What do you need to learn to sell clothes?

BluCactus Korea - What do you need to learn to sell clothes?

What do you need to learn to sell clothes in Korea? If you´re building up your fashion venture, you must consider that you need to know about sales. That will help achieve your goals and get great sales. This is why you need to be decorated as the best seller.


Now, to be a good clothing salesman, you must first know why being the best will lead you to have great results in life. And we can see cases of entrepreneurs who don´t sell only to the end customer to take care of the strategic or administrative. This shouldn´t be a reason that prevents you from developing your sales skills.


What’s the profit of selling clothes?


Being a salesperson doesn’t just mean standing in front of a cash register or behind your cell phone and selling to customers.


It´s also about convincing your collaborators to follow your goals.


Besides, you must convince them and keep them with you when it comes to getting partners. All this is synonymous with a salesperson.


In this sense, to become an excellent seller you must learn some tips that will surely help you. That´s why, at BluCactus, we bring you a guide that we´re convinced will be very good for you. In that way, you get where you´re aiming for. So, take note of these tips so that you can be the best clothing seller in the world.


  • Identify which are your clients and their profile. It has a lot to do, or perhaps it has everything to do with the buyer persona. Since you must know the type of person that is in need to dress with your merchandise. If you´re a man, a woman, age, stratum, occupation, hobbies, or lifestyle.
  • You must be very clear about what you are selling. Because it´s not only about knowing who you´re selling to, you must know that you are selling. What are the types of garments you sell? Including materials, preparation, finishes, sizes, colors, color differences. Which ones do you have available, which ones can you restock, references, and suppliers.
  • Show yourself. You have to show your target audience what you sell. And it´s essential to be within the trends because it can be a boost in terms of advertising and sales. Through digital media such as social media, web pages, media advertising. There you can upload what you need, promote, and do marketing that helps capture the attention of your potential customers.
  • Advise your clients. This is a good, no, an excellent way, to earn points with your clients and get them to choose you. Advising on purchases. Recommend different things, tell them about data that they probably don´t know. Such as body shape, what matches what body shape, style, occasion. This shows that you have a genuine interest in helping them look good, which helps him sell.
  • Build loyalty with your customers. Especially in these times where loyalty, that is, keeping them, is so important. So, you need to make each of them feel valued, as this will increase the value per purchase. Remember, also, that getting leads is not the same as building loyalty. Now the best and simplest tool is to keep those you already have happy.


How can I start selling clothes?


BluCactus - What do you need to learn to sell clothes?Fashion is a business. That’s something you should keep in mind. So, in the right, best-managed hands, it can make a lot of money. Every year, there are more millions of people who add new clothes to their wardrobes. And although there´s a lot of competition, there are several styles that if they´re well sectorized, it´ll not be difficult for them to open a door.


But, to open your doors, you must consider what type of clothing you´re going to sell.


And whether it would be in a physical store, a franchise, or an online business. It´s from there that you must make decisions according to the possibilities: keeping things in mind.


The type of sales platform.


Many entrepreneurs start with a physical clothing store, and then take it to online platforms to have more reach. A lot of people started an online business to later establish themselves in a physical location.


In this sense, an online store is perfect if you have little capital at the beginning. Since you don´t have to invest in a place and pay the expenses involved in maintaining it. Especially if you don’t like to keep a close relationship with clients.


While a physical store or a clothing franchise is a very good option to consider if you want to generate income immediately. And if you like to deal with people and advise them on fashion.


BluCactus - What do you need to learn to sell clothes?The type of clothing you will sell.


It doesn’t have to be a hasty decision based on what you like. Because generally, this is one of the main reasons why most fashion businesses go under. That´s why you must do a market study.


This study is not complicated. And to make it you must take into account that if your business is online, check what clothes are sold by other pages in the same country or city. If it´s physical commerce, you must visit the stores and see what your potential competitors sell.


You should also join forums, blogs, and web pages dedicated to this industry to keep up with trends and analyze comments to learn what customers like and what needs they have for you to satisfy. Also, you should look at the purchasing range of customers in your area concerning salaries, as this will make a difference in costs.


At BluCactus Korea we are experts in this, and we would love to be able to help you get these analyzes. Helping you so that your physical or online business has an excellent platform that meets your needs. In addition, you can add the creation of a content blog where you can attract more people through digital positioning.


Create your name and logo.


Once you´re clear about the type of clothing you will sell, create your name and your company logo. The right branding must help you to have more than clear internal parts. The name should be pretty and attractive, like the logo.


Define your providers.


Once you have your physical or online store, you need clothes to sell or send. You have several options for doing this. You can make your own or sell brands that distribute the products.


Legalization of your business.


No matter what your business is, it must always be in legal order. So, you never have problems with this. That´s why you must register for it.

Promote yourself to make yourself known.


Once you have the inauguration, you must think of some form of promotion to attract customers. So, use social media to achieve it. Besides, you can have discounts, promotions, giveaways, or give a gift in exchange for buying something.


How much money should be invested to start a clothing store?


BluCactus - What do you need to learn to sell clothes?Be it online or physical, you need a good investment to open your small clothing business. But, it´s said that an online business is much cheaper because you save expenses. While, the physical store depends on the staff, size of the premises, stock, and rent. Then, you should pay close attention to marketing, because you can´t forget the budget that includes promotional advertising. If it´s inside the store, you must distribute the merchandise, since this attracts more customers. Otherwise, they will not feel the necessary motivation to come in.


So, based on the goals that you set for yourself. You must decide which is the best immediate investment. To know if what you need in the first place is a physical store, if you need more money or if you should start a small online business that you can handle easily. 


BluCactus - What do you need to learn to sell clothes? - Linn LarssonAt BluCactus Korea we are happy to teach you everything you can learn and achieve. As long as you know the basics of selling.


Usually, you need to sell even unconsciously, and we get there when we talk about our business with a sense of belonging. That way we give the consumer the best deal and the best experience in their purchase.


Contact us if you have a clothing business idea and don’t know where to start. We can help you build a website that suits you and your needs.


Always honoring your essence and what you want to be.


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