What’s Balenciaga’s marketing strategy?

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What is Balenciaga’s Marketing Strategy in Korea? Balenciaga is a well-known luxury fashion house and an expert brand in using effective marketing strategies to provide customers with what they expect: eye-catching and high-quality fashion.


Considering Balenciaga’s status as one of the most sought-after and important fashion houses in the world, in this blog post, we will explain Balenciaga’s marketing strategy in detail. Read on to learn more.


Balenciaga Entrusts its Marketing to Ludivine Pont


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Advertising for luxury fashion brands like Balenciaga isn’t focused on massively promoting the brand.


Instead, the main objective is to offer clients exclusivity and status.


To meet these expectations, Balenciaga has a team of professionals who are in charge of marketing.


In April 2021, the brand named Ludivine Pont, 30, as their new marketing director.


Pont’s job is to increase and improve brand awareness and customer experience.


Characteristics of Balenciaga’s Marketing Strategy


Let’s see how Balenciaga’s marketing strategy works. The brand leverages several effective tactics such as the following:


Disruptive Content


One key aspect of Balenciaga’s marketing strategy involves consistently creating and sharing disruptive content.


Numerous brands have opted to create controversies as a way to achieve popularity on social media. Through this bizarre strategy, Balenciaga has indeed attracted significant attention.


For instance, they replicated a souvenir produced by City Merchandise, Inc., and crafted their own bag worth a whopping $2,000.


However, their bag closely resembled the original made by City Merchandise, Inc., leading to a lawsuit against Balenciaga in New York.


Influencer & Celebrity Marketing


To this day, influencer marketing consistently generates significant buzz. Numerous luxury brands have joined others in adopting this approach. However, one of Balenciaga’s greatest weapons against its competitors is the modern-world top celebrity, Kim Kardashian.



No matter her attire, Kim Kardashian headlines the pages of magazines and newspapers, sparking interest among the public. Balenciaga’s marketing strategy capitalizes on that.



Kim Kardashian does not only appear in Balenciaga’s marketing campaigns. No, no, she became the newest global brand ambassador for Balenciaga in 2024. More recently, Kim Kardashion headlined Balenciaga’s newest “Closet Campaign,” posing with the Rodeo bag in front of her dreamy closet.


Staying True to Brand Identity


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The fundamental core of Balenciaga’s marketing strategy revolves around its brand. This fashion house is dedicated to showcasing clothing crafted from premium materials and meticulously tailored attire, always staying true to its haute couture roots.


The brand itself is the selling point, which is why Balenciaga persistently refines its strategy to maintain the exclusivity that defines it.


Undoubtedly, this strategy has proven effective, as Balenciaga remains one of the most coveted brands in the fashion industry.

Effective Social Media


Although the brand disappeared from social media a few years back, its comeback was worth witnessing. Now, in 2024, Balenciaga connects with consumers through a variety of social media networks, including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and even LinkedIn. In this way, the brand reaches a wider audience and fosters a more meaningful connection with those who support it.


Unique Collections

While it’s a must for a brand of this caliber to launch Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer collections, Balenciaga boasts more than seasonal collections that make it to the runway. In fact, the original founder of Balenciaga, Cristóbal Balenciaga, was known as ”The Master of Haute Couture.” In 2024, Balenciaga still strives to protect its renowned title by launching Haute Couture collections, turning clothing into a piece of art. But that’s not all. The brand also boasts Skiwear collections, collaboration collections, notable Menswear collections, and much more.


Interesting Campaigns


Balenciaga is not only a master of clothing, it’s also a master of advertising. As mentioned earlier, Balenciaga happily embraces collaborations to promote its products and its identity. Recently, in 2024, alongside Kim Kardashian, Nicola Peltz Beckham, Devon Lee Carlson, and Roh Yoon Seo starred in the newest Balenciaga campaign, ”Closet Campaign.” An archive of personal objects, all to promote Balenciaga on a broader scale. Check out the campaign down below.


Evidently, the fashion industry works hard,  but Balenciaga works harder. These effective marketing tactics are what make Balenciaga a prime brand for all fashion insiders alike. Even despite all the scandals. So, now you know.


BluCactus - Kim Kardashian for Balenciaga Campaign

Kim Kardashian for Balenciaga Campaign


Do You Want to Employ the Balenciaga Marketing Strategy for Your Brand?


Marketing strategies are ever-changing, and luxury brands adapt to emerging trends. Therefore, staying on top of the latest trends in the industry, like Balenciaga, is crucial.


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