand has integrated Google Analytics 360 Suite and Google Marketing tools such as Platform for each campaign.


Thus, if we compare traditional and current publications, we can see that this allowed it to optimize its campaigns and increase results.


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