What is Visual Merchandising?

BluCactus - What is Visual Merchandising?

If you are knowledgeable about marketing, you should already know that the work of marketing is extensive. Why? Because it covers many things. Thanks to that, it is unique and even surprising on many occasions. If you are new to the area, today at BluCactus US, we will tell you all about visual merchandising. Beforehand we advise you that the concept of visual merchandising responds to a marketing tool where strategic work is essential. Traditionally, this marketing technique is applied in the retail sales sector to achieve a better meeting with people who may be interested in the products or services of a brand.  Stay with us and discover more about this strategy that will be useful for your brand. Let’s get started!


What is the Role of Visual Merchandising?


BluCactus - What is the Role of Visual Merchandising?It is essential to know what its role is to understand what visual merchandising is. It is responsible for showing the presentation of the products at a point of sale to maximize the attention and attraction of customers or the Target public.


However, this does not happen in any way. Visual merchandising happens by attending to the strategy and philosophy of the brand itself. Different tools and methodologies of this marketing discipline get used—for example, spaces, color, lighting, screens, posters, technology, etc. In short, do is used to capture the interest of the public.


The leading role is to link a potential consumer to the product; competition is high, and opportunities are few. Each brand’s strategic variables need consideration. They guide the creative process. Otherwise, the brand will not achieve its purpose.


What are the Three Goals of Visual Merchandising?


Blucactus - fashion storeKeep reading and know the three goals your visual merchandising needs to have!




Among the goals of visual merchandising, the need to attract attention stands out. Why? Clearly, the final aim of this technique is to make a good impression with the staging to arouse the interest of the person willing to share an experience with the brand, product, or service promoted.




Another objective that it must have is knowing how to arouse the interest of the public. It is the perfect way to produce attraction. Remember that in marketing, we can satisfy needs or provoke desires, and at this point, the second option is the ideal one to captivate the consumer at the end of the sale. You need to consider what differentiates your brand from others, find a strong and attractive point, and bring that to the client to arouse her interest.




Blucactus - fashion storeThe brand is not just the name. It is everything that encompasses it. For that reason, we must not forget that tools such as visual merchandising are vital to creating a brand. Why? Because it is one of the stages of most incredible visibility and exposure.


Exposure is crucial because it must always be done according to the guidelines set by each brand’s strategic lines. This objective extends from the showcase to the distribution of the shelves. The goal is to maximize the customer’s journey in the establishment and lengthen the time of stay in the premises.


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What Skills Do Visual Merchandisers Need?


BluCactus - What Skills do Visual Merchandisers Need?If we want a complete picture, we must know what graphic merchandising skills are. These include brand understanding, creative flair, sharp analytical skills, and commercial awareness.


Visual merchandising also requires a keen eye for trends, computer literacy, and confidence in their own decisions. Strong communication and leadership skills are also significant.


We can summarize everything by saying that visual merchandising tries to show products and services in an attractive way that enhances the purchase. More is needed to have the best effect, the fastest shipping, or the quickest returns. Now, you also have to fall in love with the staging. And that is why visual merchandising is applied. 


What are the Five Principles of Visual Merchandising?


Here are the five principles of understanding what visual merchandising is:




Blucactus - fashion storeAmong the five principles of visual merchandising is to provide a perfect experience.


Therefore, it is essential to understand your customers. You need to ask yourself what drives them. And what their needs and wants are.


It is also important to know what they believe and what keeps them up all night. Visual merchandising must attractively communicate “rational” benefits and value propositions (such as prices and campaigns).


It must also take advantage of the information and the decisions humans are willing to make.


  1. ACTIVATE THE BRANDBlucactus - fashion store


Visual merchandising is to activate the brand. The store is a central point of contact with customers. Furthermore, your efforts must leverage your brand assets.




Among the principles, it also highlights the involvement of all the senses. When thinking about visual merchandising, people often only think of the word “visual,” ignoring that humans have more than sight. All feelings can work together to provide an authentic customer experience.




Blucactus - fashion storeAnother principle of visual merchandising is to take advantage of interactive experiences.


The rise of technology has enabled retailers to deliver interactive visual merchandising experiences that increase customer engagement and allow brands to differentiate themselves from the competition.


That also creates potential upsell opportunities.


How do they do that? By suggesting merchandise that the customer would not otherwise consider.




Blucactus - fashion storeFocus on execution is the last principle.


Marketers often tend to get caught up in the strategic design. Or they focus too much on implementing the latest technological innovation.


Because of this, the focus on excellence in execution loses momentum.


Visual merchandising provides an active view of products at physical points of sale.


Merchandise comprises all actions carried out in physical stores to promote products and achieve objectives. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter to stay up to date!

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