What Is Skechers’ Marketing Strategy?

BluCactus Korea - What Is Skechers’ Marketing Strategy?

What Is Skechers’ Marketing Strategy in Korea? The sportswear industry is dominated by renowned brands such as Nike and Adidas. However, Skechers offers top-quality products with a wide range of budget-friendly options, allowing the brand to penetrate the market with ease.


In 2023, sportswear giants Nike and Adidas topped the annual sales charts with revenues up to $51.2 billion and $23 billion respectively, while Skechers marked a significant increase in global net sales, reaching approximately $8 billion. Although Skechers still has a long way to go to catch up to industry giants, the brand effortlessly demonstrated its capability to compete in this fierce market with well-grounded marketing tactics. 


What Is the History of Skechers?


Founded in 1992 by Robert Greenberg and his beloved son, Michael, Skechers is an American footwear company initially established as a distributor for Doc Martens.


Later, the brand launched its own collection of skate shoes, gaining significant popularity within the skateboarding community with its comfortable yet trendy designs. By the early 2000’s, the brand marked substantial growth with the help of celebrity endorsements, including renowned figures, such as Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.


In 2024, Skechers will remain a leading footwear brand worldwide, offering timeless designs featuring innovative technologies.

Who Is Skechers’ Target Audience?


BluCactus - What is Skechers’ marketing strategy?

Skechers targets a well-defined audience that includes men and women aged 20 to 60, as well as children.


The brand aims to offer versatile footwear to those who value comfort, providing sneakers for work, walking, and workouts.


For Skechers, comfort is key. The brand motto is ‘Good for your feet. Good for the World’ is a testament to its mission: crafting eco-friendly shoes that are comfortable and stylish.



What Are the Key Touchpoints of Skechers’ Marketing Strategy?


There are tangible reasons behind Skechers’ admirable success, including:

  • Strong Relationship with the Audience: Thanks to its well-defined audience, the brand is always attuned to its clientele’s shifting needs and demands.
  • Exceptional Comfort: The brand’s comfort-focused approach makes it a go-to for those who prioritize functionality.
  • Innovation and Technology: Skechers remains dedicated to crafting performance—and comfort-focused products by incorporating memory foam insoles and lightweight, eco-friendly materials.
  • Global Reach: The brand successfully entered markets beyond the U.S., expanding its presence to 180 countries, including Europe, Asia, North America, and South America.


How Does Skechers Connect with Its Audience?


Marketing Campaigns: Skechers employs a mix of traditional advertising, digital marketing, and social media tactics.


Celebrity Partnerships: Collaborating with celebrities is an essential part of the brand’s marketing strategy. To expand its reach, the brand collaborates with famous figures, such as Andrew Bronstein, Martha Stewart, Snoop Dogg, and more.


Omnichannel Engagement: By creating engaging content on frequently visited social networks, such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and X, the brand fulfills its objective of resonating with and effectively engaging with its audience.


Rich Content: The brand’s diverse content scope, which includes effective storytelling, behind-the-scenes footage, and social media campaigns, encourages its community to stay up-to-date with the brand.


What Are Skechers’ Essential Product Positioning Tactics?




Skechers caters to its clientele’s various needs and preferences with a myriad of categorized features and characteristics, which are divided by comfort technologies, features, and collections.


Whether you’re looking for Arch Fit, Relaxed Fit, Massage Fit, Max Cushioning, or breathable, recycled, and vegan shoe options, rest assured you’ll find it at Skechers.


Additionally, the brand sells women’s and men’s sports clothing and accessories, such as watches, sunglasses, hats, sports equipment, and more.




BluCactus - What is Skechers’ marketing strategy?Skechers appeals to a broad audience by employing a varied pricing strategy, including value-based, premium, promotional, and dynamic pricing. Market conditions, competitor pricing strategies, customer demand, and the incorporation of advanced technologies all impact the final price of Skechers’ products.




Skechers boasts several physical stores worldwide; however, this is not its only distribution method. The brand also utilizes wholesale partnerships and retailers, in addition to an online shopping platform, providing its clientele with multiple options for making purchases.




BluCactus - What is Skechers’ marketing strategy?As mentioned earlier, Skechers maintains a strong presence across all social media channels to expand its reach. By employing an effective mix of strategies, the brand achieves its objectives, gaining a competitive edge against its competitors.


Skechers x Snoop Dogg for Foamies 


Most recently, Skechers collaborated with Snoop Dogg for its Foamies collection. While this is not the brand’s first partnership with Snoop Dogg, it’s surely remarkable. With removable Snoop-themed charms and bandana-wrapped comfortable heel straps, foamies are made for both comfort and glam. Check out the commercial below:


Penetrate the Sportswear Market with Ease


BluCactus - graphic designWith an unbeatable blend of comfort and style, Skechers remains among sportswear giants. It targets individuals who prioritize function and comfort without compromising on style. Innovative technology, accessible and diverse pricing, and a strong digital media presence enable the brand to reach far and wide. Furthermore, the brand leverages popular culture to its advantage and values environment-conscious values. 


If you seek to achieve objectives similar to those of Skechers, at BluCactus, we can help. Get in contact with us now.


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